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					                                             The Knight Light
                                                Father Thomas A. Judge Council 6893
                                                             “We Are Family”
                                              PO Box 1151, East Northport, NY 11731
                                                 www.frjudge.org bobspera@optonline.net

                                                The Grand Knight’s Message
   Your          Pope Benedict
 opinion or
   mine                XVI
 See page 4
                 Visits America              Grand Knight                                                                       May, 2008
                       — bob spera           Clem Massaro                                                                  (631) 261-1952

Pope Benedict XVI came to America            Dear Family of Father Judge Council,
and the media came to him. Catholics         Although we are approaching the end of the Columbian year, our activities are not winding
and all Americans have been blessed          down. Since the last newsletter we have enjoyed a country western line dance by the Farther
by their tasteful coverage. The best         Judge Columbiettes. Photos in this issue depict the fun time had by all. Good job ladies.
was Newsday. The local daily was             The membership drive brought a few new members and some promising prospects. On April
positive, substantial and just did a great   15th, there was a County-wide first degree and Father Judge Council had three candidates. A
job. Newsday went all out to come up         hearty welcome to John Kehoe, James McCann and John Ciangetti. I’m sure our new
with new angles to make the trip             brothers will feel comfortable in our Father Judge family. Three days later, Bob Vandermaas
interesting to Long Islanders. On            and Brendan Turner received their 3rd degree with over fifty other candidates. I can’t tell you
Sunday April 13, there was an                more about the secretive evening but it was good to see so many enthusiastic men join the
extensive pull out section on the Pope’s     order at a time when the Church is dealing with many challenges. Some new members have
trip. (and a better one today, 4/20!).       said they feel life has been good to them and want to give something back. The Knights of
The most original approach was the           Columbus is a good way to accommodate that desire. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could
daily question for the pope and if you       feel the same way? I believe Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to New York has inspired more
read them you were fascinated.               people than even he ever expected. His presence has truly been a memorable occasion.
                    Here is one example:
                     QUESTIONS               Our Memorial Mass had a wonderful turnout. We would like the families of our deceased
                                             Brothers and Sisters to know their loved ones are still as much a part of our Council as they
                    FOR THE POPE             were before. They will always be remembered. Thank you for showing your support. We

                   By Philip Goglas II       also thank Father O’Leary and Frank Collins for helping us keep this a meaningful day for so
                   Age: 16 Sophomore,        many people. The presence of Seminarian Michael Duffy and the soon to be "Father" John
                   Saint Anthony's High      McCarthy added such a glow to the mass, that even Father O’Leary was visibly touched.
                   School                    Don’t forget our Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, May 4th. You are hereby officially
                   "I would ask [the         reminded, so do not eat before Mass. Have breakfast with us instead. All proceeds go to
                   Pope] about his past,     Trinity Regional School. If you enjoyed our last Family Night, Good News, we are having a
his association with Pope John Paul the      pasta dinner on May 30th at 7:00 in the Council Hall. If you missed Family Night last time,
Second, how that affected his life and       this is a chance to come out and share the evening with friends. The cost is $5 a person or
what he's going to do for the future of      $15 per family.
the church. I believe that Jesus or the      Father Judge Council is hosting a 2nd degree on May 14th. Please come out and support our
Lord acted through John Paul to get to       brother Knights. May is the month we honor all Mothers including the Blessed Mother
Pope Benedict, and he benefited from         Mary. A good way to celebrate would be to attend the Annual Mass and Pilgrimage at the
that spiritually. The pope is our closest    Shrine of Our Lady of the Island on May 18th. The Rosary Walk starts at 10:00 am and Mass
thing to Jesus. He's our patriarch of the    is at 11:30 am. If you have never attended before, try to do it this time. The Shrine is a
church, and he keeps us together.”           beautiful place and sharing with other Knights of Columbus families makes it even nicer.
Newsday seemed to many to be                 The Memorial Day Parade and wreath laying sponsored by our Council is on May 26th.
viciously anti-Catholic during the           Come out, march with us, and have free hot dogs at the Hall after the ceremonies. Our shiny
abuse scandals that angered us all.          new flagpole has been installed and will be flying our colors.
This daily was always positive toward        Lastly, mark your calendar for the mammoth St. Anthony’s Family Feast and Festival June
John Paul II. I looked forward every         25th -29th. If you are able to volunteer and help in some way, come to a Feast sign-up
day to reading their articles on             meeting.
Benedict XVI.
                                             Happy Mother’s Day and may the Lord watch over us.
For many of us, the trip gave us a new                                                              Clement Massaro, Grand Knight
view of this pope. We saw at the same
time both strength and humility. He is       Inside           Election information                                               Page 3
a man who takes on issues without fear.
                                             The              Pancake Breakfast                                                  Page 6
We know he will do the right thing for
all believers no matter what their faith.
                                             Knight           Saint Anthony’s Family Fest and Festival                           Page 4
                                             Light            Line Dancing Pictures                                              Page 7
                                                                   Page 1
Chaplain: Father Larry O'Leary .................................................................. 231-6155
Deputy Grand Knight: Edward Schnepf (Dolores) ..................................... 757-3514
Chancellor: Richard Fitzgerald (Kathy) ...................................................... 368-7584
                                                                                                                                Come to Knights of
Warden: Ron Smith (Maryanne) ................................................................ 269-4575                          Columbus Bingo
Knight Light Editor: Bob Spera (Joanne) ................................................... 499-1544                     Every Saturday night in St.
Council Hall ................................................................................................ 262-1891
Financial Secretary: Michael Norton (Thea)
                                                                                                                         Anthony’s Bingo Hall
                   2 Loret Lane, E. Northport, NY......................................... 754-1472                      below the church.
Insurance Agent: Tony D'Angelis (Luba) ................................................... 261-2201

