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									                                          Alpha Delt
                                           The Cornell

First published in 1896                                                                                                             Spring 2006

Breaking News: Goat House Renovations Commence
        he Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation is pleased to thank                 As the primary structural needs are addressed, the Cornell Star &
        all brothers who contributed to our charter fundraising                Crescent Foundation will work with the Goat House committee of the
        campaign throughout fall 2005. With your assistance, we raised         board of Alpha Delta Phi at Cornell to solicit active and alumni brother
over $32,000, including matching contributions.                                                      input on the future plans for the Goat House.
In the Spring of 2005, Howie Schaffer ’90                                                            Working together, we will realize a structure
outlined on these pages the motivations for                                                          worthy of the next hundred years of Alpha Delta
creating a foundation to support education-                                                          Phi on the Cornell University campus.
related operations and capital projects at 777                                                           Our $32,000 is just a start. We expect the
Stewart Avenue.                                                                                      entire project to cost nearly $150,000. The
    We are excited to announce we are in the plan-                                                   quicker we can raise the money, the lower our
ning and early construction stages of a                                                              final costs will be, as we can lock in current
substantial project to stabilize and refurbish the                                                   materials and labor expenses. Please make a
Goat House. In May of 2006, engineers visited the                                                    fully tax-deductible contribution to the Goat
house with the assistance of Tony Biddle ’07, and                                                    House renewal and improvement effort.
reviewed the existing conditions of the exterior of
the Goat House and its internal facilities. While                                                         Address your contribution to:
the building is not in danger of imminent collapse,
masonry of the interior and exterior including the extended entryway are                                 Goat House Improvement Fund
in need of serious repair. The engineers are also developing a report on                                 c/o Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation
steps to strengthen and stabilize the roof, and providing preliminary                                    P.O. Box 876
suggestions for an improved climate control systems. With the results                                    Ithaca, NY 14851-0876
of the survey in hand, planning and construction will be commencing on
critical projects to stabilize and prevent further structural deterioration.      All gifts will be promptly and gratefully acknowledged in writing. As
    Once the immediate structural repairs are completed, the exterior of       always, we welcome your questions and comments; I can be reached by
the Goat House, including the tile frieze is to be fully restored to its       e-mail at gwd6@cornell.edu.
1903 glory. Site lighting will be added to showcase the structure and                                                                            Xaipe,
help deter vandalism that unfortunately has become common in recent
years. The final phase of the project will be to restore and enhance the                                                          George W. Doerre ’04
interior appointments of the Goat House.                                                                 President, Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation

                                                                                      Reflecting On The Past
                                                                                     To Prepare For The Future
                                                                                      very once in a while, it’s important to step back and reflect on
                                                                                      Alpha Delta Phi’s past in order to better prepare ourselves for the
                                                                                      future. With the new year upon us—marking our 137 year of
                                                                               existence at Cornell—now seems more than fitting.
                                                                                   Back in 1869, just a year after our university opened its doors, a
                                                                               group of 12 young men, from places like St. Louis, Missouri, Elmira,
                                                                               New York and Des Moines, Iowa, became the first to be initiated into
                                                                               our ranks. They would go on to pursue careers in law, journalism and
                                                                                   Our fraternity was founded before Cornell had selected its school
                                                                               song, “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” and while Ithaca, with just 8,000
                                                                               residents, had no paved streets. The university’s enrollment hovered at
                                                                               563 at this time.
          Men of character seen at Homecoming 2005:                                                                             (continued on page four)
     Hunter Ryan ’07, Tony Biddle ’07, and David Ryan ’67.
     Officers & Directors
     Alpha Delta Phi at
         Cornell, Inc.
 Chairman.....Kenneth E. Growney ’82

 President.......Howard B. Schaffer ’90

 Vice President.......Philip R. Reilly ’69

                                                                       Phil Reilly ’69 discusses his life in crime and DNA testing
                                                                             with the brotherhood and guests last October.
 Treasurer.................Peter D. Fifield ’75

 Recording Secretary...Rudy Koch ’00
              Rudy.Koch@gmail.com                                       Fall 2006 Undergraduate Officers
 Secretary............W. Douglas Bond ’66
                bond@post.harvard.edu             President...........................Sven Karlsson ’07   Assistant Steward....Eamon Kelleher '08
                                                                  SvenErik@swedishkiwi.com                                            ejk35@cornell.edu
                                                                                         401-447-1809                                       315-559-7157
          Directors Emeriti:                                                                              Assistant Rush...............Eric Weinstein '09
                                                  Vice President........Schuyler Vreeland '09                                        elw35@cornell.edu
        Richard W. Wambach ’53                                             sv85@cornell.edu                                                631-827-4840
           John S. Dyson ’65                                                                              Asst. House Manager....Jamil Karmali '08
         George M. Kennedy '52                    Treasurer...........................Pat Kavanagh ’07                          jk445@cornell.edu
                                                                                     pgk7@cornell.edu                               607-342-2252
       Retiring October 2008                                                                              Summer House Man.....Derek Biederman ‘08
          W. Douglas Bond ‘66                     Social Chair.......................Miles Bloom '08                        dmb97@cornell.edu
           Michael R. Elliott ‘87                                           mab249@cornell.edu                                     860-299-6757
             Rudy Koch ‘00                                                                                Alumni Relations.........Kevin Barmish '07
            Philip R. Reilly '69                  Steward...........................Ronald Udasin ‘09                        barmish@cornell.edu
         Howard B. Schaffer ‘90                                                      rgu3@cornell.edu                                  607-351-4454
          Richard Seestedt ‘86                                                                            Philanthropy................Alexander Keith '07
            John R. Tuttle ‘81                    Rush Chair...........................Tony Biddle '07                                  atk9@cornell.edu
          Joseph Tucceri, Jr. ‘00                                               ab384@cornell.edu                                          917-855-1304
                                                                                                          Games............................Eamon Kelleher '08
       Retiring October 2007                      House Manager...............Mark Jennings ‘08                                             ejk35@cornell.edu
                                                                            mwj5@cornell.edu                                                    315-559-7157
          Philip C. Ballard ‘00
         A. John Golder III ‘83                                                                           Technology..............................Eric Wang '08
        Kenneth E. Growney ‘82                    Victory Club...................Nick DiNorscio '08                                   edw28@cornell.edu
                                                                                 njd34@cornell.edu                                               607-621-8041
          Jim McCormick ‘69                                                           201-317-5271
        Thomas M. Rothfels ‘77                                                                            Historian...............................Tony Biddle '07
                                                                              M. Brian Hall '07
         Daniel C. Sweeney ‘97                                                                            Song Master...............Chris Gunderson '08
       Retiring October 2006                                                                                                              941-380-6367
                                                  Asst. Treasurer................Alex Lebowitz ‘09
          Anthony D. Biddle ‘07                                                                           Literary...................Caleb Schwarzbach '08
             Ryan Colbert ‘05                                                                                                            chs27@cornell.edu
            Peter D. Fifield ‘75
                                                  Assistant Social...............John Tesfaye '09
          Peter M.R. Kendall ‘68                                                                                                        Kevin Barmish '07
           Hunter A. Ryan ‘07                                                      832-755-1996           Xathar..........................Chris Gunderson '08

