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The Knightly News Pope John Paul II Council 4522 June 2009 The


									                                                               The More We Unite

                        The Knightly News                     The More We Can Do

                                   Pope John Paul II
                                              Council 4522

                                                  June 2009    Chartered In 1958

Dear Brother Knights,
   Thank you! Thank you all, Brother Knights, Casey
Women’s Club members, and families all! What a
fantastic year. Together we accomplished a lot.
   Charitable projects this year included the ACCA
food delivery from USPS collections on May 9th, and
Christ House hot meals for the needy on bimonthly
   Council social events included a great Christmas
party last December and the spring Swing Dance in
   Church events included a Lenten Fish Fry and a
Confirmation Mass.
   Community events included cooperative events with
the Annandale Chamber of Commerce at our Council
home, support for the Catholic Business Network
banquet on May 3rd, and the KOVAR collections for
the intellectually disabled.
   Youth events included the Basketball Free Throw
contest and the Diocesan vocations program gathering
for young adults.
   Family events will have included the upcoming
Council Picnic and Grand Knight’s Awards Ceremony
coming on Sunday, June 14th (Flag Day) from 2-5 PM.
   All members of our Council family, including
children and friends, are invited to come to this year’s
annual event. We will honor our 50-Year members,
our Honorary Life members, and our Past Grand
Knights. SAVE THE DATE!!
   Congratulations to FDD/PGK Richard Owen for
being elected to the Board of Directors of the
Annandale Chamber of Commerce, and for receiving
the Jefferson Award for Public Service.
   This month I complete my term as your Grand
Knight. Thanks especially to DGK Joe Lynem and all
of the officers and committee members who actively
contributed to this year’s success.

 Dennis Brown                              Grand Knight
Grand Knight             Dennis A Brown            703-978-6195
Deputy Grand Knight      Joseph P Lynem            703-916-9227
Chancellor               Robert P Bubniak          703-573-5078          Mon    Jun 1      1st Degree at EDW Council 2473
Recorder                 Thomas W Howard           703-941-7040          Wed    Jun 3      Council Executive and Casey Club Meetings
Treasurer                Joseph W Barnoski         703-256-4088          Sat    Jun 6      D-Day
Advocate                 FDD/PGK Ronald J Plavchan 703-451-7382
Warden                   Frederick H Hundemer Jr   703-370-3370          Sun    Jun 7      Donut Sunday at Queen of Apostles
Inside Guard             Greg Bacani               703-256-5017          Tue    Jun 9      2nd Degree at EDW Council 2473
Outside Guard            John W Ray
3rd Year Trustee         PGK Robert E Kreider      703-256-7458
                                                                         Wed    Jun 10     Council Business Meeting
2nd Year Trustee         PGK Carl R Castle Jr      703-941-6864          Thu    Jun 11     Casey Women's Club Meeting
1st Year Trustee         Craig J Delaney           703-560-0709          Sat    Jun 13     3rd Degree at George Brent Council 5332
Financial Secretary      Vincent P Apostolico      703-941-1079
                                                                         Sun    Jun 14     Grand Knight’s Awards Banquet
                                                                                           Flag Day
Chaplain                 Rev T P Vander Woude      703 354-8711
Associate Chaplain       Rev Andrew A Amaruma AJ 703 354-8711            Sun    Jun 21     Fathers Day
Program Director         Robert P Bubniak          703-573-5078          Tue    Jun 30     Retirees Luncheon
Church Director          Thomas W Howard           703-941-7040          Wed    Jul 1      Council Executive and Casey Club Meetings
Church Committee         LTC Timothy C Murtha      703-727-9588
Vocations Chairman       Thomas W Howard           703-941-7040             Details on all events can be seen on the Council Website
KCIC Chairman            Thomas W Howard           703-941-7040
Community Director       FDD/PGK Richard P Owen 703-941-3848
Charity & Welfare Dir    James E Hathaway          703-573-3983
Charity Committee        Paul A Hebert             703-914-1286             The Executive meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month
KOVAR Director           Joseph P Lynem            703-916-9227          at 7:30 pm, the Business meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month
Pro-Life Couple          Christina & Joseph Lynem 703-916-9227
Council Director         LTC Timothy C Murtha      703-727-9588
                                                                         at 7:30 pm, and the Casey Club meetings immediately after the
Public Relations         Vincent P Apostolico      703-941-1079          Executive meetings. All meetings are held at the Council Home and
Family Director          Craig J Delaney           703-560-0709          are listed on the Council Website Calendar. Included is a map and
Family Committee         Greg G Bacani             703-256-5017
Youth Director           Brian D Vaccaro           703-830-6253          directions. Go to
Youth Committee          Jason D Delorenzo         703-619-1560                
Membership Director      Captain Edward S White    703-642-0243
Recruitment Committee    Paul A Hebert             703-914-1286
Recruitment Committee    Frederick H Hundemer Jr   703-370-3370                       Meetings                           Correspondence
Recruitment Committee    James E Hathaway          703-978-6195                Knights of Columbus Hall                  Knights of Columbus
Retention Chairman       Joseph P Lynem            703-916-9227                  4200 Martin Avenue                  Pope John Paul II Council 4522
Benefits Field Agent     PGK Gerald D Curren Jr    703 746-8186                 Annandale VA 22003                           PO Box 1827
Ceremonials Director     FDD/PGK Ronald J Plavchan 703-451-7382                    (703) 992-0129                      Annandale VA 22003-9555
Fraternal Director       FDD/PGK John V Wenderoth703-250-2205
Fraternal Committee      James E Hathaway          703-573-3983
GK Delegate              GK Dennis A Brown         703-978-6195
PGK Delegate             PGK Albert R Avellino     703-256-2621             As we travel into summer, let’s remember to stay hydrated with
GK Delegate Alternate    Joseph P Lynem            703-916-9227
PGK Delegate Alternate   PGK Carl R Castle Jr      703-941-6864          plenty of water for good health.
WebMst/Newsletter Ed.    Andrew F Zaccardi         703-941-5513             Our May event supported the youth at Annandale High School as
                                                                         we met for lunch at the school’s Bistro Café, where students study
Chairman                 GK Dennis A Brown            703-978-6195       culinary arts. Thanks to Marion Scaffidi who coordinated this event,
President                Vincent P Apostolico         703-941-1079
Vice President           FDD/PGK Richard P Owen       703-941-3848
                                                                         assuring unanimous satisfaction with the food and the cost.
Secretary                Captain Edward S White       703-642-0243          We will have our annual gathering at the Council Home on June
Treasurer                PGK Albert R Avellino        703-256-2621       11th at 7 PM. Spouses and guests are invited. Kindly remit payment of
                                                                         $5 per person to Alice McDonald at 4012 Ridge Rd, Annandale VA
Director                 GK Dennis A Brown         703-978-6195
Director                 PGK Robert E Kreider      703-256-7458
                                                                         22003-1835. Make your checks payable to the Casey Women’s Club.
Director                 PGK Carl R Castle Jr      703-941-6864             This month we wish a very Happy Birthday to Angela Symonds on
Director                 Craig J Delaney           703-560-0709          June 1st.
Director                 Vincent P Apostolico      703-941-1079
President                FDD/PGK Richard P Owen 703-941-3848               Pat McHenry                                                       President
Treasurer                Joseph P Lynem            703-916-9227
Secretary                FDD/PGK Ronald J Plavchan 703-451-7382

