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									        The Learning and Experiencing Level of Awareness

A learning curve
When people first hear about the Creative Process and how to manifest what
they desire, there is typically a period of learning and practicing. That is the
Learning and Experiencing Level of Awareness.
   • You are more conscious than at previous levels but your unconscious
      beliefs still surface.
   • You experience repeated opportunities to see what is working and what is

Characteristics of this Level
  • You are practicing forgiveness and self-responsibility.
  • You understand cause and effect.
  • You sense you have more power and control.
  • You’ve moved from hope to belief.
  • The Vibrational level has doubled again and is now 40,000 cps.

Your stories
  • It’s essential to look at negative, unexamined stories and change them.
  • This involves questioning all programmed core beliefs.
  • You’re learning a lot and acknowledging what you don’t know.
  • You may need to let go of some groups. You can only progress at the rate
      the group moves. Your group may try to hold you so you may need to
      leave some friends behind.

Resistance at this level
  • Sammy’s hold is lessened. The less power he has, the more you have.
  • Shows up when you get tired or are not taking care of yourself; in stressful
  • Gaps sometimes open, sometimes closed.

You’ve discovered what was you sensed at the Awakening Level, i.e. Flow
   • Your gaps are opening wider.
   • You experience more excitement and eagerness.

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 •   You feel more alive than ever before.
 •   You are willing to be accountable.

                 Levels of Awareness

Learning &                         40,000 cps
                                                              Learning &
Experiencing Level                                            Experiencing Level
 More Conscious                                               Active Forgiveness
 From Hope to Belief                                          Cause & Effect
 More Aligned                                                 Moments of Flow

                                    20,000 cps
          Awakening Level
                                     10,000 cps
                 Victim Level

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