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					                       LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS                               Richmond
                                                                             El Cerrito
                      WEST CONTRA COSTA COUNTY                               San Pablo

P.O. Box 1618
                             El Cerrito, California 94530
                                                                            El Sobrante

                                                                       (510) 237-4039
Louise Vogelsberg, Editor – Temporary - Pat McLaughlin                 (510) 525-5187

                    AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2007 CALENDAR

Monday, August 27th         Board Meeting at Central Perk
1:15pm                      10086 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito

Thursday, September 6th     Kensington Unit Meeting – Home of Lita Fries
1:15pm                      28 Camelot Ct., Kensington – (510) 527-4240

Tuesday, September 18th , Membership Meeting – Brown Bag Luncheon
11:30 am
                          Location: 6830 Stockton Avenue, El Cerrito United
                          Methodist Church

                            Speaker: Rev. Phil Lawson

                            Rev. Lawson represents the Black Alliance of East Bay and
                            will talk about a Just and Compassionate Immigration
                            Policy for this State/Nation. He is a retired Methodist
                            minister, last serving at Easter Hill Methodist Church. He
                            lives in Hercules and is quite passionate in serving his
                            community on issues that are vital to the wellbeing of the

September 29th              LWVC Work shop, $25.00 per person, $15.00 without
9:30 am – 2:30pm            lunch. See Flyer for topics.
                            First Unitarian Church of Oakland, 685 14th St., Oakland
                            Register at
           League of Women Voters                        Pat Player, Dorothy Herzberg and Janet will look at
          West Contra Costa County                       creating a one page rough draft for the board to
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 4, 2007          approve at the July Board Meeting.
The meeting was called to order by President, Linda      Willa Sudduth reported that the LWV will be
Young, at 1:20 with a quick review of Agenda.            conducting a new study on Immigration; this study
Under item 7 a (C) was added to include discussion       will be moving forward over the next 2 years. Also,
of a Retreat for the Executive Board this summer.        Global Warming and Prison Conditions/reforms were
Those in attendance were Willa Sudduth, Myrtle           added to the state study issues program. Willa was so
Braxton, Pat McLaughlin, Pat Player, Jean Lipton,        impressed with one of the Key Note Speakers,
Bonnie Hamlin, Joan Bartoluvich, Janet Abelson, and      Delores Huerta who talked on the subject of One
Betty Brown. Dorothy Herzberg was also in                More Child Left Behind printed in Ms Magazine and
attendance.                                              she brought enough magazines for everyone to have a
                                                         copy and she graciously signed the magazine for
MINUTES from the May 7th meeting were shared by
                                                         those who wished.
Linda, from her notes of that meeting which must be
typed for the record. The minutes were approved as       Willa was constantly reminded of her early years
presented.                                               fighting for Civil Rights and was delighted to get a
TREASURERS REPORT: Pat McLaughlin passed                 copy of the historical studies and activities of the
                                                         League during the 60's/70's. Hopefully, some
out the May 31, 2007 report. The Balance for May
                                                         sections of that publication can be included in our
31, 2007 is $2,296.99. The annual meeting luncheon
                                                         monthly voters next year. As a final note, Willa
at Denny's for 24 people broke even and our PMP
                                                         announced the Women's Equality March in
Status is paid in full for State. There is one
                                                         Sacramento on August 25, 2007. Many of us
remaining payment to National will be made by June
                                                         admitted that walking blocks/miles is not in our talent
30th. Pat presented a bill owed her for the charges on
                                                         pool now, but Willa remembers participating years
her credit card for 2 newsletter mailings and the
Luncheon payment to Denny's. The total of these
payments made by Pat McLaughlin was over                 SPEAKERS BUREAU WAS THE NEXT TOPIC
$590.00. It was moved, second and passed to write        DISCUSSED. Dorothy Herzberg is willing to
her a check today for the exact amount and Jean          coordinate the training and organization part of the
Lipton will sign the check.                              Speakers Bureau service provided by the West
                                                         County League of Women's Voters. President Linda
                                                         requested that Dorothy attend the board meetings to
Willa Sudduth attended the LWV California
                                                         help with Speakers Bureau formation. Pat Player has
Conference in Bakersfield in May. Janet Abelson
                                                         organized the Speakers Bureau and Candidate Night
reported on the best workshop she attended entitled,"
                                                         Moderator and Timekeeper duties for WCCC
how to produce a local Easy Voter Guide for local
elections".                                              activates as part of her duties on the board. Dorothy
