One of the largest aircraft shows in the world by 93fS5E


									                                                                                                                   1st Quarter 2009


                                QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER
     Aerospace and Defense Diversification Alliance in Peacetime Transition
         MAIL: ADDAPT                                                OFFICE:    Sally I. Couluris
               PO Box 49                                             TELEPHONE: (631) 423-6212
               Huntington, NY 11743                                  FAX:       (631) 425-8023

         WEBSITE:                   E-MAIL:

                              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:                       David M. Bottomley
                              TELEPHONE:                                (631) 266-2623
                              FAX:                                      (631) 266-3372


    Advanced Technical Materials (ATM), Inc. – designs, develops, manufactures and stocks
     microwave components such as:
     Coaxial Components including:
     • Continuously Variable Attenuators                                       • Directional Couplers
     • Phase Shifters                                                          • Fixed Attenuators
     • Power Dividers & Combiners                                              • Terminations
     • Hybrids
     • Coaxial Switches (Electromechanical and Solid State)

     Waveguide Components including:
     • Transitions
     • Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters
     • Loop Directional Couplers (Double Ridge Mainline and Coaxial Coupled Output)
     • Misc. Custom Components to your specifications
     • Waveguide Assembly
     • Complete Sub-Assemblies
     • Custom Designed Components
     • Double Ridge W/G Components

     ATM’s Quality control system is compliant to ISO 9001 and in conformance with MIL-I-45208A and
     MIL-Q-9858A. All test equipment is calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards &
     Technology (NIST). Its Quality control system is also certified to a tailored ISO 9002-1994 by the
     U.S. Government (DCMA).

                Under IRS rules, ADDAPT is a 501(c)(6) organization; membership dues may be a deductible expense

                                                                                           1st Quarter 2009

    Contacts: Michael Geraci, President
              Gene Geraci, Director
    Address: 49 Rider Avenue
              Patchogue, NY 11772
    Phone:    631-289-0363 / Fax: 631-289-0358

   Maloya Laser, Inc. – is a contract manufacturer of Fabricated Metal Parts. This includes precision
    components, metal parts and patterns, light metal fabrication and electro mechanical assemblies.
    Their market focus is mainly in aerospace, architectural and process machinery. Maloya’s main
    strengths are in utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. This encompasses two CNC
    machines, utilizing high power CO2 lasers for the flexible processing of a wide variety of metal
    sheets, which is central to their manufacturing methods. In addition, hydraulicly operated CNC Press
    Breaks, machine shop capabilities, TIG and MIG Welding and metal finishing processes provide
    secondary operations to complement the laser cutting process. Maloya Laser also invested heavily in
    computer networking and MIS (management information systems) software, particularly in a
    Production Planning system which manages and tracks all work from quoting to shipping. Customers
    are also supported with in house computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing resources. All this
    plus a quality system based on the ISO900 model rounds out their company for a complete
    manufacturing solution.

    Contact: Marc Anders, VP Operations
    Address: 65A Mall Drive
             Commack, NY 11725
    Phone:   631-543-2327 / Fax: 631-543-2374

   Greystone Business Solutions (GBS), Inc. – is a premier Management Consulting, Education
    and Training provider. Their associates are industry recognized experts in Business Process and
    Profit Improvement development with over 30 years of cross-industry experience. Specialized
    services include (but are not limited to) Lean-Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Quality
    Assurance and Control, Strategic Planning, Due Diligence, Marketing Planning and Go to Market
    Execution, Information Technology, ERP/MRP Implementation and Green Enterprise.
    Greystone Business Solutions offer customized and industry standard consulting and training on
    multiple operational and functional areas. They specialize in both Technical and Soft Skills training.
    The GBS dynamic consultative team leverages their combined experiences with the skills to
    communicate, educate, facilitate and innovate while motivating your staff to achieve the
    extraordinary through your option of choosing classroom or on the job training environment. All
    GBS education and training programs are available in multiple languages.

    Contact: Stan Stone, CFPIM
    Address: P.O. Box 742
              Mt. Sinai, NY 11766

                                                                                   1st Quarter 2009


There were two of the subject meetings that were held on Feb. 25 & March 25, 2009. The
following are the highlights of the subjects discussed:

A)    Feb. 25, 2009 ADDAPT/HIA Manufacturing/Engineering Committee Meeting

               Impact of the Global Recession on the L.I. Manufacturing Sector

      There are 3,200 companies located on Long Island, employing 54,000 people in defense,
       aerospace, home land security, medical devices, telecom, test/measurement, biotech and
       neutraceutical high tech manufacturing & engineering industries.
      92% of these companies are small companies employing 100 people or less.
      Recent studies indicate that this industry sector is experiencing a shortage of 5,000
       qualified workers, such as engineers (all categories), technicians and program/project
      50% of private sector businesses in the USA are small (i.e., 100 employees or less).
      These businesses create 85% of new jobs (in good and bad times).
      High tech industries provide the greatest job creation in high paying employment (avg.
       $60K/yr.), where value added per dollar of average wages is a factor of 2.4. This reflects
       relatively high levels of productivity, because these industry clusters contain a high
       proportion of professional, scientific and technical workers.

