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									                                                                                                    Fancy Cats Rescue Team

The Scratching Post–Special Edition
Volume 0, Issue  • Autumn 2005                                                     In This Issue…
The Scratching Post is the bi-annual newsletter of Fancy Cats
                                                                               Letter From the President
Rescue Team. Issues are printed in November and February.
Submissions should be sent to Newsletter Editor, P O Box 82,
                                                                           2    Why Adopt an Older Cat?
Herndon, VA 2072-082, or by e-mail to                3    You Can Help
                                                                           4    A Volunteer’s Perspective
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization            4    Success Stories
founded in August 997 by Catherine McCullough-Awad and                    5    Noteworthy Programs
incorporated in February 999 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.             5    Special Needs Cats
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is an all-volunteer organization with no            7    What You Can Do
paid staff. Most volunteers have full-time jobs or are students who
donate their non-working hours to help save cats from needless
euthanasia.                                                             LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT
                                                                        Fancy Cats Rescue Team’s greatest vision is to realize
    “Our Mission is to end needless euthanasia by having                the day that every domestic cat has a safe, loving, and
     our cats spayed and neutered… to find suitable lifetime            lifetime home. We imagine a day when healthy animals are
     homes for our cats with loving adopters… to educate                no longer euthanized in this country’s shelters. We want
     potential adopters on issues such as sterilization, de-            schools and parents to teach children that kindness to
     clawing, and behavioral problems.”                                 animals is important for the child’s future character and for
                                                                        the animals, themselves. We hope for a world where there
A copy of the latest financial report and registration filed by Fancy   are no more homeless or suffering pets.
Cats Rescue Team may be obtained by contacting the State Divi-
sion of Consumer Affairs, Department of Agriculture and Consum-         Fancy Cats Rescue Team’s mission toward that vision is
er Affairs, P O Box 63, Richmond, VA 23209.                           to end needless euthanasia by having our cats spayed
                                                                        and neutered, to find suitable lifetime homes for our cats
Donations to Fancy Cats Rescue Team are tax deductible. We              with loving adopters, and to educate potential adopters
are an approved United Way/CFC organization, United Way                 on issues such as sterilization, declawing, and behavior
#8929. You can also donate online through our Web site at http://       problems. We know that our efforts and the efforts of other                                                      groups like ours have a positive impact on the lives of
                                                                        these animals.
2005 Fancy Cats Rescue Team Board of Directors:
Cathy Awad         Kristen Tunstall     Therese Guerette                The job of a rescuer is bittersweet. There are so many
                                                                        groups working towards these goals, but we have so
Theresa Ronk       Alison Sohmer        David O’Donnell
                                                                        much work in front of us. When summertime is usually a
                                                                        time for rest, rescue groups are out in full force to make
2005 Board Officers:                                                    sure that stray and unwanted animals are sterilized and
President, Executive Director:                         Cathy Awad       that tame animals are adopted out to lifetime homes. In
Vice President:                                    Kristen Tunstall     Fall and Winter, we are fighting against the cold to save
Secretary:                                          Theresa Ronk        cats from the worst. The work
Treasurer:                                                   Open       is continuous, and there is no
Medical Director:                                      Cathy Awad       down time in rescue.

Newsletter masthead designed by David O’Donnell, Webmaster.             The Board of Directors of Fancy
PETsMART® is a registered trademark of PETsMART Store                   Cats Rescue Team would like
Support Group, Inc. PETCO is a trademark of PETCO Animal                to thank our volunteers and
Supplies Inc. A full-color, downloadable PDF version of this report     foster homes that make all the
is available on our Web site: at              difference in saving so many
                                                                        lives. We owe our success to the