                                                         will be able to provide Pat with assistance for this
She had samples from the Oakland group which she         very important duty. Pat and Dorothy will work
passed around. Discussion was held about whether         together during the next year as the election season
we might want to do a one page outline of the ballot     for 2008 approaches so that the WCCC LWV
issue for the upcoming renewal of the parcel tax by      Chapter will be able to respond to as many requests
the school district on August 28th. It is a mail-in      for events as possible.
election and Pat Player reported on why this was the
                                                         Dorothy asked that all who wish to be a part of the
best time to conduct the election so voters in the
                                                         Speakers Bureau please contact her so she can start to
West County Unified District can focus on this
                                                         put together a file of interested members who wish to
renewal for critical school programs. In 2008 there
                                                         serve our League in this capacity.
are 3 long elections and the school board decided
they did not want to compete with the long ballots       REPORT from Betty Brown on the progress of the
since 2/3rds is needed for passage of this renewal       Health Care for All West County Committee. Their
effort. The passage of the tax will guarantee smooth     next meeting will be June 27th at 6:30. Call Betty
budget planning for the next 9 years in the school       Brown if you need address, ride or directions to the
district.                                                meeting. The Health Care for All group will
participate in the City of Richmond Event on June                   League of Women Voters
15th at 10AM across from DeJean Middle School at                   West Contra Costa County
the City Recreation Dept. Meeting room. It is a rally    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, July 9, 2007
to inform Richmond civic leaders of the Universal        Meeting called to order by President, Linda Young at
Health Care bill sponsored by Senator Kuehl called       1:25 PM. Members present: Willa Sudduth, Myrtle
SB840. All are invited to attend.                        Braxton, Pat McLaughlin, Pat Player, Jean Lipton,
Health Care for All will be circulating petitions for    Bonnie Hamlin, Linda Young, Janet Abelson, Betty
support at the Juneteenth festival the next day at       Brown. Dorothy Herzberg was also in attendance.
Nichol Park. Volunteers are needed for that day and      Minutes of the June 4, 2007 meeting were approved
to walk in the Parade that precedes the event at the     without corrections.
park. Call Betty Brown if you are able to assist.
                                                         Pat McLaughlin distributed the June 30, 2007
OTHER BUSINESS: The Board was reminded                   Treasurer’s Report. The balance as of June 30, 2007
about the June 19th summer event for League              was $2,130.70. Pat stated that State and National
members and their guests by Patricia Player....Lunch     dues had been paid. She stated that the LWVWCCC
and Bus Tour of the WWII Homefront with Betty            cannot make it until next March without an infusion
Soskin and Lucy Lawliss as our tour guides.              of funds. President, Linda Young, stated that an
President Linda announced that the information for       invoice had been sent to the County to request
the County Clerk on our participation in the Adopt-      payment to the League for the Adopt-A-Box project.
A-Box for voter registration has been completed by       Payment has not been received to date. Pat stated
Jean Lipton. Linda will send the information with an     that if the County sends the money due the League,
invoice to the County so we can get our first            no fund raising event will be necessary. Pat stated
payment. There is a need to have one or two new          that three new members: Monica Riley, Ruby and
folks do the areas of members who had to give up the     Robert MacDonald joined the League. Pat will bring
assignment. Please call Jean Lipton or President         an updated membership list at the Board Retreat on
Linda to volunteer.                                      July 24.
BOARD RETREAT: After a brief discussion a                Pat Player reported that the Board Retreat will be
Board Retreat will be held in August. The date will      held on July 24, 2007 at the Mechanics Bank located
be determined by the next Board meeting. The             at 41st and Macdonald Ave. in Richmond from 1:30
retreat will focus on Membership, recruitment and        PM until 4 PM. The focus of the retreat will be on
retention. Dorothy Herzberg and Jean Lipton will         the following topics: Membership, Recruitment and
ask to use the Fireside Room at the Unitarian Church.    Membership Retention. The program calendar for
Everyone will be encouraged to attend the retreat, but   the upcoming year and board member duties will also
especially old and new Board Members.                    be discussed. Pat Player will send post cards to
                                                         Board members to notify them about the retreat.
It was noted by Janet Abelson that she was concerned
that the new members of the Board had not received       Bonnie Hamlin discussed the National Membership
notice of this meeting. We all realized that Louise      Recruitment Initiative that trains local chapters in
Vogelsberg kept us connected with postcards. We          ways to grow and retain membership. Several states
miss her support and do hope she is getting stronger     will be selected by National to participate in the
each day. Linda announced that Louise hoped to go        Initiative. She stated that if California is accepted as
to her daughters after the prescribed physical therapy   one of the states to participate, WCCC should apply
time at the skilled nursing home. She is getting         to be part of the Initiative.
stronger each day. It is believed that she can receive   Pat Player and Dorothy Herzberg reported on the
email on her lab top now.                                League booth at the July 4 El Cerrito celebration.