                            Announcements                                                  Fourth Degree - Patriotism
                                                                                           The next meeting of Our Lady of Fatima Assembly is May 21 in
Upcoming Events - Mark your calendar                                                       Farmingdale. Repast is at 7:00 PM. Meeting is at 8:00 PM. Our
 • Pancake Breakfast         May 4th in Parish Hall                                        Council Rep is Rich Fitzgerald (368-7584). Email Rich at
 • Memorial Day parade       May 26th                                                      rfitzge370@aol.com
 • Family dinner night       May 30th in Council Hall
 • Communion Breakfast       June 1st in Council Hall                                      Proposal to Revise Council By-Laws
 • Family Feast and Festival June 25 - June 29                                             The Proposed Resolution to the membership to revise our By-Laws
 • Annual Picnic             July 20 -Crab Meadow Beach                                    was approved on April 7th.

Nocturnal Adoration                                                                        Annual Picnic
Nocturnal Adoration will be on Early Saturday morning, May 3 ,                    rd       Our annual picnic is Sunday, July 20th at Crab Meadow Beach.
from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. Nocturnal Adoration is a good way to                              More details will be provided in the June Knight Light
take time to relax and pray before the Blessed Sacrament in the                            Elections
solitude of our Church. Please call Bob Slingo at 368-8854 for                             The Council elections for 2008-2009 will be on June 2nd. See Don
more information.                                                                          Maltby if you want to run. Here are the candidates thus far:
    MAY 2-3               JUN 6-7              JUL 4-5                                         • Grand Knight            Edward Schnepf
     3:00AM               4:00AM               5:00 AM                                         • Deputy Grand Knight John Piropato
                                                                                               • Chancellor              Ronald Smith
Columbian Squires                                                                              • Warden
Young men of High School age interested in joining the Brother                                 • Treasurer               Richard Ronde
Dawson Circle of Squires should contact our Lecturer Ray                                       • Advocate                Frank Collins, PGK
Mascolo. Call Ray at 266-3196.                                                                 • Recorder                Thomas O'Donnell
                                                                                               • Inside Guard            Dominick Tripolone
Family Dinner Night
We will have a Family Night will be held on Friday, May 30th at                                • Outside Guard           Alfred McDonald
7:00 PM. The menu will be pasta plus. The cost is $5 per person                                • Outside Guard           Kevin Kline
and $15 per family. Our meal includes soda. Beer and wine is $1 a                              • 3 Year Trustee          Clement Massaro, PGK
glass.                                                                                         • 2 Year Trustee          Rocco Morro, PGK
                                                                                               • 1 Year Trustee          Robert Slingo, PGK, PCC
Knights of Columbus Insurance
Call our agent, Tony D'Angelis at 631-261-2201 for details on all                          The Financial Secretary is appointed by the Supreme Council.
kinds of insurance that our order provides. EMail Tony at                                  Michael Norton has been appointed to this position.
amda1@optonline.net. See our insurance ad (page 6).                                                                              (Announcements Continued on page 3)

