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Ice Cream


									      Ice Cream

Homework Review Questions
                       Question 1
List all the ingredients used in the experiment.
                 Question 2
• Which ingredients used underwent a phase
  change during the experiment?
• List their initial and final state of matter
                Question 3
Was energy added to the ice and salt during the
 making of the ice cream? From where? How
 do you know?
                Question 4
When the salt dissolved into the water during
 ice cream creation was the ionic bond
 between the sodium and the chlorine atoms
 broken? Explain
               Question 5
• Sugar has some compounds in it that are
  composed of Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
  What bond type forms between atoms in
  sugar? Explain your answer
                 Question 6
• Is ice cream a physical mixture or chemical
  compound? Explain

• Is the ice cream made considered more
  homogenous or heterogeneous?
                 Question 7
• Imitation vanilla has something called vanillin
  as one of its main ingredients. Vanillin’s
  molecular formula is C8H8O3.

• How many protons and neutrons must there
  be in a single MOLECULE of vanillin. Assume
  all atoms are the most common isotopes of
  the elements.
                Question 8
Write 2 examples of endothermic and
 exothermic change in the state of matter of an
 object that you experience today? Be sure to
 indicate the objects transferring energy
               Question 9
• Working the bag with your hands for 5-10
  minutes can create soft ice-cream

• Working the bag for 30 minutes produced
  sugary milk. Why does the added minutes of
  work undue the ice cream?
               Question 10
• What was the role of the salt?

• What physical evidence confirmed salt’s role
  described above?
                Question 11
• Is the ice melting an exothermic or
  endothermic change of state?

• Write the chemical formula for the melted
  ice/rock salt mixture (normal salt +
                Question 12
• The inside bag was filled with milk, sugar and
  vanilla. At the end of the experiment, the
  volume of inside bag was significantly less.

a. Are the contents in that bag considered a
   closed system in terms of mass? Explain

b. Was mass conserved? Explain
                Question 13
• What is the definition of the melting point of
  an element

• What is the definition of the freezing point of
  an element?
               Question 13
• Will the Ice and rock salt combination conduct
  electricity? Explain your answer

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