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                                                                                                                                                              September 2008

  Thursday,	September	4
  10:30	am	–	1	pm
                                                                                                                           Plans for
                                                                                                                           2008 contest
  NJPA	Conference	Room

  moCk ElECtIoN

  Friday,	September	5
  12 noon
  NJPA	Conference	Room                                                                                                      While most of us were enjoying the last days of
                                                                                                                         summer, Peggy Stephan and members of the NJPA
  govERNmENt affaIRs                                                                                                     Better Newspaper Contest committee were laboring
  CommIttEE                                                                                                              on next winter’s competition.
  Tuesday,	September	9                                                                                                      Stephan, who is NJPA’s member services manager,
  11	am,	teleconference
                                                                                                                         said there will be a few changes in the rules and pro-
  salEs Camp
                               The Right Prescription                                                                    cedures for this year’s contest.
                                                                                                                            The biggest change is in the circulation categories
  with Tony Roselli            NJNN’s “MaRkeTiNg DOcTORs,”:dressed	in	scrubs	for	the	occasion,	prepare	to	               for weekly newspapers in the editorial contest. This
  Thursday,	September	18       make	a	“house	call”	at	the	New	Jersey	Hospital	Association	on	August	20,	where	           year they will be ‘Under 6,500’ and ‘Over 6,500.’ Pre-
  8:30	am	–	4	pm               they	 presented	 “treatment	 options”	 for	 continuing	 a	 healthy	 advertising	 sched-   viously the break was at 4,500 circulation. The change
  Crowne	Plaza	Hotel	          ule	in	newspapers	—	in	print	and	online.	The	“attending	doctors”	are,	from	left,	         is being made to even out the number of papers eli-
  Jamesburg                    Todd	Moreland,	Business	Development	Manager;	Joe	Odas,	Print	Media	Specialist;	           gible to enter the categories.
                               Brian	Critchley,	Marketing/Research	Manager	and	Amy	Lear,	NJNN	Director.                     In addition, the committee announced that the
  photogRaphY 101                                                                                                        three core weeks for weeklies in the editorial contest
  with Loren Fisher
                                                                                                                         are Sunday, March 9 through Saturday, March 29,

                              Mock Election seeks help
  Thursday,	September	25
  8:30	am	–	1	pm
  NJPA	Conference	Room                                                                                                      “Newspapers entering the Packaging the News
                                                                                                                         Product categories must submit one issue published

                              from NJPA newspapers
  NIE & Youth                                                                                                                                             — Continues on Page 2
  Thursday,	October	2
                                 The 2008 Student/Parent Mock Elec-        October 20 and 30. There is no charge
  10:30	am	–	1	pm
                              tion is one of the most important proj-      to participate.
  NJPA	Conference	Room
                              ects the New Jersey Press Foundation           The teachers will be sent ballots and
  bIg IdEas foR               has ever coordinated.                        election-reporting instructions. Google
  bIggER salEs                   The reach is statewide and it pen-        will tabulate and report the election re-
  with Lynne Meena            etrates to the heart of the foundation’s     sults on October 30.
  Thursday,	October	9         mission — educating New Jersey youth           NJPF wants to make it possible for
  9	am	–	4	pm                 about democracy and the importance of        every New Jersey student, from kinder-
  NJPA	Conference	Room        a free press.                                garten through 12th grade, to vote in
                                 Students who go to the special website    this year’s Mock Election.
  ExECutIvE                   created by NJPF for the Mock Election          Please help us spread the word to
                              will find links to the websites of New       schools in your community.
  Thursday,	October	9
  10	am,	teleconference       Jersey newspapers, as well as other sites

  vIdEo 101
                              that will help them examine the issues
                              and the candidates in this year’s nation-    Newpaper “serious”
  foR NEwspapER               al and state elections. The web address         The baseball “World Serious” is rap-
  wEbsItEs                    is:                  idly approaching. Do the Yankees have
  with Loren Fisher              NJPF needs YOUR help with the first       a chance of making it to the American
  Thursday,	October	23        step to make the New Jersey Mock Elec-       League playoffs? Statistically, yes. Real-
  8:30	am	–	1	pm              tion a success.                              istically? Well...
  NJPA	Conference	Room
                                 Please download the school enroll-           Meanwhile, the Phillies and Mets are
                              ment form from this website: www.            running a tight race to see which team
  Thursday, October 30
                               will win their division’s National League
  NJpa boaRd: 10	am
                              pdf. Or cut out the form on Page 9.          playoff spot.                                    gOiNg FOR The gOLD:	 ‘Obie’	—	the	 trophy	
  aNNual mEEtINg:             Copy it for others at your company. Ask
  12	noon	luncheon
                                                                              Similarly, newspapers are in a tough          awarded	 annually	 at	 the	 Advertising	 Spring	
                              them to give the form to their children      fight for survival. Trying to stay solvent       Banquet	in	the	creative	centerpiece	contest	—	is	
  Speaker:	Sammy	Papert,	
                              to bring to their teachers in September.     and meaningful, they are seeking the             celebrating	 the	 Olympics.	 The	 winners	 of	 this	
  CEO,	Belden	Associates.
                                 Teachers who return the enrollment        right mix of content and media that will         year’s	 contest,	 the	 staff	 of	 The West Essex Tri-
  fouNdatIoN boaRd:
                              form to NJPF will be registered to have      appeal to their readers and attract ad-          bune,	 continue	 to	 demonstrate	 their	 winning	
  2	pm
  Location	to	be	announced.
                              their classes vote in the Mock Election,     vertisers.                                       creativity	by	dressing	Obie	for	every	holiday.
                              which will be held in schools between                           — Continues on Page 4
Page 2 • SEPTEMBER 2008 • InPrint