                                                             Electronix Systems
Luke De Napoli                 517B Larkfield Road
Agent                          E. Northport, NY 11731

 Nationwide Insurance                 Phone: 368-1622
                                 Nationwide Financial
                                    Fax: 368-1774
                                                             Central Station Alarms, Inc.
                                                             1555 New York Ave.
                                                                                                                                      • Burglar—Fire Alarm
                                                             Huntington Sta., N.Y. 11746
The Ex-El Group, comprising EX-ELTRONICS                                                                                                  Systems
INCORPORATED, EX-ELTRONICS (UK)                              Please visit our website at                                                 • CCTV/Card access
ELCTRONICS, provides professional sourcing
services and supply chain solutions to defense and
                                                                                                                                         • Installed,
aerospace companies around the world. 516-622-1430          Fred J. Leonardo, President                                                      Monitored and
                                                            Charles Buscaglia, Sales Consultant                                              Serviced
 BAE Systems Greenlawn Golf League                              Fellow Knights Courtesy Discounts
                                                            You can email Fred or Charles at:
                                                                                                                                        • UL Listed Central
           BAE SYSTEMS supports                                                                                                       Station ® FM approved
          School-Business Partnerships
               and helps students
                                                            Major Sponsor, St. Anthony's                                          Fax 631-424-8510
               at all grade levels.                         Family Feast and Festival                                         Business 631-271-4000
                                                                                       Page 2
Licensed         Romaine Brothers       Insured Peconic Auto Wreckers INC.
                                                Glen Clarke, Proprietor                                           Flowers By Fred
                                                106 A Montauk Highway                                                38 Laurel Rd
                                                                    Speonk, NY                                 East Northport, NY 11731
Jerry Romaine                     (631)499-1503                     631-325-0022                                     631-757-0008

(Announcements Continued from page 2)                                     Father Judge Bingo College
St. Anthony’s Family Feast & Festival Raffle                              There will be a BINGO training class on Thursday, May 15th at
                                                                          7:00 PM in the lower church. This class is open to anyone wanting
                    GRAND CA$H Raffle                                     to learn how to do BINGO or to improve existing skills. Contact
                                                                          Instructor John Piropato for more details at 499-7138. This is a
      GRAND PRIZE - $7,500 CA$$$H!                                        change from the original date of Monday, May 12th. Don’t forget to
      2nd Prize -   $1,500 CA$$$H!                                        update your resume after graduation.
      3 Prize   -   $1,000 CA$$$H!                                        Memorial Day Award and Parade
                                                                          The Father Judge Council will mange and sponsor the East
    A total of $10,000 in CA$$$H to be given away!                        Northport Memorial Day Parade on May 26. The Parade will start at
                                                                          the IGA parking lot at Clay Pitts and Larkfield Roads. The
 All proceeds will go to St. Anthony of Padua                             marching participants will assemble. starting at 11:45 AM. We kick
       Parish Heating Plant Renovation                                    off the parade at 12:15 PM and proceed up Larkfield to John Walsh
                                                                          Memorial Park adjacent to the East Northport library.
To help in the restoration efforts of our Parish heating plant, our
Council is running a raffle in conjunction with the 2008 St.              We could use help on parade day at the park or at the IGA parking
Anthony’s Family Feast and Festival. All net proceeds will go             lot. Contact Ed Schnepf 757-3514 if you can help. Groups that
toward the renovation. Raffle tickets will be sold through the last day   want to march or present a wreath should contact Bob Szarek 269-
of the feast on Sunday, June 29th. The drawing for the winners of         4429.
our GRAND CA$H raffle will be drawn and announced at the close        The Memorial Day speech contest is underway at Northport High
of the Feast & Festival on June 29th.                                 School. We do not yet know the winner but if you march with us,
All St. Anthony of Padua parishioners are being mailed an initial     you will hear the speech. The winning speech will also be given to
offering to purchase raffle tickets for only $20 each or six (6) for  the membership at a Council meeting to be determined, hopefully,
$100. Please fill out your raffle ticket stubs and return with your   May 19. Come and meet the boy or girl that will also speak on
check made payable to “St. Anthony of Padua Parish” in the pre-       Memorial Day. The winner and your Council needs your support
addressed envelope as quickly as possible. Raffle tickets may also be and your feet in the parade!
sold to your friends and neighbors. Additional tickets may be         Parish Food Pantry
purchased by sending in a check for the number of tickets you wish
                                                                      Brothers, please bring in a food product for the parish food
to purchase. Please write the number of tickets you wish to purchase
on your check and we will fill out the stubs and return the raffle
                                                                      pantry at the second (social) meeting,. Bob Mahon will
portion to you.                                                       deliver the donations to Parish Outreach.

