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					                   The Awakening Level of Awareness

The dawning of Awakening
Moving into the Awakening Level of Awareness is a process. It usually does not
happen all at once. It’s more like a dimmer switch that gets turned up than a light
bulb that goes on. On our Unified Power Model, it is seen as the gaps beginning
to open. Awakening begins when:
    • You look at life more objectively.
    • You examine programmed beliefs.
    • You hit rock bottom and surrender (let go of all resistance).

What might trigger Awakening other than rock bottom surrender
  • Changes in your life or a friend’s/acquaintance’s life such as:

                 Losing a job               Death of someone close
                 Break up or divorce        A promotion
                 Moving                     A new baby
                 A new job                  A concept in a book
                 Movie or TV                Spiritual Awakening
                 Illness                    Offhand comment

Characteristics of this Level
The trance is not as deep here. You’ve turned the dimmer switch up and you see
possibilities and begin to let go of Victim thinking.
   • Hope leads to stirrings of enthusiasm.
   • You sense that your thoughts and feelings have power.
   • The vibrational level has doubled to 20,000 cps.
   • Forgiveness as a concept begins to be a part of your conscious
   • You become more self-responsible and less blaming.
   • You still have blind spots but you begin to sense that your “Story” no
       longer serves you.

Resistance at this level:
  • Sammy the Saboteur warns against getting your hopes up.

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     •   You know about your ability to create, but you don’t always get the desired
     •   Resistance feels normal, so you need to practice awareness and follow-
     •   There is a battle between your desire and your resistance to change and
         you experience internal mixed messages such as:
         I want to be wealthy but I avoid really looking at my financial situation.
         I want to be successful but I don’t make the calls or get out the door.
         I want to save money but I spend every penny I make.
         I want to have good credit but I don’t pay my bills on time.
         I join the gym but don’t go.

  You sometimes sense the presence of flowing energy
    • When you move toward it Sammy gets fearful and tries to stop you.
    • But for the first time in your life, Sammy is not all you hear.

                     Levels of Awareness

Awakening Level                        20,000 cps                 Awakening Level
Semi-conscious                                                    Forgiveness
Hope begins                                                       Self-responsibility
Aware of Power                                                    Sense the Flow

                                      10,000 cps
                    Victim Level

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