President               Patricia McHenry              703-256-0899          Many thanks to all those who helped transfer the donated food items
Vice President          Ethel Apostolico              703-941-1079
Secretary               Ruth McFadden                 703-256-9108       collected by the USPS Carriers on May 9th, from the Annandale Post
Treasurer               Alice Masone                  703-941-2891       Office to the Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA)
Correspondence SecretaryRuth Zirkle (Acting)          703-527-9367
Parliamentarian         Ruth Zirkle                   703-527-9367
                                                                         Pantry. On hand were volunteers Paul Hebert, PGK Robert Kreider,
Historian               Mardy Bosch                   703-256-4101       Deputy Grand Knight Joe Lynem, LTC Tim Murtha, FDD/PGK Dick
Membership Chairperson Romayne Polanin                703-256-5212       Owen, FDD/PGK Ron Plavchan, and Andy Zaccardi. Photos of this
                                                                         event can be viewed as part of the “Knights In Action” photo album on
This newsletter is published by and for the members and spouses of       the Council Website.
Pope John Paul II Council 4522. The views expressed herein are not
necessarily those of the Knights of Columbus and cannot be interpreted    James Hathaway
as the official position of the Knights of Columbus.
                                                                                                                                   Event Coordinator
                     Peter J Downey                                  Please remember in your prayers, Brother Knights
                  Queen of Apostles Parish                        Jack Delaney, Thomas Duffy, Al Jarrett and Tom
                                                                  Longuillo. Also pray for CWC members, Secretary
                                                                  Annette Preston, Dell Brayden, Marion Conrad, and
                                                                  Beth Medved, for Marie Apostolico, mother of Vincent
                                                                  Apostolico, Patti Brulotte, daughter of PGK Carl Castle,
                                                                  Stephen Connolly, brother of Ethel Apostolico, Gordon
                                                                  Felton, brother of Ruth Brophy, Linda Lipari, wife of
                                                                  Joe Lipari, and Alex Masone, son of Alice Masone.
                                                                  Please keep praying for our troops in the Armed Forces.
                                                                  God bless them and God bless America!