Adjounment was at 3:15 and the Next meeting will         They reported that League Membership applications
be at Central Perk at 1:15 on Monday, July 9, 2007.      were handed out to a lot of individuals. Very few
Minutes by Volunteer scribe: Patricia Player             people wanted to stay long enough to view the Health
                                                         Care Initiative CD. Pat felt the booth was an
                                                         excellent way to introduce the League to people. Pat
thanked Jean, Dorothy and Janet for their work at the    WCCC Chapter of the League of Women Voters
booth.                                                   Makes a Tour of West County Historical Sites
Pat Player reported that the League’s tour of the        On Tuesday, June 19th 16 members and guests
Rosie the Riveter Home Front National Park on June       enjoyed the National Park World War II Homefront
19 was very successful. The group visited the            Tour in Richmond, California. The group met at
Museum after the tour and had lunch at the Museum.       Richmond City Hall for the orientation video written
The amount charged covered all expenses except for       by Betty Reid Soskin on the African American
$1.                                                      experience during WWII. At the end of Betty’s
                                                         video the group boarded the National Park Service
The General Membership meeting will be held on
                                                         Mini Bus for a trip around Richmond to see the key
either September 18 or September 22nd at the El
                                                         historical sites ending at the Rosie the Riveter
Cerrito United Methodist Church on Stockton. The
                                                         Memorial. The group then took part in the special
date cannot be decided until Betty Brown contacts
                                                         walking part of the tour led by Ranger Lucy Lawless
Pat Snyder who has been asked to be the presenter at
                                                         and Betty Reid Soskin. It was particularly exciting
the meeting regarding her availability.
                                                         for the group to have Barbara Vincent and her son
Training for new WCCC Board Members will be              join in on the tour.
held on August 27, 2007 at 11:30 prior to the regular
meeting at 1:15 PM.                                      The next stop on the tour was the Richmond Museum
                                                         for a special showing of the Tepco Pottery Exhibit
The meeting on August 27, 2007 is in place of the        (on loan to the Museum by member Sandi Genser-
normal meeting on September 3, 2007 which is Labor       Mack and her husband). The group enjoyed box
Day, a legal holiday.                                    lunches from Zarri's Deli in the Patio of the Museum
Jean Lipton reported that Robert MacDonald               and then went in for the exhibit. The Museum tour
volunteered to be the observer for the League at El      and Tepco Pottery Exhibit was a fitting ending to our
Cerrito City Council meetings. Bonnie Hamlin stated      tour of the Past.
that the president has a guide listing the duties of a   A donation was made to the Richmond Museum in
League observer at meetings of elected officials.        appreciation for the special opening for our group;
Pat McLaughlin volunteered to edit the Voter             and to the National Park Service for providing us
newsletter. Janet Abelson volunteered to mail the        with a wonderful mini-bus.
Voter to all members. Linda and Pat McLaughlin           Everyone including the Rangers were so pleased with
will send a printer ready copy to Janet who will have    the response to this tour that it will be offered to the
the Voter printed.                                       public during the summer leading up to the Special
Janet volunteered to mail the notices of upcoming        Festival which celebrates the various points of
Board meetings to all Board members until further        interest in the World War II Homefront Parks found
notice. There will be no Board meeting in                throughout Richmond. The Festival is scheduled for
September.                                               the last weekend in September. Call the Park at 510-
                                                         232-5050 for dates of the remaining trips.
On Saturday, September 29, 2007, there will be
training in Oakland for all League members. The                  From our Secretary & Voter Editor
time is 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM.                                          Louise Vogelsberg
Meeting adjourned at 3:10. Minutes submitted by          I am doing much better and walk without the walker
Myrtle Baxton                                            at times. I am going on vacation tomorrow and will
                                                         return on August 26. I finished my radiation
                                                         treatments two weeks ago and no longer wear a back
                                                         brace. However, I will be taking a chemo pill for the
                                                         multiple myeloma. So, I'll see how I react to that. I
                                                         have met a couple of people who have multiple
                                                         myeloma and have taken the medication that I am
                                                         going to take. They seem to be doing well, which
                                                         made me feel better. My daughter has let me drive
                                                         my car which is nice.         (You Go Girl! Ed.)
  League of Women Voters West Contra Costa               Next General meeting is Tuesday, September 18,
                  County                                 2007 at 11:30 AM at El Cerrito United Methodist
    Board Planning Retreat – July 24, 2007               Church. Pat Player will not be present at this