                                                                                                    Fancy Cats Rescue Team
2                                                                                                 Fancy Cats Rescue Team
wonderful base of volunteers that work with our fortunate          having adoptions in the Gainesville PETsMART store
felines. They often face the daunting task of healing the          starting in October 2005.
emotional scars of the past. Seeing the often-broken
hearts mended and adopted out into loving homes is very            Our volunteer coordinator has set up committees to work
rewarding.                                                         on things such as fundraising and recruitment. We received
                                                                   a grant from PETsMART for an emergency medical fund
We thank our benefactors who make it possible by their             in the amount of $0,000, thanks to a volunteer who put
generous donations to often go that extra mile with a sick         the proposal
animal. We have worked with too many wonderful vets                together. We also
to list, who always make time to treat our animals, mend           received a very
the many physical ailments and do the all-important job of         generous donation
sterilization. We’d like to make special mention of a true         for $5,000.00
friend of FCRT, Dr. Masood, of All Pets Veterinary Hospital        from a party who
in Chantilly for going way beyond the call of duty to provide      wishes to remain
much-needed aid to our cats.                                       anonymous. We
                                                                   have made lots of
We thank PETsMART and PETCO stores for allowing                    progress, however,
us to adopt our animals out of their establishments. We            we still need help.
thank them also for supporting our efforts through their
grants and contributions. We especially thank the staff and        We are going
management of PETsMART Fair Lakes for all their efforts            to be talking to
in supporting our adoption center and adoption activities          a professional
in this store. The customers of PETsMART and our many              fundraiser. We are
contributors who donate money, supplies, and much                  planning to raise funds for a shelter building of our own.
needed resources are our mainstay, and we are grateful for         We need help in this area and are looking for mentors
their support.                                                     and volunteers. We also need more vets willing to work
                                                                   with us for discounted prices. We are also going to start
Fancy Cats has taken in 690 cats and 2 dogs as of the end          a program to sponsor a special needs cat. Please look
of September, 2005. We have adopted out 484 animals                for this information on our website. We had a booth at the
and are hoping to adopt out another 200 cats by the end of         National Capital Cat Show in September and the Fall for
the year. The remodel of the PETsMART Fair Lakes store             Fairfax at the Government Center in October. We will also
                                       provided a much-            be appearing at the PETsMART Santa Paws program in
                                       needed facelift,            December at Fair Lakes and other events as they come
                                       but we were                 up next year. Our schedule and most recent adoptable
                                       unable to adopt             postings are posted on PetFinder at http://www.petfinder.
                                       many cats while             org/shelters/VA45.html.
                                       the remodel was
                                       underway. Now               We are very much in need of cash donations, which are
                                       that it is finished,        fully tax deductible, volunteers, foster homes, people
                                       our adoptions are           experienced in writing grants, and we need supplies such
                                       starting to pick up         as pet food (wet of any type, and Science Diet dry), and
                                       again.                      scoopable litter.

                                              We had several       With your help, we at Fancy Cats look forward to continuing
                                              very important       with many adoptions in 2006.
                                              things happen this
                                              year. We had lots                              Cathy Awad, President and Director
of families fostering a litter of kittens to adoption and we
hope they will rejoin us next kitten season. Last year we          WHY ADOPT AN OLDER CAT?
lost many kittens to distemper. We rolled out new training         Sasha and Casey
along with new vaccine protocols to prevent the medical            In animal shelters and rescue groups all over this country
problems that financially devastated us last year. This            many older cats are waiting for adoption. Sadly, quite a lot of
year our mortality rates are very low. We will be raising          these cats do not get adopted. Most people want a kitten so
our present $95.00 adoption fee because we cannot get a            that they can train the kitten from scratch.
cat ready for adoption for this price anymore. We started
branching out to other venues for adoptions. We have               My husband and I have been married for 25 years, and we
been at the PETsMART at 7 Corners and the PETCO in                 prefer the older cats. They are more loving, more settled, and
Warrenton with good results. We will be having adoptions           just so happy to have a home. We have adopted some of the
                                                                   older fur-babies over the years, and we want to share how
of our cats in the new PETsMART opening in Leesburg
                                                                   some of them have done.
next year and we will be keeping some of our cats and
3                                                                                                  Fancy Cats Rescue Team
In 997, we were asked to take in two Hemingway Polydac-
tyl cats (hemi’s). The owner was allergic and had Lupus and
could no longer take care of them. The daughter just hap-
                                                                            SANTA PAWS
pened to hear us talking to a pet store clerk about our children
(aka; “fur-babies),” and she told us about the two hemi’s, a        Get your pet’s picture taken with Santa!
little about their history, and that they needed a home. After
much thought and discussion with my husband, several days
later I came home with two very scared and frightened hemi’s.
                                                                     Weekends of December 3 & 4, 10 & 11,
Their names were Sasha and Casey, and they were mother                   17 & 18 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
and son.
                                                                                      at PETsMART
Of course, they were frightened and scared at first. We just let
them be and worked with them gently and patiently. One night,         12971 Fair Lakes Center, Fairfax, VA
about nine months later, Sasha got on my lap and sat there                      (703) 802-1027
as if to say, “Thank you, mom, for not giving up on us.” Sasha
became one of the most loving kitties we have ever had and           Pet photos with Santa are $8.95 if you have a
we nicknamed her, “Mrs. Bushy-Tail.”                                    PetPerks card and $9.95 regular price.
Sadly, Sasha passed away in 200, but her son, Casey, is             $5 from every Santa photo package benefits
still living. Casey is now about fifteen years old, and has
                                                                    the homeless cats of Fancy Cats Rescue Team
developed some older life (litter box) issues. No matter how
we worked with him nothing worked. Finally I placed him in
our safe, warm, and cozy basement where he is now very fat,
                                                                       Santa photo package includes: 2 polaroid
dumb, and happy and thriving because he is king of his palace.      photos of you and your pet with Santa and two
Yes, Casey is a very happy cat!                                                    holiday frames.

