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Invitation to Tender


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                  Invitation to Tender


Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission – Programme
              Monitoring and Evaluation System


                                         Table of Contents
1.     TERMS OF REFERENCE__________________________________________________________________ 3
     1.1   Background ____________________________________________________________________________ 3
     1.2   General Information _____________________________________________________________________ 3
     1.3   Scope and Terms of the Work ______________________________________________________________ 3
     1.4   Warranty ______________________________________________________________________________ 4
     1.5   Annual Maintenance Contract______________________________________________________________ 4
     1.6   Maintenance Standard ____________________________________________________________________ 4
     1.7   Service Level Assurance (SLA) _____________________________________________________________ 4
     1.8   Supplier Responsibilities __________________________________________________________________ 4
     1.9   Key Events/ Activities and dates of the project _________________________________________________ 5
     1.10     MoUD’s Procurement Rights ____________________________________________________________ 5
     1.11.    Contents of ITT document _______________________________________________________________ 5
     1.12.    Proposal Opening _____________________________________________________________________ 6
     1.13.    Use and Release of Bidder Submissions ____________________________________________________ 6
     1.14.    Limits on Promotion ___________________________________________________________________ 6
2.     INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS ______________________________________________________________ 7
2.1    Eligible Bidders ___________________________________________________________________________ 7
2.2    Technical Bid and Financial Bid _____________________________________________________________ 7
2.3    Clarification on the Bid Documents___________________________________________________________ 7
2.4    Amendments to Bid Document _______________________________________________________________ 7
2.5    Bidding __________________________________________________________________________________ 7
2.6    Language of Bid __________________________________________________________________________ 8
2.7    Format and Signing of Bid __________________________________________________________________ 8
2.8    Sealing and Marking of Bid _________________________________________________________________ 8
2.9    Bid Submission ___________________________________________________________________________ 8
2.10       Pre-Bid Conference_______________________________________________ Error! Bookmark not defined.        Deleted: 9
2.11       Bid currency ___________________________________________________________________________ 9
2.12       Disqualification _________________________________________________________________________ 9
2.13       Period of Validity of Bid __________________________________________________________________ 9
2.14       Modification and Withdrawal of Bid ________________________________________________________ 9
2.15       Award of Contract ______________________________________________________________________ 10
2.16       Notification of award ___________________________________________________________________ 10
2.17       Signing of Contract_____________________________________________________________________ 10
2.18       Payment Terms ________________________________________________________________________ 10
2.19       Performance Guarantee _________________________________________________________________ 10
2.20       Delivery Schedule ______________________________________________________________________ 10
2.21       Penalty _______________________________________________________________________________ 10
2.22       Prices ________________________________________________________________________________ 11
2.23       Failure to agree with the Terms & Conditions of the ITT/ Contract______________________________ 11
3.     EVALUATION METHODOLOGY __________________________________________________________ 12
3.1    Overall Evaluation of Eligibility Criteria, Technical Bid and Commercial Bid: ______________________ 12
3.2    Clarifications of Bid and Review of Bidders' Proposed Deviations _________________________________ 12
3.3    Contacting the MoUD _____________________________________________________________________ 12
3.4    Evaluation Committee _____________________________________________________________________ 12
3.5    Bid Evaluation ___________________________________________________________________________ 12
3.6    CONTENT AND FORM OF RESPONSE ____________________________________________________ 13
Annex I - ITT Data Sheet _________________________________________________________________________ 15
Annex: II Bid Form ____________________________________________________________________________ 16
Annex: III Commercial Bid _______________________________________________________________________ 18
Annex: IV Technical Bid________________________________________________________________________ 19
Annex: V Compliance Table ______________________________________________________________________ 20
Annex: VI Format for Performance Guarantee _______________________________________________________ 21
Annex: VII          Bill of Material _________________________________________________________________ 22
Annex: VIII           Eligibility Bid_________________________________________________________________ 24

1 .1       Background
The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India (GoI) is implementing the Jawaharlal
Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) program across 65 cities in the country. A critical tool
to monitor and evaluate documents and projects under this mission is an ICT based Programme Monitoring
and Evaluation System (PMES). This PMES has been developed by Microsoft Consulting Services and will
be ported through the PMES developer.

1 .2       General Information

•      The purpose of this Invitation to Tender (ITT) is to seek the services of a supplier to supply, deliver,
       install and commission IT Hardware and System Software for implementation of Programme
       Monitoring and Evaluation System for JNNURM program. The system will be co-located at the
       premises NIC, Hydrabad and will be linked to the Internet though the ISP’s network,

•      The bidders are expected to submit their Bid in response to this ITT.

•      The bidders should note that a primary requisite of the MoUD in relation to this ITT is that best value
       for money is obtained. All bids will be subject to detailed scrutiny to ensure best value for money.

•      The Bid must be delivered to the MoUD offices not later than 16:00 hours 04th November 2009 at the
       address given in the ITT Data Sheet (refer Annex I)

•      This document provides information to enable the bidders to understand the broad requirements to
       submit their "Bid".

1 .3       Scope and Terms of the Work
The scope should be read in conjunction with para 1.8 (Suppliers Responsibilities). The successful bidder
shall undertake all activities for completion of the scope and operationalisation of the PMES.

•      The successful bidder will be responsible for the delivery, storage where necessary, installation and
       commissioning of all the equipment detailed in the Bill of Material at Annex VII to this ITT. Note
       should be taken of the items and services that are excluded from the requirement as detailed in
       Supplier Responsibilities at para 1.8 below. Some of the equipments will be installed at NIC, Hydrabad
       and some of them will be installed at MoUD, Delhi.

•      The bidder has to configure all the equipments appropriately, design the IP scheme, etc. to achieve the
       desired solution that is envisaged in Annex VII. It is bidder’s responsibility to offer a workable
       solution. The successful bidder shall be required to detail out the design jointly with the application

•      The supplier needs to commission a LAN at MoUD in a single room of 15’ X 10’ which should have
       10-12 ports for installing various equipments.

•      Infrastructure work, power supply, and furniture are all outside the scope of this tender. The supplier
       will be responsible for the delivery and installation to NIC data centre at Hyderabad and MoUD, Delhi
       (as per hardware location specified in the Bill of material at Annex VII of this ITT), and the cables and
       connections required to connect to the power supply, network cabling etc.

•      If the bidder feels that some equipment/services needs to be included to make the whole system work
       with increased efficiency, they may offer the same as optional items. However the cost of those
       optional equipments offered will not be considered for commercial evaluation.

•      For the purpose of commissioning, the supplier shall be responsible for related works like domain
       creation, clustering check, fail-over test and other required works for operationalisation of PMES and
       testing of solution. The application vendor / AMC service provider shall support with configuration of
       the NLB / ISA Server.

1 .4       Warranty
The offer must include comprehensive on-site warranty of three years from the date of installation and
commissioning of the equipment. The supplier will be fully responsible for the manufacturer’s warranty in
respect of proper design, quality and workmanship of all equipment, accessories etc. During the warranty
period the supplier must maintain the equipment and repair/replace all the defective components at the
installed sites at no additional charge to the MoUD. Quarterly preventive maintenance needs to be done by
the supplier during this warranty period.

1 .5       Annual Maintenance Contract
After the expiry of the three year warranty, the supplier must carry out a comprehensive annual
maintenance service for the entire equipment supplied for a period of 3 years. The charges for this service
must be included in the commercial bid. Bidders MUST include details in their bid of how they intend to
provide the necessary support. This should include details of manpower, service centre locations and other
relevant details. This will be included in the evaluation process

1 .6       Maintenance Standard
The supplier must ensure 99.5% uptime of the equipment during the warranty period and post warranty
maintenance contract period. The supplier must ensure that the maximum response time for an on site
service call is two hours. Any delay that exceeds 24 hours, at single service call, will result on the
maintenance/warranty period being extended by one week at no additional cost.

1 .7       Service Level Assurance (SLA)
The supplier must commit to an SLA and detail these in their offer. Any service call is to be attended
within 1 hour. Any defect of hardware that causes failure of PMES is to be rectified within 2 hrs or the
equipment is to be replaced (till the time the actual equipment is set right) within 3 hrs of the time of call
log. Failing the time limit a penalty will be levied as mentioned in para -2.20.