             Minutes of Meeting                          meeting. Everyone will be asked to bring a bag
                                                         lunch. The League should serve coffee and tea.
Meeting called to order at 1:50 at Mechanics Bank on
                                                         There is a $25 rental fee to use the church. The
Macdonald Ave. in Richmond by President, Linda
                                                         speaker will be a representative from the Just
Young. Members present: Pat Player, Betty Brown,
                                                         Immigration organization as arranged by Pat Player.
Janet Abelson, Willa Sudduth, Jean Lipton, Myrtle
Braxton. Dorothy Herzberg was also in attendance.        The October General meeting will be on October 20
                                                         at 10AM at the Lutheran Church on Stockton. This is
President, Young explained the purpose of the
                                                         a joint meeting with AAUW. Pat Snyder will be
Planning Retreat: Discuss Board duties and
                                                         invited to speak on the Criteria for Evaluation of
Membership Recruitment.
                                                         Health Care Reform. Betty Brown will confirm Pat
Jean Lipton stated that she needs to receive an          Snyder’s attendance.
updated membership list from Pat McLaughlin. Jean
                                                         It was suggested that the League sponsor a training
will send welcome letters to recent new members
                                                         workshop on the Pros & Cons of the ballot issues on
who are listed on the Treasurer’s report each month.
                                                         the February ballot. This workshop should be held
Various ways to increase membership was discussed.       the last week in November or in early December.
(1) It was suggested that an insert containing League    This would be a General Membership meeting.
activities be inserted in the League brochure. Janet     Organizations should request a League presentation
will bring examples for a new updated brochure to        on the Pros & Cons no later than December 15.
the next Board meeting. Janet stated that the League
                                                         The Planning Retreat was adjourned by the President
has a “mail box address” not a web site. Email can
                                                         at 3:55 PM.
be directed via the “mail box address”. (2) Jean
Lipton discussed the event that Jennifer Peck and        Minutes submitted by: Myrtle Braxton, Acting
Shirley Butt offered to host. The purpose of the         Secretary.
event is to invite people to a meet and greet party to
introduce them to the Board, tell them about the
purpose of the League and ask them to become                         2007-2008 Board Members
members of the League. Linda suggested that each         Linda Young, President                   215-3008
Board member bring 3 or 4 prospective League             Patricia Player, Vice-President.
members with them to the event. It was suggested                                                  524-9789
that a flyer be prepared to publicize the event. The     Jean Lipton, Vice President,
dates proposed for the event was November 8 or 15 if                                              525-8155
these dates are OK with Peck and Butt.
                                                         Louise Vogelsberg, Secretary
Pat McLaughlin will be asked to bring a new list of      (Myrtle Braxton, Acting Secretary)       233-0777
Board members and Officers to the next meeting. Pat      Pat McLaughlin, Treasurer                525-5187
Player stated that two Board members should be
                                                                     Board Members At Large:
appointed to the Nominating Committee.
                                                         Janet Abelson                            525-7709
Janet asked for clarification as to who should receive
the Voter newsletter. She was given a list of            Maria Alegria                            758-7642
individuals and organization who should receive the      Joan Bartulovich                         232-1136
newsletter. Pat McLaughlin and Linda will get the        Myrtle Braxton                           233-0777
next issue of the Voter, camera ready, to Janet by       Betty Brown                              524-6071
August 9. Janet will have the Voter in the mail by       Dorothy Herzberg                         524-0649
August 18.                                               Willa Sudduth                            233-0867
Next Board meeting is Monday, August 27, 2007 at
1:15 PM at Central Perk in El Cerrito.
                               MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/RENEWAL

NAME___________________________________PHONE (home)___________________ (work)________________
STREET__________________________________________ CITY__________________________                ZIP__________
E-MAIL___________________________________________ FAX_____________________________________________
$_______________Dues For:          New Member:              Renewal:

Payable:          Annually:       Semi-Annually:            Quarterly:            Donation: $_________________

DUES: $55/year (This includes per member payment (PMP) to LWVUS ($23.80), LWVC ($21), LWVBA ($1), AND
      LWVWCCC). Donations over and above $55 are gratefully accepted.

                                         DUES ARE PAYABLE IN MARCH

QUESTIONS: Call Jean Lipton, at 510-525-8155
Mail to:                        Pat McLaughlin, Treasurer                            ., .
                                League of Women Voters West Contra Costa County
                                P.O. Box 1618
                                El Cerrito, CA 94530
                               Dues and contributions to the League are not tax deductible.
                     Contributions to the Education Fund are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

               P.O. Box 1618
           El Cerrito, CA 94530


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