                                    Marguerite Kendall, Adopter     YOU CAN HELP!
                                                                    Fancy Cats Rescue Team is made up entirely of volunteers.
Clarence and Frank                                                  Selfless, generous, cat-adoring volunteers who donate hours
Someone my husband works with told him about these two              upon hours of their time to caring, fostering, cleaning up after,
male meezers who needed to go because the kids were                 fundraising for, talking endlessly about and SAVING hundreds
allergic. So, we picked them up one night and two, scream-          of cats from euthanasia every single year! We love what we
ing and very unhappy Siamese boys came home with us.                do and want extend an invitation to anyone who shares a
Their names became “2.5 ton” and “3 ton” because Clarence           passion for cats and wants to help match cats with new homes
was very heavy and very fat and Frank was only marginally           and continue to save cats throughout the region to join our
smaller. I put them in the basement so they’d have some time        Team! We have opportunities in all areas of our organization
by themselves. After 4 months of love and attention in a safe       where you can help!
environment, we brought them upstairs. Clarence had lost
some weight, and, thankfully, the vet confirmed that he was         Cat Care: Cleaning cages and caring for our cats in the Adop-
not diabetic.                                                       tion Center at PETsMART in Fair Lakes, cleaning cages and
                                                                    caring for cats, including giving medication at our quarantine,
During this year we have gotten to know them better and they        located at foster homes in the area. Be on the lookout for
have adjusted quite well. Clarence is a big lap and love bug        new opportunities as we expand Fancy Cats to Leesburg and
and Frank is just frank. If Frank doesn’t get his carry-walk (out   Gainesville soon!
for a walk and carried in arms), he will start chomping at the
bit and yowling at the door. He doesn’t mind being on a leash,      Adoptions: Adoption Assistants help set-up and take down
he just wants to be outside. We had a little talk and I laid the    at adoption fairs, keep an eye on cats at fairs, make sure only
law down; “Frank, if you want to go outside, you will go for a      Fancy Cats reps take cats/kittens from cages, prescreening
carry-walk or you will have a leash on for your protection.”        applicants and informing potential adopters of Fancy Cats
                                                                    policies. Adoption Coordinators are authorized by Fancy Cats
There are some advantages in adopting an older cat. They can        to release cats to their new owners, they go over and approve/
have issues, but they are more grateful and loving and just so      deny applications, working with potential adopters to help find
happy to have a home. If a prospective owner has children at        the best match, and answer any questions.
home, then maybe a kitten is fine, but if you don’t have chil-
dren at home, I recommend an older cat. Be sure to talk to the      Foster Homes: We have a huge need for foster homes, long
shelter or rescue group about the personality of the cat and        and short term, to care for our cats and transport them to and
then go from there.                                                 from adoption fairs. Fancy Cats assumes vet costs and foster
                                                                    homes provide food and litter.
My husband and I love the older kitties, and they are just
about the only ones that we adopt now. They just want to love       Fundraising: Identify ways Fancy Cats can raise funds to
and be loved and to have a lap or two to curl up in.                meet set goals, to purchase much needed medicines, and to
                                                                    cover medical expenses and expand the operation, such as
                                    Marguerite Kendall, Adopter     grant writing.
4                                                                                                 Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Recruitment: We need people to find new volunteers and
                                                                   I was very impressed with how effective and dedicated all the
keep the ones we have and love feeling appreciated!
                                                                   Fancy Cats volunteers I worked with that day were, and I look
                                                                   forward to helping out more in the future.
Internal/External Education: We need people to work with
Fancy Cats experts to conduct classes and lectures on cat
                                                                                         Francesca Dalleo, FCRT Youth Volunteer
care, fostering, introducing pets, etc. These volunteers work
with schools and civic groups to present these classes to the
public.                                                            SUCCESS STORIES
                                                                   Mango and Maddie
Miscellaneous: Other needs include follow-up phone calls,          After losing my beloved one eyed cat, Fritzi, my house no
vet transports, adoption fair transports, vet reference checks,    longer seemed like home. Fritzi was my first kitty cat. When
and event planning assistance.                                     I adopted him, he was  years old and living on the street.
                                                                   Although I had him for only five years, I can’t remember a time
                                                                   when he wasn’t there. I was certain that no other cat could
Youth Volunteers: Fancy Cats Rescue Team welcomes
                                                                   ever take Fritzi’s place in my home or my heart. When a
youths, aged 2 and older, to work with our experienced volun-
                                                                   friend asked if I wanted to meet some of the cats available at
teers in any of these capacities! Parental consent is required.
                                                                   Fancy Cats, I agreed. Much to my great surprise, I found two
                                                                   loving cats who needed me as much as I needed them. They
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is a dynamic group that is growing
                                                                   can never replace my Fritzi, who will always have a special
every year. We’d love your help to reach our goals and help
                                                                   place in my heart, but my house is once again a home. I’m
set new ones! Contact me, Therese Guerette, Volunteer Co-
                                                                   sure Fritzi would be pleased to know that his legacy lives on in
ordinator at for more information and
                                                                   the two newest members of the family.
an application.
                                                                                                  Madeleine “Maddie” (formerly
               Therese Guerette, FCRT Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                                                  Giselle) is a sweet little girl who
                                                                                                  was rescued from the streets in
A Volunteer’s Perspective                                                                         the dead of winter and turned
I very much enjoyed my first experience volunteering with Fan-
                                                                                                  in to the Fairfax County shelter.
cy Cats at the National Capital Cat Show. I’d been interested
                                                                                                  Fancy Cats rescued her from the
in volunteering with a shelter or rescue group for a while now,
                                                                                                  shelter after she didn’t get adopt-
