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                                 Incorporating a New Zealand Company: Document Requirements

                                 In some cases when a new New Zealand Company is being incorporated, the New Zealand
                                 Companies Office may ask for documents in order to verify the identity and residence of the
                                 company’s proposed Shareholders and Directors. The document requests are easy to fulfill, and
                                 are in line with the standard Due Diligence Procedures and Know Your Client requirements
                                 routinely exercised by international banks and financial institutions.
                                 The Companies Office will issue a request for documents if the proposed company meets a set of
                                 pre-determined criteria which suggest that the Company may be incorporated as a shell entity for
                                 overseas based beneficiaries. Although, these types of vehicles are not prohibited in New Zealand
                                 law, the New Zealand government enforces the precautions as a means of preventing misuse of
                                 New Zealand business entities, and to stem the occurrence of money laundering, criminal activity
KIRILL KRUGER                    and tax evasion. In routine practice the document requirements are applied to any proposed
                                 Company with an overseas Director and/or Shareholders, or with corporate Shareholders
Development Manager at           registered outside of New Zealand.
Abaconda Management
Group , Director of AMG          As part of the verification, the New Zealand Companies Office will require that an original copy of
Business Development.            the Directors’ Consent or Shareholders’ Consent forms are submitted for each individual named as
                                 a Director or Shareholder in the Company. In order for the Consents to be accepted, the New
                                 Zealand Companies Office will require Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence for all the signees.

Kirill Kruger is a young but     Proof of Identity
experienced financial
consultant, with a               So as to identify all natural persons signing the consent forms, the New Zealand Companies Office
specialization in                will require a certified copy of the individuals’ passports. In the event that a passport is not
international and New
                                 available, the individual may provide certified copies of any two of the following documents:
Zealand taxation research,
management and planning.
                                         Government issued identity card, with a photograph
Being a successful
entrepreneur he has also                 Drivers license, with a photograph
authored advanced studies                Certificates of citizenship
in the field of financial                Birth Certificates
academics, and regularly
writes reports on current        Proof of Residency
affairs and developments in
international and New            The proposed Directors and Shareholders of a new Company may be asked for documentation to
Zealand finance, taxation        help identify and verify their residential address.
and management.
                                 In order to meet the Proof of Residency requirements, the individuals will need to provide certified
                                 copies of a utility bill (such as gas, phone, electricity, cable TV, etc.) issued in their name during the               last three months.
+64 7 8080 444
                                 The document must be in English, or be accompanied by a certified translation.

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The utility bill must clearly state the name of the individual to whom it was issued, and also clearly
identify the residential address of the individual in order to be accepted by the Companies Office.


In order for any documents to be accepted by the New Zealand Companies Office, they must first
have the certification of a Notary Public, a Solicitor, Justice of Peace, or a person of similar standing
in the community.

The certification must contain the name of the individual making the attestation, the nature of the
attestation, an original signature, and a full set of contact details for the individual giving the

Corporate Shareholders

 In the occurrence that the shareholder is not a natural person but a corporate body, it will be
necessary for the Director of the entity to sign the consent forms. The form can be signed by an
individual who is not the Director but is authorized to act on behalf of the entity, but they will be
required to provide certified documentation supporting their appointment.

The individual signing on behalf of the corporate shareholder will also be required to provide Proof
of Identity alongside the Shareholder Consent. The form must also be accompanied by a
authenticated Certificate of Incorporation for the shareholder entity, alongside a certified copy of a
resolution stating that the entity is agreeing to become a shareholder in the new New Zealand


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