1 .8       Supplier Responsibilities
The supplier will not be responsible for the supply and installation of the network cabling at the ISP data
centre; however they must provide the necessary cable and connections to allow the equipment supplied to
be connected to the ISP’s networks. The supplier will be responsible for the LAN, including supply of LAN
cable, installation and maintenance, at MoUD as mentioned under scope of work. Following are the
responsibility of the bidder; however any additional work that needs to be done in terms of configuration
and commissioning of hardware, to make PMES working, will be bidder’s responsibility.

•      Installation of hardware and networking equipments

•      Installation of OS, other application and tools except PMES
•      Configuration of networking, firewall etc.
•      Configuration of different domain as per requirement of PMES developer
•      Setting-up clustering
•      Configuration of load balancer
•      Creation of active directory
•      Firewall configuration
•      Testing of all network connectivity provided by NIC
•      Assist PMES vendor to install PMES application
•      Assist PMES vendor to make it available to the users
•      Assist MoUD in implementing archival policy
•      Maintenance and warranty of all the goods supplied
•      Maintenance of service level

1 .9       Key Events/ Activities and dates of the project
The following are the dates assigned for this project. The dates are subject to change according to the
convenience and needs of MoUD.

Event                                                                  Date
Issue of ITT to Bidders                                                14th October 2009
Latest date for request for clarification on ITT                       24 th October 2009
Submission of Bids by Bidders (Bid Closing Date and Time)              4th November 2009, 16:00 hrs
Opening of Bids (Bid Opening Date) (only eligibility criteria bid)     4th November 2009, 16:30 hrs
Evaluation and Finalisation of Best Value Bid                          14 th November 2009
Issue of Letter of Intent to winning Bidder                            17th November 2009
Signing of contract                                                    24th November 2009
Contract implementation                                                24th December 2009
Completion of Delivery & Installation by:-                             08th January 2010

1 .1 0     MoUD’s Procurement Rights
The MoUD reserves the right to:

1.     Amend, modify, or cancel this ITT and to reject any or all proposals.
2.     Change any of the scheduled dates stated in this ITT.
3.     Reject proposals that fail to meet the ITT requirements.
4.     Should the MoUD be unsuccessful in negotiating a contract with the selected bidder, the MoUD will
       begin contract negotiations with the next best value bidder in order to serve the best interest
5.     Make typographical correction or correct computational errors to proposals
6.     Request bidders to clarify their proposal.

1.11. Contents of ITT document
The ITT document comprises

A.     Invitation to Tender

B. Annex’s I to VII
    I. ITT Data sheet
   II. Form for Bid
  III. Commercial Bid – Cost Schedule
  IV. Technical Specification
   V. Compliance Table
  VI. Format for Performance Guarantee
 VII. Bills of Material
 VIII. Eligibility Bid

This document has to be read in its entirety. The terms and condition for the bid encompasses all the terms
and conditions mentioned in this document.

1.12. Proposal Opening

At the time of opening of the proposal, the representatives of the bidder would be allowed to be present if
they so desire. The MoUD reserves the right at any time to advance/ postpone or cancel a scheduled bid

1.13. Use and Release of Bidder Submissions

The MoUD is not liable for any cost incurred by a Bidder in the preparation and production of any tender,
the preparation or execution of any benchmark demonstrations, simulation or laboratory service or for any
work performed prior to the execution of a formal contract. All materials submitted become the property of
the Client and may be returned at its sole discretion. The content of each Bidder’s tender will be held in
strict confidence during the evaluation process, and details of any tender/bid will not be discussed outside
the evaluation process.

1.14. Limits on Promotion

The Bidder agrees to make no reference to the Client or this procurement or resulting contract in any
literature, promotional material, brochures, sales presentation or the like without the express prior written
consent of the Customer.


2.1 Eligible Bidders
The bidders should meet the following criteria to be eligible to bid against this ITT. Bidders not meeting
any of the following criteria will not be evaluated.

i.       The bidder should have a minimum turnover of Rs. 10 cr in each of the last 3 years
ii.      The bidder should have service centres at Hyderabad and Delhi.
iii.     The bidder should have experience in supplying to government customers for at least last 3 years
         and maintaining the supplied equipment
iv.      The bidder must have executed atleast one project worth atleast Rs. 1 Crore or two projects of Rs.
         80 lakh each of IT hardware & networking supply and installation within last 3 Financial Years
         (FY ending 31st March 09).
v.       The bidder should be an server OEM authorized system integrator
vi.      The bidder should furnish an authorization letter from server OEMs to respond to this bid.

Important Note: Each server OEM will be allowed to authorize only two partner for this ITT.
Preferred server OEMs are IBM, HP, Dell etc.

Response to eligibility criteria shall be as per the format attached in Annex VIII. The reponse shall be
sealed separately in an envelope and clearly marked ‘ Eligibility Criteria’.

2.2 Technical Bid and Financial Bid
The technical bids shall address the scope of this ITT and shall necessarily elaborate on the points
mentioned in Annex IV.

The bidder shall submit the technical and financial bid in accordance with the formats prescribed in the
Annexure IV & III respectively.

2.3 Clarification on the Bid Documents
A Bidder requiring any clarification of this Invitation to Tender shall write to the communication address
mentioned in the data sheet (Annex I of this ITT), not later than the date for request for clarification on ITT
mentioned in para 1.9.

2.4 Amendments to Bid Document
Amendments to the Bid Document may be issued at anytime by the MoUD, one week prior to the deadline
for the submission of bid. Such amendments would be posted on the website of this Ministry

From the date of issue, amendments to Bid Documents shall be deemed to form an integral part of the Bid

2.5 Bidding
The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its bid, including cost of
presentation for the purposes of clarification of the bid, if so desired by the MoUD. The MoUD will in no
case be responsible or liable for such or other costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding

2.6 Language of Bid
All bid, correspondence and supporting documentation shall be submitted in English.

2.7 Format and Signing of Bid
The Bidder must organise the bid in accordance with the format specified in this bid document.

The bid must be submitted in three hard copies with one original and two copies, each being clearly marked
“Original Bid” and the “Copy of Bid”.

The response to Eligibility criteria, Technical bid and Commercial bid must be in three separate
sealed envelopes.

The original and the copies of the Bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and be signed by the Bidder
or a person or persons duly authorised to bind the bidder to the contract. The letter of authorisation shall be
indicated by written power-of attorney accompanying the bid.

All pages of the bid, except for unamended printed literature, shall be initialed by the person or persons
signing the Bid in original.

The bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to correct errors made
by the bidders, in which case, such corrections shall be initialed by the person or persons signing the bid in

2.8 Sealing and Marking of Bid
The Bidder shall seal the Bids in inner envelopes. The inner envelope shall be sealed in an outer envelope.
Both the inner and the outer envelopes shall be addressed to the Ministry of Urban Development at the
address given in the RFP Data sheet given in Annex I. ANY BID THAT DOES NOT COMPLY WITH

The inner and outer envelopes shall:

1. Bear the Project title and the Request for Proposal (RFP) No. indicated in the RFP Data sheet and the

2. The inner envelopes shall indicate the name and address of the bidder to enable the bid to be identified
   with the bidder and also to be returned unopened in case it is declared late.

3.    Three inner envelopes should bear the words “ELIGIBILITY”, and “TECHNICAL BID”, and
     “COMMERCIAL BID” as appropriate. The " ELIGIBILITY " bid will be evaluated first and those not
     found eligible will be rejected and his other two bids will not be considered.

4. If the outer envelope is not sealed and marked as specified above, MoUD will not assume responsibility
   for the bid’s misplacement or premature opening.

2.9 Bid Submission
The bidder shall submit the bids in response to this ITT, including the format and forms provided in Annex

Bids may be sent by registered post / speed post / courier or hand delivery, so as to be received at the
address detailed in the ITT Data sheet.

Bids received after the Bid Closing Date and Time, mentioned in para 1.9 under Submission of Bids by
Bidders, will not be accepted by the MoUD under any circumstances. The bidder shall ensure that the bid
documents are complete in all respects and will reach the above given address by the due date and time.
MoUD may, at its discretion, extend the date for the submission of bids by amending the Invitation to
Tender, in which case all rights and obligations of the MoUD and bidder previously subject to the date will
thereafter be subject to the date as extended.

2 .1 0   Bid currency

All costs and charges, related to the bid, shall be expressed in INR.

