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                                          The Association for                                            Caledonian Society
                                          Clinical Biochemistry                                          for Endocrinology

                                                              Festschrift for
                                           Dr Graham H Beastall CBE

                                             Wednesday 15 April 2009
                                       Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre, Glasgow
                                               This meeting has been Accredited for 5 CPD points
                                                           Supported by an Educational Grant from Abbott Ltd

Last printed: 13/03/2012 at 12:07 AM
Last printed: 13/03/2012 at 12:07 AM
09.00-10.00h      REGISTRATION
 Session 1:       Pituitary
                  Chairman: Sir Graham Teasdale
                  Chairman, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
10.00-10.25h      Dr John S Bevan                        Managing
 (inc Q & A)      Consultant Physician &                 Hyperprolactinaemia: the
                  Endocrinologist, Aberdeen Royal        Importance of the
                  Infirmary, UK                          Laboratory-Clinic
10.25-10.50h      Professor Peter Trainer                Approaches to the
 (inc Q & A)      Consultant Endocrinologist, Christie   Management of
                  Hospital, Manchester, UK               Acromegly.
10.50h-11.15h     Dr Mike Penney                         The Hypothalamic/
  (inc Q & A)     Chemical Pathologist, Royal Gwent      Posterior Pituitary Renal
                  Hospital, Newport,UK                   Axis
11.15-11.45h      COFFEE
 Session 2:       Thyroid
                  Chairman: Professor John Ratcliffe
                  Newport, Pembrokeshire, UK

11.45-12.10h      Professor Ian D. Hay                   The Monitoring and
 (inc Q & A)      Endocrinology & Internal Medicine,     Treatment of Thyroid
                  Mayo Clinic College of Medicine,       Cancer
                  Rochester, Minnesota, USA

12.10-12.35h      Dr Geoff Beckett                       “Problems in the
                  Clinical Biochemistry, The Royal       Standardisation of
 (inc Q & A)
                  Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK             Thyroid Function Tests”.

12.35-13.00h      Dr Tony Toft                           So you think you know
                  Endocrine Clinic, The Royal            how to treat thyroid
 (inc Q & A)                                             disease.
                  Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK
13.00-14.00h      LUNCH

Last printed: 13/03/2012 at 12:07 AM
Last printed: 13/03/2012 at 12:07 AM
                                       Session 3:     Adrenal
                                                      Chairman: Professor Ian Mason
                                                      Clinical Biochemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK

                                       14.00-14.25h   Professor A Mike Wallace               Current issues in the
                                        (inc Q & A)   Clinical Biochemistry, Royal           Diagnosis of Inherited Steroid
                                                      Infirmary, Glasgow, UK                 Disorders
                                       14.25-14.50h   Professor Paul M Stewart               The Cortisol-Cortisone Shuttle
                                        (inc Q & A)   Endocrinology, University of
                                                      Birmingham, UK

                                       14.50-15.15h   Professor John Connell                 Redefining Conn’s Syndrome
                                        (inc Q & A)   BHF Cardiovascular Research            and the role of Aldosterone in
                                                      Centre, University of Glasgow, UK      Essential Hypertension.

                                       15.15-15.45h   COFFEE

                                       Session 4:     Endocrine Analysis
                                                      Chairman: Dr Fraser Logue
                                                      Abbott Diabetes Care, UK

                                       15.45-16.10h   Dr Richard S Chapman
                                                                                            Problems in Assay Sensitivity
                                        (inc Q & A)   Clinical Chemistry, Hammersmith       and Precision.
                                                      Hospital, London, UK

                                       16.10-16.35h   Professor William D Fraser            Vitamin D - What do we
                                        (inc Q & A)   Clinical Chemistry, Royal Liverpool   measure and what is the
                                                      University Hospital, UK               reference range?
                                       16.35-17.00h   Dr Graham H Beastall                  Hormone Analyses – A view
                                        (inc Q & A)   Clinical Biochemistry, Royal          into the Future
                                                      Infirmary, Glasgow,UK

                                                  Following the meeting, a DINNER will be
                                                 held in the Auditorium Room at Òran Mór
                                                         Top of Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8QX.
                                                         Tel: 0141 357 6200, Fax: 0141 357 6201

Last printed: 13/03/2012 at 12:07 AM

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