but with so many groups out there and help needed, I wasn’t
                                                                                                  ed. Maddie, you see, is a funny
sure how to get started. I learned about this opportunity by
                                                                                                  looking little girl. She is missing
speaking with one of the volunteers at a PETsMART Adoption
                                                                   part of an ear, which the vet says was probably removed after
                                              event. Working at
                                                                   she got cancer from spending too much time in the sun. De-
                                              the Fancy Cats
                                                                   spite her harsh life, Maddie still has her loving personality and
                                              booth during the
                                                                   her trusting nature. She is an absolute angel who is in heaven
                                              cat show was a
                                                                   when she gets her back scratched. Maddie loves to talk, but
                                              great introduction
                                                                   instead of meowing, Maddie trills “Bruu, Bruu,” which earned
                                              to the organiza-
                                                                   her the German nickname “Brummel Bear.” My funny looking
                                              tion for me.
                                                                   little girl is blossoming now that she’s found her home. She
                                                                   just needed a little love.
                                            I found it very
                                            valuable to be
                                                                   Mango (formerly Scout) is an un-
                                            able to meet and
                                                                   believably loving cat! He lights up
                                            talk with other
                                                                   a room just by walking in. Mango
                                            volunteers, and to
                                                                   is quite a character and loves to
                                            learn more about
                                                                   have his stomach rubbed. He’s
                                            the organization
                                                                   very good at asking for belly rubs,
                                            and volunteer-
                                                                   too - he dramatically falls at my
                                            ing opportunities
                                                                   feet, rolls on his back (feet in the
                                            available. Dur-
                                                                   air), and stares at me with his ir-
                                            ing the cat show
                                                                   resistible “rub my tummy” look. On cooler nights, Mango likes
                                            we were mostly
                                                                   to snuggle and will flop down next to me for a long nap, often
                                            focused on cat
                                                                   using my pillow for his head. Mango also has strange drink-
adoptions and handing out promotional materials. It was help-
                                                                   ing habits. Instead of using his tongue to lap up water from
ful to get such hands-on experience, observing other volun-
                                                                   his fountain water dish, he scoops the water out with his paw.
teers and beginning to answer questions myself, because I
                                                                   Since Mango moved in, we’ve found it best to keep the alcohol
quickly learned about how the adoption process works and
                                                                   locked up – our little boy has a taste for beer and has been
other important information about Fancy Cats.
                                                                   caught on more than one occasion licking the rim of an empty
                                                                   beer bottle! Life is brighter knowing that Mango will be there
My favorite part of the afternoon was sitting with a kitten on     tangled in my blankets every morning for years to come!
my lap, to give her a break from her cage and to encourage
people to come up to the booth (because who can resist a
                                                                                                             Elizabeth O., Adopter
5                                                                                                     Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Fiona and Lily                                                        We could tell by the glow of the lights in the parking lot that the
I adopted my Fiona (Fifi) in February of 2003 from Fancy Cats         cat was a Himalayan, and that she had dark smudges, like oil
and in January of 2005 I decided to start fostering kittens, I        spots, over her coat. The lovely manager of the PETsMART
chose FCRT because that’s where the Fifi came from. Fiona             grooming salon bathed her for us, and we discovered that the
now helps me with the foster kittens. She was particularly            marks were burned fur. Furthermore, her skin was burned
                                          close to one orphan,        over her right side and shoulders and the pads of her paws
                                          Justine, whom I almost      were red and raw. She was a gorgeous cat and, though she
                                          lost to a shot reaction.    seemed to be in shock, very cooperative with our efforts to
                                          She cuddled around her,     help her. We couldn’t imagine how such a lovely cat was in the
                                          cleaned, protected, and     PETsMART parking lot, burned, but knew that we needed to
                                          mothered her during her     give her a foster home and intensive care immediately.
                                          recovery. Fiona really
                                          considered Justine her      We decided I would take her home with me, and I called
                                          kitten. Justine has since   ahead to my husband, Joe, to prepare a quiet place for her in
                                          found a fabulous home       his (supposedly cat-free) office. We settled her in that evening
                                          and is now named Lily!      and took her to the Culpeper Animal Hospital the next morning.
                                          Fiona was very upset        Dr. Meredith Vargas started her
                                          when Justine first left,    on pain-reliever, antibiotics and
                                          but now has lots of other   fluids. We had to syringe-feed
                                          little ones to teach mis-   her as she was too despondent
chief to... she particularly likes to teach them how to drink out     to eat. Gradually she became
of the faucet. Justine took this to the extreme and would GET         more comfortable in her new
IN THE BATHTUB full of water and take a bath with you. Her            home and began to eat on her
new owner says she is still obsessed with water!                      own, especially appreciating
                                                                      the very exclusive canned food
                                Tracie Zenis, FCRT Foster Mom         provided by Cynthia.

