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                            NAPERVILLE PLAN COMMISSION
                     August 5, 2009 - 7:00 P.M. – COUNCIL CHAMBERS

Call to Order                                                                   Time: (7:03 pm)

A. Roll Call                                                               Present: Yes         No
Commissioners:                                              Mike Brown, Chairman X
                                                       Joe McElroy, Vice Chairman X
                                                                    Ann Edmonds X
                                                                       Patty Gustin X
                                                                      John Herzog               X
                                                                        Bill Jepson X
                                                               Timothy Messer       X
                                                                  Patricia Meyer    X
                                                                Reynold Sterlin                 X
Student Members:                                                    Michael Alber X
                                                                       Amit Walia               X
Staff Present:        Community Planners – Amy Emery and Jason Zawila
                      Project Engineer – Jennifer Louden
                      Project Assistant – Dina Hagen
                      Introduction and welcome to new Plan Commissioner Timothy Messer
B. Approve            •   Jepson clarified motion on page 4 related to PC 1711. Staff
   Minutes                recommends options A and B for Kroehler Lot and Water
   7/15/09                Tower West site along with the Plan Commission’s
                          recommendation for Transportation/Utilities should be
                          forwarded to City Council.
                      •   Gustin requested name change under “New Business” of
                          Washington Street Trolley to “NTTC –Naperville Trolley
                          Train Concept.”

                      Motion to approve by: Gustin                                        Approved
                      Seconded by: Jepson                                                 (7 to 0)
C. Old Business       None
D. Public Hearings
PC # 1750             Petitioner: RDP Global Development, 13121 Merganser Cove,
Ellsworth             Plainfield, IL
Condominiums          Location: The subject property encompasses five parcels - four
                      are on the east side of Ellsworth Street (north of North Avenue)
                      and one is located on the south side of 4th Avenue.

                      Request: The petitioner requests a zoning change from R2
                      (Single-Family and Low Density Multiple-Family Residence
                      District) to OCI (Office, Commercial and Institutional District),
                      a conditional use for multiple-family residences, and approval
                      of a preliminary/final plat of subdivision. In conjunction with
                      this request, the petitioner seeks approval of the two yard
                      setback and one lot area variance.

                      (Official Notice was published July 19, 2009 in the Naperville
Naperville Plan Commission
August 5, 2009
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                         Chairman Brown indicated the applicant requests to
                         continue PC# 1750 until the September 2, 2009 Plan
                         Commission meeting.

PC # 1766             Petitioner: Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, 1111 S.
Turning Pointe Autism Washington Street, Naperville, IL
Foundation            Location: West of Plainfield-Naperville Rd., north of Saratoga
                      Rd., south of Hamlet Rd.

                         Request: Approval of a conditional use for a Planned Unit
                         Development to permit a school and residential care homes for
                         individuals with autism, a Preliminary/Final Plat of Subdivision
                         for the subject property with deviations, a Right-of-way
                         Vacation, and amendment to the Annexation Agreement.

                         (Official Notice for PC #1766 was published May 3, 2009 in
                         the Naperville Sun.)

                         Staff Presentation: Jason Zawila provided a brief recap of the
                         previous hearing events.
                         • He reviewed the City Legal opinion that the legal
                             considerations posed by the Mayor’s Advisory Commission
                             on Disabilities possess no bearing on the land use or zoning
                         • He indicated the application meets the standards for a PUD
                             and the variance request is justified.
                         • Staff recommends approval.
                         Petitioners Presentation: Attorney Kevin Gallaher
                         representing the petitioner Turning Pointe Autism Foundation,
                         1111 S. Washington Street, Naperville, IL, provided an
                         overview noting:
                         • The current R2 zoning allows for school use.
                         • The petitioner concurs with the City’s legal opinion.
                         • The appraisal reflects minimal impact to the surrounding
                             residential area.
                         • The residential component is viewed as a transitional
                             situation for adults with autism 22 years or older to prepare
                             them for integration into society.