The Cornell Alpha Delt               2                                                                                       www.adphicornell.org
                        The Presidential Report: A Bold Vision
         s the ivy sprouting from the Phi’s ramparts shifts from brilliant     Firstly, the house will be more crowded and, by extension, a more fun
         emerald to dignified bronze hues, I pause now to take stock of        place to live. Secondly, house operations and newer brothers will
         what the brotherhood has recently accomplished.                       benefit from the veteran leadership and consultation that comes from
    New and returning brothers quickly bonded as we trickled in from           living in the house for three years. Thirdly, the house will become a
summers spent around the world with myriad stories and souvenirs to            more diverse environment with healthy numbers of sophomores,
exchange. Myself having woken up on a crisp final morning in                   juniors, and seniors living-in.
Scotland and then settling in that very                                                                            The devastation that occurred in the
evening in my new room at the house, I                                                                         Gulf Coast region brought many dis-
felt an unbridled sense of anticipation and                                                                    placed students to Cornell, and Alpha
excitement for the year ahead. The mood                                                                        Delta Phi was first in line to help. Shortly
in the house was electric.                                                                                     after the disaster we agreed to house
    One of our first big projects was the                                                                      Matthew Checki ’08, a transfer student
Alumni Thank-a-thon that we held on Sun-                                                                       from Tulane University. By all accounts
day, September 11th. A diverse group of                                                                        Matt has been having a great time, so
twelve brothers personally thanked via                                                                         much so that he is pursuing a permanent
telephone 427 active alumni for their con-                                                                     transfer to Cornell.
tinued support of the fraternity. We also                                                                          I would like to thank all my fellow
had a great time trading anecdotes with                                                                        brothers—and especially the officers—for
brothers of both the recent and distant past.                                                                  their efforts so far this year. I have always
    Needless to say, Alpha Delt parties are                                                                    thought that the success or failure of any
the toast of the town. However, we are                                                                         group is tied intimately to each of its
building new dimensions in our public                                                                          members. We, therefore, as Alpha Delts
image to present the Alpha Delta Phi as an                                                                     must personally identify with the success
institution of timeless class. This initiative                                                                 or failure of this house. We must protect
starts with the resurrection of a Faculty               Tony Biddle ’07 throws caution to the wind             this house. Vice President Tom Reilly ’07
Speaker Series, currently headed up by our             and unfurls a new banner at Alpha Delt Phi.             organized a masterful homecoming week-
Literary Chair, Kevin Barmish ’07. The                                                                         end and Victory Club. Scott Marret ’08
first installment of the series features Doctor William B. Provine, with       has acquiesced well as house manager. Social chair Tobin Sullivan ’07
the evening’s topic centered on Evolution versus Intelligent Design. We        has the girls thinking of us not as Greeks, but as Greek Gods deserving
invited students, faculty, administrators, and local government officials      of no less than the sweetest of indulgent satisfactions. Rush Chair Sven
to the October 25th event, which will be followed directly by a coffee         Erik Karlsson ’07 has given us a good head start for rush. Sometimes I
and hors d’oeurves reception. Both the presentation and reception will         wonder whether Pat Kavanagh ’07 actually has time to sleep, consider-
be held at the house, giving us an opportunity to showcase ourselves to        ing the responsibility he shoulders as Treasurer and Steward.
the Cornell community. Kevin has invested much time and energy to                  So in closing and as I look to emerge from this rumination into the
ensure the success of the event, and I am sure that a good start now will      reality of another Ithaca Fall season, I say that we are indeed preserving
fuel momentum for future installations of the series.                          the mystery and wonderment of the Alpha Delta Phi. I look forward to
    While we are still early in the academic year, students must now           the future, and hope to see many of you in the spring when the emerald
decide where they want to live in the future. I am happy to report that        ivy once again creeps across these great stone walls.
somewhere in the neighborhood of eight current juniors have decided to                                                                                Xaipe!
live in the chapter house next year as seniors. This development has                                                            Anthony Drexel Biddle ’07
several important implications, a few of which I would like to highlight.                                               Fall 2005 Undergraduate President

                                   Alpha Delta Phi Financial Update
         s a result of an unusually large senior class graduating last              Over the past decade, the number of seniors living in the house
         spring, coupled with skyrocketing energy prices to heat 777             has gradually decreased to zero as a result of attractive living
         Stewart Avenue., we knew that finances would be tight this year.        arrangements in Collegetown. This is especially troublesome since
However, the executive board has embraced this challenge and contin-             seniors should take advantage of their experience and leadership to
ues to work vigilantly to streamline our costs wherever possible. We             play integral roles in the house, not to mention the empty rooms that
saw some of the fruits of our labor when our homecoming, social, and             result. Seeing this troublesome trend, Howie Schaffer ’90 and the
kitchen budgets came in right on target last semester. We used our rush          alumni board have generously created an incentive to encourage more
budget effectively over the course of the fall semester to attract potential     senior leadership in the house. Beginning next year, seniors living in
rushes with weekly Monday Night Football social gatherings and our               the house will not be billed for their spring room cost ($3,375). There
traditional Turkey Fest event around Thanksgiving. We are all very               will be a minimum of 6 seniors living in the house next year,
pleased with our 16 new members and see tremendous leadership ability            compared with zero over the past two years.
in them to make lasting contributions to the Phi.                                   With a fuller house next year and a renaissance in senior leadership,
    In recent years, lack of communication between executive officers            I am optimistic about our financial outlook. I hope to have the privilege
and the brotherhood has often lead to overspending and resulted in               of continuing my duties as treasurer during my senior year and look
running deficits. The executive board has made a conscious effort at             forward to continued financial success.
the onset of each semester this year to ensure that each officer was
well aware of their designated budget. Furthermore, the importance                                                                Patrick G. Kavanagh ’07
of engaging in semester long planning to minimize unforeseen costs                                                                              Treasurer

was stressed.

 www.adphicornell.org                                                                                                                       Spring 2006
 Ray Tuttle '48 Praises House History And Shares A Goat House Tale
    I extend my most enthusiastic congratulations to Howie Schaffer ’90     turned into dorms!). The Alpha Delts also took in the Kappa Alpha
 and Marc Zawel ’04 for the great job done with the new 2006 Member-        brothers who were back in 1946, since their house on-campus was still
 ship Directory and History. It is wonderful. The much-improved com-        occupied by midshipmen.
 munications from the Chapter over the past couple years has had a real-        The Goat House had gone through the war years without heat or any
 ly positive effect on my interest in our chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi.   attention at all, since the residence was occupied by midshipmen. We came
 This document is much more than just frosting on that cake—it is like a    to understand that pre-war it had a plastered ceiling; when I first saw
 champagne toast!                                                           it post-war, much of the ceiling plaster had fallen to the floor and it was
    First some background: I returned to the States and Cornell from the    hardly safe to even be in there. Accordingly, the big project for the pledge
 Pacific Theater just in time for the Spring term                                                      class was to clean up the Goat House (Here my
 beginning in February 1946. I was a second-term                                                       memory gets foggy as to the sequence of events—
 Junior in the five-year Chemical Engineering                                                          our final initiation ceremony may have been in the
 School program. Pre-war, I got to Cornell on                                                          Library and the cleanup in the weeks that
 New York State and McMillan Scholarships and                                                          followed—or we may have been initiated in the
 a very tight budget which led me to live at the                                                       Goat House before or after the cleanup).
 co-op on Stewart Avenue (Cayuga Student Resi-                                                             What I do remember very well was the
 dence Association). When I returned in 1946                                                           process of cleanup! We knocked the remaining
 with the scholarships plus the GI Bill, I did not                                                     plaster down from the domed ceiling, filled
 go to CSRA but to a room in Sage Hall (which                                                          wheelbarrows and ran the wheelbarrows down
 had been for girls pre-war). My roommate turned                                                       the steps, through the house, out the door, across
 out to be Dave Klauder '46 from Buffalo, which                                                        the lower parking lot and dumped the plaster
 was a strong area for Alpha Delt alumni (Woose                                                        over the side of the hill. We had a single plank
 Hooker ’28, et al). The House rushed Dave and                                                         running down the center of the steps, tried to
 he told them to check me out as well. I had been                                                      keep the wheel of the wheelbarrow on the plank,
 on Cornell's Tennis team, would certainly bring                                                       one of our feet on each side of the plank going
 the House's grade point average up, and Dave                                                          down the steps, pulled into a trot by the
 said I was a good guy—so they rushed me and                                                           wheelbarrow load on the sloping stairs!
 we both pledged AD.                                                                                   I remember it as a wild ride or rather many wild
     Now on to the Alpha Delta Phi stuff. The                                                          rides since there was a lot of stuff to remove! But
 house was back in the fraternity's hands (it had                                                      we got it done and the Goat House resumed its
 been requisitioned by the U.S. Department of War during World War II)      function before the term was over.
 by spring of 1946 (it may even have been in the fall of '45 but I don't        I am very glad to support the overdue renovation of the Goat House
 remember). Discharged veterans had started coming back to Cornell in       through my contribution to the Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation.
 the Fall of 1945 and by Spring term there was a flood of veterans! The
 alumni and actives were anxious to fill the AD House so the pledges               The above article was adapted from an enthusiastic note received
 were encouraged to move in and we did (that made the University                   from Raymond E. Tuttle '48. Brother Tuttle can be reached at:
 happy as well, because they had students waiting to fill the room we              RayTutt@aol.com.
 vacated—the top floor of Olin Hall of Chemical Engineering was even