NOTEWORTHY PROGRAMS                                                   We called her Katmandu, as she
FCRT participated in the National Capital Cat Show and                was such a beautiful purebred
Fall for Fairfax this year. Look for more information about           Himalayan. We slathered oint-
these events on our website at                     ment on her burns and admin-
                                                                      istered her medications and
We ALSO encourage you to check out the Doris Day Founda-              thought we were progressing
tion’s low-cost spay/neuter opportunity coming soon!                  well, when a few days later, I picked her up for her several-
                                                                      times-daily snuggle, and noticed that her stomach was sticky
Doris Day Foundation Spay Day USA                                     with fluid. I took her back to the Animal Hospital, where we dis-
Spay Day USA is the Doris Day Animal Foundation’s                     covered the worst burns so far. Her entire underside was red
                                                                      and raw. Dr. Vargas told us that all of the skin would slough off,
national campaign to save the lives of homeless ani-
                                                                      as would the little “fat pad” on her abdomen, so we began a
mals through the spay or neuter of our pets and feral
                                                                      routine that lasted for two months. The old skin and fat gradu-
cats. Since Spay Day USA’s inception in 1995, event
                                                                      ally came off and the new tender skin replaced it. The degree
participants - people just like you - have spayed or                  of damage was really shocking to see, but we quickly learned
neutered over 1,225,000 cats, dogs and other animals,                 to focus on the growth of healthy new skin, as the ruined
saving millions of animal lives and taxpayer dollars!                 portions were replaced. Katmandu was a wonderful patient,
Please see their website at                 and loved the attention we lavished on her. As she healed,
Day/                                                                  we looked forward to finding a quiet, loving home for her, as
                                                                      we have for many of our other rescue cats (Himalayans are
MARK YOUR CALENDAR! PASS IT ALONG! The 12th                           known for not appreciating the company of multiple cats).
annual Spay Day USA will be February 28, 2006.
                                                                                          Since 1997,
Katmandu                                                                            Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Last December, as we were closing down after another adop-                              has placed over