                         Amanda Schultz from Elim Christian Service, 13020 S. Central
                         Palos heights, IL, a not-for-profit special education facility,
                         offered the following testimony:
                         • An overview of programs available at the Elim School.
                         • A favorable report of the benefits to the students that
                             included the integration of the school within the residential
                             setting and neighbor relations. She stated that in the
                             school’s 50-year existence there have been no significant
                             issues and no incidents reported.

                         Sonia Dickson Brax, 503 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA,
                         consultant on programming and land use for the Turning Pointe
                         Autism Foundation, added:
Naperville Plan Commission
August 5, 2009
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                         •   CILA’s (Community Integrated Living Arrangements) do
                             not always meet the needs of some individuals that would
                             require supportive small community focus and
                         • The site layout decision for parking in the front of the
                             building is part of a broader decision related to the overall
                             needs of the students. Separating the parking from student
                             areas is desirable.
                         Public Testimony: A summary of the public testimony is as

                         Randy Wieland (3748 Celeste Lane, Naperville, IL) and Frank
                         Samuelson (3756 Celeste Lane, Naperville, IL) expressed
                         concerns about the project, specifically:
                         • The City’s zoning ordinance requires 7 acres for schools
                            and the subject property falls short of this requirement.
                         • The City’s code should be modified to require an increased
                            setback for a schools adjacent to residential uses,
                            particularly when less than 7 acres is available.
                         • The standards for approving a variance include
                            consideration that it would not adversely affect adjacent
                            property and the appraisal report reflects negative impact.
                         • The bulk and setback of the proposed project is not
                            consistent with the neighborhood.
                         • Potential traffic flow, speed limit and parking issues need
                            further assessment.
                         • The elevations of the residential component must match
                            that of the previously approved Tramore project, including
                            garage doors.
                         • A negative impact on the property value of surrounding

                         Anissa Olley (101 Springwood Drive, Naperville, IL),
                         Joe Hudetz (4137 Royal Mews Drive, Naperville, IL), and
                         Drew Glassford (132 Elmwood Drive, Naperville, IL)
                         spoke in favor of the project indicating:
                         • The population and nature of the school should not be
                             compared to a traditional school when considering the
                             required acreage.
                         • The project is an approved use under the R2 zoning that
                             complies with the setback and landscape requirements.
                         • The deviation from the required setback at the front of the
                             property is necessary due to the bike path.
                         • Concerns from MACD are not consistent with the overall
                             mission of the MACD and should not weight into the land
                             use decision at hand.
                         • The proposed project would be an asset to the Naperville
                             community at large.
                         Plan Commission Questions/Discussion:
                         • Staff confirmed the 16’ interior side yard setbacks for the
                             previously approved Tramore project.
                         • The purpose of the respite home was defined as short term
Naperville Plan Commission
August 5, 2009
Page 4 of 6

                            care for persons with autism.
                         •  Staff confirmed that the existing building proposed for use
                            as a respite home could currently be used as a residential
                            care home within the existing R2 zoning.
                         • A request for additional landscaping above the minimum
                            requirement for additional buffering was requested.
                         • The petitioner indicated the reason for a PUD request was
                            to more efficiently develop the site given that the property
                            is owned by one entity. They do not wish to individually
                            plat each structure.
                         • Dawn Neuman, architect for Turning Pointe, responded to
                            questions related to design changes to minimize bulk. She
                            explained the difficulty of redesigning the elevations and/or
                            moving the footprint further east to eliminate the perceived
                            bulk impact on adjacent residences. She also indicated that
                            the current design was best suited for the needs of the
                            students and reiterated that the footprint was placed as such
                            to minimize the impact to the adjacent properties.
                         • Staff confirmed a major change to the PUD would be
                             required should the facility be transferred to another owner
                             desiring to convert the property to a traditional school or
                             other use.
                         • The petitioner provided information about anticipated
                             visitor and special event parking needs.
                         Motion: Close Public Hearing                                       Approved
                         Motion by: Gustin                                                  (7 to 0)
                         Seconded by: Meyer
                         Plan Commission Discussion:
                             • Concerned about the traffic flow and parking overflow.
                             • Would like to see the footprint moved further to the
                                  east to relieve the bulk for residents to the west.