     Impact of Recession in these Industries on L.I.
      Good news:
           o Unemployment is below the national average.
           o Business backlogs are good for the next 3-4 years.
           o No severe reductions in revolving long term lines of credit.
      Bad news:
           o Recent delays of payments on NYS economic and workforce development
           o Mandated FAR/DAR Progress and Milestone Payments to small businesses
               severely reduced by both the federal gov’t and large first and second tier

     Some Available Solutions
      NYSTAR training programs.
      NYS IEP programs.
      QETC tax incentives.
           o For additional details on the three items above, call David Bottomley at 631-266-
      NYSDOL alternatives to layoffs.
           o For additional information, call Ann Heal (NYSDOL) at 631-687-4851.
      Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) Corporate Training Programs.
           o For additional information, call John Lombardo (SCCC) at 631-851-6225.
                                                                                        1st Quarter 2009

This meeting was very well attended (95 people), and we thank Suffolk County Community
College (SCCC) for hosting the meeting at their Brentwood Sports & Exhibition complex.

B)       March 25, 2009 ADDAPT/HIA Manufacturing/Engineering Committee Meeting

The subject meeting was hosted by John Lombardo, Director of Corporate Training at SCCC.
    The principal topics and speakers at this well attended meeting were:

         Manufacturing: A leading 21st Century industry on Long Island and the impact of the global
          recession – Gary Huth, NYSDOL

         2009 Update of Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) Economic Development
          Programs – Barry Greenspan, ESDC

Both Gary Huth and Barry Greenspan gave excellent comprehensive presentations on their
    respective topics. Copies of their presentations are available to all ADDAPT/HIA M/E
    Committee members from Sally Couluris by e-mail request at

The highlights of the information presented is as follows:

         Despite the global economic recession, the Long Island high tech manufacturing &
          engineering industry is the third largest employer and is still providing high paying job
         Based on the skills required in this industry, recent studies indicate a shortage of 3,000-
          5,000 workers with these qualifications.
         Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) still has an array of economic
          development and workforce development programs that have been enhanced and are
          directed at small high tech manufacturing/engineering companies. The details of these
          programs will be avbasilable once the NYS 2009-2010 budget is passed.


  The ADDAPT/HIA Manufacturing/Engineering Committee presented a seminar that
addressed valuation trends for both public and private companies in the aerospace/defense
                                     industry sector.

When: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
      8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Location:        Air Techniques
                 1295 Walt Whitman Road
                 Melville, New York 11747

                                                                                         1st Quarter 2009


8:00-8:30 a.m. – Breakfast
8:30-11:00 a.m. – Presentations that addressed:

    1. Brief overview of the Aerospace/Defense sector
    2. Valuation trends for both public companies and private companies in the
       Aerospace/Defense sector
    3. Ways to increase value in an Aerospace/Defense business
    4. Some of the major stumbling blocks that sellers encounter
    5. Financing strategies for growth, both equity and debt
    6. Legal issues involved in the sale of a company

Guest Speakers:
Tom Peltier, Managing Director with Stifel, Nicolaus & Company Incorporated, where he leads
the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services Investment Banking Group. Mr. Peltier helps
executives position their companies for future growth and profitability through a careful analysis
and execution of financings, mergers and acquisitions, and ownership options.
Tom Murphy is a Principal in Stifel Nicolaus’ Investment Banking Group. His practice focuses
on the aerospace, defense, and government services market. He has completed numerous
assignments in public offerings, private equity placements, mergers and acquisitions, and as a
financial advisor regarding strategic alternatives.

Irvin Blum, Esq., Partner, Ruskin Moscou Faltischek. Mr. Blum chairs the Corporate &
Securities Department of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek and is a member of its Corporate
Governance Group.


Following four years of remarkable expansion, the U.S. aerospace industry continued to see growth in
2008, although at a more moderate rate. The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) estimates that
aerospace sales will reach $204.4 billion in 2008, following sales of $200.3 billion in 2007.

The year had more than its share of challenges for aerospace manufacturing, but the fundamentals that
drive aerospace remain extremely resilient. Indeed, as the global economic crisis continues to bring many
industries to their knees, aerospace is largely remaining above the storm. In recent years, aerospace
companies have gained a more solid financial footing in a number of ways, such as paying down debt and
increasing solvency.