a monthly publication of

New Jersey Press Association
                                                                         As I see it...
840 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 305
West Trenton, NJ 08628-1019
PhoNe ���������������������������������������������      609-406-0600
                                                                                            what politicians really mean
Fax ���������������������������������������������������� 609-406-0300      As we enter the fall political season,                                                     Spin: “It’s smoke and mirrors.”
email �������������������������������������� njpress@njpa�org
                                                                        I thought I’d re-visit a particular pet                                                       Translation: We don’t support our op-
NJNN Fax ����������������������������������������
                                                                        peeve of mine that is a favorite tool                                                           ponent’s proposal and we can’t ex-
NJNN email���������������������������������� njnn@njpa�org
                                                                        our friendly political types.                                                                   plain why.
execuTive DiRecToR            John J� o’Brien                              “Spinning” is something the politi-
                           catherine langley                                                                                                                          Spin: “We’re proposing significant new
commuNicaTioNS mgR
                                                                        cians here in Trenton, like their coun-
memBeR SeRviceS mgR           Peggy Stephan                                                                                                                             investments in education and health
                                                                        terparts in most state capitols and in
BuSiNeSS maNageR              Denise Sawicki                                                                                                                            care.”
accTg cooRDiNaToR            Jane hartsough                             Washington, DC, have elevated to an
                                                                                                                                                                      Translation: We’re going to take more
oFFice aDmiNiSTRaToR            erin Rozansky                           art form. Phrases like Spin, Spin Doc-
                             John viemeister                                                                                                                            of your tax dollars and spend them
iT maNageR
                                                                        tors and even Spin-City (a once popu-
NJNN DiRecToR                     amy c� lear                                                                                                                           in ways that will make it look like we
                                                                        lar TV show) have evolved from the
meDia SeRviceS maNageR       christina larkin                                                                                                                           care.
maRkeTiNg/ReSeaRch mgR         Brian critchley                          practice of “spinning the truth” to fit a
BuSiNeSS DeveloPmeNT mgR      Todd moreland                             need or create a perception.                                                                  Spin: “The hardworking taxpayers de-
maJoR accT SPecialiST     Jennine Remington
                                                                           This practice has become a way of                    John J. O‘Brien                         serve a break.”
SeNioR meDia SPecialiST      carolyn Winters
PRiNT meDia SPecialiST           Joseph odas                            life for some of these people, who in-               Executive	Director                       Translation: Screw the hardworking
ScaN/2x2 DiSPlay aDv cooR          Diane Trent                          creasingly use it for their own political        New	Jersey	Press	Association                   taxpayers. We’re giving four cents
TeaRSheeT cooRDiNaToR           erin Rozansky                           gain or to position the candidates they                                                         back and spending the rest on pork
NJPF DiRecToR                   george White                                                                                                                            barrel projects and wasteful govern-
NJPF PRogRam DiR        Thomas e� engleman
                                                                        represent. I thought you might find         Spin: “Children are our most precious
                                                                        the following tongue-in-cheek guide           resource.”                                        ment programs.
BoArd of directors                                                      helpful in interpreting what you hear-      Translation: Forget the rotten children.          Spin: “The press conference is sched-
                                                                        when dealing with these folks.                Just vote for us because we sound so              uled for 10:00 a.m.”
Richard Bilotti                                                                                                       compassionate.                                  Translation: The media pandering
The Times, Trenton                                                      Spin: “The only poll that counts is the
                                                                          one on Election Day.”                                                                         opportunity employing cooked-up
PReSiDeNT                                                                                                           Spin: “Our budget is fiscally respon-
Arthur R. Hall                                                          Translation: We’re a bunch of losers                                                            statistics, meaningless visuals and
                                                                                                                      sible and meets the needs of the
cape may county
                                                                          headed for a trouncing on Election                                                            rehearsed speeches is scheduled for
herald Times, Rio grande                                                                                              people.”
                                                                          Day.                                                                                          10:00 a.m.
Vice President • dailies                                                                                            Translation: Our budget is an abomi-
walt T. Lafferty                                                                                                      nation and meets the needs of our               Spin: “It’s a dog and pony show.”
courier-Post, cherry hill                                               Spin: “We’re not going to dignify that                                                        Translation: It’s my opponent’s press
                                                                                                                      campaign contributors.
Vice President • Weeklies                                                 with a comment.”                                                                              conference.
Ray worrall                                                             Translation: We really got slammed          Spin: “It’s important to preserve and
Worrall community Newspapers, union                                       and can’t think of a response.                                                              Spin: “We support targeted tax cuts to
                                                                                                                      enhance access to justice.”
TReaSuReR                                                                                                                                                               help working families.”
Bruce Tomlinson                                                         Spin: “We’re not going to comment.”         Translation: We’ve come up with a
                                                                                                                                                                      Translation: We recognize that we
New Jersey herald, Newton
                                                                        Translation: Don’t waste our time with        great way to allow the trial lawyers
                                                                                                                                                                        need to sound like tax-cutters, but
execuTive DiRecToR
                                                                          your stupid questions. We hate re-          to file more lawsuits, win big settle-
John J. o’Brien                                                                                                                                                         we know we can get away with op-
                                                                          porters.                                    ments, and give us more campaign
NJPa, West Trenton                                                                                                                                                      posing real tax cuts that would put
                                                                        Spin: “We’re making progress on the                                                             big dollars back in your pockets.
Jennifer Borg
The Record (Bergen county), hackensack
                                                                          budgets. We’re meeting. Staffs are        Spin: “We must break the cycle of wel-            Spin: “Clearly…”
Joseph L. Cavone                                                          meeting.”                                   fare dependency.”                               Translation: Term used to alert report-
Daily Record, Parsippany                                                Translation: The budget is late again       Translation: Welfare cheats are ripping             ers that spinning like a top will com-
Jennifer Cone Chciuk                                                      and we are totally clueless.                off the system. Get real mad.                     mence.
The West essex Tribune, livingston
Keith Dawn
The Press of atlantic city, Pleasantville
Frank Gargano
gloucester county Times, Woodbury                                                                                       Newspaper contest changes announced
Kathleen M. Hivish                                                      The New Jersey                              Continues from Page 1                              that is judging our contest. The judges have

community Newspapers of North Jersey
media group, West Paterson
                                                                                                                    during these core weeks, and a second issue        several days to review the entries and make
                                                                                                                    published any time during 2008,” Stephan           decisions.
stephen w. Parker
Recorder community Newspapers, Stirling                                 Experts                                     said.                                                Moving in that direction, this year’s con-
Richard Vezza                                                                                                         The contest deadlines are Friday, Jan. 9 for     test rules will be available online first. They
Penn Jersey advance, Flemington
                                                                        Customized research – including             weekly newspapers, and Friday, Jan. 16 for         will be posted on NJPA’s website later this
                                                                        Demographics, Reach & Frequency,            dailies.                                           month. Publishers will received copies by
aSSociaTe DiRecToRS
                                                                        Mapping Projects & more                       NJPA Exectuve Director John O’Brien              mail in October.
Ronald Morano
Firstenergy corp�/JcP&l, morristown                                     is available upon request.                  said that over the next couple of years, NJPA        “We are encouraging newspapers to com-
John V. Pavlik                                                                                                      plans to move toward online submission of          plete the entry forms online this year,” said
Rutgers university, New Brunswick                                       New Jersey Newspaper                        contest entries, “similar to the way we al-        Stephan. “Also, the labels that must accom-
geNeRal couNSel                                                         Network                                     ready handle the photography contest.              pany each entry will be available as editable
                                                                        Amy Lear, Director                            “Press associations across the country are       PDFs.”
Thomas J. Cafferty
Nomi Lowy                                                               (609) 406-0600, ext.15                      doing this to facilitate judging and reduce          If you have any questions about the con-
Scarinci & hollenbeck, lyndhurst                               •              expenses,” he said. “Entries are sent elec-        test, call her at (609) 406-0600 ext. 14 or
                                                                                                                    tronically, directly to the judges in the state    send an email to:
                                                                                                                                              InPrint • SEPTEMBER 2008 • Page 3

       People & Papers                                                                                   NJNN Update
                                                                                                         amy Lear
 The Record to launch weekly                                                                             Director
                                                                                                         New	Jersey	Newspaper	Network