2 .1 1   Disqualification
The bid is liable to be disqualified if:
1.  It is not packed and submitted in accordance with this document
2.  During the validity of the bid, or its extended period, if any, the bidder increases his quoted prices.
3.  The bidder qualifies the bid with his own conditions.
4.  Bid received in incomplete form.
5.  Bid received after due date and time.
6.  Bid not accompanied by all requisite documents.
7.  Information submitted in the Bid is found to be misrepresented, incorrect or false, accidentally,
    unwittingly or otherwise, at any time during the processing of the contract (no matter at what stage) or
    during the tenure of the contract including the extension period if any.
8. Bids not enveloped as stated in paragraph 2.8.
9. In case any one party submits multiple bids or if common interests are found in two or more bidders,
    the bidders are likely to be disqualified, unless additional Bids/Bidders are withdrawn upon notice
10. Each server OEM will be allowed to authorize only two partners for this ITT.

2 .1 2   Period of Validity of Bid

The Bid shall be valid for a minimum period of ninety days from the closing date for submission of the bid.
On completion of the validity period unless the bidder withdraws his bid in writing, it will be deemed to be
valid until such time that the Bidder formally (in writing) withdraws his Bid.

2 .1 3   Modification and Withdraw al of Bid
The Bidder may modify or withdraw its Bid after the Bid's submission, provided that written notice of the
modification or withdrawal is received by the MoUD prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of the

The Bidder's modification or withdrawal notice shall be prepared, sealed, marked and dispatched in
accordance with the provisions of Section 2.8 & 2.9. A withdrawal notice may also be sent by fax or email
but should be followed by a duly signed confirmation copy, post marked not later than the deadline for
submission of Bid.

No Bid may be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of Bid.

No Bid may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of Bid and the expiration of
the period of Bid validity specified by the Bidder on the Bid Form.

2 .1 4   Aw ard of Contract
A contract may be awarded to the successful Bidder whose tender meets the requirements of this ITT. The
MoUD reserves the right to award a contract in whole or in part if it is in its best interests to do so.

2 .1 5   Notification of aw ard
The acceptance of a Bid, subject to contract, will be communicated in writing at the address supplied by the
Bidder in the Bid document. Any change of address of the Bidder should therefore be promptly notified to
the MoUD. Unsuccessful Bidders will be notified.

2 .1 6   Signing of Contract

The successful bidder shall be required to enter into a contract with the MoUD, within seven (7) days of the
award of the contract or within such extended period, as may be specified by the MoUD. This contract shall
be on the basis of this document, the Bid of the Bidder, the letter of intent and such other terms and
conditions as may be determined by the MoUD to be necessary for the due performance of the work, as
envisaged herein and in accordance with the Bid and the acceptance thereof.

2 .1 7   Payment Terms
The terms of payment will be as follows:

90% of the contract value upon receipt by MoUD of the following satisfactory documents:
-        An invoice for this amount
-        Original acceptance certificates stamped & signed evidencing satisfactory receipt, installation and
         commissioning of the equipment by the Director General, NIC – Hyderabad & Joint Secretary and
         Mission Director, JNNURM, MoUD

10% of the contract value will be paid at the end of six months from the date of installation certificate.

2 .1 8   Performance Guarantee
The Bidder shall provide a Performance Guarantee within 10 days of being awarded the contract. The
guarantee must be in the format shown at Annex VI and shall be for 20% of the total contract value for 1st
year, 15% of the contract value for 2nd year and 10% of the contract value for 3rd year of warranty.

This guarantee will be encashed if the warranty support is not found satisfactory.

2 .1 9   Delivery Schedule
The bidder shall deliver the equipment within 4 weeks of signing of contract.

2 .2 0   Penalty
If the bidder fails to meet the SLA criterion set in para 1.7, a penalty of 0.1 % per hour of the contract value
will be levied on the vendor till such time the fault is rectified.

If the bidder fails to deliver and install the equipment within the period mentioned in para 2.19, a penalty of
2.0 % of the contract value will be levied on the vendor for each week of delay in supply of the equipment
subject to a total penalty of 5% of the contract value.

If the delivery and installation is delayed by more than three weeks, the purchaser reserves the right to
terminate the contract without paying any compensation for the unfinished job or unattended milestone.

However, if the reasons for delay are not attributable to the bidder, as assessed by the purchaser, none of
the above clause will be exercised.

2 .2 1   Prices

The Bidder shall quote a fixed price for the entire project on a single responsibility basis. The price charged
by the Bidder for components delivered and services performed under the total solution shall not vary from
the contracted price.

No adjustment of the contract price shall be made on account of variation of costs of labour and materials
or any other cost component affecting the total cost in fulfilling the obligations under the contract. The
Contract price shall be the only payment, payable by the MoUD to the supplier for completion of the
contractual obligations by the supplier under the Contract, subject to the terms of payment specified in the

The price would be inclusive of all taxes, duties, charges and levies as applicable.

The prices, once offered, must remain firm and must not be subject to escalation for any reason whatsoever
within the period of warranty.

A Bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation will be rejected as non-responsive.

2 .2 2   Failure to agree w ith the Terms & Conditions of the ITT/ Contract
Failure of the successful Bidder to agree with the Terms & Conditions of the ITT/ Contract shall constitute
sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award, in which event MoUD may make the award to the next
Best Value Bidder, make no award at all or call for new Bids.


3.1 Overall Evaluation of Eligibility Criteria, Technical Bid and Commercial
    Bi d :
It is the MoUD’s intent to select the proposal that is most advantageous and each proposal will be evaluated
using the criteria and process outlined in the following paragraphs.

A three stage bidding process shall be followed.

The eligibility criteria shall be assessed first. It is mandatory to meet all edibility criteria to qualify for the
subsequent stages of technical and commercial evaluation. The Technical and Commercial evaluation of
the Bids will be carried out using a point system only for those bidders who will meet the eligibility

In Technical evaluation a bidder will have to score a minimum 70 % to qualify for commercial evaluation.
Commercial evaluation shall be done only for those bidders who obtain the minimum score.

Post technical qualification, the tender shall be awarded to the lowest commercial bid.

MoUD reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in Bids
received if deemed in the best interest of the MoUD to do so.

3.2 Clarifications of Bid and Review of Bidders' Proposed Deviations
To assist in the evaluation and comparison of Bids MoUD may, at its discretion, ask the Bidder for a
clarification of its Bid. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing and no change in
the price or substance of the Bid shall be sought, offered or permitted.

3.3 Contacting the MoUD
Any attempt by a Bidder to influence the Client, MoUD or its consultants in its bid evaluation, bid
comparison or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the Bidder's Bid.

3.4 Evaluation Committee
The Evaluation Committee constituted by MoUD shall monitor the bidding process and evaluate the Bid.

The Evaluation Committee may choose to conduct discussions with any or all the Bidders.

The decision of the Evaluation Committee in the evaluation of the Bids shall be final. No correspondence
will be entertained outside the process of discussion with the Committee.

3.5 Bid Evaluation
All the Bids will be evaluated assessing each Bidder’s ability to satisfy the requirements set forth in the
ITT. The evaluation of the Bid shall include but not be limited to the following criteria.

 S.No    Parameters                   Permissible                   Max
                                      Documentary Evidence          Score
      1. Turn-over for each of        Statutory         Auditor     15
         last 3 years ending 08-09    certificate along with
                                      audited balance sheet
      2. Successfully executed IT     Customer Order copy           15
         hardware & networking        covering             each
         equipment supply and         component of the project
         installation order worth     and the value of the
         Rs. one Crore or above       project,     and/       or
         in each case in last 3       completion     certificate
         financial years ending       from the customer
      3. Execution of projects for    Completion certificate or     5
         government/PSU sector        letter of the execution
                                      from client
      4. Compliance              to   Compliance table as per       25                                       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         equipment/           item    the ITT
         specification   given in
         this ITT

      5. Compliance to scope of       Bidder’s proposal and         20                                       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         work and methodology         supporting documents
         for execution

      6. SLA        maintenance       Bidder’s proposal and         20                                       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         approach           and       supporting documents
         methodology including
         maintenance and other

This section contains the table of content for the Bid response. In order to facilitate evaluation and
comparison of bid responses, bidders shall submit their responses in this format. A failure to do so may
result in the Bid being eliminated at the examination stage as unresponsive.

Should the Bidder have additional information to submit that cannot be encompassed by the current table of
contents, additional sections may be added at the end.

All the Bids must be submitted using the forms as annexed for Eligibility, Technical and Commercial Bids.

