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									                                                                                                                             April 2010

                                                 Heritage Academy
                                                     Children are a heritage from the Lord.              Psalm 127:3

                                       "In the last 100 years, every important idea
                                       for social change has come from the non-
                                       profit sector." - Peter Drucker, legendary
                                       business and management philosopher
                                       No matter what sector of the economy you are in,
                                       business, education, non-profits, employee or em-
                                       ployer, you are paying close attention to the met-
                                       rics. The numbers move you to tears or laughter.
                                       They wrinkle your brow or create smile lines. Edu-
                                       cating children at a not-for-profit organization re-     Students play “When the Saints Go
                                       quires us to pay attention to all available metrics.     Marching In” on recorders during
                                       They will tell us whether you can afford to donate,      chapel. Many thanks to our volunteer,
                                                                                                June Newton, who teaches recorder to
                                       whether parents can send their children here, and
                                                                                                our 3rd-5th graders. We appreciate you!
                                       which barriers to overcome in order to see better
                                       student achievement. Dizzying, isn't it?
Kindergarten enjoys green eggs and
ham in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday    Our staff and teachers at Heritage Academy must
                                       maximize our resources to achieve the best out-
                                       comes for our students. Driven by our mission, we
                                       strive to make each day and every dollar count. Your
                                       contribution to help us educate children from lower-
                                       income families is making a difference. In another       Three siblings, all enrolled at Heritage on
                                       school, a low-performing child can simply get ‘lost in   GOAL scholarships, say THANK YOU!
                                       the system’ and possibly graduate without the abil-
                                       ity to read. We address this challenge in the most
                                       important area to affect social change – a quality,
                                       college-preparatory Christian education.
8th grader, Roderick, demonstrates
how to stay in control of the ball     Take Mariah, for example. Following a conference
                                       with the teacher, Mariah's mother stuck her head in
                                       my office. "I cannot believe the progress my daugh-
                                       ter has made. When she started the year, we found
                                       out how far behind she was. I was nervous about
                                       whether or not she could make it here. Now, she can
                                       do Math and really seems to like it. We are both so      Basketball fan Madison poses during a
                                       happy." Mrs. Mack, her teacher, met with Mariah          game with future Heritage student Olivia
                                       two times a week before the school day began. She
The Kindergarten class knows how to    also received help from volunteers.
celebrate—even 100 days of school!     As you look through the pictures of student activi-
                                       ties, keep this phrase in mind: mission driven. Then
                                       ask yourself how you can join us. For the sake of the
                                       children, the future of our city and
                                       the social fabric of our society, I hope
                                       you can find a way.

                                                                                                In March, Paisley represented the king
First Graders audition for anchorman
                                       Linda Tucciarone                                         in the 4th/5th grade play portraying
position at local NBC affiliate WAGT   Executive Director                                       Tolstoy’s “The Three Questions”
                                         Students Join Forces to “Make Change for Haiti!”
                                  The children at                                                                           break mission trip
                                  Heritage Acad-                                                                            to Haiti.
                                  emy are part-
                                  nering with high                                                                         Many thanks to
                                  school students                                                                          Mr. Phin Hitchcock
                                  from     Augusta                                                                         of Fireside Minis-
                                  Christian School                                                                         tries, who do-
                                  and their Bible                                                                          nated all the Gos-
                                  teacher, Mr. Bill                                                                        pel bracelet sup-
                                  Adams.                                                                                   plies; Mr. Michael
                                                                                                                           Merwin, who pro-
                                  Ms. Gabbi Rol-                                                                           vided the Gospel
                                  land and the                                                                             translation       in
                                  middle      school                                                                       French; the Au-
                                  girls in her Bible                                                                       gusta      Christian
                                  Study group collected change        bracelet and a French trans-              faculty and students, who
                                  from students, faculty and          lation of the meaning of the              will be delivering the bags,
                                  parents to contribute toward        gospel bracelet.                          and everyone at Heritage
                                  the Haiti relief effort. With                                                 Academy who donated
                                  $320 in hand, they pur-             These bags will be distrib-               their change.        It is our
                                  chased supplies to make 200         uted by the high school stu-              hope, and expectation,
                                  "goody bags." Each bag con-         dents from Augusta Christian              that all this effort will make
                                  tains water, candy, a Gospel        during their annual spring                a lasting CHANGE in Haiti!

                                                                         OUR MISSION
                                Heritage Academy is an independent school offering a quality Christ -centered college-
                                preparatory education to children of diverse economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds, empow-
                                ering them to become a positive influence for Christ in this community and around the world.
                                Heritage Academy has an intentional mission to the children of low -income families.

The middle school boys and girls have a Bible Study              Four Ways to Support Heritage Academy
on Thursdays. Overheard one morning:                             Financial Contributions — all donations are tax-deductible. Mail checks to
                                                                 333 Greene Street, Augusta GA 30901. A receipt will be mailed to you.
Boy's mentor: "Sadly, there are usually just two
times a year when most of the world even thinks                  Tax Credits—receive 2010 state tax credit in Georgia for contributions made
about Jesus. Does anyone know when those two
                                                                 to the GOAL Scholarship Organization. For more information, call the school.
times of year are?"
                                                                 Volunteer — do you have one hour a week? There are just 7 school weeks
                 Student A: "Well, one is Christmas."
                                                                 left in the school year: why not come and help out? From office work, com-
                 Mentor: "Yes, and the other?"                   puter care, to reading with students, we can always use an extra set of hands!
                                                                 Or set up a full Saturday workday with your church or civic group—basic reno-
                 Student B: "When I get in trouble."             vation is underway on our second floor. Call Darlene Helmly at the school to
                                                                 volunteer, and give the gift of time today!
                                                                 Donate Items — we are in need of violins of any size (our violin program is
                                                                 growing!), postage stamps, office supply store gift cards, disposable plates and
                                                                 cups, construction paper, copy paper, etc. A “gift in kind” letter will be mailed.

