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									                              Gratitude Summary

You cannot be in heartfelt gratitude and out of the Flow at the same time.
  • The simplest and quickest way into Flow is through Gratitude.
  • Appreciation is one of the most heart opening, Flow-producing emotions
     we experience.
  • Imagine how you feel when you are filled with appreciation for someone or

Scientific research supports the power of gratitude.
   • An appreciative state is a far more effective tool in creating Flow than
      popular methods such as relaxation or breathing techniques.
   • Appreciation is the quickest and most effective means to shift you into a
      positive state.
   • Physical benefits include increased levels of DHEA, decreases in the
      stress hormone Cortisol, reduced blood pressure, and an enhanced
      immune system.
   • Psychological benefits include reduced mental chatter, less stressful
      thinking, enhanced mental and emotional balance and performance and
      increased intuitive perception.
   • Increase the amount of gratitude you have in your life, and you increase
      your baseline happiness. The happier you, are the more positive is your
      point of attraction.

You can always find something to be grateful for.
  • Most of us tend to look to the big things in life – money, houses, jobs –
     forgetting all the many little wonders that there are to appreciate.
  • We live in a very abundant universe if we will just take the time to notice it.

Make gratitude habitual
  • Gratitude is not a state that most of us experience habitually.
  • Much of our daily bombardment of information is focused on fear, doubt
     and worry making it easy to slip into habitual negative thought patterns.
  • We suggest turning off those messages around you whenever possible.
  • Consciously develop a Gratitude Practice and make that habitual.

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   •   By developing a daily practice of a gratitude technique, you re-train your
       brain, allowing for quicker access to an aligned state, physically and
       mentally. This allows you to be a conscious creator instead of an
       unconscious reactor to the external events around you.

Appreciation Micro-step
  • Focus on your heart – you may want to put your hand over your heart.
  • Take a deep breath from your belly into your chest and into your heart.
  • Focus on appreciation of someone or something in your life and feel
     deeply grateful.
  • If this is difficult for you in the present, remember a time in your life when
     you felt deeply grateful and happy, and focus on that.
  • It is important for you to feel a sense of appreciation, not just the mental
     idea of it.
  • Hold the feeling as long as you are able.

Apply appreciation in challenging situations.
  • Appreciation shifts energy and virtually floods your system with beneficial
  • Remember that your patterns of reaction now are habits and habits can be
  • Take micro-steps toward feeling increased gratitude in your life.
  • The Flow Show at the end of DVD #6 is a great appreciation micro-step!

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