Bidders shall quote for the entire Project on a single responsibility basis on the following lines:
1.   All goods shall be quoted on a Customs cleared and delivered (DDP) (Duty Free) basis. The costs to
     include delivery, installation, commissioning, networking & warranty at the ISP’s data centre, in
     whichever Indian city it may be located
2.   All the Commercial details should be given in the format shown in Annex IV and only in accordance
     to the details and terms and conditions as mentioned in the ITT
3.   The Bid is acceptable in hard copy only
4.   The Prices should be inclusive of all taxes and duty components, if any.

5.   The format as per Annex IV has to be used for quoting the Commercial Bid and should necessarily
     include all the above mentioned particulars. However, the bidders can include the particulars as
     assumed necessary by them in detail for more clarity in the Commercial Bid.

Once the prices have been quoted to MoUD, no change/modification will be entertained for any cause
whatsoever (including changes in regulation, tax and duty structure etc.). A Bid submitted with an
adjustable price quotation will be rejected as non-responsive.

A Statement affirming that the Bidder possess the legal capacity to enter into a contract with the MoUD
(formally executed acknowledgement)

A copy of the Bidders last three year’s company’s accounts.

Annex I - ITT Data Sheet

No.   Description                                          DATA

      The Project Title is:               The procurement of IT Hardware and System Software for
                                          the implementation of Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
                                          System for JNNURM

                                          Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of IT
      The Goods & Services to be
                                          Hardware and System Software
      Procured are:

      Terms of Delivery                   Delivered, installed & commissioned to the ISP’s data centre
                                          and MoUD

      The MoUD is:                        Ministry of Urban Development, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi

      The MoUD’s Address is               Nirman Bhavan,
                                          Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi - 11
      All Notices / Correspondence to:-   Mr. Sanjay Kumar
                                          Room No. 340 – C,
                                          Ministry of Urban Development,
                                          Nirman Bhavan,
                                          Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi – 11
      Bid Submissions to :-               The MoUD

      Language of the Bid shall be:       English
      The Request for Proposal (RFP)      QRL06001T
      Ref No is :

      Bid Validity Period is:             The Bid shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the
                                          closing date of the Technical Bid.

      The Bid submitted shall include:    1 Original plus two (2) Copies

      Important Dates

      Date of submission of Bid           4th November 2009

      Closing date of ITT                 4th November 2009

Annex: II Bid Form

To :
Ministry of Urban Development
Nirman Bhavan
Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi – 110011

Dear Sir,

                       Re: ITT No. ********

Procurement of IT Hardware and System Software for the Programme Monitoring
and Evaluation System for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
Having examined the Bid Document, the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we, the
undersigned, offer to Supply and provide such services as required are set out in the Bid Document.

We attach hereto the Bid Technical Response as required by the Bid document, which constitutes my / our

We undertake, if our Bid is accepted, to adhere to the delivery plan put forward in section 2.20 of the ITT
or such adjusted plan as may subsequently be mutually agreed between us and the Customer or its
appointed representatives.

We agree for unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions in the bid document and also agree
to abide by this Bid Response for a minimum period of 90 days from the date fixed for Bid opening and it
shall remain binding upon us with full force and virtue, until within this period a formal contract is
prepared and executed, this Bid Response, together with your written acceptance thereof in your
notification of award, shall constitute a binding contract between us and will initiate the formation of a
separate contract in respect of maintenance and support services after the expiry of the warranty period.

We confirm that we hold the relevant authorisations from the manufacturers of the equipment we are offering
in this bid to supply, install and maintain.

We agree that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid Response you may receive. We also agree
that you reserve the right in absolute sense to reject all or any of the products/ services specified in the Bid
Response without assigning any reason whatsoever.

It is hereby confirmed that I/We are entitled to act on behalf of our corporation/company /firm/organization
and empowered to sign this document as well as such other documents which may be required in this

Dated this      ………………………….                              Day of      …………………..2009

…………………………………………….                                    …………………………………………….
(Signature)                                           (In the capacity of)
Duly authorised to sign the Bid Response for and on behalf of:


(Name and address of Bidding Company)    Seal/Stamp of Bidder

Witness signature:


Witness name:           ………………………………………………………

Witness address:        ………………………………………………………



Annex: III Commercial Bid

The prices quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, levies, entry tax etc. No road permit or any other
declaration forms will be provided by the customer.

Sl. No.    Item / Description                     Quantity        Make             Unit Cost      Total Cost
                                                                                   (State         (State
                                                                                   Currency)      Currency)
    1.     Database Server                        2
    2.     Application server                     2
    3.     ISA Server                             1
    4.     Active Directory Domain Controller     1
    5.     Staging Server                         2
    6.     External Storage for the Database      1
    7.     24 Port Switch                         2
    8.     Router                                 1
    9.     Desktop PCs                            4
    10.    24 Port Switch                         1
    11.    Firewall                               1
    12.    Multi-functional Printer               1
    13.    UPS                                    1

           Cost of any taxes, levies etc., not included in above unit Costs (Please state)
           Cost of Delivery, Installation & Commissioning
           Total Cost, Delivered, Installed & Commissioned including all taxes, levies, entry
           tax etc., to NIC, Hydrabad and MoUD at Delhi

Signed ………………………………..                       Name ……………………………………..
                                                  (Capitals in full)

Date…/…./……                                 Company Stamp

Annex: IV            Technical Bid
The technical proposal not exceed 25 pages, excluding supporting documents. Technical bid should address
the following points:

 1.   Approach and Methodology to address the scope and terms of reference

       a.   The section should elaborate on understanding of scope, compliance to scope of work with
            regards to services and methodology, activities, timeline for executing the same.

 2.   Approach and Methodology for meeting the SLA requirements

       a.   The section should elaborate on detailed methodology with location-wise man-power for SLA
            maintenance, planning of spares and equipment maintenance, planning for SLA maintenance
            monitoring and reporting, software / tools proposed for equipment health and SLA monitoring,
            deployment and contingency plan.

       b.   Details of Bidders local infrastructure, how ongoing support would be provided and how any
            warranty claims would be resolved.

       c.   Details of the after sales service provided in the event of breakdown and for preventive
            maintenance methodology and the response time should an engineer need to visit the ISP’s data
            centre and/or MoUD to resolve any problems. Ability of the Bidder to provide technical support
            for the equipment supplied at all locations

 3.   Technical conformity to specifications of the goods offered by the Supplier. Against each of the
      hardware and system software specifications the Bidder must complete the compliance statement
      (Annex V) indicating whether the item offered is compliant or non-compliant. No other words (or
      blanks) are acceptable.

 4.   Compliance statement/ declaration for all the points of ITT.

 5.   Detailed work-plan - This should include a detailed Gantt chart showing all the tasks, within the time-
      frame required by the Bidder to deliver, install and commission the equipment from the time of
      receipt of the Contract.

 6.   Previous experience of the bidder with similar projects, including government projects in India:

       a.   Provide a summary table (covering item details like name of project, client, cost of project, brief
            of scope, delivery time, etc.) substantiated by supporting documents

       b.   Supporting documents may include - Customer Order copy covering each component of the
            project and the value of the project or completion certificate from the customer

       c.   References from clients where IT hardware and system software has been supplied to similar

Annex: V Compliance Table
(To be completed by all bidders. Deleting Yes or No as appropriate in the right hand column against each specification.
Failure to complete this fully as instructed can lead to the bid being rejected

You should include in your bid any relevant brochures and/or technical specifications to substantiate your
equipment specification.

