Action plan of Pending NDMS team members by Jeronohnson


									              Action Plan for NDMS Pending Applicants

The NDMS will ensure that the appropriate paperwork and documentation is
processed according to the established protocol. The HHS-PSC fingerprinting teams will
travel to the designated locations to assist pending applicants with the security
applications package, to include fingerprinting, photographing for the team ID badge and
other necessary paperwork. Once this process has been completed, the packages will be
hand carried back to the HHS-PSC Security Services Branch.

       If being fingerprinted at:

              Designated fingerprint location (see attached location site list)

             a. At the beginning of the badging process, pending applicants must
                provide all required paperwork in completed format to the HHS-PSC
                fingerprinting team. This paperwork will include the Personal
                Identification Verification (PIV), Request for Background Check, and
                Request for Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing
               (EQIP) forms.
            b. Once the fingerprint results have come back favorable from the security
               office, the pending applicant will be directed to the next step in the
               security process which is the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation
               Processing (E-QIP).
            c. Once the pending applicant has been initiated into the E-QIP system they
               will receive an email from the HHS-PSC/SSB with log-in
               instruction. This will include any other required forms to be completed
               within 5 days of receiving the email. The HHS-PSC/SSB will review the
               on-line document(s), once approved by a security specialist. The
               pending applicant will then be instructed to print and sign the signature
               page. The pending applicant may require additional documentation, as
               identified in the initiation e-mail.

             HHS Regional Office (see contact list attached)

             a. The fingerprint packet containing the Personal Identification
                Verification (PIV), Request for Background Check, and Request for
                Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing (EQIP) forms
                must be completed, signed where appropriate by the Team Commander
                and faxed to the HHS Regional office point of contact (see below). The
                fax will need to include the Team Commanders contact information.
                The HHS Regional office POC will then notify the Team Commander
                of the pending applicant’s appointment, date and time within three
                working days of receiving the completed and signed package.
b. Once the applicant has received their appointment time and date, they
   will be required to bring two forms of identification. (See identification
   requirement chart attached)

c. The original fingerprint documents are to be mailed to the HHS-
   SC/SSB office by the Team Commander.

   Mr. Michael Newell
   HHS/PSC-Security Service Branch
   Parklawn Building Room 4B-44
   5600 Fishers Lane
   Rockville, Maryland 20857

Policy and Procedures

 1. Requirements for Pending Applicants

   a. Applicant is responsible for being present at the pre-selected badging

 2. General Requirements for the Security Credentialing Process.

   a. NDMS pending applicants will be credentialed as required by HHS-
       PSC/SSB. The requirements will include, but not limited
       to, fingerprinting, photographing, and the presentation of
       any and all required security documents.
    b. Regional credentialing will be performed on a schedule jointly
       agreed upon by the NDMS headquarters and the HHS-PSC/SSB.
       Pending applicants that choose to be credentialed at a Regional
       office will be required to have their paperwork completed and then
       reviewed by the Administrative Officer. It will then be signed by
       the Team Commander and faxed to the Regional office to which
       they will be credentialed. The Regional office will then schedule an
       appointment for the pending applicant to be credentialed once the
       completed and signed documents package has been faxed and
    c. Team Commanders will be responsible in ensuring that the
       pending NDMS personnel in their area have the proper paperwork
       and are present at the pre-selected site and that they complete the
       entire badging process.
    d. The HHS-PSC/SSB and the NDMS headquarters will determine the
       number of personnel to be credentialed, and the appropriate number
       of technicians required to complete the process. The technical staff
                       will consist of one NDMS employee to supervise the process.
                    e. HHS-PSC/SSB will be responsible for determining what equipment
                       will be required for each site and will be responsible for the
                       transportation of the equipment to the selected site.

                     f. HHS-PSC/SSB will be responsible for the overall operation of
                        each on-site badging operation.

                     g. Applicants arriving at the designated badging sites without the
                        completed and signed paperwork including the properly requested
                        identification, will not be processed.