Columbiettes                                                              Opinion Column
                                                                          The column to the left of the Grand Knight’s message put there so
Our Country Western night was a great success - thanks to all
                                                                          the Grand Knight would not have to write a full page every month.
of you and to our Brother Knights who were so very                        If anyone has something they would like to write for it please email
supportive of us! I appreciate all your efforts. (see page 7)             bobspera@optonline.net. You can call bob at 499 1544.
Our Next meeting is Thursday, May 15, and we will be having Memorial Mass
a First Degree and welcoming several new members! We will The Annual Memorial
also have elections so please make every effort to attend.  mass was celebrated
See you in May!                                                           on Monday, April
                                                                          21st by our Chaplin,
Linda                                                                     Father Lawrence
                                                                          O'Leary. In
Saint Anthony’s Family Feast and Festival                                 attendance were
Our seventeenth annual St. Anthony’s Family Feast & Festival is set       representatives of the
for June 25th through June 29th See our ad on page 6. If you can          Columbiettes and the
help, please eMail Fred Leonardo at fredl@ElectronixSystems.com.          former Ladies
You can call Fred at work at 271-4000 or at home at 754-5220.             Auxiliary. Father
There is a meeting May 27th at the Council Hall at 7:30 PM, Tuesday       O’Leary was
for the Feast chair-persons. If you want to help manage, stop by.         extremely pleased to be assisted by two seminarians. Above, from
                                                                          left to right are Deacon John McCarthy, Father Lawrence O’Leary
The sign up meetings for Feast workers are as follows:                    and Seminarian Michael Duffy. Deacon McCarthy is to be ordained
  • June 5th Thursday and June 10th Tuesday are for Adult Sign            this June 14th. Michael Duffy is a first year seminarian and a PGK
      up at the Council Hall, both at 7:30 PM                             at the Fordham University College Council. The Memorial Mass is
  • June 8 is Youth sign-up in the lower church at 5:00 PM                arranged each year by Frank Collins, PGK.

                                                                   Page 3
Suffolk Chapter Activities
For details, go to the Father Judge Website (http://www.frjudge.                                 The Suffolk county Knights of
org/) and click Chapter. Open our Chapter newsletter, the                                        Columbus car donation program is
Suffolk Chapter Light, and go to page 3.                                                         back in full swing. To make a
                                                                                                 donation, with proceeds going to
The Chapter has programs for Fraternal Assistance and Catholic          Suffolk chapter Knights of Columbus charities, simply fax
Activities such as Pro-Life, Athletic activities and Communities.       the following information to (631) 941-1734
For details on these and other Chapter activities, read the Suffolk     MAKE___________________________________________
Chapter Light or call the persons indicated below:
     • Golf Outing - May 6; call Craig today at 631 929 0749.           MODEL________________YEAR____________________
     • Fishing Trip - go to website for details; see above.
     • The prayer assembly in Albany has been changed to May            VIN#____________________________________________
         13. For more details call Richard at 516 798 2676.
     • Chapter Dialysis - The Chapter collects can pop-up tabs          YOUR NAME_____________________________________
         to send children who are under dialysis to summer camp.
         Please bring tabs to our Council on any activity nights or
         meeting nights for collection.                                 ADDRESS________________________________________
     • The Hawaiian vacation is scheduled for Sept 24 to Oct 4.
         For details, call Nick at 631 667 3843.                        _________________________________________________
     • For eye-glass donations; call Fred at 631 369 1633.
     • For the Charity Drive; call James at 631 888 7994.               PHOME__________________________________________
     • If you can donate your automobile to the Suffolk
         Chapter, use the form at right and follow the faxing            ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE
         instructions that are on the form.