The compliance statement format should be as mentioned below for all the products offered in your

Server: This is an example
 Description                   Requirement                                                      Compliant
 Processors                    Two 64 Bit EPIC/RISC processor with clock speed                  Yes/No
                               1GHz or higher
 Cache per dual CPU            At least 32 MB                                                   Yes/No
 CPU scalability               Configurable up to 4 CPU bay                                     Yes/No
 Memory                        8 GB Memory                                                      Yes/No
 Memory Scalability            Scalable to minimum 32GB                                         Yes/No
 Peak            System        The system design should be optimized and balanced               Yes/No
 Bandwidths                    estimated peak bandwidth of Processor bus
 I/O Bandwidth                 The system should also have a configured I/O                     Yes/No
                               Bandwidth of at least 2Gbps.
 Internal Disks                2 X 72GB hot-plug Internal Disks for OS with Mirrored            Yes/No
 Backup Media                  External Single LTO Drive with USB/SCSI/Parallel                 Yes/No
 Expansion Slots               Minimum 5 Nos. Hot Plug PCI-X slots                              Yes/No
 Removable Media               6X DVD                                                           Yes/No
 I/O                           2 X 100/1000 BaseT Giga Ethernet                                 Yes/No
                               1 x 10/100 BaseT Management LAN                                  Yes/No
                               2 X 2 GB Fibre channel ports for connecting to SAN               Yes/No
                               2 x SCSI Ports                                                   Yes/No
                               RS232 Serial Port                                                Yes/No
                               USB Port                                                         Yes/No
                               VGA Port                                                         Yes/No
 High Availability        &    The system should be configured with redundant power             Yes/No
 Redundancy                    supplies and fans.
                               Error checking and correcting (ECC) on memory and                Yes/No
                               Memory chip spare                                                Yes/No
                               Automatic de-configuration of memory and processors              Yes/No
                               Service processor to monitor system status                       Yes/No
 Operating System              Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 AS Standard. Preloaded                Yes/No
                               along with necessary media and licenses.
 Cluster kit                   Should provide High Availability Clustering software             Yes/No
                               and necessary cluster components
 Console                       LAN-based Management Console for centralized                     Yes/No

Signed ………………………………..                             Name ……………………………………..
                                                        (Capitals in full)

Date…/…./……                                      Company Stamp

Annex: VI Format for Performance Guarantee


[Bank Headed Paper]

To: Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD)


Dear Sirs,

We, [insert Bank name and address] are informed [enter supplier's name, company's registration number
and registered office address] has entered into a contract,        with you dated               in respect of
the supply of               for MoUD for the original contract sum of (INR            ), ( words). and that a
Performance Bank Guarantee for 20% of this value, (INR          ), (words) is required.

On behalf of the Supplier we hereby give you our guarantee and undertake to pay to you any amount or
amounts not exceeding in total a maximum of INR              , (words) inclusive of all interest and costs on
receipt of your first demand in writing on us at this office with your signature thereon confirmed by your
bankers stating that the Supplier has failed to perform and observe all the conditions and stipulations of the
said contract.

This guarantee is valid for written demands received by us on or before                    after which date our
liability to your under this guarantee will cease and this guarantee will be of no further effect.

This guarantee is personal to you and is not assignable.

This guarantee shall be governed by and construed according to Indian Law.

Annex: VII Bill of Material
1.        Proposed Architecture

                        ISP Network
                                      PMES System
                                                             Server Farm


                                                              Web Server
                                                             SMTP Server       Database Server
                                                           Sharepoint Server

                                                            Staging Server

                                         ISA Server

Clients                                                       Web Server
                                                             SMTP Server
                                                           Sharepoint Server
                                                                               Active Directory
                                                           Database Server

2.        Hardware Items

Sl. No.      Item / Description                  Quantity   Make            Delivery Location
1.           Database Server                     2          IBM/HP/Dell     Hyderabad
2.           Application server                  2          IBM/HP/Dell     Hyderabad
3.           ISA Server                          1          IBM/HP/Dell     Hyderabad
4.           Active      Directory      Domain   1          IBM/HP/Dell     Hyderabad
             Controller Server
5.           Staging Server                      2          IBM/HP/Dell     New Delhi
6.           External Storage for the Database   1                          Hyderabad
7.           24 Port Switch                      2                          Hyderabad
8.           Router                              1          Cisco/3         Hyderabad
9.           42U Rack for Servers                1                          Hyderabad
10.          Desktop PCs                         4                          New Delhi
11.          24 Port Switch                      1                          New Delhi
12.          Firewall                            1                          New Delhi
13.          Multi-functional Printer            1                          New Delhi
14.          UPS                                 1                          New Delhi

Note: The selected vendor shall have to connect 18 LAN Points on the network and
hence they have to quote for all related cables, jacks etc. on an estimate for the

3.        The detailed Bill of Material is attached as a separate document.

Annex: VIII            Eligibility Bid

Sr No    Particulars                                                   Response
    1.   The name of the Tenderer
    2.   Name of the key contact person for this assignment,
         designation and contact
    3.   Contact postal address, telephone, fax number and E-mail      Attach order or completion
         address                                                       certificates as proof. Also provide
                                                                       a summary sheet.
    4.   The bidder should have a minimum turnover of Rs. 10 cr        Also attach proof of the same.
         in each of last 3 years

    5.   The bidder should have all India operations, with service     Also attach proof of the same in      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         centre at the location of delivery specified in Annex VII –   terms of office/service center
         Bill of Material, of this ITT.                                addresses

    6.   The bidder should have experience in supplying to             Attach order copies                   Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         government customer for at least last 3 years and
         maintaining the equipment

    7.   The bidder should furnish authorization letter from OEMs      Maximum of two bidders can be         Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         to respond to this bid                                        authorised to submit bid by a
                                                                       single server OEM.

                                                                       Detailed Technical Specifications

Annex VII: Bill of Material
Proposed Architecture

                     ISP Network
                                   PMES System
                                                     Server Farm


                                                      Web Server
                                                     SMTP Server           Database Server
                                                   Sharepoint Server

                                                    Staging Server

                                      ISA Server

Clients                                               Web Server
                                                     SMTP Server
                                                   Sharepoint Server
                                                                            Active Directory
                                                   Database Server

                                                                      Detailed Technical Specifications


Sl. No.     Item / Description                  Quantity   Make              Delivery Location
1.          Database Server                     2          IBM/HP/Dell       Hyderabad
2.          Application server                  2          IBM/HP/Dell       Hyderabad
3.          ISA Server                          1          IBM/HP/Dell       Hyderabad
4.          Active      Directory      Domain   1          IBM/HP/Dell       Hyderabad
            Controller Server
5.          Staging Server                      2          IBM/HP/Dell       New Delhi
6.          External Storage for the Database   1                            Hyderabad
7.          24 Port Switch                      2                            Hyderabad
8.          Router                              1          Cisco/3           Hyderabad
9.          Desktop PCs                         4                            New Delhi
10.         24 Port Switch                      1                            New Delhi
11.         Firewall                            1                            New Delhi
12.         Multi-functional Printer            1                            New Delhi
13.         UPS                                 1                            New Delhi

Note: The selected vendor shall have to connect 18 LAN Points on the network and
hence they have to quote for all related cables, jacks etc. on an estimate for the same.

                                                                   Detailed Technical Specifications

OS and Application Software

(The list is only for bidders reference. These items are not to be quoted)

                                                        No. of
 Sl. No                      Product                   Licenses                Comments
                                                                  1 for Staging, 1 for AD, 2 for
    1     Windows Svr Std 2003 R2 English OLP NL          4       web servers

    2     Windows Svr Ent 2003 R2 English OLP NL          3       2 for Database Servers, 1 for ISA
          Windows Server CAL 2003 English OLP NL                  As per no of Internal users (4 in
    3     Device CAL                                      4       this case)
          SQL Svr Enterprise Edtn 2005 Win32 English              1 Active DB server node with 2
    4     OLP NL 1 Processor License                      2       procs

    5     SQL CAL 2005 English OLP NL Device CAL          2       2 CALs required on Staging
          SQL Svr Standard Edtn 2005 Win32 English
    6     OLP C                                           1       1 Proc Staging Server
          ISA Server Ent Edtn 2006 English OLP NL 1
    7     Proc                                            1       1, Single Proc ISA server
    8     Visual Studio Pro 2005 English OLP NL           1       For BI workbench etc.
    9     Antivirus (Server Edn.)                         1
   10     .NET Framework 3.0                              1

                                                                              Detailed Technical Specifications

                             Detailed Specifications for Hardware

Database Server specifications

S. No.      Features
1           Blade Form factor
2           2 x Xeon Quad Core Processor 3GHz or higher
3           1333MHz FSB
4           2 x 6MB L2 Cache
5           8GB Fully Buffered DIMM 667MHz Upgradeable to 32GB
6           2 x 146GB 10k SAS HDD Configured on RAID 0/1
7           Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port
8           Integrated Management hardware/software
9           Dual Port Fiber Channel for SAN connectivity
10          3 Years Comprehensive Warranty

Note : A min. of 14 nos. of Intel 2-Way Servers (30mm) or 5 nos. of Intel 2-Way Servers with Storage &
I/O Expansion Unit (60mm) should be accommodated in the Blade Chassis.