The civil sector saw moderate sales growth in 2008, up almost $400 million to $80.6 billion. Transport
aircraft made up the most significant portion of civil aircraft sales by value in 2008, but dipped
temporarily due to the Boeing work stoppage. Helicopters and general aviation aircraft shipments were
up considerably over previous years, resulting in a net positive trend.

                                                                                           1st Quarter 2009

Sales of military aircraft were also up in 2008, reaching $54.7 billion. This segment reflected the gradual
rise in aircraft research and development, aftermarket labor and materials, and unmanned aircraft system
production and support. For aircraft production, fighter planes were responsible for the largest share of
revenues, followed by helicopters and military transports.

International trade flourished in 2008, with record aerospace exports and imports expected. The positive
trade balance for aerospace products remained in record territory in 2008, reaching a surplus of more than
$60.6 billion. While the overall U.S. chronic trade deficit continued in 2008, the aerospace industry made
a significant positive impact on the nation’s trade balance.

Despite an uncertain economy, the outlook for the U.S. aerospace industry remains relatively strong. The
current upturn, begun in 2004, has been the strongest and broadest since World War II. Additionally, the
commercial and military segments are prospering simultaneously, an almost unprecedented occurrence.
A key advantage for aerospace is its position as one of the few U.S. manufacturing industries with visible
long-term demand growth, a fact that promises to eventually propel the industry to new heights.

Following the Boeing work stoppage, production rates are expected to normalize in 2009, pushing
industry growth up 4.8 percent from the current year. Defense sales will likely continue to increase in the
near term, because Defense Department budgets are mostly in place. For the next twelve months, many
orders for large civil aircraft are locked in, with financing in place, alleviating concerns that the tight
credit market will have a significant impact on aerospace sales next year.

AIA Sources:


Despite the global recession and associated layoffs, many ADDAPT and HIA member
companies continue to report that it has become difficult to hire qualified employees in these
industries. ADDAPT will continue to provide information on qualified openings and job
applicants in its Quarterly Newsletters.

Stony Brook University (SBU) has recently developed a center for education & training (CET)
for dislocated professional employees.

The increasing number of layoffs in our region has left unprecedented numbers of professionals
seeking support in re-tooling their careers. This population is often highly skilled, well educated
and motivated to seek new employment. To address the needs of this new population, Stony
Brook University’s Center for Education and Training (CET) recently embarked on a new
dislocated professional training program.

Substantial research and analysis was conducted as CET actively sought out new programs to
address the needs of this new population. As a result, key certification programs such as Project
Management and Business Analysis were identified and incorporated into the training plan. In
addition, CET asked the local workforce boards to reinstate dislocated worker funding to offer
financial assistance.
                                                                                   1st Quarter 2009

While certifications provide a competitive edge, these individuals need much more to be re-
employed. Therefore, the University felt the new program needed to provide: a valuable
educational experience, a break from isolation, a place of hope and opportunity which connects
the University resources with a supportive environment, a platform for integrating training and
job opportunities, and a venue where participants functioned as mentors and a support network to
each other.

To accomplish these goals, CET partnered with the University’s Career Center to create
comprehensive training programs and certifications that not only thoroughly addressed the
subject matter, but provided job search tools, career counseling, a supportive framework,
executive round tables, and a new job search website specifically designed for the CET
dislocated professional.

The SBU CET Professional job search engine works within the University’s ZebraNet system
and was exclusively created for CET dislocated professionals. This search engine allows the
CET dislocated professional to post their resumes and search exclusively for professional related

Stony Brook University’s CET Professional Group is actively seeking companies to post their
professional job openings on the new CET search engine. Posting and participating in the
program is very easy. All the company has to do is simply email CET the job specifications for
their open position(s) and the CET office will post the job opening(s). When dislocated
professionals find a “potential match”, they simply submit their resume to the email address
provided by the organization.

To post a job opening on Stony Brook University’s job search engine, request additional
information, or join one of the executive round tables, simply call 631-632-8910 or email


A)   Opportunities in the Israel Security, Aerospace and Defense Industries
     Hosted by the U.S. Commercial Service Long Island U.S. Export Assistance Center and the
     New York State Department of Economic Development.

May 5, 2009 ~ 9:30 AM - Noon (registration begins at 9:00 AM)

We invite you to participate in the Long Island U.S. Export Assistance Center's half-day seminar,
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at the New York State Department of Economic Development office
located at 150 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY 11788, 631-435-0717

This event is jointly hosted by the New York State Department of Economic Development.

