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					                                    Jason Haley
                               Sr. Software Engineer
                               Phone: 206-381-6906

Qualification Highlights
   15 years of experience using Microsoft technologies to solve business problems
   Current Development with C#, .NET 4, ASP MVC 3, Windows Azure, Windows
       Phone 7, Silverlight 4, SQL Server 2008 R2, WCF
   Microsoft MCSD.Net

Employment History
Jason Haley Consulting LLC, Salem, MA
August 2009 – Present
     Various technical implementations using Microsoft technologies (Silverlight 4,
       WCF, .Net 4, SQL Server 2008 R2)
     Customize TFS build templates and create custom build activities
     Design,develop web applications using Asp.Net MVC, EF and hosting on
       Amazon EC2.
     Courseware development and updating
     Obfuscation consulting

Open Seas (Safeco/Liberty Mutual), Seattle WA
February 2008 – August 2009, Principal Software Developer
    C#, Asp.Net 3.5, Ajax, jQuery, javascript, WCF services, SQL Server 2005/2008,
    Lead small team to design and develop (worked
       as the lead developer and project manager).
    Managed relationships with the development teams of the external partners
    Worked on other innovation projects in both developer and consulting roles.
    Responsible for technical solutions and working directly with the business to
       determine needs and options.
    Lead internal developer lunch & learns and other internal presentations

Infospace, Inc. Bellevue, WA
July 2006 – February 2008, Sr. Software Engineer
     C#, Asp.Net 1.1, SQL Server 2005, NUnit, XML, AQTime, dotTrace
     Worked on small team to design and develop both small and large releases
       (between 4 weeks development to 6 months of development time) for products in
       the mCore platform.
     Developed Asp.Net user controls and web front end with UI development group
     Worked with architect to design and create backend and middle tier services to
       provide data to front end.
      Largely responsible for the windows services and database layer used by UI
       development group.
      Wrote NUnit tests as need for testing non UI functionality.
      Profiled and addressed performance related issues with service layer and its
       interaction with the UI layer.

Cheshire Software Newton, MA
July 2004 – April 2006, Sr. Software Engineer
     VB.Net, C#, .Net 1.1, SQL Server 2000, NUnit, NAnt, XML, XSLT
     Worked with on small team to design and develop version 1.0 of the company’s
       .Net product.
     Researched and implemented a code generation system based on XML and XSLT
       for custom needs.
     Responsible for developing templates and enhancing the system to provide
       needed functionality of generating business objects, the data access layer and
       several other items that could be generated from a central ORM structure.
     Architected database portion of the application.
     Developed custom build process utilizing NAnt which included communication
       with Visual Source Safe, running NUnit tests, custom scripts to create version
       numbers, obfuscating the code, create a setup package and emailing build reports.
     Wrote NUnit tests as needed for non UI functionality.
     Created custom Win Forms controls.

State Street Research & Management (a MetLife Company) Boston, MA
March 2001 – July 2004, Project Manager/System Engineer
     C#, .Net 1.0, 1.1, VB 6, VB Script, Java Script, DHTML, Behaviors, HTML,
        SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, Sybase, ASP.Net, ASP, XML, XSLT, CSS, Office
     Lead Engineer and Project Manager on ASP.Net-based HR compensation
        management system.
     Lead Engineer on ASP.Net-based Investment Attribution system.
     Designed and developed prototype of a documentation system that would enable
        searching of static documentation and dynamic documentation provided in
        multiple systems.
     Architected a three tier ASP based invoicing system.
     Designed and developed a prototype of a customizable email reporting platform
        that would contain a work flow engine and multiple custom content providers.

IE-Engine Gloucester, MA
February 2000 – February 2001, Technical Analyst
    ColdFusion, Oracle, ASP, Java Script, CSS, Rational Rose
    Developer on a small team for two versions of the product and played the part of
       the in-house business expert on the needed functionality.
    Architected the reporting functionality for the core application.
      Business Analyst responsible for developing use cases and functional
       specifications for product features.

Zurich Insurance Company Boston, MA
April 1997 – February 2000, Programmer Analyst
    VB 5, VB 6, VBA, ASP, VB Script, Java Script, Sybase, SQL Server 7.0, XML,
       XSLT, Microsoft Office Automation
    Architected ASP based reporting application for the Accident and Health
    Developer responsible for creating features on core business applications of the
       Accident and Health Division.
    Created an Insurance Policy generating application for the Mid-Atlantic and New
       England offices.
    Designed and developed CRM and sales reporting applications for the Mid-
       Atlantic and New England offices.

Writing and Presentations
December 2011 – Harvard Extension Guest Lecturer – Windows Phone 7
Jan 2011 – CodeMash – Amazon vs. Azure
December 2010 – Beantown.Net – Amazon vs. Azure
November 2010 – Harvard Extension Guest Lecturer – Windows Phone 7
October 2010 – Boston Code Camp – Amazon vs. Azure, MVC3 View Engines, Going
October 2010 – Coding4Fun, Channel9 – Developer Review – Four ASP.NET MVC
View Engines
April 2010 – Boston Azure User Group – Get Started with Azure SDK Hands On
March 2010 – Boston Code Camp – Get Started with Azure SDK
January 2010 – New Hampshire.Net – Getting Started with Azure SDK
January 2010 – Beantown.Net – Getting Started with Azure SDK
December 2009 – Harvard Extension Guest Lecturer – Windows Azure
July 2009 – Boston Architecture Study Group – lead discussion on Windows Azure
November 2008 – Seattle Code Camp: Reflector and Friends
April 2007 – Code Camp 7: Disassembling .Net, Reflector and Friends (2 presentations)
August 2006 – White paper: Obfuscation Best Practices
August 2006 – Webinar: Gotchas for Developers Obfuscating .Net Assemblies
July 2006 – Webinar: Competencies Needed when Adding Obfuscation to Your
Development Lifecycle
February 2006 – Beantown.Net User Group: Practical Disassembling
October 2005 – Boston C# User Group: Disassembling for Fun
September 2005 – Code Camp 4: Disassembling for Fun
November 2004 – The Basics of Resource Files in .Net 1.1
May 2004 – Downstream: A file upload/download utility

Professional and Community Involvement
December 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 – Friends of Red Gate – nominated for work with
Reflector community
August 2009, 2010, 2011, 2003, 2004, 2005 – Teaching Assistant for David Platt
(Programming .Net -Harvard University Extension, Cambridge MA)
September 2009 – started PowerCommands for Reflector open source project (sold to
RedGate Jan 2011)
February 2009 – May 2009 – started Seattle.Net user group (monthly)
March 2009 – started DBFile open source project
July 2005 to present – Leader of Beantown.Net user group (monthly)
January 2005 to present – Founding member of Boston Area Code Brew (monthly)
June 2004 to present – Organizer of Boston Area Geek Dinners (monthly)
February 2004 to present – Blog at

Education and Certifications
May 2004 – MCSD.Net
October 2003 – MCP, MCAD.Net
January 2003 – .Net Systems Programming, Harvard University, Cambridge MA
August 2002 – Introduction to Microsoft.Net, Harvard University, Cambridge MA
May 1996 – BA International Business/Spanish, Ball State University, Muncie IN

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