                                 17th Annual                                                 Track Edge Construction, Ltd. - Custom Builders
                                                                                                              Greg Slingo & Gerry McGorry
                   St. Anthony’s Family                                                                                        P.O. Box 252
                                                                                                                 East Northport, NY 11731
                                                                                                             “Licensed and Insured”
                      Feast & Festival                                                      (631) 767-9212

                                                                                               The East Northport Chamber of
  Wednesday, June 25th through Sunday, June 29th.. at the Trinity Regional                     Commerce was established in 1994.
           School grounds on Fifth Avenue in East Northport.                                   The Chamber is dedicated to creating a
      Hours:   Wednesday and Thursday          6:00 PM - 11:00 PM                              positive climate for doing business and
                                                                                                      living in East Northport.
               Friday                          6:00 PM - 11:30 PM
               Saturday                        5:00 PM - 11:30 PM
               Sunday                          3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
           Pay-One-Price Admission (includes all rides & entertainment)                           Flush-King Cesspool Sewer
                          General Admission: $10.00                                                 and Drain Cleaners Inc
                                Seniors: $5.00                                                            206 4th Street
                                                                                                  East Northport, NY 11731-3524
                      Children under 2 years of age: Free
                Great Fun & Entertainment for the Whole Family!                                    All Island Auto Glass
            Two Spectacular Nights of FIREWORKS by BAY Fireworks                                     333 Larkfield Road
             *** Wednesday & Saturday*** (Rain dates Thurs. & Sun.)                               East Northport, NY 11731
        Lots of Exciting Rides & Games! - Midway by Newton Shows                                      Call: 631-757-3689
                    International Foods & Refreshments                                                Fax: 631-266-3960
 Las Vegas Games for Adults Only (21+) in our COOL Air-Conditioned Casino                       266-3535 (Telephone)           266-3536
  The Grand Finale: $10,000 will be given away Sunday night in our “GRAND CA$$$H                               (Facsimile)
          raffle to support the replacement of St. Anthony’s Church Heating System.                  Barbara Bayne Ohlig
                                                                                                         514 LARKFIELD ROAD
                                       Wednesday“Crazy House”Featuring Barbara Cordts                           SUITE 3
            *Save $1.00                Thursday Rock & Roll with the “Sea Monkeys“                     EAST NORTHPORT. NY 11731
    On admission with this coupon      Friday    Contemporary Rock & Oldies by “Fame”
     THURSDAY and SUNDAY                                                                           Smith Barney - Citigroup
                                       Saturday  Classic Country of "Southern Heart“
         one coupon person                                                                     Robert A. Cohen, Vice President
                                       Sunday      Afternoon: Magic Illusion Show
   *May not be combined with any                          3:30PM, 5:00PM & 7:00PM                    401 Broadhollow Rd.
    other offer SAP - 6/26 & 6/29             Evening:“ROMEOs” Horn & Drum Ensemble                   Melville, NY 11747
                                                   Gala Salute to America 5:00PM – 9:00PM       631-531-5629        Investments

                                                               Page 4
                                                      May, 2008
       Sunday                Monday        Tuesday          Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday                      Saturday
         April 27 - April 28               April 29           April 30                 1                         2                             3
         Orthodox Feast meeting                                                    New York                  Nocturnal                     Nocturnal
            Easter  7:30 PM                                                          State                   Adoration                     Adoration
                                                                                   Convention                3:00 AM                       3:00 AM
                                                                                   May 1, 2, 3               Saturday                 Bingo team One

                 4             5               6                    7                     8                         9                          10
                         Council                                                                                                           Bingo team
                         Meeting                                                                                                              Two
    Annual Pancake
                         8:00 PM

               11              12             13                    14               15 Bingo                      16                      17
                                                                                   Instruction in                                      Bingo Team
                                                                                   lower church
                                                                                   Columbiettes’                                          Three
    Mother’s Day                                                                     7:30 PM