Reflecting On The Past To Prepare For The Future
(continued from page one)
    Over the years, much has changed, both at Cornell and within our        This means the U.S.A. Patriot Act today—and 70 years ago, it meant
fraternity. We’ve moved from Tioga Street to Buffalo Street to Stewart      the Ives Act of 1934, a heavily debated bill, that would require all
Avenue. We’ve also survived some of the biggest historical events that      teachers at Cornell to take an oath of allegiance to state and national
our country has ever faced: from the Great Depression, to the World         constitutions. Through it all, Alpha Delta Phi has continued to provide
Wars to September 11.                                                       its members not only a social outlet, but also an environment that
    And while other fraternity brotherhoods have risen and fallen, ours     fosters their intellectual, social, emotional, and leadership development.
has shown remarkable resilience. Through snowstorms and tragic fires,           When one member of our fraternity from the 1930s was asked to
Alpha Delta Phi has continued to demonstrate excellence, churning out       recall any memories of his time in Ithaca, he cited “the fellowship that
thousands of educated, ambitious and successful future leaders. But,        the fraternity life offered and the high caliber of individuals in the
how have we managed to do this? What is it about our fraternity—and         House.” But, at the same time, this brother said that he feared high
its members—that have allowed us to survive, when so many others            academic achievement wasn’t always encouraged, a criticism not
have failed? Some of Alpha Delt’s oldest living members, from the           unlikely to be heard today.
1930s and 1940s, might offer some insight.                                      It’s clear then that Alpha Delt is perennially a motley group of smart
    While they might have been the first to live in our rebuilt home —      men seeking collaborators in living the good life. Sometimes book
and were undergrads when an idea for a fraternity newsletter, the           learning comes second to us at Cornell. But, learning about the world,
Cornell Alpha Delt, was hatched—they lived during a time and political      leadership, negotiation and diversity—these are lessons that have
climate not too unlike what we live in today.                               endured long after we have forgotten all the symbols of the elements of
    Not long before the attack of Peal Harbor in late 1941,                 the periodic table.
Carl Becker, university historian, gave a lecture that still holds              And, knowing just this—that it is the strength of our character and
resonance. “Cornell has a character, a corporate personality, in this       ideals that has allowed for our tremendous success—will be helpful in
sense, an intellectual tradition by which it can be identified. The word    reminding us how to approach the challenges we are sure to face in the
which best symbolizes this is freedom,” he said.                            future.

    Similarly, as we grapple today with how best to address the threat of                                                               Marc Zawel ’04
terrorism, so did our government in the face of communism.                                               Treasurer, Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                                  www.adphicornell.org
                                                                               A Musical Atmosphere

   Homecoming 2005 And
                                                                                 Fills The Phi Lodge
    Initiation 2006 ACEF
                                                                                here has been a revival in the past year of the musical side of
                                                                                Alpha Delta Phi. It is rare these days to walk through house with-
                                                                                out hearing the strumming of a guitar, the banging of a drum, or
  Academic Award Winners
          ix undergraduate brothers were recognized at the most          a jingle on the grand piano. A new band-room in the basement is
          recent Homecoming Alumni Banquet for their outstanding         equipped with multiple guitars, a bass, drums, and banjo. The house
          academic achievements. The Adelphic Cornell Educational        now boasts a fantastic rag-time piano player, Gerald Yeung ’08.
                                                                         I congratulate the brothers on their musical excellence and for this
   Fund (ACEF) presented $500 academic awards to Kevin
                                                                         revival of the arts throughout the house.
   Barmish ’07, Zachary Jones ’06, David Chen ’07, Derek
   Biederman ’08, and Tobin Sullivan ’07. A special honorable                                                                  Sven Karlsson ’07
   mention and a $100 award was given to Gerald Yeung ’08.                                                                           Songmaster
       At the Spring 2006 Initiation Banquet another round of
   academic awards were eagerly bestowed by Thom Chirurg ’64

   and the trustees of the ACEF. Prizes of $500 were presented to
   Sven Karlsson ’07, Kevin Barmish ’07, Derek Biederman ’08,                      Preserving The Past At
   Aaron Beaudette ’07, Zachary Jones ’06, Ben Buchanan ’06, and
   Justin Mao-Jones ’08.                                                              Alpha Delta Phi
       Spring 2006 was the ninth consecutive semester in which four
   or more brothers have won academic awards by being named to
                                                                                he living history of our house is of the utmost importance to
   the Dean’s List of their respective college.                                 the undergraduate brotherhood. There is a strong interest in,
       The ACEF makes cash awards annually, at Homecoming and                   and respect for, the great men that came through this fraternity
   Initiation, to recognize exemplary scholarship. The awards are        in the many years before us. Just the other day, while standing
   made in memory of Theodore H. Booth ’25 and James T. Lewis            together on the balcony overlooking the great hall, Thomas Reilly
   ’27. An additional award is made in the fall, to the newly initiat-   ’07 mused to me, “Imagine the hundreds of brothers who have stood
   ed brother with the highest GPA earned while a pledge, in honor       right here and all the unbelievable stories that have taken place under
   of R. Bruce Hart ’84. More information on these awards can be         this roof. What a movie it would make!”
   found at: http://www.adphicornell.org/scholarships.asp                    The announcement made by Howie Schaffer’90 to the undergrads
       The fraternity extends its gratitude to trustees and the donors   of a plan to restore the Goat House was warmly embraced by the
   of the ACEF for their continued sponsorship of these academic         brothers. The need for serious structural improvement and a
   awards that promote academic excellence in Alpha Delta Phi.           redesigned interior is painfully evident to the active brotherhood.
   Rewarding and celebrating the scholarship, intellectual merit, and    Yet, during the first committee meeting, while brainstorming restora-
   hard work of deserving undergraduate brothers is a pleasure for       tion options, President Tony Biddle ’07 intensely refuted the offhand
   all alumni brothers.                                                  suggestion of a total demolition and reconstruction of the G. He
                                                                         stated, “What has transpired within those hallowed walls is far more
                                                                         important to me and Alpha Delta Phi than any new structure could
                                                                         hope to be. When I return here in future years I do not want to see
                                                                         some false deity taking the place of that historic structure.”
                                                                             In the end, we all managed to come to a consensus that whatever
                                                                         the future of the Goat House, we must focus on the principles of:
                                                                         secrecy, security, cleanliness, safety, and ritual or meeting use only.
  A Look Back to 1954: Alpha Delt
                                                                         Personally, I believe that in order to allow the G to come back into
                                                                         consistent use by the brothers, we must create a way to heat it. The
     Crimestoppers In Action!
                                                                         use is currently prohibited in the colder months, and in Ithaca, that’s
  On October 5, 1954, The Cornell Daily Sun reported that a group of     most of them. Heating, of course, leads to the need to also increase
Ithaca teenagers was apprehended after reportedly attempting to break    insulation and install sprinklers
into the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house.                               to keep it up to code.
                                                                             As we discussed the various
      “[Peter] Baker and six other younger youths [were]                 options, the magnitude of the
   discovered by Donald L. Berg ’55 and John A. Brooke ’57,              project ahead of us continued to
   Alpha Delta Phi members, as the gang was attempting to break          grow. However, with the strong
   open a dining room window. Berg managed to corner [the youth]         interest of the brotherhood and
   against the wall of the house while Brooke captured two of the        continued alumni support, I am
   other fleeing juveniles.                                              confident that the Goat House
                                                                         will soon be restored to its origi-
      “After informal questioning the three teenagers claimed they       nal glory, and more. I am proud
   were seeking beer, ice cream and pop and admitted stealing some       to be part of a brotherhood that
   beer at the Chi Psi house earlier [that day.]                         cares not just about ensuring the
                                                                         future of the house, but preserv-
      “A spokesman from this fraternity informed The Sun that ‘a         ing its past as well.
   small amount of beer, less than a case’ was taken sometime over
   the weekend.”                                                                        Sven Karlsson ’07

                                                                                                                        Sven Karlsson ’07
                                                                                Spring 2006 Vice President             and date at the Phi.