If the NDMS pending applicant will be reporting to an HHS Regional office for the
fingerprinting process, the office location and points of contact are listed below.

Edward (Ted) Stockman ( BES REG. - 1)
JFK Federal Building,
Room 2111
Boston, MA 02203
Office: 617 565-1077
Fax: 617-565-1084
Cell: 617-888-2096

Monica Pinzon (BES REG. - 2)
Jacob K. Javits Federal Building,
26 Federal Plaza,
Room 38-100,
New York, NY 10278
Office: 212 264-0489
Fax: 212-264-6502
Cell: 646-541-8617

Barbara Kessler (BES REG. - 3)
The Public Ledger Building,
150 S. Independence Mall West,
Suite 423,
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3499
Office: 215 861-4667
Fax: 215-861-4665
Cell: 267-574-2228
Flora V. Lambert (BES REG. - 4)
Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street,
Room 5B-50,
Atlanta, GA 30303-8909
Office: 404 562-7673
Fax: 404-562-7664
Cell: 404-944-6362

Michael Downing (BES REG. - 5)
233 N. Michigan Ave,
Suite 755
Chicago, IL 60601
Office: 312-353-0682
Fax: 312-353-1194
Cell: 312-731-9308

Xrevette Dabney (BES REG. - 6)

1301 Young Street,
Suite 1028
Dallas, TX 75202
Office: 214-767-3206
Fax: 214-767-3224
Cell: 469-939-8904

Betty Klein (BES REG. - 7)
601 East 12th Street,
Room S1801
Kansas City, MO 64106
Office: 816-426-3491
Fax: 816-426-2178
Cell: 816-456-7418

Carolyn Sailer (BES REG. - 8)
1961 Stout Street,
Room 370,
Denver, CO 80294
Office: 303-844-7882
Fax: 303-844-2394
Cell: 720-224-6234
Sally Yee (BES REG. - 9)
90 7 Street
Suite 8-100
San Francisco, CA 94103-6701
Office: 415-437-8383
Fax: 415-437-8544
Cell: 415-341-2134

Mike O'Donnell (BES REG. - 10)
2201 6th Avenue,
Suite 1044
Mail Stop-02,
Seattle, WA 98121
Office: 206 615-2016
Fax: 206-615-2076
Cell: 206-280-2489

Joseph Gonzalez (BES – 1,2,3,4,)
5600 Fishers Lane
Room 4B-44
Rockville, MD 20857
Office: 301.443.1934
Fax: 301.443.1483
Approved Identification Documents

You will need to bring two forms of state or federal identification to your representative.
One of your identity source documents must be a valid federal or state government-
issued photo ID.
List of acceptable forms of identification (from Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility
      U.S. Passport                   Driver's license or ID            School ID card with a
       (unexpired or expired)           card issued by a state or          photograph
      Certificate of U.S.              outlying possession of            U.S. Military card or
       Citizenship (Form N-             the United States                  draft record
       560 or N-561)                    provided it contains a            Military dependent's ID
      Unexpired foreign                photograph or                      card
       passport, with I-551             information such as               U.S. Coast Guard
       stamp or attached Form           name, date of birth,               Merchant Mariner Card
       I-94 indicating                  gender, height, eye color         Native American tribal
       unexpired employment             and address                        document
       authorization                   ID card issued by                 Driver's license issued by
      Permanent Resident               federal, state or local            a Canadian government
       Card or Alien                    government agencies or             authority
       Registration Receipt             entities, provided it
       Card with photograph             contains a photograph       For persons under age 18
       (Form I-151 or I-551)            or information such as      who are unable to present a
      Unexpired Temporary              name, date of birth,
                                                                    document listed above:
       Resident Card (Form I-           gender, height, eye color
       688)                             and address
                                                                          School record or report
      Unexpired Reentry               Unexpired Refugee
       Permit (Form I-327)              Travel Document (Form
                                                                          Clinic, doctor or hospital
                                       Unexpired Employment
                                                                          Day-care or nursery
                                                                           school record
                                        Document issued by
                                        DHS that contains a
                                        photograph (Form I-

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