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									LG 620G: A Prepaid Mobile Phone That's Great For Everyone
Cell phones these days have virtually become a necessity for every individual on the planet. You could be a businessperson constantly in business
meetings while on the run. Or a parent who is spending time away from the children but needs to checkup on them to see if they are doing alright. Or
simply an adolescent who wants to be connected to your friends all the time However you view it, a mobile phone is something that almost everyone
has to have. That's why a cell phone like the LG 620G prepaid cell phone could be a fantastic value to you.

Despite the need for a cellular phone, many are not able to get one because of the insanely high monthly fees or simply have bad credit. This where
obtaining a prepaid phone can be a good thing. And why the LG 620G Prepaid mobile phone is one of the best choices you can make.

We'll first take a look at the phone and then talk about the good things about using a prepaid cell phone.

The LG 620G Prepaid cell phone is more than just a cellular phone. It comes with an mp3 player built in so no need to bring another electronic device
with you. It can not only play mp3s but it comes with an fm receiver also. The LG 620G also comes with a speaker phone option, a voice recorder for
recording short memos and reminders, and a micro sd memory slot for easy expansion.

The phone has a long-lasting battery that can go for as long as 5 full hours of use. That means you spend less time having the phone connected to a
charger. Of course, you probably won't be talking continuously for 5 hours straight, so the battery will last up to 9 days in standby mode without having
to be charged again.

Now for the talk time charges. The per minute charge for the LG 620G Prepaid is a dime. It's a modest $50 for 500 minutes of phone use. The $50 for
500 minutes may not seem all that much different from a normal cell phone contract but you could be saving money with prepaid. Majority of cellular
phone contract fees run $50 to $75 per month for 500 to 1000 minutes per month. You have 500 to 1000 minutes per month but what if you are not
able to using it all up in a month? The following month your cell phone bill is still the same. More fees and charges are added when you call someone
out of state or place calls outside of your cell phone provider's coverage range. With the LG 620G Prepaid cell phone, the fee is always the same, 10
cents, whether you're making standard calls, long distance calls or even if you're roaming, it is only $0.10 a minute.

Now let's pretend that you were only able to get 2 hours of talk time for the month of using your LG 620G prepaid mobile phone. This means your
phone bill will merely total to $12 for that month. You don't have to spend any more than what you use the phone. So, you could possibly save
hundreds of dollars per year by simply paying as you go. Which is why a prepaid phone could be a wonderful phone for a lot of people.

by: Dayle Bennett

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 Time: 5:32 AM


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