 www.adphicornell.org                                                                                                             Spring 2006
          Homecoming 2005: Bringing Us All Back Home
          ur active brotherhood extends its thanks to those alums who              know what it is to be a part of a brotherhood. We all know what it feels like
          returned to the Phi this October for Homecoming and Victory Club.        to start a new school year and realize that the brotherhood is no longer the
          It is a great sense of pride to have brothers from many different eras   same as it was months before. It is an exciting prospect to have the future
 come back and show their support for the house and the brothers. To see           very much in your hands and know that it will only be what you make it. A
 that the welfare of the Phi is still on the minds of men who have far more        love of fraternity is what has brought all of us to the Phi and the memories
 pressing concerns is a testament to the character of Alpha Delts.                 of the early years are what keep bringing us back.
      Generation gaps, as we are all aware, are very real. The exigencies and          Again, the brothers thank those of you who took time to visit and
 attitudes of our ever-shifting culture are not the same for any two genera-       remind all of you that you are eternally welcome at 777
 tions of brothers. The details of life at 777 Stewart Avenue have been in         Stewart. Pledging is only a practice run; the true test of fraternity is brother-
 constant flux since the day the first brothers moved in. Every aspect of the      hood itself.
 Phi is interpreted and acted upon differently each year. But during Home-                                                                     Thomas Reilly ’07
 coming this year I realized that despite these disparities, all Alpha Delts                          Fall 2005 Vice President & Victory Club Co-Chairman

  Undergraduates Offer “Thank Yous” To Generous Alumni Brothers
        he Alpha Delta Phi alumni Thankathon took place on                 have such kind words written about us by someone who has had such lit-
        Sunday, September 11, 2005, and was a great success.               tle exposure to us and still believes we are responsible young men, a
        Ten undergraduate brothers, led by President Biddle, took charge   seeming oxymoron this day and age.
 and the result was the most successful Thankathon in years. Because of        As members of the Alpha Delta Phi tradition we pride ourselves on
 President Biddle’s esteemed vision and                                                                  being set apart from the mainstream
 guidance 420 phone calls were made to                                                                   stereotypes so easily associated with fra-
 our vast pool of very generous alumni.                                                                  ternities. The undergraduates as a whole
    Undergrads spoke to just over 100                                                                    took from our discussions with alumni a
 alumni, and over 50 spouses and family                                                                  greater sense of responsibility towards the
 members. 180 messages were left on                                                                      house and in our weekly Wednesday
 those alumni answering machines that did                                                                meeting Vice President Reilly shared with
 not pick up their phones and undergradu-                                                                us an amusing story from an Alpha Delt in
 ate brothers made sure to leave numbers                                                                 the 70s who told him a story which truly
 they could be contacted at if alumni had                                                                exemplified the Alpha Delt motto of
 any questions.                                                                                          working hard and playing hard.
    The Thankathon was such a success                                                                        The undergraduate brothers would
 that the following day Mike Duesing of                                                                  like to thank all alumni who took the
 the Stewart Howe Alumni Service, which                                                                  time to answer our phone calls and
 helps coordinate the Thankathon, sent an                                                                support the house and we hope the ties
 e-mail to alumni president Howie Schaffer                                                               between alumni brothers and under-
 ’90 in which he writes, “Since I have had                                                               graduate brothers will continue to
 personal experience with your undergraduates on several occasions in      strengthen in the years to come.
                                                Alpha Delts thank our alums at Thankathon 2005.

 the past several years, I can say they are doing are doing quite well.                                                                      Xaipe,
 Their more responsible, sincere approach should make you and the                                                                  Hunter Ryan ’07
 alumni proud.” As undergraduates in the house we were very honored to                                                        Spring 2006 President

 Ensuring Our Future Through RUSH
                                                                                         Alpha Delt Elected To Cornell
     f there is one gift of lasting impact that I know my brothers and I can
     leave to Alpha Delt, it is in the careful choice of those young men we
                                                                                         University Board of Trustees
     choose to succeed us as the undergraduate brotherhood. I am, of
 course, talking about Rush, the age-old tradition of strengthening our                    n early April, Interim Cornell President Hunter Rawlings
 organization by attracting solid candidates to us. As Rush Chair, I can                   called Philip Reilly ’69 to give him the good news that
 confidently say that this year will yield a very strong pledge class. Thanks              their fellow alumni had elected him to the University
 to Social Chair Tobin Sullivan ’07, we have been hosting some of the best             Board of Trustees.
 parties on campus this semester. Our Victory Club during Homecoming                       The board’s four year terms begin on July 1. Phil Reilly is
 was a great chance for freshmen to see the classier side that puts Alpha              the recent author of The Strongest Boy in the World: How
 Delts “a cut above the rest.” This, in turn, has created great prestige for           Genetic Information is Reshaping Our Lives (Cold Spring
 our house and the inevitable interest that follows. Coupled with weekly               Harbor Laboratory Press.) Our many congratulations to Phil
 social gatherings and a variety of other rush events throughout the                   on this great honor and responsibility.
 semester, I see Alpha Delta Phi in a very favorable position going into                   Phil joins other Alpha Delta Phi brothers on the board of
 rush week. The intelligent and magnetic “potential rushees,” who we                   trustees, including emeritus members John Dyson ’65,
 have already attracted, along with the many more we will meet during                  J. Thomas Clark ’63 and Howard P. Milstein ’73.
 rush week, will go forward to lead this house effectively and prosperously
 far into the future.                                                                                                                  W. Douglas Bond ’66

                                             Sven Karlsson ’07, Rush Chair

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                                          www.adphicornell.org
   Meet The Newest Brothers Of Alpha Delta Phi At Cornell
Miles Andrew Bloom                           Jamil Karmali                                Ronald Udasin
School Address:   1214 Class of ’17 Hall     School Address:   127 North Quarry Rd        School Address:   4688 Clara Dickson Hall
                  Ithaca, NY 14853                             Ithaca, NY 14850                             Ithaca, NY 14853
Home Address:     2858 Porter Center Rd.,    Home Address:     30 Chatterton Ct           Home Address:     16 Cherokee Rd
                  Youngstown, NY 14174                         Toronto, Ontario, CA                         E. Brunswick, NJ 08816
College:          CALS                       College:          Arts and Sciences          College:          Engineering
Major(s):         Communication              Major(s):         Economics                  Major(s):         Chemical Engineering
Graduation:       2008                       Graduation:       2008                       Graduation:       2009
High School:      Wilson High School         High School:      U. of Toronto School       High School:      East Brunswick HS
E-mail:           mab249@cornell.edu         E-mail:           jk445@cornell.edu          E-mail:           rgu3@cornell.edu

Nicholas Joseph DiNorscio                    Eamon James Kelleher                         Schulyer James Charles Vreeland
                                             School Address:   709 Stewart Ave., # B4     School Address:   Townhouse A3A
School Address:   1218 Class of ’17 Hall
                                                               Ithaca, NY 14850                             Ithaca, NY 14853
                  Ithaca, NY 14853
                                             Home Address:     129 Stanwood Ln            Home Address:     460 N. Union St
Home Address:     13 Forest Drive,
                                                               Manlius, NY 13104                            Middletown, PA 17057
                  Mendham, NJ 07945
                                             College:          CALS                       College:          Arts & Sciences
College:          Arts and Sciences
                                             Major(s):         Biological Sciences        Major(s):         Economics/Government
Major(s):         Economics
                                             Graduation:       2008                       Graduation:       2009
Graduation:       2008
                                             High School:      Fayetteville - Manlius     High School:      Lawrenceville School
High School:      Seton Hall Prepatory
                                                               High School                E-mail:           sv85@cornell.edu
E-mail:           njd34@cornell.edu
                                             E-mail:           ejk35@cornell.edu

Christopher Herbert Gunderson                                                             Eric Daniel Wang
                                             Alex Justin Lebowitz                         School Address:   4011 Class of ’18 Hall
School Address:   1230 Class of ’17 Hall
                                             School Address:   204B Mews Hall                               Ithaca, NY 14853
                  Ithaca, NY 14853
                                                               Ithaca, NY 14853           Home Address:     1628 Carnegie Dr
Home Address:     412 W. Marion Avenue.,
                                             Home Address:     167 East 61st St Apt 12C                     Vestal, NY 13850
                  Punta Gorda, FL 33950
                                                               New York, NY 10021         College:          CALS
College:          ILR
                                             College:          Arts and Sciences          Major(s):         Biological Sciences
Major(s):         ILR
                                             Major(s):         Gov./American Studies                        AEM
Graduation:       2008
                                             Graduation:       2009                       Graduation:       2008
High School:      Charlotte High School
                                             High School:      The Dalton School          High School:      Vestal HS
E-mail:           chg6@cornell.edu
                                             E-mail:           ajl173@cornell.edu         E-mail:           edw28@cornell.edu