tion fair at the Fair Lakes PETsMART, Cynthia and I were re-
marking on how cold it would be outside that night: A low of 3
degrees was predicted. Just then, a customer returned to the
store to tell us that she had seen a cat in the parking lot. Cyn-
thia grabbed a carrier and we rushed outside to try to find the
cat, who was running from car to car for shelter. Finally she
stopped under a car and I was able to crawl under and bring                          cats and kittens in new
her out to put in the carrier that Cynthia was holding ready. We
were tremendously affected by her demeanor--the cat seemed
to have totally lost all hope. It was heartbreaking to see.                            That’s meowvelous!
6                                                                                                 Fancy Cats Rescue Team
                                                                   county shelter and the fire stations to see if there were any
      The United Way/Combined Federal Campaign                     reports of missing Himalayan cats. We still don’t understand
    (CFC) starts in September. If you are a Federal em-            how this lovely girl came to be lost and injured that December
    ployee, please consider designating some or all of             night. Thankfully for this wonderful cat, Fancy Cats Rescue
    your contribution to Fancy Cats Rescue Team. Our               Team found her and will care for her always.
             United Way/CFC number is 8929.
                                                                     Rose and Joseph McKinney, Adopters and FCRT Volunteers
Her little kingdom was my husband’s office during her recu-
peration, but as she healed, she wanted to explore beyond          The Tale of Chenile - Part 2
its door. Surprisingly, she got along very well with my other      Some of you may have read the touching article “The Tale of
resident cats and was quite comfortable exploring “out and         Chenile” in our previous newsletter (Volume 8, Issue 2, August
about” in the house, and eventually joined us sleeping on our      2004, available at our website in the “Annual Report and
bed with our other cats.                                           Newsletters” section). If you haven’t, I encourage you to go
                                                                   back and read her story.