                                                                              Detailed Technical Specifications

Application Server, ISA Server, Active Directory DC Server, Staging Server: Blade

S. No    Features
1        Blade Form factor
2        1 x Xeon Quad Core Processor 3GHz or higher
3        Upgradeable to two processors
4        1333MHz FSB
5        2 x 6MB L2 Cache
6        8GB Fully Buffered DIMM 667MHz Upgradeable to 32GB
7        2 x 146GB 10k SAS HDD Configured on RAID 0/1
8        Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port
9        Integrated Management hardware/software
10       Dual Port Fiber Channel for SAN connectivity
11       3 Years Comprehensive Warranty

Note : A min. of 14 nos. of Intel 2-Way Servers (30mm) or 5 nos. of Intel 2-Way Servers with Storage &
I/O Expansion Unit (60mm) should be accommodated in the Blade Chassis.

                                                                            Detailed Technical Specifications

Blade Chassis:

S. No.   Features                                         Specifications Required

    1.   Make and Model
    2.   Description               Should Provide common resources essential for the Blade Servers like
                                   Power, System Management, Cabling, Ethernet Management and
                                   expansion, external Fibre Channel Storage switching and connectivity

    3.   Midplane                  High-Availability Dual Path Midplane for providing two-way
                                   communication paths for Ethernet, Fiber Channel, KVM Switches,
                                   Power Supply and Management Signals. Should be able to support
                                   atleast 20Gb Bandwidth through 2 nos. of 10Gb data channel
    4.   Blade Bays                Blade Chassis to accommodate the minimum of 14 hot pluggable blade
                                   servers with SAS HDDs
    5.   Ethernet Switch Modules   Redundant Gigabit Layer 3 or higher level Ethernet Switch Modules
                                   having minimum 4 up-link ports. Should support 4x Infiniband Fiber
                                   Channel switching connectivity.
    6.   Infiniband Support        Yes, 4x (10Gb/sec)

    7.   Fibre Channel Switch      Brocade Redundant Hot-Swap 4GB Fibre Channel SAN Switch should
         Module                    provide no single point of failure. There should be min. 14 Internal
                                   Ports & 6 External Ports and support .
    8.   Fibre Patch Cord          20 no lc to lc cables of 3 meter

    9.   Management Modules        Dual Redundant management modules to communicate with the
                                   system management processor on the Blade Servers from remote
    10. Total No. of               10 Hot-Swap Modules (2 x Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module
        Switch/Bridge Module       Slots, 2 x Dedicated Bridged Module Slots, 2 x Dedicated
        Slots                      Switch/Bridge Module Slots & 4 x High-Speed Dedicated Bridge
                                   Module Slots). All modules installed in pairs should be able to support
                                   load balancing and fail-over support.
    11. Virtualization Feature     Should support Desktop virtualization via Hosted Clients, InfiniBand
                                   virtualization and native blade virtualization
    12. KVM Support                Blade Chassis should have Dual Redundant local ports for Keyboard,
                                   Video & Mouse along with Management Module.
    13. Redundant Power            At least Dual 2000 Watts AC Power Supply to cater power for the
        Modules & Fans             blade servers (redundant) along with fans
    14. Form Factor                At least 9U - 19" Rack mountable with 28" depth
    15. CD/Diskette/USB            Single pair of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and Floppy Drive which can be
                                   used by the blade servers. The chassis should have minimum Two
                                   USB 2.0 ports.
    16. Airflow (Front-to-Back)    Proper airflow should be maintained within the Chassis to
                                   accommodate adequate cooling facility
    17. Diagnostic LEDs            2 Set of LED based Diagnostic Panels (one on Media Tray, one on
                                   Management Module)
    18. Predictive Failure         Pre-Failure Support for Blades, Switch Modules, Bridge Modules,
        Analysis Support           Management Modules, Power Modules, Blower Modules, Media Tray,

                                                                    Detailed Technical Specifications

S. No.   Features                                 Specifications Required

    19. System Management   Should provide support for remote console management, power on/off
                            blades, should monitor power status, operating system, temperature,
                            disks, blowers, power modules, system diagnostic programs provided
                            through the Management Software. Also features such as Power
                            Management feature such as balancing of performance of system as
                            per the available power input & ability to plan & predict power
                            consumption based on hardware configuration should be available.
                            Automatic Server Restart feature should be supported.
    20. System Panel        LED panel to provide power-on, location, over-temperature,
                            information and system error conditions
    21. Warranty            3 Years Onsite Comprehensive Warranty

                                                                             Detailed Technical Specifications

External Storage for Database Server:

SAN Storage System

 S. No.           Feature                                     Specifications
1.        Storage Subsystem        Fiber Channel External Storage System with Dual Controllers each
                                   having a minimum of 1 GB Battery Backup Cache
2.        Cache Batteries          Must have at least 48 hours of redundant battery life; must be ECC
3.        Hot Plug Expansion       Should support hot swappable expansion and replacement of hard
          and Replacement          drives, redundant controllers, fans and power supplies
4.        Online RAID Level        Online RAID Level Migration without having loss of existing data
          Migration                or configuration information
5.        Disk Capacity            6.6 TB (RAID 5/10) usable space using 15K RPM 4Gbps FC HDDs
                                   with expansion capability up to 14 TB (RAID 5/10) usable space in
                                   the same chassis or thru additional expansion slots or scalability to
                                   at least 100 disks of 300GB each
6.        RAID level support       RAID 0,1,3,5, & 10
7.        Data Protection          Support to tolerate 2 simultaneous disk failures across raid groups
                                   in the storage array without loss of data (under RAID 5)
8.        Scalability              Should scale to at least 30 TB usable space (RAID 5/10) using 15K
                                   RPM FC disks
9.        Front-end and back-end   Frontend Bandwidth of 16Gbps and Backend Bandwidth to disk of
          Bandwidth                16Gbps
10.       Reliability features     Fully Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply and Fans; Array should
                                   have the capability of configuring Hot Swap Disks
11.       Storage Mgmt. SW         Should be supplied with default Storage Management Software
                                   capable of management, administration, performance monitoring,
                                   LUN masking and LUN binding along with dynamic features like
                                   volume expansion, raid migration , segment changes etc
12.       FC HBAs                  To be supplied as specified under Server Configuration (2 nos. of 4
                                   Gbps FC HBAs per Server) (for 2 servers) with necessary FC Cable
                                   and storage based HBA multipathing software for at least 10 servers
13.       Server Support           Storage subsystem must be able to support up to 10 or more servers
                                   thru SAN Switch
14.       OS Support               Should support Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Linux RHEL
                                   AS/ES 4.0
15.       Benchmarks               Cached random IOPS of at least 120000; Cache throughput of at
                                   least 900 MB/sec
16.       SAN Switch               Should be configured with 2 nos. of 10 port FC SAN Switches,
                                   minimum 4 SFPs per switch, 4 nos of LC-LC FC Cables per
                                   Switch, each SAN Switch Port should be of 4 Gbps FC Native
                                   Bandwidth. Additional ports, if required, should be configured to
                                   meet the solution design
17.       Expansion Units          High Density 19" Rack-enabled Drive Enclosure with capacity of
                                   housing at least 15 disk drives with capability to intermix different
                                   types of FC and SATA disks
18.       Warranty                 3 Years Comprehensive Onsite Warranty

                                                                Detailed Technical Specifications

Tape Drive System

S. No   Features
1       Dual LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Drive
2       Maximum Capacity 38.4TB with 2:1 compression
3       120MBps native data transfer rate
4       LTO Ultrium 4 Data Cartridge (Pack of 5)
5       LTO Cleaning Cartridge
6       Should have support for FC/SCSI interfaces and barcode reader
7       Should have native device support for IBM AIX, OS/400, i5/OS, Microsoft
        Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, SUN Solaris, HP UX, Red Hat
        Enterprise Linux
8       At least 22 Cartridge Slots & 1 Mail Slot
9       3 Years Comprehensive Onsite Warranty

                                                                       Detailed Technical Specifications

24-Port Switch

 Sl. No.         Features                                Specification
                              24 x 10/100/1000 ports (Autosensing, Auto DHCP Configuration,
    1      Architecture       Automatic QoS, Auto negotiating on all ports for selecting half or
                              full-duplex transmission)
    2      DRAM               64MB
    3      Flash Memory       32MB
    4      MAC Addresses      Up to 8000 MAC Addresses
    5      IGMP Groups        Up to 255 IGMP Groups
    6      MTUs               Up to 9000 Bytes
                              32Gbps Switching Fabric ; Packet Forwarding Rate should be 35
    7      Performance
                              Dynamic Trunking Protocol, IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation
    8      Protocols
                              Control Protocol (LACP),
                              VLAN support and tagging: Support for VLANs and dynamic
    9      Layer2 Switching   configuration of IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, providing security
                              between workgroups

                              Dynamic Port-based security for providing user authentication,
                              dynamic VLAN assignment, Port security, application of security
   10      Security           policies on individual switch ports, Unicast MAC filtering,
                              encryption of administrator traffic, TACACS+ and RADIUS
                              authentication, DHCP snooping, Trusted Boundary & BDPU Guard.