    18 Pilgrimage              19             20               21                        22                        23                          24
    to the Shrine of     Council                           Our Lady of                                                                     Bingo team
    Our Lady of the                                          Fatima                                                                           Four
    Island. Mass at
                         8:00 PM


       11:30 AM







          25                   26             27                 28                      29                   30                               31
                       Memorial Day        Feast chair-       Officers’                                  Family Dinner                     Bingo team
                           Parade       persons’ Meeting      Meeting                                     Night - Pasta                       One
                       Details - page 3 7:30 PM Council       7:30 PM                                        Plus

        June 1               June 2         June 3             June 4                June 5                     June 6                       June 7
                       Council Meeting                                            Feast Sign up              Nocturnal                      Nocturnal
                       Elections - Slate                                          Council Hall               Adoration                      Adoration
                             Page 3                                                   7:30                   4:00 AM                        4:00 AM
                                                                                                             Saturday                 Bingo team Two

                                                      A & J Restoration Inc.                     Russo Brothers Service Center, Inc.
                                                   Home Renovations, Remodeling                              4019 Jericho Tpke.
                                                          8 meadow Ct.                                    East Northport, NY 11731
                                                     Wading River NY 11792                                       (631) 499-5953
    Provider for Columbian Squires                        631 744 4179                              http://www.russobrothersservicecenter.com
      Outback Steakhouse Dinner                                        3084 Jericho Turnpike

    The Steakhouse is located in the
                                                                     East Northport ,NY 11731
                                                                                                         Newton Shows
                                                        Agent            Call 462-1717
       "Big H" Shopping Center                                       Like a Good Neighbor,
                                                                                                “We’re in business for fun”
                        at                   HOME & BUSINESS          State Farm is there!           (631) 499-6824
         839 New York Avenue
         Huntington NY 11743                                      Stock & Carr                  Personalized
                                                                                                Year Round Service
                                                                                                                                       Personal Income Taxes
                                                                                                                                   Licensed Real Estate Agent
                                                              Attorneys at Law                  Fiduciary Tax Returns          Income Taxes and Consultations
                                                                                                       John E. Piropato - brother knight
        (631) 547-6673                       (516) 747-2478
                                                            6500 Jericho Tpke.
                                                                    Commack, NY 11725           2 Mare Lane
                                                                                                                        Reasonable rates
                                                                                                                                              By Appointment
                                                                                                Commack. N.Y. 11725                                499-7130

                                                               Page 5
                   Father Judge Council Pancake Breakfast
                                         Sunday May 4
                              After the 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 Masses
          Bring your family AFTER mass to our annual Pancake Breakfast.
                      Bring your relatives, friends and your appetite!
           We serve with pleasure pancakes and sausage, juice and coffee or tea.
                             $5.00 per person, $3.50 for seniors and children
                                   $15 for an entire family!!!
                                                  We are supported as always by the
                                    Commack International House of Pancakes.
                                                          Thanks IHOP!
Larkfield Manor Catering Hall SECURE YOU 911                                               RICH GARTNER   262 Larkfield Road
                                            PERSONAL SERVICE                            AT YOUR SERVICE   East Northport, NY 11731
                                                                                                          (631) 261-1044

                                                      EARLY MORNING TRAVEL                                         Mike and Linda O'Donohoe
                                                        LATE NIGHT EVENTS                                  Across Larkfield Road from Father Judge Hall
                                            Cellphone 631 235 2996    AIRPORT SERVICE
                                                                                                             Free gift wrap East Northport's
    507 Larkfield Road :                    Cellphone 631 774 5000   DISCREET COURIER
                                                                                                                    Oldest & Largest
  East. Northport NY 11731

                                                                               IHOP is the sponsor of and provider for the Knights of
         631 368-4422                                                                          Columbus annual Pancake Breakfast.
A catering tradition in the scenic                                                      The next annual Pancake Breakfast is
village of East Northport for over
25 years. The Larkfield Manor
                                                                                                     May 4, 2008
offers elegant banquet rooms,                                                John B. Westervelt            Edward F. Patrick Jr.
                                                                                                           Assistant Vice President
                                                                                                                                              Global Private Client
                                                                                                                                              3880 Veterans Memorial
lovely manicured gardens, a                                    Licensed Real Estate Agent                  Highway Senior Financial Advisor   Suite 101
                                                                                                                                              Bohemia, New York 11716
perfect setting for any occasion.           300 Main Street       Fax (631)754-0838
                                                                                                                                              631 580 2836;
                                                                                                                                              toll free 888 378 4756
                                            Northport, NY 11768 email: Beecher129@aol.com                                                     Fax 631-981 4633
www.larkfieldmanor.com                       Each office is independently owned and operated        MLS