 ‘North Jersey Homes’ section
                                                                                                         Delving into digital
   The Record, Bergen County,           impact in that market. With
is building on the success of its       little new-home construction,
monthly home-design section,            overbuilding and resulting ex-
Homescape, with a comprehen-            cess inventory — major causes
sive weekly section appearing on        of the current housing market            NJPA’s website advertising package, NJLinkLocal, is gaining attention from both ad-
Saturdays.                              woes — are not major problems          vertisers and other state press associations. Since its introduction in April, nearly $17,500
   The new section, called North        there, according to The Record’s       in gross billings has been booked for NJLinkLocal’s network of participating non-daily
Jersey Homes, will add real es-         announcement. Home prices in
                                                                               newspaper websites.
tate and home construction to           the market remain the fifth high-
design and decorating content,          est in the country and the high-         In early August, press association executives from New England and Oregon visited with
aiming to become the defini-            est east of the Rocky Mountains.       the Digital Press Consortium in Cape May to discuss the ad serving system that supports
tive publication for readers and           Beginning Oct. 4, North Jer-        New Jersey’s program. As more states consider forming online advertising networks, these
advertisers in the area’s highly        sey Homes will be published as         website advertising packages surely will gain strength among advertisers nationwide, just
home-focused market.                    a stand-alone section in The Re-       as the 2x2 and statewide classified networks gained momentum from each state’s success.
   With an average household            cord and its Herald News edition.
                                                                                                                    advertising packages
income that ranks in the top 2%         Its publication on Saturdays is
in the nation, the Bergen/Pas-          intended to benefit both readers         In addition to NJLinkLocal, NJNN offers the following special ad packages to expand
saic County market spends more          and advertisers. Bergen County         value options for advertisers who are increasingly budget-conscious:
than $28,000 per household each         maintains “blue laws,” prohibit-
year on home-related products.          ing Sunday shopping for virtual-                                                                              Number of    Combined
   In addition, the housing bub-        ly all home-related product and            Value Advertising Packages                            Net Cost    Newspapers    Circulation
ble deflated slower and with less       service categories.
                                                                                   NJ Statewide Display Ad Network                        $1,195        126       1.5 million

star-Ledger starts daily webcasts                                                  NJ North Region Display Ad Network                    $1,020          99       1.3 million

   The Star-Ledger has launched             “We will continue to train             NJ South Region Display Ad Network                      $350          29          215,000
a live weekday webcast.                 people in video journalism. We             NJ Statewide Classified Ad Network                      $445         135       2.1 million
   The video news show is hosted        believe that journalists need to
and produced by veteran report-         have the ability to tell a story the       NJ Display/Classified Combo                                          $1,444
er Brian Donohue from his desk          way it ought to be told, whether           NJ Display/Online Combo                                $1,870        128       1.5 million
in the newsroom, accoding to            it’s video, text or pictures,” Has-
John Hassell, deputy managing           sell said.                                 NJ Classified/Online Combo                             $1,120        135       2.1 million
                                                                                   NJ/NY/PA Regional Display Ad Network                  $2,999         474       4.6 million
   The webcasts, which started
on July 28, are focused on New
                                ’s new                             NJ/NY/PA Regional Classified Ad Network                $1,076         551      7.6 million
Jersey stories. They stream live at
noon and are available for view-
                                          home page
ing any time at,
Hassell said.
                                          adds features                          NJPA-member newspapers can earn a commission by selling any of these statewide and
                                                                               regional packages. Please call us for details or check our website — — for
   Each show also is offered in an launched its new home
                                                                               more information.
embeddable player, which allows         page on Aug. 22. The makeover
                                        was designed to make it easier                                                 custom services
bloggers to post it at their own
                                        for users to find the wealth of in-      NJNN continues to provide custom planning and placement services, funded by NJPA-
websites, he said.
   The webcasts average five            formation available there.             member newspapers, at no charge to ad agencies and advertisers. In fact, now that NJNN
minutes in length and feature              “We wanted users to be able to      services encompass daily and weekly newspaper websites, four online advertisers have
video stories done by reporters,        quickly dive deep into the con-        booked custom campaigns for a total of $45,000 in gross billings, thanks to the ease of
photographers, graphic artists          tent,” said Barbara Chodos, gen-       NJNN’s media buying expertise and our one-order, one-bill convenience. We look for-
and editors, Hassell said.              eral manager of, which          ward to continued growth and appreciate your support.
   “We’ve trained 20 people             is based in Jersey City’s Journal
                                        Square. “We achieved this by of-                                               NJNN staff news
across all departments in the
newsroom,” he said. Each is to          fering more search options right         Samantha Atzeni, who joined NJNN as a print media specialist in March 2007, has
produce one video story a week          on the home page.”                     left to help with the care of a family member. Her work ethic and friendly demeanor will
as part of their regular duties, he        The new home page is in-            certainly be missed! Among the accounts Samantha assisted are Commerce Bank and
said.                                   tended to serve as an illustrated      Wachovia. Please contact NJNN Media Services Manager Christina Baker with questions.
                                        site index to the content, which       Christina can be reached at (609) 406-0600 ext. 23 or via email at
                                        is provided by the following
 For timely news about                  newspapers: The Star-Ledger,
 New Jersey newspapers &                The Times of Trenton, The Jer-
 news people, subscribe to              sey Journal, Gloucester County
 NJPA Notes —
 a free, weekly compilation of
                                        Times, Bridgeton News, Hunt-
                                        erdon County Democrat, Inde-
                                                                               ISSN	1067-5132,	is	published	monthy	for	$12	per	year	by	the	New	Jersey	Press	Association,	840	
                                        pendent Press, Record-Press, The
 recent articles about media.                                                  Bear	Tavern	Road,	Suite	305,	West	Trenton,	NJ	08628-1019.	Periodicals	postage	paid	at	Trenton,	NJ,	
                                        Reporter of Somerset County,           and	additional	mailing	offices.	POSTMASTER:	Please	send	address	changes	to:	INPRINT,	
 To sign up, email Catherine Langley:   Suburban News and The Warren           New	Jersey	Press	Association,	840	Bear	Tavern	Road,	Suite	305,	West	Trenton,	NJ	08628-1019.
Page 4 • SEPTEMBER 2008 • InPrint

NJPA’s training camps refresh skills                                                                                                              People             & Papers                          continues from Page 3

