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									                            CURRICULUM VITAE


First Name/Family name     Giorgia Tarditi
Address                    Strada Volvera, 38 – 10043 Orbassano (Torino), Italy
                           Tel.: 0039 339 80 42 011 – 0039 (0)11 900 33 17
                           e-mail: giorgiagiovanna@hotmail.com
Date of Birth/Birthplace   10.10.1969 – Torino, Italy
Marital Status             single
Nationality                italian


2002 – 2005                University: German Language
                           “VHS Volkshochschule” in Cologne, Germany

                           German Language Certificate of Education
                           “Goethe Institute” Community College in Düsseldorf, Germany

1989 – 1991                University: Tourism Studies
                           “Centro Europeo di Studi Turistici” (European Centre for Tourism Studies)
                           at “Bocconi S.D.A.” University in Milan, Italy

1983 – 1988                “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale” (Institute of Commercial Technologies
                           foreign language interpreter) in Orbassano, Italy


from 09/2009               Simultaneous Interpreter (Italian/German/English) at trade fairs,
                           Translator of technical texts and settlement of a business plan at “I.P.
                           Imballaggi Protettivi” Company in Lodi, Italy

2007-2009                  Commercial Chief Secretary, Interpreter and Translator (translation of
                           technical, commercial contracts and business correspondence
                           (Italian/German/English) in the textile and automotive branch , organisation
                           of business travels, hotel, flight reservations and car rental) at “Adler Plastic
                           Spa” Multinational Company.

2003 – 2007                Simultaneous Interpreter (Italian/German/English) at trade fairs and
                           congresses, assistant to the management of an agency which deals,
                           coordinates and organizes trade fairs in Germany

                           Interpreter at TV-Productions in Cologne, Germany

2000 – 2002                Commercial Chief Secretary (customer service) at “Messer Italia S.p.A. ”
                           Company in Collegno, Italy

1999 – 2000                Secretary at “TRW Air Bag Systems S.r.l.” Company in Moncalieri, Italy

1994 – 1998                Sales Representative, Hostess and Promoters in the wholesale market at
                           “Rosi S.p.A.”, “Curver Italia S.r.l.” and “De Fonseca S.p.A.” Companies in
                           Turin, Italy
1992 – 1993         Commercial Secretary at “Istituto Professionale San Paolo S.r.l.”
                    Company in Turin, Italy

1990 – 1991         Secretary at “Formula P.I.U. S.r.l.” Company in Turin, Italy


08/2009             Intensive English Course (Business Communication) at “In Lingua
                    School” in Malta

2002 – 2005         Community College: Intensive Courses (Beginners II, III, Intermediate I,
                    II, III, Advanced I, Business German, Phonetics I, II) at “Goethe Institute” in
                    Düsseldorf, Germany

                    English Conversation Course at Community College in Düsseldorf,

10/1999 – 05/2001   English/German Courses at “Caleidos” Cultural Centre in Turin, Italy

11/1998 – 03/1999   Grant for a “Job Dealer” Course (Management of personnel
                    department in temporary job agencies) at “E.A.F.R.A., F.s.e.” in
                    Turin, Italy

05/1993 – 12/1993   Grant for a Computer Course in Apple Operating System at “Consorzio
                    Eumares C.f.p.” in Turin, Italy

06/1989 – 12/1989   Computer Course (Programming) at “En.A.I.P., C.f.p.” in Turin, Italy

07/1987             Intensive English Course at “Oxford Intensive School of English” in
                    Swindon, Great Britain


Italian             Mother tongue
German              very good knowledge (verbal, written and business correspondence)
English             good knowledge (verbal, written and business correspondence)


Operating System    Windows XP, 7, Macintosh
Programming         PASCAL, COBOL, Macintosh Databases
Applications        Office Professional 2007 in italian and german, SAP 4.6

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