                            • Finds staffs’ report acceptable.
                            • The acreage is sufficient for the proposed student body
                                and activities.
                            • Would like to see the setback increase on the west side
                                of the site but not if it would require the parking to be
                                moved to the rear, which would pose a larger problem
                                with adjacent properties with respect to traffic impact.
                            • The proposed building has less height than adjacent
                                residential homes.
                            • Would like to see additional landscaping on the west
                                side of the property.

                           • Will vote on how the physical structure will fit into the
                               neighborhood, not the use of the facility.

                             • Suggest additional screening along the west property
Naperville Plan Commission
August 5, 2009
Page 5 of 6

                                 line with evergreen trees to minimize impact on
                                 adjacent properties.

                            • The proposal changes the essential character of the
                            • Comprehensive plan does not anticipate a school in this
                            • The property is not the required 7 acres.
                            • The bulk is overwhelming.
                            • The appraisal/ impact study shows detriment to the
                                  value of surrounding properties.
                            • Although the appraisal report for adjacent properties
                                 shows slight detriment for adjacent property, the
                                 proposal is an appropriate and permitted use under the
                                 current zoning.
                            • The proposal meets all criteria for a PUD.
                            • Would like to see improvements in screening.

                            • PUD is appropriate for this nontraditional school with
                                low student population and specific needs.
                            • The elevations of 16’ and 35’ for the proposed project
                                are far less intrusive than a series of 40’ tall single
                                family homes spaced 16’ apart.
                            • The community’s need for the school outweighs the
                                minimal valuation impact on the surrounding
                            • The proposal is a permitted use in the R2 zoning

                         Motion: Approve a conditional use for a Planned Unit
                         Development to permit a school for autistic children and
                         residential care homes, a Preliminary/Final Plat of Subdivision
                         for the subject property with deviations, a right-of-way
                         vacation, and amendment to the Annexation Agreement subject
                         to the following conditions:

                         1. The recreation center may open to the public during non-
                            school hours in order to accommodate residents with
                            special needs provided, however, that the city reserves the
                            right to review the parking conditions on the site. In the
                            event of formal complaints regarding parking during non-
                            school hours, the city shall retain the right to modify the use
                            of the recreation center during non-school hours, including
                            limiting or prohibiting its public use.
                         2. Any proposed after school programming shall not be made
                            open to the public until 1 hour after regular school
                            operations to assure compliance to parking.
                         3. Additional landscaping buffer the western elevation.
Naperville Plan Commission
August 5, 2009
Page 6 of 6

                         Motion by: Gustin                                                Approved
                         Seconded by: Meyer                                               (5 to 2)

                         Ayes: Brown, Jepson, McElroy, Messer, Meyers
                         Nays: Edmonds, Gustin

                         Absent: Herzog, Sterlin

E. Reports               None

F. Correspondence        Amy Emery of staff stated that the Plan Commission transition
                         to eAgenda will be completed by the first meeting in
                         September. When the transition is complete:
                         • The public will be able to utilize an online viewing module
                             to go directly to an agenda item in the same manner as the
                             City Council meetings.
                         • The Plan Commission will still receive minutes, but in a
                             more condensed summary format.
                         • The Plan Commission packets will no longer contain large
                             exhibits or color exhibits. Copies of large exhibits and
                             color documents will be made available upon request and
                             will be available for viewing on the dais the night of the
                             Plan Commission meeting.
G. New Business          None

H. Motion to             Motion by: Meyer                                                 Approved
  Adjourn                Seconded by: Messer                                              (7 to 0)
Adjournment                                                                    Time:       9:36pm