Martin Brian Hall IV                         Caleb Huesz Schwarzbach
School Address:   1316 Class of ’17 Hall
                                                                                          Eric Lewis Weinstein
                                             School Address:   777 Stewart Avenue         School Address:   709 Stewart Ave., #B4
                  Ithaca, NY 14853                             Ithaca, NY 14850                             Ithaca, NY 14850
Home Address:     219 Neely Rd               Home Address:     1450 Main St               Home Address:     10 Fox Meadow Lane
                  Clover, SC 29710                             Bethlehem, PA 18018                          Huntington, NY 11793
College:          CALS                       College:          ILR                        College:          Arts & Sciences
Major(s):         Biology and Society        Major(s):         ILR                        Major(s):         Economics/Government
Graduation:       2007                       Graduation:       2008                       Graduation:       2009
High School:      Andover (Phillips Acad.)   High School:      Liberty High School        High School:      Cold Spring Harbor High
E-mail:           mbh36@cornell.edu          E-mail:           chs27@cornell.edu          E-mail:           elw35@cornell.edu

Mark William Jennings                        T. Jonathan Tesfaye                          Gregory Nathaniel Wolfe
School Address:   1218 Class of ’17 Hall     School Address:   7451 Low Rise 7            School Address:   424 Dryden Rd
                  Ithaca, NY 14853                             Ithaca, NY 14853                             Ithaca, NY 14850
Home Address:     324 Coleman Avenue         Home Address:     3740 Wroxton Rd            Home Address:     223 West 115th Street
                  Elmira, NY 14903                             Houston, TX 77005                            New York, NY 10011
College:          CALS                       College:          Arts and Sciences          College:          Arts & Sciences
Major(s):         AEM (Premed)               Major(s):         Economics                  Major(s):         Psychology/History
Graduation:       2008                       Graduation:       2009                       Graduation:       2008
High School:      Notre Dame HS              High School:      Episcopal HS               High School:      Packer HS

E-mail:           mwj5@cornell.edu           E-mail:           tt255@cornell.edu          E-mail:           gnw3@cornell.edu

 www.adphicornell.org                                                                                               Spring 2006
  To See And Be Seen At Phi Lodge At Homecoming 2005

 Pat Kavanagh ’07 and Tom Reilly ’07, with date, at Homecoming 2005.                Tom Chandy ’03 and his date at Homecoming 2005.

   George Kennedy ’52 displays his Lifetime Alumni Service Award,
                 bestowed at Homecoming 2005.                                       J. J. McCormick ’05 and date at Homecoming 2005.

                                                                          Steven Ritchey ’81 at the tailgate.   Joe Tucceri ’00, grillmeister.

    Aaron Beaudette ’07 with
      his date, Genevieve.            Ron Schaefer ’78 at the tailgate.   George Kennedy ’52 shares wisdom.     Hunter Ryan ’07 with his date.

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                          www.adphicornell.org
Alpha Delts Work Hard, Play Hard, And Sleep Soundly

 Johnny Russo’s Dixieland band entertains at Homecoming 2005.                           Joe Welch ’95 catches up on important business.

 Many hands, one heart: brothers exult under the solarium lamp.             Derek Matuszczak ’06 and Howie Schaffer ’90 at Victory Club 2005.

                                                                                                      Kevin Barmish ’07, Professor Strauss, and
                                       Colin Williams ’92 and Gerald Yeung ’08 at the game.          Hunter Ryan ’07, at literary event in 2006.

    James Widyn ’05
   and date at the Phi.                      Kevin Barmish ’07 and his date, Maia.                    Andrew Melvin ’07 with his date, Julia.

www.adphicornell.org                                                                                                                Spring 2006
                     Literary Activities At 777 Stewart Avenue
         n Sunday February 26, 2006, Alpha Delta Phi at Cornell Uni-               set to row against Ned Hanlon in what was believed to be a match-up of
         versity welcomed Professor Barry Strauss and his family for               the two best in the world. But the night before the race, with $6,000 on
         a Protocol dinner followed by a literary presentation in the              the line (an absurdly high amount for 1879), Courtney’s two boats were
 Great Hall. Many brothers were in attendance, along with many Alpha               sawed in half. Courtney refused to race without his boat and Hanlon
 Delta Phi pledges who were experiencing their first literary event led            won the race unopposed, but did not win the $6,000 as the corporate
 by a professor.                                                                                                    sponsors pulled the prize money after
     Barry Strauss is a Professor of His-                                                                           controversy struck. Many people
 tory and Classics and has been recog-                                                                              including a large portion of the Ameri-
 nized with such honors as Cornell’s                                                                                can media believed that Courtney had
 Clark Distinguished Teaching Award,                                                                                his boats sawed out of pure cowardice.
 a fellowship from the National                                                                                          Just six years later, Cornell Univer-
 Endowment for the Humanities, and                                                                                  sity offered Courtney a job as the
 a fellowship at the American School                                                                                coach of its rowing team, even though
 of Classical Studies at Athens. In                                                                                 the editorial page of the New York
 addition, Strauss’ recent book The                                                                                 Times strongly ridiculed the choice.
 Battle of Salamis, the Navel Encounter                                                                             Courtney proved that he had reformed
 that Saved Greece—and Western                                                                                      himself though, as he took full control
 Civilization was named as one of the                                                                               of the team and made it into what a
 best books of 2004 by the Washington                                                                               college team is now thought of today.
 Post and is currently being translated                                                                             The coach had full decision making
 into six languages.                                                                                                power, kicked off individuals who
                                                          Professor Barry Strauss lectures at the Phi.
     Strauss displayed his wealth of his-                                                                           were lacked talent and were on the
 torical knowledge and his interest in Cornell sports, specifically the            team simply because of social connections, and insisted that women
 sport of rowing. He explained the story behind the first Cornell rowing           and disabled were also taught the basics of rowing. Courtney proved to
 coach Charley Courtney who was a resident of 218 Eddy Street in the               be such a success as the coach that students called him “Pap” Courtney.
 late part of the 19th century and into the early 20th century. Courtney           Harvard University tried to steal Courtney away from Cornell but as an
 was a rowing icon, winning the 1876 international rowing champi-                  incentive to keep the “Dean of American Rowing,” the university
 onship, but he was also a figure of great controversy. Strauss explained          bought and built the house that still stands at 218 Eddy Street.
 that rowing in that time period could be compared to thoroughbred rac-                The brothers and pledges of Alpha Delta Phi greatly appreciate the
 ing of this time period in that betting was an integral part of the sport.        presentation by Professor Strauss.
     In 1879, Courtney became synonymous with the biggest American
 sporting scandal until the Black Sox controversy of 1918. Courtney was                                                        Alexander Justin Lebowitz ’09

         Brother Takes Semester Off To Pursue Entrepreneurial Endeavors
         right and early on a Sunday morning, Brother Mathew Alexan-              and instantly create rave reviews amongst their customers.
         der Rakow ’08 races down the chaotic Los Angeles Freeway                    When asked what plans he has in the future with the pizza
         while trying to tackle the constant tumult erupting from his             business, Mathew replies, “with the current success of this business, my
 Blackberry. “Matt, where is our chef? We have no pizzas and the                  company may consider expanding into other lucrative Californian
 customers are hungry,” states his apprehensive colleague. “Don’t sweat           markets. In the short term I am planning on returning to the
 it, dog,” replies Matthew in a very cool manner as he pulls up to the            Phi next semester and using this endeavor as a means to spark my
 Taste of Encino festival holding 10 boxes of freshly-baked delectable            future investments.”
 pizza. Mathew and his company, Levin & JM LLC, introduce their new
 establishment, D’Amore’s Pizza Connection, to the masses of Encino                                                             Rajiv Tatarao Yadlapalli ’07

                                                                                    “Get strong men. Men of character, leaders in
                                                                                     the university, officers of the student body.
                                                                                      And of the classes, literary men, debaters,
                                                                                              athletes of the right kind.
                                                                                             But above all, GET MEN!”
                                                                                                            Benjamin Ide Wheeler, BR 1875,
                                                                                                      giving advice to the California Chapter
                                                                                                                           of Alpha Delta Phi

                Matt Rakow ’08 hones his culinary skills.