                              Windows-based administration for support up to 250 users. Should
                              support multi-layer feature configs. Such as routing protocols, ACLs
                              and QoS parameters. Switch should be configurable through Web-
                              based browser. Mgmt. Software should be capable of providing
   11      Management         management capabilities on a per-port and per-switch basis and
                              should have a common interface for other networking equipment
                              such as routers and switches. Should also provide comprehensive in-
                              band management thru Telnet and out-of-band management thru

                              Single IP address management for a virtual stack of up to 16
   12      Stacking
   13      Warranty           Comprehensive hardware warranty of Switch for 3 Years

                                                                              Detailed Technical Specifications


 Sl. No.          Features                                 Specification
                                  Support high-performance routing, encryption, and broadband
   1       A RISC processor
                                  Ethernet 2 x 10/100/1000Mbps , E1 Ports 4 ports, V.35Æ4
                                  ports, ISDN BRI, Minimum 2 Free slots, Console port : 1
   2       Interface
                                  number (Automatic speed detection Automatic duplex
   3       VLAN Routing           IEEE 802.1Q VLAN routing
                                  The router should have sufficient slots to cater to the
   4       WAN Slot               requirement mentioned. These wan slots should supports any
                                  combination of two WAN interface cards
                                  The router should support additional slot to populate VPN
   5       VPN Module Slot
                                  Should support one Console port RJ45/9-pin to enable router
   6       Console Port
                                  • The router should support redundant hot swappable compact
                                  flash. The router should provide auto synchronization between
                                  these two flash.
                                  • The router should support up to 500 Max VPN sessions
                                  • The router Supports central management through SNMPv2

                                  • The router should be populated with one 2 Mbps Serial
                                  modules with ISDN BRI S/T module which should be
                                  configurable for backup. The router should support additional
                                  slots for future expansion which can take in additional serial and
                                  isdn backup module.
   7       Misc                   • The router should support wan slots scalable up to two serial 2
                                  mbps lease line module and two ISDN BRI S/T Backup
                                  • The router should support CLI, WEB interface for
                                  • The router should have the ability to support primary and
                                  secondary firmware images for redundancy.
                                  • The router should support GUI based Firewall and VPN
                                  • The router should support Status LED indicators: Power, Fault,
                                  Net 1-2 (WAN, Backup, TD, RD), LAN 1-2 (Ethernet Link and
                                  Activity LEDs integral in connector)
   8       Flash Capacity         32MB.
   9       SDRAM                  128MB
           Port-based VLANs
   10                             802.1Q (4,095 VLAN IDs) and 256 VLANs.
           IPSec 3DES
   11                             min. 30 Mbps and above
   12      WAN Protocols          HDLC, PPP, MLPPP, Frame Relay, MLFR, PPPoE
   13      IP Routing Protocols   Statics Routes, RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP4.

                                                                         Detailed Technical Specifications

14   WAN Connectivity       – ADSL2+, ISDN, T1/E1, V.35/X.21 Serial DTE, Ethernet
15   T1/E1 Lines            Up to 4xT1/E1 Lines.
16   Routing                – RIPv1/v1, OSPF, BGP4
17   Stateful Firewall      The router firmware shoud have stateful firewall feature set

                            Optional modules enable site-to-site and clients sessions.
                            Tunneling protocols includes IPSec and GRE. Encryption
                            methods include 3DES-CBC, DES-CBC, AES-CBC, 128-bit,
                            192-bit and 256-bit. Hash algorithm supports SHA-1, MD5.

                            Layer 3 Filtering Based on source/destination IP address/subnet
19   Access Control List
                            and source/destination TCP/UDP port numbers

                            SSHv2,Secure copy, encrypted user passwords, and
                            authentication via AAA and RADIUS to prevent unauthorized
                            management access
                            • Compact Flash with Sync feature to synchronies firmware and
                            configuration between the two flash.
                            • Industry standard CLI
                            • DHCP Server, Client, and Relay
                            • DNS Agent and Proxy
         Management         • SNMPv2
          Security          • Gets & Sets
                            • SSHv2, SSL
                            • AAA system: Local and RADIUS authentication
                            • Incoming/outgoing Telnet
                            • FTP and TFTP server
                            • NTP
                            • Event management System and Syslog
                            • WEB Configuration Interface
                            • Sub-interfaces with 802.1Q support
21   VoIP                   H.323 and SIP ALGs
                            Support IP Precedence and Diff priority tagging based on IP
22   Layer 2/3/4 QoS        address, IP type of service(TOS),L3 protocol, TCP/UDP port
                            number and source port
23                          WFQ, FIFO, Low latency Queuing(LLQ),PQ
                            Supports Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS), Frame Relay
24   Policy and Shaping
                            Fragmentation (FRF.12)

                            MLFR and MLPPP enable multiple T1/E1 ports to be
25   Multilink Capability
                            aggregated and dynamically load balanced across FR or PPP

26   Performance            120000 PPS

                             • Software fixes and upgrades to the switch available free or
                            incorporated in the initial cost of the switch for the Fifteen Years
27   Warranty & Support
                            • Comprehensive hardware warranty for the All Modules,
                            Transceivers and Every Components of Router including fans
                            and power supplies for Fifteen Years

                                                                           Detailed Technical Specifications

Desktop PCs:

 Sl. No.           Features                             Specification
                               Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo Processor with 2.5 GHz. Cache
   1       Processor
                               memory upto 6 MB. or any available upgrade
   2       Chipset             Intel Chipset.
                               4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 Mhz ECC FBDIMM Memory.
                               System should support upto 8GB of Memory. Total 4 DIMM
   3       RAM
                               Slots. All memory slots should be placed on the motherboard
                               itself, without any riser card.
                               Integrated Four Channel SATA 3 GB/S controller. Upto 4 drive
   4       Drive Controllers
                               support (2 TB Internal Storage)
                               320 GB SATA 3GBPS 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive or any
   5       HDD
                               available upgrade
   6       Removable Media     1.44 MB Floppy Drive
   7       Optical Drive       DVD-ROM Drive
   8       Monitor             17" TFT Display Unit
                               Minimum 104 keys with additional shortcut keys. Interface –
   9       Keyboard
   10      Mouse               USB 3 Button Optical Mouse (Same make as WS)
                               Integrated Gigabit LAN with PCIe interface, PXE and WoL
   11      Communications
                               2 external 5.25 inch bays, 1 external 3.5 inch bay, 2 internal 3.5
                               inch bays
   12      Bays/Slot           1 PCIe x16 graphics slot, 1 PCIe x16 mechanically (x4
                               electrically), 2 PCIe x8 mechanically (x4 electrically), and 2
                               legacy PCI slots. All slots should be placed on the motherboard
                               itself, without any riser card.
                               Front: 2 USB 2.0, 1 audio line out, 1 microphone line in, 1 IEEE
                               1394 (requires PCI card to enable functionality)
                               Internal: 1 USB 2.0 (requires optional "Internal USB Kit" for
                               connecting USB device)
   13      Ports               Rear: 5 USB 2.0, 1 standard serial port, 1 parallel port, PS/2
                               keyboard and mouse, 1 RJ-45, audio line in, audio line out, 1
                               microphone line in.
                               Vendor should provide with an optional internal USB dongle
                               mounting kit.
                               System should be pre-loaded with Windows Vista 64 Bit or
                               Windows XP Prof. Edn.
                               System should be certified to run all of these:-
                               Windows XP Professional 32 and 64 bit
                               - RedHat Enterprise Linux Workstation 32 and 64 bit.
   14      Operating System
                               Alll drivers required for proper integration of components should
                               be supplied by the vendor.
                                Vendor should supply the O/S and Restore images on a separate
                               partition on the hard disk. All latest drivers should be available
                               to download from vendor's website.

