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                MINUTES OF BOARD MEETING – JULY 21, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Flossie Dyer. All board members were in
attendance. Quorum established.

MINUTES: Minutes of the June 16, 2008 were approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Wendell Steiner reported Operating Cash is $34,250, and
Reserves are now $138,672. Maintenance was under budget $2,394.55, Utilities over
budget $250.03, and Administrative under budget $491.80.

Reserve CD’s are maturing next month and one issue we have is all of our funds are at
First Community Bank (FCB). We are working on rolling them over to different
institutions where they all can be FDIC insured. We should be up to $150,000 in
Reserves at that time. FCB has one time withdrawal without penalty. Accounts
Receivable were updated to reflect a couple of large payments received.

PROPERTY MANAGER’S REPORT: Two problems, pump and street flooding.
Street Flooding: Received 3 bids for drainage ranging from $4,600 to $11,000. Copies
e-mailed to the Board. Went ahead with Billy Sunshine Plumber for $4,600 which
Flossie negotiated down from $5,000. Pump: Had well digger out and worked with
Anderson Pump. Received 3 different bids from well digger and went with Anderson
Pump and L. M. Gaines. Lucked out there as well as Flossie negotiated down from
$4,500 to $4,000 and we were able to reuse existing pump. Anderson spent 1-1/2 days
checking out our entire irrigation system and replaced about 35 rotor heads and a couple
other heads. Wendell called and said power doing something funny. Sent electrician
out there and meter center on outside of building starting to deteriorate and fail. Had to
replace meter center in conjunction with Progress Energy and had it scheduled for about
$4,100. Mrs. Simpson of 6117, numerous pinhole leaks, need to replumb that section
and going upstairs to the bathroom which has been repaired previously. Bid for $1,200 e-
mailed to Board and need approval to move forward. Lots of water damage, minimal
repair to drywall. Car vs. Gate: Without further proof, going on eye witnesses that they
saw who did it, put a claim in with insurance carrier. Gate damaged and cracked. May
turn in to law suit as he denied it. Should forbid him from using back gate and take away
his gate card. Waiting for estimates and insurance adjuster to get back with us. Will
have to pay out of pocket and wait for our check again. Tom Enneking’s Building:
Woman thought she hit brakes but hit accelerator and took out two condenser units.
Mercury Insurance called and offered to reimburse for plants damaged also. Katherine
Taylor: Had to write that off. Discussed previously received $1,200, and now they are
paying. Correspondence from Mr. White: Two items (1) regarding lack of stop sign
in front of adjacent complex and (2) rain water fills the pool above the skimmer allowing
leaves and bugs to lay on the surface.
Calais Village Condominium Association
Minutes of Board Meeting – August 21, 2008
Page – 2

Susanne Yonce reported they had one interview for a rental at 5756 #1. New lessee is
Rene Barnard for one year starting the 15th.

Road Drainage: Put in overflow pipe.

    Wendell Steiner made a motion to pay bill for $4,600 to Billy Sunshine Plumber
    to install overflow pipe. Marty Foster seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Well Digging and Pump Irrigation: Need to ratify this in two differenct section to pay
C & M for digging the well for $4,000.

    Susanne Yonce ratified the digging of the deep well for $4,000. Becky Helmbock
    seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    Paula Castoro ratified cost of Anderson Pump Company for $1,498 for connecting
    the new well to our present pump and inspecting the entire irrigation system. Jo
    Ann Skrodenis seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Electric Center 5744: Is installed at a cost of $4,055.

    Marty Foster made a motion to ratify payment to Mickey McGee Electric in the
    amount of $4,055. Paula Castoro seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Plumbing 6117: Need approval to fix pipes at $1,200.

    Marty Foster made a motion to approve the fixing of pipes for $1,200. Becky
    Helmbock seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Roof Leaks:     At 5757 and another at Sivilay’s. Silver System has already been out to
repair them.
Calais Village Condominium Association
Minutes of Board Meeting – July 21, 2008
Page – 3

Unit Owner’s Correspondence: Leigh will give formal letter in writing.

Wendell Steiner made a motion the meeting be adjourned. Susanne Yonce seconded the
motion. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Skrodenis

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