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                                       www.adphicornell.org
    Winners Of Α∆Φ Tradition                                                          Peter Brown ’82 Wins

     Fellowship Announced                                                            Logo Contest for Cornell
      ince 1998, coveted Alpha Delta Phi Tradition Fellowships have                Star & Crescent Foundation
      been awarded to undergraduates who demonstrate leadership
      potential and hold a leadership position in the chapter.                           he board of directors of the Cornell Star & Crescent Foundation
The financial award is a scholarship grant—awarded through the                           is pleased to announce that Peter P. Brown ’82 submitted the
Cornell Financial Aid Office—designed to relieve all, or portions,                       winning entry in the recent competition for a logo for the new
of the recipients’ work-study requirements. By relieving these
                                                                                 foundation. “The new logo is vibrant, exciting, and forward looking,
obligations, brothers are expected to provide service and leadership
                                                                                 qualities that parallel the aims of the new foundation,” announced George
to their chapter. These fellowships were created through Cornell’s
                                                                                 Doerre ’04, the foundation’s board president.
Scholarship Challenge Campaign, underwritten by John S. Dyson
                                                                                     After graduating Cornell in 1982, Peter took his NROTC commission
’65, and matched by generous Alpha Delt alumni donors.
                                                                                 in the Navy and went to sea for a few years. He deployed to the
   The 2005-2006 award winners are Anthony Drexel Biddle IV
’07, past undergraduate president, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,              Mediterranean, Caribbean and Atlantic operating areas, chasing (then)
and Tobin Pierce Sullivan ’07, former social chair and Victory Club              Soviet submarines. He later took an assignment ashore in Puerto Rico
chair, from Natick, Massachusetts. Both brothers were awarded                    where he reports perfect-
scholarships ranging from $2,200 to $3,800.                                      ing his tan and drink-mix-
   In a letter to the board of Alpha Delta Phi at Cornell, Inc., Broth-          ing talents while still
er Biddle wrote, “I am enormously grateful for the recognition and               holding a steady job in the
the award. This financial assistance in helping to pay for my                    Navy. Following the
college education is invaluable. This award has not only enabled me              Navy, he moved to Boston
to study abroad, but has also helped me to channel additional ener-              and worked in several
gies into my service to the Phi. I look at this award as a temporary             large Banks before joining
loan, as I seek to be able to repay it with donations to the Phi once            his current company,
I am established in my career and my college debts are fully paid.”              Welch & Forbes LLC
   The 2004-2005 award winners were Daniel Kaiser ’07 and John                   (founded in 1838). His
VanArsdale ’05.                                                                  firm manages investments,
                                                                                 mostly for the well-to-do
                                                                                 and he has now been an
                                                                                 investment portfolio man-
                                                                                 ager for 12 years. He
                                                                                 became a partner at the

                                                                                 firm four years ago. “I am
     History Of Alpha Delta Phi                                                  likely to remain until they
                                                                                 cart me off,” he reports.
       At Harvard University                                                         In addition to his
                                                                                 investment responsibilities
                                                                                 for more than $300
        he AD Club traces its origins back to the Alpha Delta Phi
                                                                                 million in assets, he
        Fraternity Chapter at Harvard, founded in 1837. The Harvard
        chapter ultimately surrendered its charter in 1860 and                   directs the firm’s market-
                                                                                                                    The award-winning Star & Crescent

disbanded, supposedly after an internal disagreement over the                    ing literature production.
                                                                                                                       logo design by Peter Brown ’82.

course of the Civil War. Its members, for the most part, split into              Through that role he often works with graphic layouts and design. “When
two organizations—the AD Club, a final club whose name stems                     the opportunity arose to design a new logo for the foundation, I put that
from the first two words of the fraternity’s name, “Alpha Delta,” and            skill to work,” he said. “The logo chosen was one of the first that came to
the Fly Club, whose name was derived from the word “Phi,” the                    mind, emphasizing the green and white of the fraternity’s colors with a
third word of the fraternity’s name. In 1896 the alumni and members              nod to Cornell’s Big Red.”
of the AD Club raised money to buy the property on which the club                    In 1999, Peter met Lauren Smith and they married in 1994 in
still stands. Unlike the AD, the Fly Club did not become a final club                                           Newport, RI, with a handful of Alpha Delt
immediately following the break-up of Alpha Delta Phi. Indeed, the                                              brothers attending. They have twin boys,
name “Fly” wasn’t selected until 1910, nearly 50 years after the                                                Alex and Teddy, now eight years old, who
original fraternity had broken up. Initially, the Fly was a waiting                                             Peter hopes someday will follow his foot-
club, but it quickly lost that second-tier status and became a final                                            steps to Cornell and Alpha Delta Phi.
club in its own right. Cornell’s own Doug Bond ’66 is nowleading                                                “To all of my brothers cast far and wide, as
an effort to recolonize the Harvard chapter. We wish him success in                                             well as to those that we have lost over the
his efforts!                                                                                                    last 20 years, I say Xaipe and God bless,”
                                                                                                                said Peter. He can be reached by e-mail at
                                                                                                                    The foundation board expresses its
                                                                                                                gratitude to Peter and the other brothers
                                                                                                                who took time to design logos and images
   When you visit us at www.adphicornell.org you can locate your brothers,
  learn about upcoming events, read current and past issues of the newsletter,
                                                                                                                for the new foundation. These contributions
    post messages in the discussion area, see dozens of photographs, make a                                     of time, energy, and creativity are extremely
   gift to the house, and more! Take advantage of this easy way to reconnect                                    valuable for uniting brothers behind the
                                                                                                                goals of the new foundation.

              with the Phi and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.
                                                                                       Peter Brown ’82

  www.adphicornell.org                                                                                                                    Spring 2006
    Alpha Delt Brother Helps “Untangle The Ivy League”
           as Animal House, that cult-classic movie that premiered               field and became—at least in my opinion—the most authoritative and
           in 1978 about the Delta fraternity at the fictitious Faber            comprehensive guidebook on these eight schools. How?
           University, based on the Alpha Delta Phi chapter at Dart-                 Chapters on admissions cite experts and anonymous insiders. Chap-
mouth College? Does Cornell—with its cloudless skies                                            ters on affirmative action and legacy admission policy
and looming suspension bridges—have the nation’s                                                receive attention from university presidents and
highest suicide rate as many believe? These are just sev-                                       Supreme Court justices. A chapter on governance
eral of the questions answered in my recently published                                         includes an interview with the executive director of the
college guidebook, Untangling the Ivy League 2006.                                              Ivy League. But when it comes to the real meat and
(For the record: Chris Miller, the writer of Animal                                             potatoes of Untangling the Ivy League, comprehensive
House,        did       draw       partly      on       his                                     chapters on each school, we turned to those who knew
fraternity experience in writing the film’s script, includ-                                     best: the students. Thousands were surveyed across the
ing the Alpha Delt tradition of naming pledges after ani-                                       eight Ivy schools, helping to provide insight into not
mals. And, contrary to belief, the Big Red is not the Big                                       only how good the food is at Harvard (it sucks) but also
Blue, as it ranked fourth out of 11 peer institutions in                                        how attractive the student body is (go to Yale for the
number of suicides, according to The Boston Globe.)                                             best-looking women). Alas, Cornell ranked a B+ in
    Untangling the Ivy League began initially as an inde-                                       Greek Life, third behind Dartmouth and UPenn.
pendent study at Cornell my senior year under the guid-                                             Untangling the Ivy League is now available at Barnes
ance of Professor Isaac Kramnick. It quickly evolved                                            & Noble and also directly from me, at http://www.mar-
into a much larger project with the help of College                                             czawel.com. While the book would certainly prove to be
Prowler, my book’s publishing company. Working with                                             a valuable resource for prospective Ivy-bound students
editors there, the book expanded and grew over a two-year period,                and their parents, I’ve also heard its praises sung from current students
becoming the 550-page tomb now sitting on retail bookshelves nation-             and nostalgic alumni, eager to relive those college years.
wide. And, by having the book written only by Ivy students and alumni,
it distinguished itself from the increasingly crowded college guidebook                                                                  Marc Zawel ’04