       Rockabilly Barbers                                                          Knights of Columbus Insurance
                                                                                Tony D'Angelis is our Council’s field agent
      See fantastic website!                                                           Call Tony at 631 261-2201
    www.rockabillybarbers.com                                                      eMail Tony at amda1@optonline.net
        Three Locations                                                Visit Tony’s website at http://www.frjudge.org/insurance.htm

  163 Higbie Ln.      188 New York Ave.
                                                             The Knights of Columbus offers a wide variety of
West Islip, NY 11795 Huntington, NY 11743                    products to suit virtually everyone's insurance needs:
  631-422-2027           631-673-1750         •    Permanent Plans - Policy lasts as long as you live, premium stays the same.
                                              •    Term Plans - Policy ends at end of specified term: renewable or convertible.
           125 Larkfield Rd.
                                              •    Annuities - Provides an income that is guaranteed for life.
        E. Northport, NY 11731
                                              •    Long Term Care - Provides funds for long-term, out-of-hospital care.
                                                                       Page 6
   Columbiettes go Western
On Saturday Evening, March 29, the Father Judge Columbiettes
                                  expanded the geographic, cultural, and culinary
                                  limits of our family.
                                  The atmosphere was established early at the entry
                                  table, capably managed by the trio of Dale Evans
                                  look-alikes in the upper left hand quarter. We all
                                  thank sisters Rosemarie Reina, Jean Russo and
                                  Maureen James for their sacrifice, as
                                  they stayed at the entrance table until
                                  the end. Next we see the imaginative
                                  buffet where the ladies raised the
                                  level of a hot dog to a culinary
                                  masterpiece with multiple condiments
                             and decorations. Next year, sauerkraut and
                             onion sauce!!
                             Law enforcement was a problem in the old
                             west before the arrival of Catholicism. Sin
                             and vice was rampant and it was no
                             different this night. The jail (below left)
                             was occupied almost fulltime by various
                             outlaws and scoundrels to include Brothers
                                    John Cornetta and Rich Gartner.
                                   Caller, Primo Fiore spent time on many
                                   forms of Western dance to include square
                                   dancing as demonstrated by Brother Clem
                                   promenading Lillian just below the jailbirds
                                   (below left).
                                     Across the bottom we see some well-
                                     coordinated and highly practiced country-
                                     western “four-wall” line-dancing. Don’t
                                     we look good? Going up the right side we
                                     see the highlight of the evening, an old-
                 fashioned “Virginia Reel.” First, the couples address one
                 another. Going up from there, you see the first pair Theresa
                 and Robert Lofaro “sashaying” down the hall. They take
                 their place and are followed by another pair using a stylized
                 sashay technique. There were many other steps in this
                 complex dance. The Father Judge family mastered them all.
                 We thank all the ladies who had the imagination to put this
                 great night together. The Brothers had a hard time attending
                 tea parties but look forward to a reoccurrence of this
                 miraculously wonderful event! Those who were there have
                 to feel sorry for those who were not.

                                                     Page 7
                                                                   Raymond A. Mascolo, DDS
                                                                  General and Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                                    Zoom!™ 1 hour teeth whitening
                                                                     Digital X-rays for less radiation
                                                                       240 Clay Pitts Road
                                                                    East Northport, NY 11731

                                                                 Nolan & Taylor-Howe

                                    Pancake Breakfast - May 4
                                                                  Funeral Home Inc.

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                                                                        5 Laurel Ave.
                                                                  Northport, NY 11768-3166
                                                                Phone: (631) 754-2400.

                                                                Brueggemann Funeral
                                                                       of East Northport

         Father Thomas A. Judge
         Council 6893
         P.O. Box 1151
         East Northport, NY 11731
                                                                      522 Larkfield Road
                                                                   East Northport, NY 11731
                                                                    (631) 368-1235

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