            Budget Update Fiscal Year July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009-2010

                                                                                              Ann Boardman                 Kimberly Knox
                                                                                                 Jay Harper                Greig McCully
                                                                                                Will Hatcher               Laurie Myers
                   Help us finish our year well!                                               Phin Hitchcock              Jim Sechrist
 87% of our budget is in - T H A N K Y O U for your generosity with contributions                Larry Jones               Angela Watkins
             to Heritage Academy and the GOAL Scholarship Program
                            NEWSLETTERS NOW AVAILABLE BY EMAIL— Send us your address to HA.augusta@gmail.com
   Boys and Girls Basketball Teams shoot to work together
 Coaches Glenn Glover and Jamelia Jones-                                     coach a love for the
 Barefield provided outstanding coaching to our                              Lord, for the game,
 boys and girls basketball teams this year.                                  and for each other.
                                                                             The Warriors enjoyed
 The Lady Warriors’ inaugural season was a                                   8 wins over the course
 wonderful opportunity to learn skills on the                                of their 12 game sea-
 court, and even experience a few wins over                                  son.
 their season of 10 games. Special thanks to                                                           Mercedes-Benz of Augusta and the
 Coach Jones-Barefield for her talents, time and                             In February, families     Wednesday Midday Bible Study of
 abilities to give the girls team a great start!                             and friends enjoyed a     Antioch Baptist Church provided a
                                                                             sports banquet at the     fleece for each player
 In their second year, the boys learned how to        Coach Jamelia Jones-   school to celebrate the
 work as a team. Coach Glover helped teach the        Barefield presents a   individual and team
 mechanics of the game, but he also helped            player trophy to 6th   achievements of our
                                                      grader Olivia Martin
                                                                             basketball teams.
                                                     Awards were presented to:
                                                     Meridian Rolland, Most Improved Award
                                                     Genesis Stokes, Defensive Player Award
                                                     Christian Bailey, Leadership Award
                                                     Roderick Demmons, Offensive Player Award          The “Lady Warriors” Basketball
                                                     Nygl Eaddy, Most Valuable Player Award            team enjoyed playing together
                                                     Lowell Jefferson, Most Improved Award
                                                     CONGRATULATIONS, WARRIORS!

       College “Road Trip” Promotes a Road Less Traveled
 The preparation for college cannot begin too
 early. We build the vision in our students to       I have a lot of thinking to do for my future. I
 attend college from the first day they arrive       want to go to college and succeed in life to
 at Heritage.                                        the fullest. The starting point is now—and
                                                     every homework, class assignment, quiz,
                                                     and test counts. I have been blessed to ex-
 With financial                                      perience a college day at both schools. The
 sponsorship from                                    Lord has a big plan for me and I must ac-
 the Watson-                                         cept it in my heart and mind.
 Brown Founda-
 tion, this vision                                   Just the kind of results we were hoping for!
 building contin-                                    A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO THE WATSON-
 ued for a second      Touring the Clemson Library   BROWN FOUNDATION. They agree with the
 year with 7th and 8th grade students visiting       promise of the Lord found in Jeremiah 29:11
 Clemson University and Furman University            “I know the plans I have for you,” declares
 in February. Here is what one student, Chris-       the Lord, “to prosper you and not to harm
 tian, wrote about the College Road Trip:            you, plans to give you a future and a hope.”
 I had a wonderful experience at Clemson
 University. It was an honor to meet our tour
 guide, Mr. Bennett. He told us about the
                                 great sports
                                 history at
                                 One quote
                                 that stood
                                 out during
                                 our tour was
                                 “Never Ever
                                 Give Up.”

Or call the Development Office (706) 821-0034 and provide your email address over the phone. THANK YOU!
                    Heritage Academy Golf Tournament
                  Monday, April 19, 2010 - Lunch at 12 Noon - Shotgun Start at 1 p.m.
                                   Belle Meade Country Club, Thomson, GA

                                                                           Special Thanks to our early Sponsors for making this event
               Join us for a fun afternoon of golf!
 With thanks to The Knox Foundation, all proceeds go to support Heritage
     Academy student scholarships. Your donation is tax-deductible.
           There’s still time for you to sign up to play or sponsor
               $500 per foursome or $125 per individual
        Hole Sponsors, Silver and Gold Sponsorships Available
                    Raffle Tickets—only $20 each

                             1st Prize—E-Z-GO Golf Car
                   2nd Prize—Golf Memorabilia Crystal Ice Tea Set
              3rd Prize—Framed Watercolor Print of Heritage Academy

    Information and Raffle Tickets available at the school or
                                                                                                                                        Aiken   Augusta   Evans

                                                                                                                                                       Non Profit
                                                                                                                                                       US Postage
                                                                                                                                                      Augusta GA
                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 603

    You are Invited to a
   Graduation Celebration
    Thursday, May 20th
   6 o’clock in the evening
     Reception Following
Come join the celebration as
our first “graduates” reach a
milestone in their education
    at Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy
333 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901
Phone: 706-821-0034
E-mail: hcaga@knology.net

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