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									                       Girl / Parent Cookie Program Questionnaire

Thank you for helping us evaluate the 2008 Cookie Program. Parents, if your
daughter is a Brownie or a Junior Girl Scout, please help her with filling out this
form. Please return this questionnaire by 5/31/08. Mail to or drop off at your
nearest office or fax to 914-747-4263.
Community#                                                 Troop # _____ or  Juliette
Level: B J C S mixed

1.        Did you participate in the 2007 Cookie Program (last year)?  Yes                No
2.        Did you participate in the 2008 Cookie Program (this year)?  Yes                No
3.        Did you sell more cookies in 2008 than in 2007?  Yes          No
4.        Which of the following parts of the program did you participate in?
          1. Initial order taking program                  4. Gift of Caring
          2. Goal getter orders from the                   5. I Called Back
                  cookie cupboard                          6. Kiosk Sales
          3. Booth Sales
     5.      Did you set a personal goal?  Yes           No
     6.      Did you reach your personal goal?  Yes              No

Obtaining Cookies
A Cookie Cupboard is a location that maintains a supply of cookies for troops and individuals to
pick up from after the initial order delivery. Some cupboards are run by the Council, others are run
by individual communities or troops. Cookies can be purchased outright or picked up on
consignment to sell at a Cookie Booth.

1.        Did you pick up any cookies from a cookie cupboard?
           Yes        SKIP TO Q. 3
           No

2.        Why didn’t you use a cookie cupboard?
                1. Ordered enough at initial order, didn’t need more
                2. Locations and/or times were not convenient
                3. Troop did not do any booth or goal getter orders
                4. Other (Please explain) ______________________________________

3.        Please rate the cookie cupboards for each of the following aspects…
                                                        Somewhat        Not Very          Not
                                        Very Helpful     Helpful         Helpful      Helpful At All
 Locations                                   4              3              2                1
 Days and times available                    4              3              2                1
 The cookie cupboard manager                 4              3              2                1

4.     Whether you used a cookie cupboard in 2008 or not, what would be the most
       convenient hours for cookie cupboards to operate for the 2009 Cookie Program?
             1. Monday- Friday 9 am -12 noon
             2. Monday- Friday 1-5 pm
             3. Monday- Friday 6-8 pm
             4. Saturday and Sunday 10-12
             5. Saturday and Sunday 4-6 pm

5.     For Cadettes & Seniors, the option of managing a Cookie Cupboard gives you the
       opportunity to earn 5¢ for every box sold from that cupboard. Would you be
       interested in managing a cookie cupboard for the 2009 program?
        Yes                No

6.     Why do you say that?



Incentives & Rewards
There were many types and levels of incentives and rewards involved in the 2008 Cookie Program.
Incentives were given at the Community Level, the Troop Level and the individual Girl Level.
Money earned per box increased as the number of boxes sold increased. To determine if this
program was too complex, please rate each of the components as listed below. If you are
unfamiliar with one or more items, simply check “Don’t Know What This Is” and go on to the next

1.     Overall, what do you think is the single biggest motivator for you to sell Girl Scout
              1. To pay for troop activities
              2. To earn incentives for yourself
              3. It’s fun, I enjoy it

2.     Were you excited about the 2008 incentives you could earn?
        Yes               No          Cadette/Senior chose not to receive

3.     Please rank order the following components in terms of their importance as you
       set your goals for your cookie program. Make the most important component #1
       and the least important #4.
       If you are unfamiliar with one of the items, mark it a 0.

       ____   Prize incentives (gifts earned by individual girls and awarded by boxes sold)
       ____   Cookie credits (credit slip earned by individual girls and awarded by boxes sold)
       ____   Troop profit (amount earned by troop given as a certain number of cents/box)
       ____   Cookie Bonus (offered by GSW*P to Cadette/Senior troops to use on trips of 3
              nights or more)

4.       If given a choice, as an individual girl award, I would prefer: (Circle one answer
         1. Prize incentives (gifts earned by individual girls and awarded by boxes sold)
         2. Cookie credits (credit slip earned by individual girls and awarded by boxes sold)
         3. Combination of prize incentives and cookie credits (2008 Plan)

5.       For each of the types of reward or incentive listed in the grid below, please indicate
         how interested you were in obtaining that item. If you are unfamiliar with one of
         the items, circle the “0” for “Don’t Know What This Is”.
                                             Excellent       OK        Not Worth    Don’t Know
                                                                           It       What This Is
 The girl incentive plan                        3             2            1             0
 The troop profit                               3             2            1             0
 The initial order incentive (Star              3             2            1             0
 Performer pin)
 Prize incentives (i.e. lip balm, travel        3             2            1             0
 journal, iPod, camera)
 Patch for 25 boxes sold                        3             2            1             0
 Cookie credits                                 3             2            1             0
 I Called Back patch                            3             2            1             0
 Cookie bonus                                   3             2            1             0
 Gift of caring                                 3             2            1             0
 Chance to operate a Cookie                     3             2            1             0
 cupboard Cadettes/Seniors only
 Chance to manage a Cookie kiosk                3             2            1             0
 at a mall Seniors only

6.       What other items would you like to see offered as a cookie incentive?


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