BOY SCOUT LEADER WOOD BADGE Home council no._____ by 0K3gdl


									 BOY SCOUT LEADER WOOD BADGE                                   Home council no._________________

 TRAINING RECORD                                                Region____________Area__________
            Please type or print clearly, completing all information-this will become a permanent record card.
  Name_________________________________________Certificate No.__________________
  Home address________________________________________________________________
                                                                   City                      State               Zip
  Phone (home)_________________________(business)_______________________________
  Council______________________________Headquarters city_________________________
  Occupation___________________________Date of birth_____________________________
  Position in Scouting__________________Troop no._______Years in Scouting_____________
  Regional Course no._____________Month___________Year_________Patrol_____________
  Location of course_____________________________________________________________

      Requirements completed_________________Wood Badge awarded_________________
      (max . 2 years)

                                         BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

A summary of this record is returned to the home council. A candidate is evaluated continually
during the practical course and the evaluation is recorded by the patrol councilor twice during
the course. The evaluation is shared with other staff members and the course director.

                                                                              Satisfactory.           Acceptable.
                                                                              Normally                Further
                                                                              expected                development
                                                                              performance.            may be
                                                                              1st          2nd          1st

 Knowledge. Ability to translate what is taught

 Skills. Ability to use what is taught

 Attitude. Receptiveness, willingness

 Overall evaluation.

 Note: Exceptional/unsatisfactory performance should be noted under remarks.
 Remarks: (to expand on the above)________________________________________________
 Scoutmasters Certification_______________________________Date _________________

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