 Α∆Φ Awards Seward Scholarship

                                                                                        Oh, Those Glorious Days
                To Pat Kavanagh ’07                                                          Of Summer ...
        his past summer, I was fortunate enough to be a winner of a $600
        Seward Scholarship awarded by the Samuel Eells Literary and                  had the great opportunity last summer to stay in Ithaca and to
        Educational Foundation. This award is presented annually to                  live in the great castle of the Alpha Delta Phi. It was a fantastic
members of Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity based upon their unique and                    experience that I would recommend to any young brother. The
exceptional contributions to the Fraternity and academic achievement.            weather in Ithaca was abnormally dry, and the sun shone (almost)
Scholarships are awarded to full-time students in order to provide financial     everyday. We wasted away the days laying in the waterfalls down in
assistance for direct educational expenses, such as room, board, tuition, and    the gorge. One incident is particularly vivid. After a long day of
books. The names of the ten recipients of the scholarship for the 2005-2006      ‘swimming’ in the gorge, Brother Kevin Barmish ’07 decided to
academic year were announced at the 173rd Alpha Delta Phi Annual                 finally brave the high rock ledge and take the plunge.
Leadership and Training Conference held in Charlottesville, Virginia. I              We were in the gorge right behind Fiji, and the ledge is the high
am pleased and proud to have been among the fortunate students chosen to         one up to the left. A friend down below helpfully pointed out where
receive this award.                                                              the rock ledge ended and yelled this up to Kevin. Over the roar of the
     I am a junior enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, double          waterfall Kevin discerned that his friend down below was pointing to
majoring in mathematics and economics. In addition to fulfilling my              where he should aim his jump. The outcome to be sure is predictable.
academic obligations, I am also a goalie on the Cornell Men’s Club Hockey        Kevin ended up with a slightly cracked vertebra, a week in the
Team. Since being initiated in Spring 2004, I have held several offices at       hospital, several months in a back brace, a little bit shorter, taunting
Alpha Delta Phi, including Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Assistant             from his friends, a good lesson
Steward, and Steward.                                                            learned, but alive and well.
     To apply for the Seward Scholarship, a brother must                             Other than that, the summer
submit the two-page application (available online by selecting                   was fairly incident free. Every
the “Scholarships” link under the “About Us” section at                          night my fellow brothers and I
http://www.alphadeltaphi.org), and have his college submit an official tran-     would grill a wide variety of
script to the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity Headquarters in Morton Grove,           food on a small Weber we pur-
Illinois. I would encourage all interested and qualified brothers to apply for   chased just for that purpose.
this award next spring!                                                          There is nothing quite like look-
     I am extremely grateful to the fraternity for this award, which will        ing down on Cayuga Lake with
enable me to work less outside the house and focus more time and energy          the smell of grilled meat in the
on my work as house treasurer. I am also grateful to the alumni board and        air, the sun on your face, your
alumni brothers who supported and seconded my nomination for this                friends at your side, and not a
award. I saw first hand, at the Charlottesville convention, the difference       care in the world.
that dedicated and involved alumni brothers make in maintaining the
leadership, financial and social strength of undergraduate chapters. Thank                       Sven Karlsson ’07
you again to all brothers who played a role in designating me for this honor.            Summer House Manager,

                                                                                            Victory Club Co-Chair,
                                                      Patrick Kavanagh ’07              Spring 2006 Vice President

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                                    www.adphicornell.org
             News From Our Alumni
  ROBERT J. ENTENMAN ’50 married Ann Winklepleck (Wells ’48)                uate course for teachers in Seattle. Find Rick at 3007 Rucker Avenue.,
on May 21, 2005. Send congratulations to Bob at 168                         #108, Everett, WA 98201; e-mail richardcc@onebox.com.
Hudson St., Hudson, OH 44236; e-mail to robent@webtv.net.
                                                                                CHARLES K. COLE ’84 lives at 10021 Loxley Ln., Austin, TX
  MYRON M. MILLER ’55 lives at 203 Stonehill Rd., Chapel Hill,              78717. He is strategic marketing manager for Centex Homes. Charlie
NC 27516. Send e-mail to myron.miller@mindspring.com.                       writes, “I recently had lunch with TIM COSTELLO ’81 to discuss his
                                                                            latest venture as CEO of Builder Homesite Inc., and New Home Tech-
    JOHN M. FISHER JR. ’57 writes, “Marianne and I made a 40th              nologies, which is just down the road from our new Centex offices.”
anniversary trip to Tuscany and Umbria. We discovered a new wine, a         Send e-mail to charcole@austin.rr.com.
monster red, Sagrantino de Monte Falco. Armando Caprai seems to be
the best producer. I gained 10 pounds during our stay, so now it’s diet       KARL S. F. KIRCHNER ’85 lives at 423 Brookline Avenue., #326,
time. Plans are set for South Africa and Botswana in May 2006. It’s my      Boston, MA 02215. He is now the managing director of K2
70th birthday present to myself. Both sons are joining us for most of the   Consulting AE. Send e-mail to ksfkirch@cs.com.
trip. It is also celebrating my retirement. I’m folding up my consultancy
at the end of April. We were sorry to miss John Post’s mini-reunion on         ALLAN T. SHULMAN ’85 has a new address: 720 N.E. 69th St.,
the Ape, but we couldn’t get there from Italy.” Keep in touch with Jack     #14W, Miami, FL 33138. He maintains his own architecture business
at 9 Woods Way, Redding, CT 06896; e-mail to ciafish@optonline.net.         where you can reach him by e-mail at allan@shulmanarchitect.com.

   JOHN K. SMITH JR. ’57 lives at 707 N. Mountainview Cir.,                     JOSEPH F. GIVLER ’88 reports, “I’ve moved to Portland, Oregon,
Johnson City, TN 37601; send e-mail to smithj@etsu.edu.                     to take on the newly-created role of NW region franchise manager for
                                                                            Jamba Juice. Regards to all my fellow Alpha Delts!” Stay in touch with
    TED OLT ’57 writes, “I have received my new Cornell Alpha Delt          Joe by e-mail at jgivler@jambajuice.com.
directory and the check is in the mail. I have had my magnifying glass
out trying to figure out who my brother's dates are in the house party         SCOTT A. STEELE ’89 lives at 124 Coolidge Avenue., Rye
pictures. My wife and her parents, for that matter, are in there several    NY, 10580. He works for Avon Products, where you can reach him by
times. As are many of her classmates from Wells. I have thought the         e-mail at scott.steele@avon.com.
website magnificent in building alumni interest—but this is even better
as it picks up those digitally challenged. Best regards, Ted.” Stay in         ANDREW L. REED ’90 has a new address: 26 Melrose St.,
touch by e-mail at tolt6635@mchsi.com.                                      Arlington, MA 02474. Send e-mail to andrew@andrewreed.net.

