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amazing construction projects in dubai


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Amazing Construction Projects in Dubai,

The real estate and property market Dubai has been offering significant opportunities to investor
from all over the world to invest and make handsome profits on their investments as the market
continues to progress at a reasonable rate. Dubai which was once known for its oil based
economy has done extremely well is other sectors like tourism and real estate. The government
also worked extremely hard to develop infrastructure up to international standards and to
simplify policies and procedures to facilitate and encourage foreigners and expatriates to invest
in Dubai. This gave tremendous boost to its economy and attracted tons of investments in various
sectors in Dubai including the real estate and property sector. A number of amazing, unique, and
stunning projects were constructed with such frequency that the city is now known as the city of
landmarks. Construction like Dubai Palm Islands, The World, Dubai Sports City, Green
Community, Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival City, Arabian Ranches, Discovery Gardens,
Business Bay, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Media City are some examples of modern and
spectacular developments in Dubai. This became one to the main reasons of attraction not only
for investors but also for buyers as they have a long list of beautifully designed and decorated
options to choose from.

The Palm islands Dubai is one of the most amazing and huge constructions ever constructed on
the surface of the planet. These are three different islands named as The Palm Jumeirah, The
Palm Deira, and The Palm Jebel Ali and each one is shaped like a palm tree created on the
surface of water. Dubai Palm Islands add another five hundred and twenty kilometers to the
coast of Dubai. Consisting of theme parks, marinas restaurants, hotels, resorts, flats apartments
and villas only The Palm Jumeirah is expected to create more than four thousand residential units
and this is why it is considered among some of the most extraordinary construction in the world.

The Green Community Dubai is another one of the unique and elegant residential community
constructed over sixty seven hectares. The basic idea behind constructing such a project is to
create a residential colony that keeps its resident away for all the pollution and stress of the
modern world and provide its residents with a peaceful and pleasant environment with all the
necessary requirements of the modern day living in green environment.

The Discovery Gardens Dubai is another one of the most out class and luxurious residential
project in Dubai based on the same idea of creating a nature friendly residential community.
Located between Sheilh Zayed road and Emirates road the project offers its resident to enjoy
unlimited shopping leisure activities at the Gardens shopping mall which is the world’s largest
themed shopping mall. Apart from the beautiful landscaping and architecture the project offers
facilities like jogging track, gymnasium, swimming pool, standby generators, tennis court, and
twenty four seven security. It is due developments like these that the real estate and property
market Dubai is prospering so well compared to other real estate and property markets of the


The real estate and property market Dubai is known for its extraordinary construction projects
like Dubai Marina, Dubai Palm Islands, Discovery Gardens, Downtown Dubai, Green
Community and many more. The increasing demand of real estate properties attracts both
buyers and investors to invest in the property market Dubai.

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