Continues from Page 1                                    8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.                       Sign up your staff now and get
  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.,” said                     Students should bring their         ready for bigger sales.
the great Yogi Bear.
  So what are you waiting for?
                                                         cameras and samples of their
                                                         work. They will learn about set-
                                                                                                   The workshop will be Thurs-
                                                                                                day, Oct. 9 at NJPA from 8:30
                                                                                                                                                     star-Ledger and Advance
Get your team in gear with NJ-
PA’s upcoming seminars.
                                                         tings on their cameras that can
                                                         improve the quality of their pic-
                                                                                                a.m. to 4 p.m. The $99 cost per
                                                                                                person includes a light continen-
                                                                                                                                                     cutting back to reduce costs
    advertising sales camp                               tures. Photos will be critiqued,       tal breakfast and lunch.                             The Star-Ledger announced in           local coverage back at home.”
  Leading off is Tony Roselli and                        and Fisher will discuss the basic            Video for Newspapers                        July that it is pursuing a large-           The news service, founded in
his hard-hitting “Advertising                            ways each reporter can improve           New to NJPA’s line-up of sem-                   scale buyout to all non-union             1961, has 24 employees. Of those,
Sales Camp,” which will be held                          his or her eye for detail and sense    inars is “Video 101 for Newspa-                   workers with the goal of reduc-           11 are reporters who write for
on Thursday, Sept. 18, 8:30 a.m.                         of timing. The goal is learning to     per Websites” for managers and                    ing the staff by at least 200 em-         specific newspapers and “are be-
to 4 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza                            capture the essence of a story in      staffers of editorial, photo and                  ployees.                                  ing offered opportunities to join
Hotel in Jamesburg.                                      one image.                             new media departments.                               Publisher George E. Arwady             the staffs of those newspapers.”
  This is a dynamic, challenging                            The cost of $49 per person in-        Learn what equipment and                        said if 200 employees don’t agree
one-day course to improve the
selling skills of newspaper ad-
                                                         cludes a light continental break-
                                                         fast and lunch.
                                                                                                software you need to add video
                                                                                                to your newspaper’s website —
                                                                                                                                                  to the buyout and if the paper
                                                                                                                                                  cannot reach agreements with
                                                                                                                                                                                             New name for
vertising salespeople.
  Learn — or re-learn — the es-
                                                           Big ad ideas for Bigger sales
                                                            Dynamic Lynne Meena is on-
                                                                                                quickly, easily and on the cheap.
                                                                                                  Taught by Loren Fisher, this
                                                                                                                                                  unions representing drivers and
                                                                                                                                                  mailers meant to reduce costs,
                                                                                                                                                                                             NJ Law Journal’s
sentials for successful selling:                         deck to teach advertising man-         session also covers how to cap-                   the paper will be sold. He said            parent company
  Cold calling techniques                                agers, sales reps and ad designers     ture audio well, good techniques                  the deadline for reaching both of
  Qualifying prospects                                   how to create series of ads that       for interesting interviews, and                   those targets is Oct. 1.                     ALM, which owns the New
  Overcoming objections                                  will keep the revenue flowing.         basic editing techniques to im-                      In a related move, Advance,            Jersey Law Journal — an NJPA
  Selling benefits, not features                            This is not a sit-back and lis-     prove videos.                                     which owns The Star-Ledger, an-           weekly newspaper member —
  Selling frequency advertising                          ten session! Attendees are ex-           It will be held on Thursday,                    nounced that Newhouse News                and other legal publications and
  Effective closing techniques                           pected to bring samples of ads         Oct. 23 at NJPA from 8:30 a.m.                    Service will close on Nov. 7, after       websites, has been rebranded as
  The cost is $99 per person,                            from three accounts that run in        to 1 p.m. The cost is $49 per per-                the election.                             Incisive Media.
which includes continental                               their paper. Or add prospective        son, including a light continental                   “The decision to close followed           In his announcement, Rob-
breakfast and lunch.                                     clients to the mix. In each case,      breakfast and lunch.                              the direction of our clients, the         ert Steinbaum, publisher of the
         Photography 101                                 attendees should know what the           For more information and to                     editors of our papers,” said Linda        Law Journal, said, “For advertis-
   Next up is Loren Fisher’s no-                         client’s needs are and who their       register for these great seminars,                Fibich, editor and Washington             ers who use our brands to reach
nonsense “Photography 101,” de-                          competition is.                        go to and click                      bureau chief.                             their target audiences, Incisive
signed to teach reporters basic                             By the end of the day, every at-    on “Events.” Or contact Peggy                        “They felt they could not afford       Media can help them to reach an
photography skills.                                      tendee will have at least one ad       Stephan, NJPA’s member servic-                    to pay for a central Washington           even broader global BtoB legal
   This seminar will be held at                          campaign or series that can be         es manager, at (609) 406-0600                     bureau at a time when they were           audience through our vast port-
NJPA on Thursday, Sept. 25 from                          put to work immediately.               ext. 14 or                   steering all available resources to       folio of products and services.”

                                                                                                                               KERRY McKEAN KELLY

       Thank you!
                                                                                                                             Vice President, Communications
                                                                                                                                       and Member Services

                                                                                                                                                                 A Professional Corporation
         to	these	businesses	&	organizations                                              NEW JERSEY HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION                                        Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

         for	sponsoring	InPrint.                                                                                                                                  One Spring Street                   William R. Hagaman, Jr., CPA
                                                                                                                                        New Brunswick, NJ 08901             James J. Decker, CPA
                                                                                                                      (609) 275-4069 Fax: (609) 275-4273          Tel: 732.828.1614                   Partners
         To join them as a regular advertiser,                                                                                                          
                                                                                                      760 Alexander Road CN–1 Princeton, NJ 08543-0001
         please contact Catherine Langley for details:                                                                            
         (609) 406-0600 x17 •

                    For information about New Jersey’s
                  largest manufacturing industry, call the:
                                                                                     New Jersey Education Association                                           Fleet of 24-ft. Trucks & Cargo Vans
                    Chemistry Council                                                180 West State Street                            Tel.: (609) 599-4561
                                                                                                                                                                                     Joseph Paci, Owner
                     of New Jersey                                                   P.O. Box 1211                                    Fax: (609) 392-6321
                                                                                                                                                                                       Warehouse & Offices:
                                                 Trenton, NJ 08607-1211
                                                                                                                                                                215 State Route 10 E., Bldg. 3 #6, Randolph, NJ 07869
     150 West State Street                                   (609) 392-4241
                                                                                                                                                                  Phone: 973-659-3336 x 202 • Fax: 973-659-1166
                                                                                     Media Relations:
                                                                                                                                                                         Email: Member
     Trenton, NJ 08608                                   fax (609) 392-4816          Steve Wollmer    Kathy Coulibaly      Steve Baker        Dawn Hiltner                                  NJPA

                      Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Magdalena Padilla, Esq.
                           Making Healthcare Work         SM
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (609) 882-4884
  Thomas W. Rubino, Esq.                   Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield                                  John K. Tiene                                                                                    mpadilla@icnj
  Director                                 of New Jersey                                            Vice President, Strategic Business
  Public Affair                            Three Penn Plaza East PP-15V                             Initiatives & Corporate Relations
                                           Newark, NJ 07105-2200
                                           Phone: 973-466-8755                      tel: 908.696.5715                             131 Morristown Road
                                           Fax: 973-466-8762                        cell: 609.923.5280                                     PO Box 622              820 Bear Tavern Road • Suite 303 • Ewing, NJ 08628-1021
                                             fax: 888.652.8684                          Basking Ridge, NJ 07920             (609) 538-8707 • FAX (609) 538-1849
                                                                                                                                     InPrint • SEPTEMBER 2008 • Page 5

                                                                         Grow your business with A.F.L. Web Printing
                                                                         • State-of-the-Art Presses / Computerized Ink and Registration Controls / All 4-Color all the time
                                                                                            • 100% Process and Service Redundancy between 2 State-of-the-art Facilities
                                                                                                        • Customized Service Plan / Around-the-Clock Customer Service
Regional Print Center                                                                 • Digital Prepress / Computer to Plate / Quality Control in all Phases of Production
VOORHEES: 2 Executive Drive / Voorhees, NJ 08043                         • Multiple High Speed Bindery, Labeling, Inserting and Poly Bag Lines / Fast Turn Around Time
SECAUCUS: 70 Seaview Drive / Secaucus, NJ 07094                     • Commitment to Circulation and Revenue Growth / R.O.P. Advertising & Digital Workflow Support
Phone: 856.566.1270 • Fax: 856.566.0110                                      • Circulation and Mailing Services Coupled with in-house U.S. Postal Service Verification
E-mail: • Web-site:      • Special Handling, UPS, Federal Express, USPS, Local and National Trucking / On-time Delivery
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           
          A New State-of-the-Art 12 Tower D.G.M. Fully Automated Press Line.

