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• Inspiration
• Ideas for Building Research Capacity in
• Creation of an Africalics initiative
• A model for Research capacity Building?
• Concluding Remarks

12-03-2012                                  1

Today ”… the action of knowledge upon
 knowledge is the main source of
(Castells, The Rise of the Network Society,

 12-03-2012                                   2
• Thinking big, thinking deep and thinking
   with commitment and creating knowledge
   that adds value to the learner, the
   producer, user and the actors in civil
   society, trade union, government,
   business, the academy and others is not
   just simply desirable but also that it is that
   all Africans must engage with,do and fulfil
   to be renascent, self-reliant, transform
   and sustain their world.

12-03-2012                                      3
 Ideas for building Research
capacity in Africa
• Learning from the Globelics experiment that we
    created for building research capacity, research
    productivity and improve research uptake and
    utility at a global level
•   The book Putting Africa First launched the first
    Globelics Conference in Rio in 2003.
•   Globelics wishes to create the flexible
    researchers, train and forge them as adaptable
    and committed learners, thinkers, and problem-
    solvers by linking northern-southern researchers

12-03-2012                                         4
Creating Africalics in
Africa:Learning Innovation and
Comptence Building
• Africa’s politicians have put on the agenda:African Union
    Government : Towards the United States of Africa for the 44th O/AU
    meeting in Accra
•   In principle,researchers should be ahead of the politicians providing
    the guiding light of knowledge
•   The Rupture: the research world and the political world in Africa!
•   Researchers have to be resourceful and invent various ways of
    creating Pan-African research networks
•   Rely on their own innovative capabilities
•   Login Africa is an important research network that can evolve
    further and inspire other networks
•   It is thus critical that it achieves full success both for itself and even
    more as an examplar for further Africa-wide initiatives.

12-03-2012                                                                   5
It is the Inter-African Interaction:
• Integrating research, Knowledge research with higher
  education in Africa long overdue
• Research to bolster universities and link them with the
  wider social economy, society and the policy
• Research with training
• Linking the learners , researchers and graduates through
  the various formal, informal and complementary
  strategies for research capacity building and life –long
  learning and spreading a culture inventive problem
  solving in the African ppulation more widely

12-03-2012                                               6
Developing an Africalics Initiative

• Linking African researchers from North, East, West,
    South and Central Africa
•   Breaking the Lusophone, Arabphone, Anglophone and
    Francophone research enclosures
•   Creating an Africaphone continental research ,
    knowledge, imagination and innovation communities
•   To create researcher mobility by removing natural and
    contrived barriers
•   To facilitate researcher- researcher collaboration by
    undertaking joint research, publishing and dissemination

12-03-2012                                                     7
Africalics experiment
• Creating the African researcher or academic to
    communicate easily crossing linguistic, cultural and
    other barriers with open borders
•   Creating the African researcher without frontiers within
•   Research interaction involves for any African researcher
    to choose to do research any where in Africa
•   Research quality to evolve by being open and tolerant
    to Learning by ’fighting’- controversy, research dialogue
    and debate!
•   To provide new opportunities for networked learning,
    publishing, research project development

12-03-2012                                                  8
Researcher to researcher
• For example:Encourage all the research being undertaken on ICTs
    to find a shared forum for communication
•   Create opportunities to exchange research programmes
•   Try to develop inter-African wide comparative research projects
•   Invite world class researchers from outside Africa to contribute to
    the development of African research through peer review,
    participation in research and so on
•   Develop co-publishing with international leading researchers
•   Upgrading the research visibility of African researchers by publishing
    with leading researchers from other Africans inside and the Diaspora
    including from other top researchers in their respective fields
•   Network intelligently with an overiding goal to develop a strong
    research and knowledge base in Africa

12-03-2012                                                               9
 Africalics– Possible Activities
• Africalics annual low cost conferences
• Africalics Doctoral Academy
• Regional Research networks : East, West, South,
    Central and North regional Africalics- academy.
•   Country wide Academies
•    A University or a few universities based doctoral
•    Maintain active interaction both horizontally and
    vertically amongst these activities through a
    variety of strategies

12-03-2012                                          10
 Africalics :a model for Research
• Goverance should be simple
• Research leadership should come from the top
    and best in the field
• Research productivity must be sustainable
• Research utility can follow the Africa wide links
    and network
• To purse actively research for training at the
    different sites of training and research
• Africalics must remain flexible and self-
12-03-2012                                         11
Model for Research Capacity

• Not a research NGO, please!!!
• It is an African network of researchers without frontiers!
• Self-organising, focused, effective and inexpensive to
    create knowledge and spread it
•   Communicating through research and knowledge
    researchers from and in Africa and when appropriate
    with others in the rest of the world.
•   Should be built to complement rather than undermine
    research done in universities

12-03-2012                                                 12
Concluding Remarks
• Africalics should have a simple flexible model
    of integrating researchers, research, knowleldge
    production across Africa
•   Activate multi layered flexible levels of inter
    African researcher collaboration
•   Also African researcher collobration with others
    outside Africa(e.g.Diaspora and first rate
    researchers from the rest of the world!)
•   Should be built and remain as a self-organising
    research capacity experiment at low cost and
    effective output

12-03-2012                                         13
Concuding remark

• When successful other fields other than STI can replicate
•   Can be useful to stem the erosion of university research
•   Model very useful to develop mechanism for research
•   Searching for such models of research capacity building
    in Africa critical to pursue and make.
•   Success of Login Africa can be a source to inspire

12-03-2012                                                 14

• Amesgnalehu!

12-03-2012                    15

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