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Chapter 10 Test Review


									Chapter 10 Test Review
            Coach Wilkins
• Voters choose among candidates
  running exclusively in their districts
  under the _____ system of election
  • Single-member district
• With just a fraction of its seats up for
  election at any one time, the Senate is
  the sole _____ in Congress.
  • Continuous body
• Congress must meet formally at least
  twice during each _____ to carry out
  the business of lawmaking.
  • term
• Seats in the House of Representatives
  are _____ among the States according
  to their populations.
  • apportioned
• An emergency may prompt the
  President to call a _____ of Congress.
  • Special session
• States with only one member in the
  House of Representatives use the
  _____ system to elect their
  • At-large
• Which qualification for House members
  is NOT in the Constitution?
  • A. Must be at least 25 years old
  • B. Must have been a citizen for at least 7
  • C. Must live in the district being
  • D. Must live in the State from which
• On the average, which group of people
  occupy the majority of seats in
  • A.   African Americans
  • B.   White, middle-aged men
  • C.   Women
  • D.   Asian Americans
• Which of the following is true of the
  House of Representatives?
  • A. It currently has 100 members
  • B. The total number of seats in the House
    is fixed by the Constitution.
  • C. The number of terms a representative
    may serve is fixed by the Constitution.
  • D. Every State is represented by at least
    one member
• The Framers of the Constitution
  favored bicameralism because…
  • It allowed for fair and equal representation
    of the States at the national level
• Members of Congress fill all of the
  following roles EXCEPT that of
  • A.   Legislator
  • B.   Committee member
  • C.   Cabinet member
  • D.   Servant to constituents
• How are the number of Senate seats
  held by each State set?
  • Fixed by the Consitution
• What is the regular period of time
  during which Congress conducts its
  business called?
  • session
• Whose major duty is it in Congress, to
  screen bills for floor consideration?
  • Committee members
• Which statement about the Senate is
  • A. It has two members from each state
  • B. Its members are chosen by State
  • C. Each member represents one
    congressional district
  • Seats are apportioned among the States
    according to their populations
• Why does the party in power tend to
  lose seats during off-year elections?
  • Voters are reacting to the President’s
  • The coattail effect has worn off by then
• All of the following are differences
  between the House of Representatives
  and the Senate EXCEPT
  • A.   Size of the membership
  • B.   Length of term
  • C.   Method of election
  • D.   Size of consituency
• Why does the Constitution guarantee
  that the courts may not prosecute
  members of Congress for what they
  say in the House or Senate in relation
  to congressional business?
  • Freedom of speech is a vital part of
    legislative debate
• How were Senators chosen before the
  17th Amendment?
  • Appointed by state legislatures
• Which of the following is a qualification
  for senators?
  • A. Must have been born in the State from
    which elected
  • B. Must have a degree in law
  • C. Must have been a citizen for at least 9
  • D. Must be at least 40 years old
• How many years are Senators elected
  to serve (how long is a Senators
  • Six year terms
• Which statement about congressional
  districts is true?
  • A. They are apportioned by the
  • B. There are 3 for every seat in the House
  • C. They function as voting districts within
    each State
  • D. Their lines are drawn by State courts
• When are congressional elections held?
  • Tuesday after the first Monday in
    November of each even-numbered year
• With the passage of the 17th
  Amendment, _____ became less
  important for election to the Senate.
  • wealth
• While those who vote a straight-party
  ticket would likely prefer their senators
  and representative to vote as _____,
  independents would no doubt prefer
  • Partisans/trustees
• How many senators per state?
• What did the 17th Amendment do?
  • Senators are no longer appointed, but are
• How long is a senators term?
  • 6 years
• How old does a senator have to be to
  be a senator?
  • 30 years old
• How many years does a senator have
  to be a U.S. citizen to be a senator?
  • 9 years

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