     • All 4-Color all the time • Commitment to circulation and revenue growth • Full service bindery, inserting a
        • 100% process and service redundancy between two state-of-the-art facilities • Around-the-Clock custo
                      • R.O.P. Advertising and digital workflow support • Fast turn around time • On-time delivery

                                                              • VOORHEES •                        • SECAUCUS •
                                                              2 Executive Drive                   70 Seaview Drive
                                                             Voorhees, NJ 08043                  Secaucus, NJ 07094
                                        Phone: 856.566.1270 • Fax: 856.566.0110 • E-mail: • Web-site:
                                                                     For more information on the new plant please contact:

 Regional Print Center                                         • Sandy Theo, Sales Manager e-mail: •
                                                        • Darrin Forchic, Client Relations Manager e-mail: •
                                                           InPrint • SEPTEMBER 2008 • Page 7

 
                           It is our goal to be the publisher’s resource of
                          choice. We are passionate about creating long-
                         term partnerships which contribute to sustained
                             profitability for both organizations. In order
                             to achieve this we look beyond our clients’
                           current needs while at the same time focusing
                         on our most valuable asset: Our Employees. We
                           recognize each employee as an individual and
                        offer the potential for growth through structured
                             development and career opportunities. The
                        ultimate result must be the highest level of quality
                         and customer satisfaction. This approach creates
                            security, stability, and growth for our clients,
                          employees and A.F.L. -- today and in the future.

                                              Our new state-of-the art, 147,000 sq. ft.
                                             manufacturing facility in Secaucus, NJ is
                                                    only minutes from Manhattan.

and mail house
omer service
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                                          Here’s what people are saying
                                                              about A.F.L. Web Printing...

      The transition from printing our 13 Greater Media Inc. newspapers in-house to printing at A.F.L. Web Printing went much smoother
      than anticipated. I credit this both to the support we received from A.F.L. Web Printing through the planning process as well as to
      the dedication of the staff at their new Secaucus facility.
      Our reproduction quality has improved and the increased color capability A.F.L. Web Printing has provided has already translated
      into more revenue. The staff at A.F.L. Web Printing continues to be very responsive and committed to providing Greater Media Inc.
      with the necessary tools to help us grow our business.
                                              - Ben Cannizzaro, General Manager and Publisher - Greater Media, Inc.

      A.F.L. Web Printing ensured a seamless transition for the Long Island Press to the Secaucus, New Jersey print facility. It wasn’t just
      about the paper we were printed on. The support—both technical and customer service—enabled us to improve significantly the
      quality of our product and our workflow. In today’s challenging environment A.F.L. Web Printing is a true partner to our business in
      presenting the Long Island Press with options to satisfy not only our own specifications but those of our clients. The improvement
      A.F.L. Web Printing has given our publication has greatly exceeded our expectations.
                                              - Jed Morey, Publisher & Michael Castonguay, CFO - Long Island Press

      As a global publication, The Financial Times works with printers throughout the world and our customers demand world-class
      products and services. Our choice of selecting A.F.L. Web Printing as our northeast printer was a direct result of their commit-
      ment towards state of the art equipment, outstanding quality, faster throughput and greater color availability. The move to A.F.L.
      has provided the FT with these benefits—and much more. A.F.L. worked closely with us to ensure our needs were addressed and
      achieved. We were assisted by a large team of computer, printing, finishing and distribution professionals.
      We look forward to a long and productive relationship and highly recommend A.F.L. Web Printing as a solution for your printing needs.
                                    - Doug Morrow, Global Production & Distribution Director - The Financial Times

             Your publication
           should be here too!
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                            NJPF Program Report
                            Tom engleman                                                                               what’s ahead for NJPF
                            Program	Director                                                                         Here’s NJPF’s calendar for       Oct. 30 – New Jersey school-
                            New	Jersey	Press	Foundation                                                           the remainder of 2008:            children will vote in the 2008
                                                                                                                     sept. 14 – Application forms   National Student/Parent Mock
                                                                                                                  for the foundation’s 2008 In-     Election.

                          Think scholarships
                                                                                                                  ternship/Scholarship Program         Nov. 6-7 - The NIE & Youth
                                                                                                                  will be mailed to colleges.       Readership Committee will
                                                                                                                     sept. 27 – Conference of       be at the New Jersey Educa-
                                                                                                                  New Jersey college newspa-        tion Association convention
                                                                                                                  per advisers and editors at The   in Atlantic City, describing to
  By the time this issue of In-       Scholarship Program is available     8 weeks. Papers are welcome to         College of New Jersey.
Print reaches you, all of the         now on this website: www.nj-         extend the paid internships on                                           teachers the benefits of using
                                                                                                                     sept. 30 – Deadline for        newspapers as instructional
2008 interns will have received        their own.                             schools to enroll in the 2008
a $1,500 scholarship from NJPF.       plication2009.pdf.                      In addition to the internships,                                       resources.
                                                                                                                  Student/Parent Mock Elec-
These newspapers hired the sev-         Later this month, NJPF will        NJPF will award the eight stu-         tion, which is being coordi-         Nov.15 – Application dead-
en NJPF interns this summer:          mail every paper in the state        dents $1,000 college scholarships      nated by NJNF.                    line for the Internship/Schol-
  Asbury Park Press, 2 interns        an application form that it can      when they successfully complete           Oct. 2 – NIE & Youth Read-     arship Program. See the foun-
  Burlington County Times             copy and give to students who        their internships next August.         ership Committee meeting.         dation’s website for details:
  Packet Publications, Princeton      are looking for jobs next sum-       This is down from $1,500 in 2008,         Oct. 25 – Conference of
  The Record, Bergen County           mer. Also, all New Jersey col-       but the weekly salary the interns      New Jersey college newspaper      2009 interns will be selected
  The Jersey Journal, Jersey City     lege newspapers and journalism       will receive in 2009 is up.            editors and advisers, spon-       in December.
  Worrall Community Newspa-           programs, as well as journalism         If your newspaper is interested     sored by NJPF at The College        Dec. 4 – NIE & Youth Read-
pers, Union                           programs in other states, will re-   in working with the exception-         of New Jersey, Ewing.             ership Committee meeting.
  This month, the “Scholarship”       ceive application information.       ally high caliber of talent NJPF
aspect of NJPF’s mission begins             application process            can identify for you, email me at:
again with the announcement of           The application deadline is       programs@njpressfoundation.          For more information about NJ Press Foundation projects,
the 2009 Internship/Scholarship       November 15. The application         org.                                 visit our website —
Program.                              form is at: www.njpressfounda-
  College students who are New
Jersey residents are invited to ap-   pdf.
ply before November 15 for one           NJPF expects 60-80 students
of the foundation’s eight scholar-    to apply. They will be New Jer-
ships and internships.                sey residents who are full-time
  The application form and pro-       students at any U.S. college, or
gram information are located on       non-resident students attending
the foundation’s website: www.        any New Jersey college.                  selection, job assignments
  Here’s how the 2009 program           In December, a panel of New
will work:                            Jersey editors will select eight
        Recruiting talent             students for NJPF scholarships.
  NJPF hopes the state’s newspa-        NJPF then will match the
per editors who receive resumes       students to daily and weekly
from college students looking         newspapers in the state, pref-
for summer jobs, will tell them       erably near their hometowns.
to apply for one of the Newspa-       The papers that accept interns
per Foundation’s internships.         will receive a grant of $1,800 to
Tell them that an application         cover a large share of the $2,600
form for our 2009 Internship/         total salary, $325 per week for

