Effective with the Class of 2011
The Board of Education acknowledges the usefulness of a system of computing grade point averages
and class ranking for high school students, both to inform students of their relative academic placement
among their peers and to provide students, prospective employers, and institutions of higher learning with
a predictive device so that each student is more likely to be placed in an environment conducive to

The Board authorizes a system of class ranking, by grade point average, for students in grade(s) 9
through 12. Students entering the high school from non-chartered or home-based schooling shall have
no established grade point average (GPA) or class rank for purposes of graduation honors, such as
Valedictorian, Salutatorian, etc., until such time as they have completed two (2) semesters.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures for the computation of grade point averages and the
assignment of class rank to implement this policy which shall include a provision for students completing
graduation requirements before their class.

There are two factors that determine the rank in class at Perry High School: academic excellence and a
wellrounded curriculum. Academic excellence is determined by superior grades; and a well-rounded
curriculum refers to the number of courses successfully completed.

The following procedures are included in the Class Rank determination for the purpose of
selecting a class valedictorian, salutatorian, and 10 students of distinction:

Unweighted Grade Point Average (GP A) x 25 + total credits (which count toward rank in class) +
AP points = Index Number.

The index numbers are ranked from highest to lowest (carried out to the third decimal place) with the
highest number considered the number one ranked student in the class. In determining the Index
Number, the following criteria will be applied:
    1. All courses are used in calculating the cumulative GPA.
    2. To determine the Total Credits used to calculate the Index Number, all credits that are earned
        from courses offered and taken at Perry High School during the regular school day/year will be
        applied, plus no more than one (1) additional credit as defined in #3 below:
            a. The regular Perry school day/year is defined as coursework taken from the first day of
                school in August/September to the last in June, during the number of periods offered
                during the school day, and classes approved through the Post-Secondary Option
            b. A student is not permitted to take two classes in the same class period. (Students are
                required to schedule a lunch period unless the building principal gives special permission
                to eliminate it. The grade earned in the course scheduled where a lunch would normally
                occur will be applied toward a student's GPA).
            c. Summer is not defined as part of the regular Perry classroom.
    3. A student may apply no more than one (1) additional credit toward the Total Credits in anyone
        school year from summer school or coursework defined under the Credits from State-Chartered,
        Special and Non-Chartered Schools Policy. The Credits from State-Chartered, Special and Non-
        Chartered Schools Policy refer to those educational experiences that may be approved, in
        accordance with board policy, to supplement the student's regular school program. These
        programs include correspondence courses, educational travel, independent study, online
        courses, web-based courses, tutorial programs, and evening school programs.
    4. Summer school is assigned to a grade level as follows:
            a. Summer school before and after ninth grade + ninth grade = Ninth Grade Year.
            b. Summer school after tenth grade + tenth grade = Tenth Grade Year.
            c. Summer school after eleventh grade + eleventh grade = Eleventh Grade Year.
5. Students may not receive credit twice for any course successfully completed the first time. This
    stipulation does not include programs that students may participate in each year (i.e. Band,
6. Grades earned under Post Secondary Options Program count toward class rank under OPTION
    B. A pass/fail will not count toward total credits. Converting a college course to Carnegie units will
    be applied accordingly:
        a. 5 semester hours = 1 credit
        b. 4 semester hours = 0.8 credits
        c. 3 semester hours = 0.6 credits
        d. 2 semester hours = 0.4 credits
        e. When converting a 5-semester hour course taken under Option B to Carnegie units, the
             unit will be treated as a full one semester block high school course.
        f. When quarter hours are earned the Carnegie unit (credit) awarded will be consistent with
             the Post Secondary Options Program conversion used in conjunction with the colleges
             and universities granting the credit.
7. For purposes of ranking, completed Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be awarded an
    additional one (1) point toward the calculated index number.
8. Transfer students' credits will be evaluated and adjusted according to the Perry High School class
    rank procedures.
9. The final class rank to determine the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Students of
    Distinction is· computed using the Rank in Class index following completion of all courses
    prior to commencement.
10. The student with the highest Rank in Class index computation shall be named the
11. The student with the second highest Rank in Class index computation shall be named
12. The 10 subsequent students with the highest Rank in Class index computations after the
1. Valedictorian and Salutatorian shall receive the honor of being named a Student of
13. Any student earning a final cumulative grade point average (GP A) shall receive academic
    honor recognition at commencement as follows:
        a. Cum Laude: GPA ranging between 3.400 - 3.599
        b. Magna Cum Laude: GPA ranging between 3.600 - 3.799
        c. Summa Cum Laude: GPA ranging between 3.800 - or higher

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