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									Different Types Of Scrubbers
If you're in the professional cleaning business, you know that using the right
equipment for the job is extremely important. Keeping up with changes in the
industry is important as well, and you will eventually need to upgrade your
equipment. How familiar are you with the latest models and industry
developments? There are so many different types of scrubbers on the market that
finding your perfect match is not always easy. Let's take a look at a few of the types
that are available as well as some of their features and uses.

- Ride-on Scrubbers

These are great for businesses that concentrate on cleaning large industrial areas.
The advantage of a ride-on is that the operator can clean large areas in comfort
thereby reducing user fatigue. One disadvantage is that this type of machine is not
suited for use in smaller, hard to reach areas. Most ride-on models have quiet
operation features and are able to clean and dry in one pass. Many of the newer
machines are eco-friendly and can dramatically save on water and detergent.

- Walk-behind Scrubbers

Walk-behinds have an advantage over ride-ons in that they are better able to clean
in places that are hard to reach. Many come with a variety of brush widths that
provide for even more cleaning versatility. You'll find this type of scrubbing machine
to be compact and reasonably priced as well as quiet and eco-friendly.

- Stand-up Scrubbers

Stand-up versions are somewhere between ride-ons and walk-behinds. Instead of
sitting down, the operator stands on a platform at the back of the machine. As with
a ride-on, the stand-up feature helps to reduce operator fatigue. Stand-ups are
excellent for cleaning in small areas due to their small turning radius. They are eco-
friendly, easy to operate, and are a cost effective choice.

- Rotary Scrubbers

As very versatile cleaning machines, they are effective in cleaning areas of all sizes
and work on a variety of surfaces such as vinyl, polished concrete, and marble.
Rotary scrubbers strip, polish, and scrub and are wonderful for hard to reach places.

Since there are many different types of machines available, it really pays to take the
time to carefully examine the needs of your company. The size of the cleaning jobs,
the time of day you'll be cleaning, and what types of surfaces will be cleaned are all-
important considerations. If you're still not sure which machine to buy, try
discussing your options with a reputable company.
About Steamaster
Steamaster, a company that specialises in all kinds of industrial and commercial
cleaners, has been in business since 1959. They have a knowledgeable and friendly
staff that is always willing to help with any questions or concerns. With their
professionalism and years of industry experience, Steamaster can help you decide
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