  New Jersey Press Foundation will provide your paper a
  national-caliber journalism student we recruit for our 2009
  summer Internship/Scholarship Program, and we will include
  $1,800 toward the intern’s salary.
     We will make every effort to assign a student who lives in
  your circulation area. The intern will work for eight weeks
  at a minimum salary of $325. That means your cost will be as
  little as $800.
     If you are interested in having one or more of our interns
  next summer, send this coupon to NJPF:
       840 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 305
       West Trenton, NJ 08628-1019
       fax: 609-406-0300

  Editor’s Name: __________________________________________________

  Newspaper: _____________________________________________________

  Email: __________________________________________________________
Page 10 • SEPTEMBER 2008 • InPrint

NJPA Associate Members                                                                                     montclair state university
                                                                                                           One	Normal	Avenue
                                                                                                           Montclair,	NJ	07043
                                                                                                           973-655-4334	Fax:	973-655-7382
                                                                                                                                             the New town press
                                                                                                                                             421	Stone	Meeting	House	Road
                                                                                                                                             Woolwich	Township,	NJ	08085
                                                                                                                                             856-467-3113	Fax:	856-467-3364
                                                                                                                                                                              Carl	Hausman

                                                                                                                                                                              Rutgers, the state university
a.f.l. web printing                Camden County woman                 ICap delivery, Inc.                           of New Jersey
2	Executive	Drive                  PO	Box	2800                         215	Route	10,	Building	3,	Suite	6   Minne	Ho                          Karen	E.	Viereck                 School	of	Communication,	
Voorhees,	NJ	08043                 Cinnaminson,	NJ	08077               Randolph,	NJ	07869                    Information	and	Library	Studies	
856-566-1270	Fax:	856-566-0110     856-261-4386	Fax:	877-777-9239      973-659-3336	Fax:	973-659-1166                                                                         4	Huntington	Street                    Joseph	Paci                         New Jersey association of                           New	Brunswick,	NJ	08901
Mark	Henderson                     Ingrid	Edelman                          school administrators             30	Journal	Square                732-932-7500	Fax:	732-932-6916                                                   920	West	State	Street             Jersey	City,	NJ	07306  
Sandy	Theo                                                             Ingersoll-Rand Company              Trenton,	NJ	08618                 201-459-2822	Fax:	201-418-7686   Gus	Friedrich           Cape publishing                     155	Chestnut	Ridge	Road             609-599-2900	Fax:	609-599-9359    Barbara	Chodos         
Darrin Forchic                     513	Washington	Street               Montvale,	NJ	07645                            Cape	May,	NJ	08204                  201-573-3120	Fax:	201-573-3172      Anne	Gallagher                                                     scarinci & hollenbeck
                                   609-898-4500	Fax:	609-898-3585      Paul	Dickard                              1100	Valleybrook	Avenue
aaa mid atlantic                                                                    117	Fort	Lee	Road,	Suite	A10     Lyndhurst,	NJ	07071
700	Horizon	Drive                  Bernard	Hass                                                            New Jersey association of         Leonia,	NJ	07605                 201-896-4100	Fax:	201-896-8660
Hamilton,	NJ	08691                          Insurance Council                   state Colleges and universities   201-944-9695           
609-570-4130	Fax:	609-587-7345                                         of New Jersey                       150	West	State	Street             Fax:	201-944-0842                Thomas	Cafferty                        Cba Industries Inc.                 820	Bear	Tavern	Road,	Suite	303     Trenton,	NJ	08608       
David	Weinstein                    669	River	Road                      Ewing,	NJ	08628-1021                609-989-1100	Fax:	609-989-7017    Gregg	Carbone      Elmwood	Park,	NJ	07407              609-882-4400	Fax:	609-538-1849             seven mile times
                                   201-414-5200                                      Paul	Shelly                                                        3289	Ocean	Drive,	PO	Box	134
aaa New Jersey                     Barry	Schiro                        Magdalena	Padilla                               Avalon,	NJ	08202
automobile Club                                                                       Poligravity	Media,	LLC           609-967-7707	Fax:	609-967-7710
One	Hanover	Road                                                                                           New Jersey broadcasters           915	Broadway,	9th	Floor
Florham	Park,	NJ	07932             the College of New Jersey           Insurance specialties               association                       New	York,	NY	10010               Monica	Coskey
973-245-4859	Fax:	973-377-2979     129	Bliss	Hall,	PO	Box	7718         services, Inc.                      348	Applegarth	Road               212-755-2400	Fax:	212-753-2521                        Trenton,	NJ	08628                   2370	York	Road,	Suite	D-4           Monroe	Township,	NJ	08831
Michele	J.	Mount                   609-771-2793	Fax:	609-637-5112      Jamison,	PA	18929                   609-860-0111	Fax:	609-860-0110    Brian	Kroski                     sovereign bank                              215-918-0505	Fax:	215-918-0507                     601	Penn	Street
                                   Donna Shaw                          Toll	free:	800-533-4579             Philip	Roberts                                                     Reading,	PA	19601
abitibibowater                                  Ken	Smith                                  the positive Community           610-378-6159	Fax:	610-378-6157
41	Apple	Orchard	Lane                                                                                     133	Glenridge	Avenue   
Trumbull,	CT	06611                 Community News service llC                                              New Jersey City university        Montclair,	NJ	07042              Edward	Shultz
203-966-5183	Fax:	203-966-6872     Trenton	Downtowner/                 Jersey Central power & light /      Office	of	Public	Informaton       973-233-9200	Fax:	973-233-9201             Ewing	Observer/Hamilton	Post        firstEnergy Corporation             2039	John	F.	Kennedy	Boulevard
Andrew	Mickool                     2	Princess	Road,	Suite	1G           300	Madison	Avenue                  Jersey	City,	NJ	07305-1597        Adrian	Council                   strategic Content Imaging              Lawrenceville,	NJ	08648             Morristown,	NJ	07962                201-200-3426	Fax:	201-200-2168        374	Starke	Road
                                   609-396-1511	Fax:	609-396-1132      973-401-8097	Fax:	330-315-8941                                                       Carlstadt,	NJ	07072
advocate publishing Corp.                Ellen	Wayman-Gordon               primetimes in New Jersey         201-935-3500	Fax:	201-935-4431
171	Clifton	Avenue,	PO	Box	9500    James	Griswold                      Ronald	Morano                          PO	Box	2507            
Newark,	NJ	07104                                                     Warren	Point	Station             Mark	Leibowitz
973-497-4201	Fax:	973-497-4192     Tom	Valeri                                                              New Jersey Council of             Fair	Lawn,	NJ	07410    
Marge	Pearson-McCue                   Journal Register Company            County Colleges                   201-803-7160	Fax:	201-791-3394                                                      Lower	Makefield	Corporate	          330	West	State	Street             Jerry	Jastrab                    today in hunterdon
                                   the County seat                     Center,	South	Campus                Trenton,	NJ	08618-5704               17-19	Morristown	Road