                                                                  FDD/PGK John Wenderoth                  Program Director
                                                                  James Hathaway                       Fraternal Committee

     Congratulations to Pete, selected for his continued             A check in the amount of $4,997 was mailed to the
       and longstanding KOVAR participation and                   State KOVAR office. An additional $500, a donation
              assistance in council activities.                   from the Allstate Insurance Company, will be sent as
                                                                  soon as it is received. This donation was arranged for
                                                                  by our Brother Knight Ed Imperati who is an Allstate
      FDD/PGK Ronald and Jo Anne Plavchan                         agent. (See the back page for a special offer from Ed.)
                    St Bernadette Parish                          Many thanks to all of the KOVAR volunteers for a job
                                                                  well done.

                                                                      Over 25 years ago, the American
                                                                   Institute for Public Service and the
                                                                   Jefferson Awards were founded in
                                                                   Washington D.C. The Jefferson
                                                                   Award is given to those who
                                                                   serve, help and heal across
                                                                   America.       Community Program
                                                                   Director FDD/PGK Richard Owen has
                                                                   been selected as a winner for one of this year’s
                                                                   awards. He was nominated by Chancellor Robert
                                                                   Bubniak, sponsored by the Washington Times.
Congratulations to the Plavchan’s, selected for their church
  and community action, for assistance to the Financial
Secretary, and for their KOVAR and ACCA participation.               At their monthly meeting the Annandale Chamber of
                                                                  Commerce thanked the Pope John Paul II Council for
                                                                  their wonderful cooperation in the use of the building
    Visit the Council Website to view photos of recent            and their hospitality.
events – Fish Fry, Swing Dance, ACCA Food Pantry. This               In other business of the Chamber, FDD/PGK Richard
newsletter is also available, as are previous issues, in color.   Owen, Vice President of the Casey Club, was elected to
    All future events are listed on the Council Calendar.         a 2-year term to serve on the Board of Directors of the
Change the view to “Weekly” or “Agenda” by clicking on            Chamber.
the tabs on the right side of the Calendar webpage. Click on         The Casey Club has been a member of the Chamber
any event to see more detail about the event, and further         for several years as part of the Council community
still, click on the link labeled more details. A map link is
                                                                  involvement program.
                                        FDD/PGK Richard Owen                 Community Director
   Ernie Giordano, a proud 50-year member of the                                     Allstate offers 17 different
Knights of Columbus, transferred to Fairfax Council                              discounts to help you save on auto
4522 in 1965 (later renamed Pope John Paul II Council).                          insurance. Including a Safe Driver
Ernie was one of those behind-the-scenes kind of guys,                           Bonus and Deductible Rewards for
but you knew he was there pitching in. The only                                  every year you drive safe.
“official” position he held was that of Director of                                  Brother Knight Edward Imperati
Operations. He never strived to become a Grand                                   is an Allstate Agent who has already
Knight, but he was always active. He volunteered at                              arranged for a $500 contribution
Bingo, picnics, barbeques, bartending at the (old)                               from Allstate for our KOVAR
Council Home, he played Santa Claus at the Casey Club       collections for 2009. He is also offering “Cash for
parties for a year or two, he was the Easter Bunny for      Quotes” to Pope John Paul II Council. For every quote,
the Children’s parties for many years, he participated on   Allstate will donate $10.00 (up to $10,000) to our
countless committees, he attended all pool parties, and     Council.
was present at just about every other event for nearly 30       Edward is committed to the Knights of Columbus. He
years. Ernie left his mark on everyone he met. He had a     is helping the Knights of Columbus in their Fund Raising.
unique personality and a one-of-a-kind sense of humor.      And you can help. If you would like Allstate to donate
   Therefore, in memory of all things Ernie, Irene, his     $10.00 in your name to help raise funds for charitable
wife of 55 years, invites you to a Mass in celebration of   causes, just call Edward for a free auto insurance quote
his life on Saturday, July 25th at 10:30 AM at Queen of     by December 31, 2009. Help your Council. Call Edward
Apostles Catholic Church. Please remember Ernie and         today for a free quote.
his Council 4522 involvement with a smile and with a            Edward has nearly 5 years experience helping people
prayer, and if you can, attend this Mass in his honor and   with their insurance needs. He offers a variety of auto
memory.                                                     insurance products. Stop by or call for a free quote.
                                                            Limit one $10.00 donation per family. Donations will be
                                                            given only for quotes provided to people 18 years of age
                                                            and older.

   Ernest Peter Giordano                                                   Edward Imperati CFP®
 July 30, 1933 ~ March 23, 2009                                                (703) 492-1530
                                                                             2080 Old Bridge Rd
                                                                          Woodbridge VA 22192-2491

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