                                                                   In brief, Chenile is a female cat with brown tabby and white
                                                                   mixed fur (and stunning green eyes!), who was taken from
                                                                   a local animal shelter after being turned in by her previous
                                                                   owners. She had been terrorized for years by the family’s dog,
                                                                   was extremely afraid and shy, and had lost half the hair on her
                                                                   body due to stress and anxiety. At the shelter, she would have
                                                                   been totally unadoptable due to her physical and mental state,
                                                                   and would certainly have been euthanized. Fortunately this
                                                                   shelter had caring staff who contacted Fancy Cats and told us
                                                                   about her situation, and we agreed to take her and try to heal
                                                                   her body and mind.

                                                                   It has now been over a year since Fancy Cats took in Che-
                                                                   nile and began to try to heal her physical and psychological
                                                                   damage. Chenile has made an amazing transformation into
                                                                   a beautiful, healthy, more relaxed cat, and her missing fur has
                                                                   almost completely grown back! Take a look at her latest pic-
                                                                   ture, and then the ones we took when she first came into the
                                                                   group (from the last article), and you will see the difference!

                                                                         Ever Wonder Where Your Donations Go?

                                                                     Have you ever wondered where your donations go, when
                                                                     you give money to Fancy Cats Rescue Team? These statis-
                                                                     tics might help put things in perspective:

After three months of care, we returned to the animal hospital         $10 feeds one cat for a month.
for a last checkup before declaring her ready for a new home.          $20 pays for insulin for one month for a diabetic cat.
During that checkup we found that her teeth needed clean-              $25 pays for one male cat to be neutered.
ing, requiring analytic blood work before anesthesia. The lab
                                                                       $30 pays for one month of latex gloves to sanitarily
analysis revealed that Katmandu now had kidney disease,
                                                                       clean cat cages.
probably as a result of her burns. Dr Vargas estimated her age
at over 0 years, probably 2 years old. Because of this com-          $50 pays for one female cat to be spayed.
plication, Dr. Vargas advised that Katmandu be kept stress             $75 pays for dewormer for 40 kittens.
free and on a special diet.                                            $100 pays for five cats to be tested for FeLV/FIV.
                                                                       $150 pays for an elderly cat to get a dental exam.
By now, Katmandu had bonded strongly with my husband and
                                                                       $250 buys one quarantine cage.
me. Together with Dr. Vargas, we decided that it was best for
her future health if she stay with us, and she is now queen of         $500 buys 20 cats litter for six months.
the household, though Joe’s office is still her private space.         $1,000 provides 100 cats food for a month.
She tremendously enjoys being brushed every day and is
a most loving and delightful cat. A recent visit to the animal       Donations to Fancy Cats Rescue Team are fully TAX-DE-
hospital for a six-month check of the status of her kidney func-     DUCTIBLE. Donating money—or items (we can always use
tion revealed that she is holding her own. The staff could not       towels, litter, food, dishes, and cat toys!)—not only helps
believe how wonderful she looked one would never know that           hundreds of needy cats, but it helps you keep some of
she had endured such a painful ordeal last winter.                   your hard-earned cash that Uncle Sam takes away every
                                                                        April 15.
Our group tried to find what happened to her, calling the
7                                                                                                  Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Chenile is far calmer and less afraid than she was when Fancy
Cats first took her in from the local shelter. What is most         tions, or otherwise assist our group based on their talents.
amazing is that every week, a volunteer vacuums the room in         We also are always in need of foster homes for cats, which
which Chenile is staying, and she doesn’t even bat a cat-lash       involve providing a temporary home to a cat or cats until
about it! This is far different from how she behaved when           they can be adopted into their permanent homes. Foster-
she first entered our group, as even the slightest sounds or        ing cats is a very rewarding activity; it is the lifeblood of our
movements would have her cowering in fear in the corner of          group that provides a safety net that gives many animals
her cage.                                                           the chance they deserve to get into a loving and permanent
                                                                    home. Please contact us for an application.
Chenile is still a little shy in some ways and gets a bit nervous
when picked up, but she adores being petted and will reward                                               Fancy Cats Rescue Team
you with gentle purrs and squinty eyes when given affection.
She will even roll over on her back and let you pet her tummy,
a true sign that her trust and love for people has finally been
                                                                                PETsMART ADOPTIONS
                                                                    Please join us every Saturday and Sunday at
Pictures don’t do justice to her beautiful green eyes; if you       our adoption centers in Fair Lakes, 7 Corners,
see her in person they’ll take your breath away! Fancy Cats
                                                                       Warrenton, Leesburg and Gainesville to
                                                                      submit an application to adopt one of our
                                                                       wonderful cats! Our schedule and list of
                                                                      cats available for adoptions is posted on
                                                                                PetFinder’s website at