amandla                            77	Hudson	Street,	2nd	Floor         790	Township	Line	Road              609-392-3434	Fax:	609-392-8158                                     Bernardsville,	NJ	07924
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West	Orange,	NJ	07052              201-488-5795	Fax:	201-343-8720      215-504-4200	Fax:	215-504-4201      Jacob	C.	Farbman                  fulfillment Inc.       
866-262-6352	Fax:	866-262-6352     Gail	Zisa                                    22	West	Pennsylvania	Avenue      Stephen	Parker
Ernest	Kwabena	Opong                        James	W.	Hall                                                         Suite	505                                                                 New Jersey dental association     Towson,	MD	21204
                                   the Criterion News advertiser                                           1	Dental	Plaza                    410-821-4545	Fax:	410-583-1578   wal-mart
the animal Companion               87	Forrest	Street,	PO	Box	4278      kean university                     North	Brunswick,	NJ	08902                  8	Chicago	Street
249	7th	Street                     Metuchen,	NJ	08840                  1000	Morris	Avenue                  732-821-9400                      Gerard	A.	Giordano               Asbury	Park,	NJ	07712
Jersey	City,	NJ	07302              732-548-8300	Fax:	732-548-8338      Townsend	Hall,	T-129                                 732-695-0354	Fax:	732-695-0213
201-963-8125	Fax:	201-221-7792     Christopher	Crane                   Union,	NJ	07083-0411                Eric	R.	Elmore                                                     Steven	Restivo
Stephanie	Blanchard                908-737-3410	Fax:	908-737-4630                  publishing group of america                                                                                              American	Profile	/	Relish
                                   direct printing and mailing         Robert	Cole                         New Jersey Education              341	Cool	Springs	Boulevard       w.b. grimes & Company
ansorge unlimited Inc.             services                                          association                       Suite	400                        276	Springbrook	Trail
20	Broad	Street,	Suite	R           45	Dutch	Lane                                                           180	West	State	Street             Franklin,	TN	37067               Sparta,	NJ	07871
Red	Bank,	NJ	07701                 Ringoes,	NJ	08551                   kreischer miller                    PO	Box	1211                       615-468-6000	Fax:	615-468-6100   973-729-2973	Fax:	973-729-2973
732-933-4767	Fax:	732-936-0415     908-806-3700	Fax:	908-806-7670      200	Gibralter	Road,	Suite	200       Trenton,	NJ	08607-1211            Kent	Roeder           Jack	O’Rourke                       Horsham,	PA	19044                   609-599-4561	Fax:	609-392-6321      
Claudia	Ansorge                           215-441-4600	Fax:	215-672-8224                      Jerry	Lyles                                                         Steve	Wollmer                         west windsor-plainsboro
                                   dow Jones Newspaper fund            Edward	Hege                                                                 News
the associated press               PO	Box	300                                                                       the Rand group                   12	Roszel	Road,	Suite	C-205
50	West	State	Street,	Suite	1114   Princeton,	NJ	08543                                                     New Jersey hospital               6823	Bergenline	Avenue           Princeton,	NJ	08540
Trenton,	NJ	08608                  609-452-2820	Fax:	609-520-5804	     kruger pulp & paper sales, Inc.     association                       Guttenberg,	NJ	07093             609-243-9119	Fax:	609-243-9020
609-392-3252	Fax:	609-392-3531               107	Country	Club	Drive              760	Alexander	Road,	PO	Box	1      201-869-7555	Fax:	201-861-5609   Richard	Rein                      Richard	Holden                      Rochester,	NY	14618                 Princeton,	NJ	08543               Daryl	Rand             
Richard	Brack                       585-385-0027	Fax:	585-385-0028      609-275-4069	Fax:	609-275-4273                                                                                                                   white birch paper Company
                                   Evergreen printing &                Rick	Rumble                         Kerry	McKean	Kelly                Reporte hispano                  80	Field	Point	Road
bartash printing, Inc.             publishing Company                              42	Dorann	Avenue                 PO	Box	3443
5400	Grays	Avenue                  101	Haag	Avenue,	PO	Box	786                                                                               Princeton,	NJ		08540             Greenwich,	CT	06830
Philadelphia,	PA	19143             Bellmawr,	NJ	08031                  la voz                              New Jersey school boards          609-933-1400	Fax:	609-924-5392   203-661-3344	Fax:	203-661-3349
215-724-1700	Fax:	215-724-3313     856-933-0222	Fax:	856-933-2972      1020	Kipling	Road                   association                        Leighton	Jordan                                  Elizabeth,	NJ	07208                 413	W.	State	Street,	PO	Box	909   Cara marcano                     leightonjordan@
Michael	Karff                      John	Dreisbach                      908-352-6654	Fax:	908-352-9735      Trenton,	NJ	08605-0909            caramarcano@reportehispano.                        Abelardo	Garcia-Berry               609-278-5202	Fax:	609-695-0413    com                              and
                                                                                                                              23-05	Watkins	Avenue
bayonne Evening                    forest Electric Corporation                                             Frank	Belluscio                   Rider university                 Fair	Lawn,	NJ	07410
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930	Kennedy	Boulevard,	Suite	A-5   Edison,	NJ	08837                    350	Fifth	Avenue,	Suite	1826                                          Lawrenceville,	NJ	08648          Dick	Tabbachino
Bayonne,	NJ	07002                  732-509-1100	Fax:	732-509-1090      New	York,	NY	10118                  New Jersey skylands Insurance     609-896-5192	Fax:	609-895-5440
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Michael	P.	Shemin                  Harry	Sassaman                             131	Morristown	Road               Daniel	Higgins                   withum, smith & brown, Cpa           Rachelle	Mehra	Kucera               PO	Box	622                             1	Spring	Street
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the beacon                         the gazette Newspaper                                                   908-696-5715	Fax:	888-652-8684    River view observer              732-828-1614	Fax:	732-828-5156
597	Valley	Road                    343	Boulevard                       metro Creative graphics, Inc.                      113	Pavonia	Avenue,	Suite	321
Clifton,	NJ	07013                  Hasbrouck	Heights,	NJ	07604         519	Eighth	Avenue                   John	Tiene                        Jersey	City,	NJ	07310            Bill	Hagaman
973-279-8845	Fax:	973-279-2265     201-288-8656	Fax:	201-288-7215      New	York,	NY	10018                       201-349-4336	Fax:	201-823-4878            Fritz	Rethage                       800-223-1600	Fax:	212-967-4602                              
Richard	Sokerka                 the New Jersey women’s News       Joseph	Calamito                  wrubel Communications
catholicbeacon@                                                        Gwen	Tomaselli                      317	Old	Farm	Road                    12-32	River	Road,	PO	Box	1311                horizon blue Cross / blue           Glen	Gardner,	NJ	08826                                             Fair	Lawn,	NJ	07410
                                   shield of New Jersey                                                    908-537-6275	Fax:	908-537-1167    Rowan university Journalism      201-796-3331	Fax:	201-796-5083
brown & Connery llp                3	Penn	Plaza	East,	PP	15V           the mirror of highland park         Eric	L.	Sjolund                   Creative writing department      Charlie	Wrubel
360	Haddon	Avenue,	PO	Box	539      Newark,	NJ	07105-2200               55	Raritan	Avenue,	Suite	2-330                  The	Whit               
Westmont,	NJ	08108                 973-466-8755	Fax:	973-466-8762      Highland	Park,	NJ	08904                                               Student	Center,	208	Bruce	Hall
856-854-8900	Fax:	856-858-4967                 908-295-8147                                                          201	Mullica	Hill	Road               Thomas	W.	Rubino                                                                Glassboro,	NJ	08028
Warren	Faulk                    David	Younge                                                          856-256-4359	Fax:	856-256-4439                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                                        InPrint • SEPTEMBER 2008 • Page 11