   GORDON WOOD ANDERSON ’59 has a new address: 124                             JOHN VAROLI ’90 writes: “I’m in St Petersburg, Russia. Been
Fourth St. NE, #2, Washington, DC 20002. Send e-mail to                     working here as a journalist since 1996, and before that in Moscow
gordon.anderson@osd.mil.                                                    since 1992. I was writing freelance for the New York Times for 5 years,
                                                                            but currently I am the Arts correspondent for Bloomberg News, as well
    SHELDON R. SEVERINGHAUS ’62 reports, “After 12 years as a               as a British paper, ‘The Art Newspaper.’ And author guidebooks, and
permanent resident living and working in Mongolia, I returned to San        work as a consultant for UNICEF in Russia. I hope to return to the
Francisco in October 2005. I will continue to work on my book on            U.S. some day soon, however, but no concreteplans at the moment.
Mongolia’s transition from communism to democracy in the ’90s. In a         I am the proud father of a young son.” To reach John write to:
broader sense, my return to San Francisco marks the end of 41 years         jvaroli@gmail.com.
working in Asia, but not my involvement with Asia. My wife, Lucia,
(PhD, Cornell ’83) continues to work at Academia Sinica in Taiwan as           SEAN E. WILLIAMS ’90 works for Morgan Stanley in Japan. His
a research biologist.” Reach Shel at 66 Cleary St., #609, San Francisco,    mailing address: Yebisu Garden Place Twr., 20-3, Ebisu 4-Chome,
CA 94109; e-mail to sheldorj@sbcglobal.net.                                 Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-6008, JAPAN. Stay in touch by e-mail at
   JAMES C. RICHARDS III ’63 has a new address: 295 Argonne
Avenue., Long Beach, CA 90803; e-mail jcrichards611@hotmail.com.               GREG BLOOM ’91 writes from the Philippines as a newly married
                                                                            man. He writes, “Karin Schelzig and I did the deed in Lake Wales,
   DOUGLAS P. BRANDON ’64 is the president of Brandon Steel                 Central Florida, and Alpha Delts in attendance included H. SETHI ’91,
Sales. He can be reached at 1209 Grove Rd., West Chester, PA 19380;         RAND HOPKINS ’93, WILLIE PRATHER ’91, DARREN STARR
e-mail to dbrandon516@yahoo.com.                                            ’92, JOHN DUFFY ’92, DEREK BLOOM ’94, AND TED RUSSELL
                                                                            ’91. There was plenty of vice on hand to keep the restless masses under
  DONALD A. BOOTH ’66 has moved to 45 Fleet St., Annapolis,                 control!” Greg also writes that JASON CONWAY ’93 and his wife,
MD 21401; e-mail bootharch@earthlink.net.                                   Tiffany, have recently relocated to the Philipines and they enjoyed a
                                                                            great reunion dinner. Greg can be reached at gbloom@zpdee.net.
   GREGORY T. BOHAN ’76 moved to Florida in 2004 and opened a
hospitality consulting practice for Pinnacle Advisory Group (company          C. PATRICK SCHOLES ’94 has moved to 222 E. 80th St., #7B,
founded in Boston by Rachel Roginsky, Cornell Hotel ’81) after 13           New York, NY 10021. Patrick is now an analyst with J. P.
years as owner/operator of the “Inn at HighView” in Andover, Vermont.       Morgan. Send e-mail to cps27@aol.com.
He remains in close contact with DREW SCHAFFRAN ’76. Stay in
touch with Greg at 3418 Norfolk St., Pompano Beach, FL 33062; send             PETER J. BILFIELD ’95 writes, “Pam, Hayden, and I moved in July
e-mail to gbohan@pinnacle-advisory.com                                      2005 to Weston, Connecticut. Last fall we saw BILL MARSH ’95, WILL
                                                                            CARSLEY ’95, MIKE GREEBY ’95, TYCHO PETERSON ’94, JOHN
  RICHARD C. CREASE ’79 has, over the last year, directed an                ANDERSON ’95, MARC LEVIN ’95 and ROBERT HOOKER ’95,

English-language learning program in England and have taught a grad-                                                 (continued on page fourteen)

  www.adphicornell.org                                                                                                              Spring 2006
                   News From Our Alumni
 (continued from page thirteen)
 and their wives and children at our 10th-year Reunion. In October,
 I joined the offices of Withers Bergman LLP, a United Kingdom-based
 law firm. I look forward to hearing from any Alpha Delts passing               We regret to report the death of the following alumni:
 through Weston or Westport.” Reach Peter at 8 Maureen Dr., Weston,
 CT 06883; send e-mail to pbilfield@optonline.net.                           WILLIAM S. ROCKWELL ’38, died on April 25, 2005.
                                                                          A resident of Alexandria, Louisiana, formerly of Menlo Park,
    WILLIAM H. MARSH ’95 can be reached at his work address:              California, William was an engineering sales manager for
 Phoenix CFB, Inc., 971 Mearns Rd., Warminster, PA 18974.                 Varian Associates. He was also active in community affairs.
 Send e-mail to william.marsh@phoenixcfb.com.
                                                                              ROBERT G. CONWAY ’44 of Delmar, New York, died of
    MARK J. KEISER ’96 is now the director of real estate                 natural causes on July 30, 2005, at age 83. His son, Robert Jr.,
 investments for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Stay in touch at 127        reports that Robert Sr., throughout his life, esteemed his member-
 Fourth Avenue., #3C, New York, NY 10003; send e-mail to                  ship in Alpha Delta Phi and held the Cornell Chapter and his
 markkeiser@gmail.com.                                                    fraternity brothers in high regard. Robert was an attorney. He
                                                                          served as assistant attorney general of the Claims and Litigation
                                                                          Bureau of the New Y State Attorney General's office. He was a
     TIMOTHY L. BLANCHARD ’98 has a new address: 16                       veteran who was very active in community and religious affairs.
 Vincent St., #3, Cambridge, MA 02140. He is project manager/project
 architect for Bargmann Hendrie+Archetype. Send e-mail to                    JOHN H. RASCH ’46, BME ’45, of Carmel California, died
 tlb2_98@yahoo.com.                                                       on September 22, 2005. John was a mechanical engineer and
                                                                          was active in alumni affairs.
    SAVERIO W. PARLATORE ’98 lives at 107 W Hubbard St.,
 Chicago, IL 60611. He works for Harris Logic. Stay in touch by              EDWIN L. BRASHEARS JR. ’48, of Wilmette, IL, died March
 e-mail at sam@parlatore.com.                                             21, 2005. He was president of National Realty & Investment
                                                                          Company. A veteran, he was active in civic and professional affairs.
    ROBERT JAMES DUNN ’02 has a new address: 333 E. 45th St.,
 #29D, New York, NY 10017. Send e-mail to rjd24@cornell.edu.                 ROGER D. BROWN ’50, of Columbus, Ohio, died April 25,
                                                                          2004. He was a civil engineer, retired executive vice president of
    KYLE R. YOUNGQUIST ’02 has a new address: 60 W. 23rd St.,             Central National Bank, a veteran, and active in community affairs.
 #950, New York, NY 10010. Kyle is now a trader with MSD Capital.
 Send e-mail to kyleyoungquist@nyc.rr.com.                                    JOSEPH W     ALTER LAUTENBERGER JR. ’54, of Lafayette
                                                                          and Walnut Creek, California, died on September 10, 2005, after a
    MARC B. ZAWEL ’04 has moved to 2201 N St. NW, #517, Wash-             brief battle with cancer. A mechanical engineer, he worked for Shell
 ington, DC 20037. Keep in touch by e-mail at mzawel@gmail.com.           Oil, the United States Air Force, California Savings and Loan, the
                                                                          United States Postal Service, and as a consultant to Touche Ross.
                                                                          He was an enthusiastic leader in community service efforts and
                                                                          served as an active member in the Episcopal Church.

                                                                              JAMES P. MAHER III ’66, aged 59, formerly of Miami, is
                                                                          missing and presumed dead after his plane was lost while he was on
                                                                          a business trip to Central America in early August 2005. He was the
                                                                          owner and president of Morgan Price & Company Inc., exporters of
             The Cornell Alpha Delt
                                                                          paper products to Central and South America. He began his career
                                                                          as founder of Vintage Vendors, one of the first companies to import
             Newsletter ARCHIVE
                                                                          Argentinian wine to the United States. He also served as a legisla-
                                                                          tive aide to several U.S. congressmen. A graduate of Cornell Uni-
                Read over 80 back issues!
                                                                          versity, Ithaca, New York., Mr. Maher was a member of Alpha
                                                                          Delta Phi and the Quill and Dagger Club honorary society. He
              [from 1934 to the present] at:
                                                                          served in the Army during peacetime and was a captain in the
                                                                          Army Reserves. Born in Summit, Mr. Maher lived in Short Hills
                                                                          before moving to Florida.

                                                                             THOMAS A. BODDEN ’68, of Wailuku, Hawaii,
                                                                          an attorney, died February 29, 2004.

          The Cornell Alpha Delt
                                                                                            James Hunt ’64 Lives!
                                                                          Dear Alpha Delts, It has come to my attention that I am listed as
                                                                       deceased in the 2006 membership directory. In fact, I am alive and well
     Published by the Cornell Chapter of the Alpha Delta

                                                                       in Singapore. I would appreciate your printing a retraction in Alpha
     Phi Fraternity at Cornell University for its members,

                                                                       Delt's next newsletter. I have residences in Singapore, Phuket, and
     alumni, and friends. News contributions and photos

                                                                       Bangkok and if any brothers are coming to those locations I would be
     are welcome. Please address all correspondence to the

                                                                       happy to meet them. Xaipe, Jim Hunt ’64. You can reach James by
     Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Alumni Records Office,

                                                                       e-mail at seavest@singnet.com.sg. We apologize for the error.
     P.O. Box 876, Ithaca, NY 14851-0876.

The Cornell Alpha Delt                                                                                          www.adphicornell.org

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