This seminar will provide participants:
    An outlook for Israel's security and defense industries
    An overview of the methods of selling into Israel's security and defense industries
                                                                                   1st Quarter 2009

       An outline of the key regulatory and commercial issues and concerns of sellers, including
        ITAR, intellectual property protection, and commercial practices in Israel
     An introduction to the incoming Senior Commercial Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Tel
        Aviv and an introduction to the Israeli mission in the United States.
This seminar is a MUST attend if you are currently selling, planning to sell, or thinking of
selling, into the Israel security or defense industries.

Seminar Fee: NONE!!
Light breakfast and coffee provided


Free counseling sessions will be available following the seminar on a first-come first-served

For more information, please contact:
Jonathan M. Heimer
U.S. Commercial Service
Long Island Export Assistance Center
Tel: 631-935-2388

B)       Paris Air Show


One of the largest aircraft shows in the world, the Paris Air Show has been a occurring
biannually for the last 100 years. In 2007, there were over 142 aircraft on display and 1,996
exhibitors from 42 countries represented.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has once again selected Kallman Worldwide as the organizer
of the Official Government endorsed U.S. International Pavilion. Working in coordination with
the U.S. Commercial Service and the American Embassies around the world, the U.S. Pavilion
will once again be the focus of many visiting delegations and civil and military aviation decision

Limited booth space is still available in the Official U.S. International Pavilion at this event,
along with excellent complementary or alternative programs such as a Product Literature Center
exhibit or Kallman Worldwide’s Executive Club visitor program.

For information about exhibiting at this event, please contact:

4 North Street, Suite 800
Waldwick, New Jersey 07463-1842 USA
                                                                                1st Quarter 2009

Phone: 201-251-2600
Fax: 201-251-2760
Contact Names: Mike Petrassi,
              or Gerri Cozic,

U.S. Department of Commerce Programs

The U.S. Commercial Service will offer a range of free & fee based American exhibitors, aimed
at promoting U.S. products and services overseas, such as the following:

ShowTime Business Counseling Service - FREE

ShowCase Global Trade Leads Program - FREE

U.S. Embassy Paris Air Show Reception, Monday, June 15

Know Before you Go Webinar - $40

Business to Business Matchmaking – Special negotiated rate for US firms only! – 390 Euros

For additional and more detailed information, contact:

Shakir Farsakh
Director, Long Island US Export Assistance Center
The Commercial Service
33 Whitehall Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 646-722-0182
Fax: 212-809-2687


The following Job Applicants are offered as a continuing service to our member companies:

A)   Engineering student seeking employment on Long Island

Objective: As a student at Stevens Institute of Technology in my Junior year, majoring in
Computer Engineering, I am seeking summer (2009) employment in a team-based environment
developing software.

Experience: Developed Voice-Over-IP software and MySQL database software in the summer
of 2008. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Solidworks, MySQL and

                                                                                      1st Quarter 2009

Education: Graduated from a L.I. high school with a GPA of 3.68 cumulative, Honor Roll all 8
semesters and AP/Honors in Calculus, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Math and Applied
For a detailed resume, contact David Bottomley, Exec. Director of ADDAPT, at 631-266-2623

B)   Senior Level Continuous Improvement Facilitator

                                    Raymond P. Elkins
                           215 Brushy Hill Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

Objective: To obtain a career in the aerospace or automotive industry that utilizes my
talents and challenges me to energetically contribute to your company’s continued growth.
or vision.

Areas of Expertise:
Six Sigma, VSM, TPM, Kaizen & AIW, 3-P, Workshops and Internal/External Auditing

11/06 – Present       Continuous Improvements Facilitator
                      Ellanef Manufacturing – Corona, NY
                      Training, Auditing, 5-S, TPM, Kaizen and Six Sigma
                      I led a 6 Sigma project through scrap, rework, lost capacity,
                      WIP, cycle and lead time reductions resulting in an annual
                      cost savings of $220,000.00.

02/03 – 11/06         Continuous Improvements Project Leader
                      R.T.I. – Tradco, Washington, MO
                      Leading 25 Kaizen events and 35 special projects while practicing
                               T.P.M., implementation and auditing of ISO 9000 and AS9100.
                      I led a project in cycle, scrap, rework and setup reductions
                               resulting in an annual savings of $90,000.00.

08/00 – 02/03         Continuous Improvements Project Leader
                      R.T.I - Alloys, Canton, OH
                      Leading Kaizens and special projects and implementation of ISO 9000
                      I led an event requiring the use of only existing resources to reduce
                              workforce requirements, WIP, cycle and lead times resulting in an
                              annual savings of $140,000.00.

04/07 – 08/00         Master Technician – Automotive Dealerships
                      Toyota of Akron and Canton, Ohio
                      Honda Motor Cars of Cleveland & Massillon, Ohio

Education             Stark State College, Canton, Ohio

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