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Advertising                              Advertising Account
                                                                                  editorial                                you are looking to join a growing,
                                                                                                                           innovative, and dynamic company,
                                                                                                                                                                   requirements to: Michael D’Arienzo,
                                                                                                                                                                   Production Director                     Work Wanted
                                            Discover a fulfilling career with                                              this is your opportunity!                 South Jersey Newspapers
Call Center Manager                      The Princeton Packet, Inc. We            Editors and Reporters                      If interested, please send your         309 South Broad Street                Editor/Reporter
   East Coast media company              are looking for self-motivated,            Award winning weekly                   resume, salary requirement, and           Woodbury, NJ 08096                      Longtime editor looking for
is seeking a sales manager to            career-oriented people interested        newspapers seek energetic editors        location preference, via email to         856-845-3300 extension 248            a reporter or editor’s position
develop, train and motivate              in personal development and              and reporters with reporting, layout EOE              fax: 856-848-9672                     in general, business or medical
remote classified call center sales      professional growth.                     and editing exp.                                                      E-113008
                                                                                                                                                                     email:         publication in north Jersey, central
associates and to implement                 If this interests you, we have          Send resumes to pnardone@                                                                                   E-093008   Jersey or New York City. Have more
and execute sales strategies for         an exciting opportunity as an   No               Web Press Operator                                                              than a decade’s experience in
ancillary advertising products in        Account Executive. This position         phone calls.                  E-093008     The Bridgeton News currently                                                  copy editing, reporting, managing,

the market.                              is accountable for meeting and                                                    has an opening in the production                                                and pagination that includes
   Successful candidate will be a                                                                                          department for a web press                                                      background in QuarkXPress and
motivated, proven sales performer
                                         exceeding revenue objectives by
                                         providing consultative services          Production                               operator, night shift.                                                          Photoshop. Contact Edward Kensik
with leadership and consultative         to existing clients through the                                                     The successful candidate should                                               at (551) 265-3211 or edkensik@
selling experience. Excellent            development of strategic marketing       Lead Operators                           have 3-5 years in newspaper               cLassiFieD                                         E-093008

communications and presentation                                                      A.F.L. Web Printing is unrivaled
skills required. Strong interpersonal
                                         plans. In addition, you will lead
                                         the acquisition effort to gain new       as one of the largest cold-web
                                                                                                                           printing along with some
                                                                                                                           equipment maintenance and
skills necessary to effectively          business by demonstrating The            facilities with the most process
                                                                                  color capacity in the Northeast
                                                                                                                           repair experience. Goss Urbanite          DeaDLiNe                               Have skills. want work?
manage, delegate and coordinate          Packet’s abilities to meet clients’                                               experience preferred.
                                                                                                                                                                     20th of the month
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Promote yourself with a classified
work with subordinates and other         advertising needs through effective      and Mid-Atlantic Region. Our               The Bridgeton News offers a                                                    ad in InPrint and on our website.
departments.                             print- and web-based advertising.        state-of-the-art equipment and           competitive salary and complete                                                  Call 609-406-0600 ext17 or
   Bachelor’s degree & 4-5 years’           We reward our sales force with        international reputation make us         benefits package.                         prior to publication                   email your ad to
related sales management                 a competitive compensation plan          the printer of choice for almost 700       Send resume and salary
experience or equivalent                 that includes salary, uncapped           well-known publications. You will
combination of education and             incentive plan and a well-rounded        not find a printing company that
experience. Specific classified          benefits plan.                           can offer as much to its customers
and advertising sales experience            Excellent presentation and            under one roof, nor one that is
including marketing trends,              communication skills are required.       more committed and dedicated to
external conditions and research         Car and valid driver’s license           its employees.
that would affect the primary            required. Good computer skills              Due to continuous growth, we
activities of the job is required.       required. Position is full time,         are hiring Lead Operators for
   We offer a comprehensive benefit      although part time applicants will       our regional printing facilities in
package.                                 also be considered.                      Secaucus and Voorhees, NJ. We
   Please send resumes to:                  For more information on The           want you on our team if you are
   Call Center Manager                   Princeton Packet, visit www.             a quality-oriented, experienced
   c/o New Jersey Press Association EOE.                   press operator with the ability
   840 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 305          Send resume, including salary         to run multiple process color
   West Trenton, NJ 08628-1019           requirements to The Princeton            web leads while leading a crew.
or email c/o Catherine Langley:          Packet, Inc., ATTN: Advertising          Minimum 3-years in a cold web                        Director, PO Box 350, Princeton, NJ      shop required. Goss or Harris web
Your resume will be forwarded to         08542, fax to (609) 921-2714 or          experience preferred.
the company that placed this ad.         e-mail to            To learn more about us, please
                              E-113008                                 E-093008   visit If

     new options!
     •	 Create	your	own	marketing	firm	or	advertising	agency
     •	 Publish	your	own	magazine,	shopper	or	newspaper		
        without	the	high	cost	of	a	franchising	agreement	or	licensing	fee
     •	 sell	printing	to	all	types	of	accounts	and	help	develop	their	business
     •	 ProduCe	direct	mailing	pieces	with	information	people	need	to	
        make	educated	purchases
     •	 start	your	own	niche	publication	

     let us helP	you	be	your	own	boss.	Use	your	experience	and	reap	the	
     rewards	of	your	own	hard	work.	We	want	to	show	you	how	to	enjoy	
     yourself	while	earning	at	your	potential.	We	do	it	and	you	should	too.	

     Contact	Gerri	Guld	for	more	information	at	(267)	474-3862	or	All	inquiries	are	kept	confidential.

                  MAILING SERVICES
     	                                         45	DUtCh	LAne,	RinGoes,	nJ	08551
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