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					    School Improvement Plan (SIP)
            Purpose of SIP
•   The purpose of School Improvement is to build each
    school's capacity for continuous advancement toward
    the goal of all students meeting or exceeding state
•   The purpose of the PDSA planning process is to ensure
    ongoing evaluation and adjustment of site-based
    strategies for improved student achievement.

                                 Review & Update
         SIP Process: Next Steps
   Meet w/ Leadership team
   Analyze 2008-2009 Data
   Complete Self Assessment
    ◦ Where/How does overall goal align with Strategic Plan
    ◦ Check for Gaps
       Do you need to amend overall goal?
       Do you need to adjust yearly target goal?
    ◦ Identify Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities for
      Improvement in terms of your target goal
    ◦ Assess Strategies based on data (continue, revise, revamp)
   Create 1st Quarter Deployment Plan
Core Philosophy of SIP Process
          The PDSA Cycle

                     1. What are we
                        trying to
                     2. How will we know
                        that a change is
                        an improvement?
                     3. What change can
                        we make that will
                        result in
Smart Goals
                           Results Orientated
   Schools write smart goals for priority areas

                         The plans include Overall Goals (three -
                         year goals) and Target Goals (one-year
    Supporting Data
•   What do the data points tell you?
•   What do the data points not tell you?
•   What are the school’s celebrations?
•   What are the opportunities for improvement?
  Quarterly Deployment Plan
Schools determine the best       Resources
  strategy or approach:
• Focused and comprehensive      Professional Development
• Research-based
• May have more than one         Parent and Community
                                 Evaluation
                                  • Did you implement your
      1st Qtr                     • How well did you
      Review                        implement? (fidelity)
                                  • What were your results?
    Quarterly Deployment Plan
• Step-by-step plan with      Quarterly Review
  accountability           • Did it work?
• Shared responsibility    • What is your next step?
• Goal team function         (Continue? Abandon?

                                1st Qtr
                     Make the Connections :
                      SIP & Strategic Plan
Alignment of School Improvement Goals to the district’s Strategic Plan priorities:

    Increase the percentage of students graduating from high school in four years.
    Increase the percentage of students performing at level III or higher on EOG reading tests.
    Increase the percentage of students performing at level III or higher proficiency on all End of
     Course (EOC) exams.
    Increase the percentage of students in grades 3-8 scoring at a Level IV.
    Reduce the scale score gap on EOG mathematics tests by 30 percent and by 15 percent on
     EOG reading tests. Reduce the achievement gap by 20 percent on EOC exam composites.
    Area I.H- “No schools will be designated as low-performing. “(low-performing schools may
     need to insert / replace this as a goal in the SIP. )

 Alignment of SIP implementation to Regionalization:

    Alignment of SIP implementation to Regionalization:
    Implement critical SIP friend reviews across the region.
    Provide training for new SIT members.
    Facilitate /broker district/regional support for SIP review and development.

•  Revisit your mission, vision, values, and
•   Do your data analysis including
    student achievement data and
    perceptual data(surveys).
•   Have site-based training for your new

 Training for New Principals and New
  Members of School Improvement
         Aug. 17th – High Point
        Aug. 18th – Greensboro
      Locations and Times to TBA

Meet w/ leadership team Aug. 20th – Sept. 11th

Peer Review with paired leadership team of
revised plan – Week of Sept. 14th
    Begin Implementation of Strategies to
       maximize use of time, ASAP
SIP Due to be uploaded to website Sept. 21, 2009
    Update Self Assessment
     1st quarter Deployment Plan
    Other Revisions
End of 1st quarter - Oct. 23rd

Analyze 1st quarter data & create 2nd quarter
deployment plan

Group/Peer Review Work Session for 2nd quarter
deployment plan– TBA
     Peer Review with Paired Leadership Team– Week of
                         Sept. 14th

•   Serve as a critical friend.
       •Provide reflective feedback on the draft SIP.
       •Look to see that data analysis is evident.
       •Look to see that the SIP is aligned with the Strategic Plan.
       •Look to see that the S.M.A.R.T. goals and results indicators align with
       assessment analysis.
       •Look for purposeful, focused, linked strategies and action steps that include
       frequent monitoring and review, professional development, and stakeholder
          SIP Template

   SIP Template