                                                                        We will also have volunteer applications
                                                                             available! SEE YOU THERE!
is hoping to find a calm and peaceful home for Chenile soon
(preferably one with no young children as she prefers a quiet
place), so she can provide her new companions with gentle
                                                                     Fancy Cats Rescue Team has enrolled in
love and affection and live the peaceful life she has always
                                                                    the Food Lion LionShop & Share program.
                                                                         LionShop & Share is the easiest, most
If you are interested in meeting Chenile, please contact Cathy
                                                                       convenient way to raise money for your
Awad, her foster mother since Chenile was first taken in.
                                                                       local not-for-profit organization. Each
                                                                       time you shop at Food Lion and use your
                                      Fancy Cats Rescue Team
                                                                     MVP card, a portion of your total grocery
                                                                       purchase will be donated to the school,
                                                                        church or other local not-for-profit
Katmandu and Chenille’s cases are examples of why
                                                                     organization you have selected. Food Lion
Fancy Cats is always in need of funding to support these
                                                                     knows it is important to be involved in the
kinds of special cases, in addition to the substantial regular
                                                                      local communities in which it serves, and
expenses we incur for day to day operations: vaccinations,
                                                                     LionShop & Share is our way of helping you
medicines, spay/neuter, food and supplies, etc. This is why
                                                                     to help your community grow and prosper.
we always deeply appreciate the donations we receive.
Fancy Cats is a Combined Federal Campaign charity (our
                                                                      Register your MVP card online by going to
CFC number is 8929), so if you participate in the Combined
                                                             and clicking on
Federal Campaign please remember us when you are
                                                                      the Lion Shop and Share link or by filling
designating your gift.
                                                                      out a registration card at any Food Lion
 You may also mail donations using our donation form
         on the back of this newsletter to:

                                                                             THANK YOU !
         Fancy Cats Rescue Team, PO Box 182
                 Herndon, VA 20172

In addition to donations, Fancy Cats is always in need                     for all your help, support, care, and love!
of volunteers who will help take care of our cats that are                 —The Fancy Cats of Fancy Cats Rescue Team
housed at the Fair Lakes PETsMART, assist with adop-
8                                                                                                       Fancy Cats Rescue Team
                                                                                                        A copy of the latest financial
        YES! I want to contribute to Fancy Cats Rescue Team!                                            report and registration filed by
                                                                                                        Fancy Cats Rescue Team may
          Nearly 00% of your donation goes toward the care of rescued animals*                         be obtained by contacting:

Name: ______________________________________________________________                                    State Division of Consumer
Address: _____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        Department of Agriculture and
                                                                                                        Consumer Services
City:      _____________________________________ State: ____                         ZIP: _______       P O Box 1163
                                                                                                        Richmond VA 23209
Phone: _______________________                       E-mail: _______________________________
                                                                                                        Registration does not imply

    $                                             PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH!                              endorsement, approval, or rec-
                                                                                                        ommendation by the state.

* Each year, we spend a considerable amount of                Please send future issues of The          Please make your check pay-
money in our spay and neutering of cats, as well              Scratching Post to my address,            able to Fancy Cats Rescue
as caring for some of the more serious medical
                                                              above. My contribution will help offset   Team and mail it in the conve-
conditions that we inherit from shelter-bound or
abandoned cats. Fancy Cats regularly has cats                 the cost of printing and mailing is-      niently enclosed envelope to
in long-term foster care with FIV, FeLV, diabetes,            sues.                                     us at:
and emotional problems. Please help us keep
these cats healthy and safe. Please send your                 I would like to volunteer! Please         Fancy Cats Rescue Team
most generous donation made out to:                                                                     P O Box 182
                                                              contact me at my address, above.
    Fancy Cats Rescue Team                                                                              Herndon VA 20172-0182
    P O Box 82                                               I would like to become a Foster
    Herndon, VA 2072-082                                                                              We are a non-profit organiza-
                                                              caregiver. Please contact me at my        tion; your contribution is tax
 or donate via Paypal, iGive, or on
                                                              address, above.                           deductible!
our Web site:

        In addition to our own Web site (, you can see many of our cats at
                     the PetFinder Web site:

Fancy Cats Rescue Team                                                                                      NONPROFIT
P O Box 82                                                                                                US POSTAGE
Herndon VA 2072-082                                                                                          PAID
                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 6205
                                                                                                          CENTREVILLE VA

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