                                                                     Detailed Technical Specifications

                          Rackable Minitower with tool-less entry and maintenance.
     Form Factor with
15                        Screw-less disk mounting and tool free PCI card installation
     Tool free design
                          features. Noise levels should be below 5 dB.
16   Power Supply         250 Watts Power Supply
17   Certification        The system should be FCC and UL certified.
                          Support for PadLock, CableLock and Universal Chassis Clamp
                          Lock support, Solenoid Lock and Hood sensor, Serial / Parallel /
                          USB enable and disable options.
18   Misc
                          Should support Memory Change Alert, Thermal Alert, System /
                          Emergency ROM Flash Recovery with Video and Removable
                          Device and Boot control

19   Warranty             3 years onsite parts and labor warranty for system and monitor.

                          The hardware vendor should be a reputed concern, having global
20   Vendor Status        presence in multiple countries. Vendor should have ISO
                          System should be fully compliant with industry standards.
21   Industry Standards
                          System and all internal components should be RoHS compliant.

                                                                              Detailed Technical Specifications


 Sl. No.          Features                                Specification
   1        Hardware
                                Interfaces 4 x GE and option for expansion to 8 GE ports
                                Console Port 1 number
                                Minimum RAM 16 MB,
                                Flash 8 MB
                                Encrypted throughput: minimum 100 Mbps
                                Concurrent connections: up to 25000
                                Simultaneous VPN tunnels: 25
                                Cleartext throughput: Up to 100Mbps
   2        Architecture
                                Should be installed in Redundancy
                                Can be hardware or Software based
   3        Routing Protocols
                                Static Routes
                                RIPv1, RIPv2
                                Route redistribution between any of the above protocols
   4        Protocols
                                TCP/IP, PPTP
                                RTP, L2TP
                                IPSec, GRE
                                PPPoE, EAP-TLS, RTP
                                SIP, H.323
                                FTP, HTTP, HTTPS
                                SNMP, SMTP, TFTP
                                DHCP, DNS
                                support for IPv6
   5        Other support

                                802.1Q, NAT, PAT, IP Multicast support, Remote Access VPN,
                                Time based Access control lists, URL Filtering, Logical
                                interface support (VLAN), Layer 2 Firewall, Virtual Firewall
   6        Access
                                Radius , TACACS
   7        QoS
                                QoS features like traffic prioritization, differentiated services,
                                committed access
                                rate. Should support for QoS features for defining the QoS
                                policies. Support for Low Latency Queuing. L2 and L3
                                CoS/DSCP Priority Mapping.
   8        Encryption
                                IPSec, DES/3DES/AES
                                Hardware, software
   9        Management

                                                                       Detailed Technical Specifications

                           Console, Telnet, SSHv2, Browser based configuration
                           SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMP v3
10   Maintenance &
                           Scheduled System Reload (Reboot)
                           Main components like motherboard, IO board, power supplies
                           and fan tray should be field replaceable
11    Cables and
                           All accessories including data cables, clamps, connectors, etc to
                           be provided
12   Power Supply
                           200-240 VAC, 50 Hz
                           Internal Redundant Power Supply
13   Physical attributes
                           Should be mountable on 19” Rack
                           Modular Chassis
14   Warranty
                           Should be warranted for a period of 3 Years

                                                                           Detailed Technical Specifications

Multi-functional Printer:

Sl. No.         Features                                 Specification
    1     Print Speed            Upto 30 Pages Per minute
    2     First Page Out         13 Sec from ready state
    3     Paper Input Capacity   1600 sheets standard
          Paper Output
    4                            500 sheets
    5     Duplexing              Inbuilt Auto Duplexer
    6     Print Quality          600 x 600 DPI, Enhanced - 3600 DPI
    7     Memory                 256 MB expandable upto 544 MB
                                 Bidirectional IEEE-1284 C parallel port, Hi-Speed USB 2.0,
    8     Connectivity
                                 Ethernet 10/100 network.
    9     Duty Cycle             1,75,000 pages per month
   10     Print Languages, Std   PCL 6, PCL 5c, PS 3 emulation, direct PDF printing (v 1.4)
   11     Media Size             A4, Legal
   12     Scanner                Resolution : 600 x 600 DPI
                                 Speed : 30 CPM
   13     Copier                 Resolution : 600 x 600 DPI
                                 Reduce/Enlarge : 25% - 400%
                                 Speed : 33.6 KBPS
   14     Fax                    Speed Dialing : Max 100 numbers
                                 PC Fax Interface : NO
          Digital Sending
                                 Features : Embedded scan to e-mail, send to folder, LDAP
   15     (bundled with the

                                                                            Detailed Technical Specifications


Sl. No.        Features                                    Specification
1.        Capacity                 5 KVA UPS with separate battery bank to provide redundancy
                                   True Onine UPS with double conversion technology based on
                                   Digital Signal Processor (DSP), noiseless operation. Pure &
2.        Technology
                                   steady Sine wave output. Full proof protection. Compact &
                                   rugged with wheels at base.
                                   Handles high inrush currents inherent in loads without tripping
                                   or transfer to Bypass.
                                   High frequency Charger should ensures ripple free & controlled
                                   charging to enhance the life of batteries, Rectifier should be
                                   IGBT based to improve input power factor to 0.99, works on a
                                   wide input voltage range. Saves on electricity.
                                   Fully Automatic control for Battery low, Auto restart, Auto
                                   recovery from mains, Under voltage and Over voltage trip,
                                   Automatic return from bypass on recovery from overload
3.        Features Desired         requires no manual attention.
                                   Flexible synchronization facility for Forced synchronization or
                                   forced 50Hz. Operation possible over riding the specified
                                   synchronous range. Provision for locking transfer in
                                   Asynchronous mode.
                                   Ready status and Fault diagnostics with 200 event logging in
                                   LCD display.
                                   UPS should have cold start facility so that UPS can be switched
                                   ON directly from the battery.
                                   Phase reversal Protection
4.        Input Voltage            415V + 15% - 20%
          Input       frequency
5.                                 50 Hz +/- 10%
6.        Input Power Factor       0.99
7.        Output Voltage           230VAC ± 1%, Single phase
8.        Output Frequency         50Hz ± 0.1% free run
9.        Output Crest factor      3:01
10.       Inverter Overload        110% for 60 min,125% for 10 min, 150% for 1 min
          Output       Transient
                                   Voltage dip/rise less than +/– 4% and recovery within 5
11.       response for 100%
          step load variation
          Output Overall AC to
12.                                > 86%
          AC efficiency
          Output      Harmonic
13.                                < 2% on linear load & <3% on Non linear Load
14.       Output isolation         Built-in Double Wound isolation transformer at output.
15.       Wave form                Pure sine wave
16.       Load Power factor        0.8
                                   During failure in the UPS equipment the static switch
17.       UPS Failure              automatically transfer the A.C. load directly to the AC line in
                                   less than ¼ cycle.

                                                                           Detailed Technical Specifications

                              Inside the UPS module used to connect the alternator supply to
      Maintenance by pass
18.                           critical load while electrically isolating static switch and inverter
                              for maintenance purpose.
19.   Battery Type            Sealed Maintenance Free
20.   Battery Backup Time     2 Hours
21.   Battery makes           Any reputed company with rack and connectors/cables.
22.   Battery Bank Voltage    312V
                              Input Over/ Under voltage
                              Transient Voltage Surge should be suppressed within
                               0.5 nsec with RFI/EMI attenuation 40dB
23.   Protections Desired     Output Over/Under voltage
                              Battery Under voltage
                              Output overload / short circuit
                              Over temperature, Manual bypass switch
                              LED indication for Line ON, Battery ON, Mains abnormal, Load
24.   Preferred Indications
                              on battery, load on bypass & inverter trip.
                              Computer interface should have capability to communicate with
      Communication           the computers and network for early warning and fault status.
      Computer interface      Supports all major Operating Systems and environments and
                              optional SNMP enabled port
      Environment Audible
26.                           < 55dBA at 1 m distance from panel.
27.   Operating               Between -3 to 50 deg c
28.   Relative humidity       95% non condensing
29.   Standards &             IP-21
      protection class
                              Manufacturer should be ISO 9001: 2000 certified
30.   Credentials             Manufacturer should be ISO 14001 certified
                              Manufacturer should be MAIT level II certified


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