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Treasury Manager (PowerPoint)


									Treasury Manager

   Theresa Utibe-Ukim
        MSIT 573
    Dr. Carl Rebman
      July 14,2005
About Treasury Operations Dept.

 Zenith Bank has 80 branches
 All foreign exchange & treasury
  transactions are processed centrally.
 Main function: Funds transfer
 8 staff – approximately 100 transactions
  per day.
 Use of two programs: Phoenix & SWIFT
Project Overview

 A new program to integrate the Phoenix
  banking software and SWIFT
 Re-engineer the current treasury
  operations processes
 Project will required 3 programmers (2
  will be hired on a part time basis) and all
  of treasury operations staff
 Duration is expected to be 6 months

 Staff are overwhelmed by the volume of
  repetitive tasks. The department has
  asked 2 additional staff be employed.
 Customers transactions are never
  completed on the same day.
 Staff are unhappy and customers are
  dissatisfied with the poor service.
Project Objective

 Create a new program that will cut
  out/reduce repetitive task and integrate
  Phoenix & SWIFT
 Get customers transactions completed
  on time
 Reduce work time for staff
 Increase business/income

 Project Cost: $95,000.00 (This will be in
 Others: Bank may loose up to 30% of
  their business with the current situation.
  That is an income of about
 Customers are satisfied with the level of
  service. They retain their business with the
 Transactions grow by about 30% -
  $187,500.00 income. Bank charge a premium
  for the outstanding service
 Staff are happier with the job. Turnover is low.
  The bank saves about $5,000.00 in
  recruitment and training.
 Save $95,000.00 on salaries of additional
  treasury staff
Measures of Success

 All task accomplished in the allotted
 Software code working as planned
 All transactions processed same day
 Staff do not have to work more than
  8hours a day.
 There is no need to employ additional
  staff for the dept.
Risk Assessment

                       Probability   Cost         Risk         Total Risk

 Implement   Success   70%           95,000.00    66,500.00

             Failure   30%           282,500.00   84,750.00    151,250.00

 Don’t       Success   20%           0.00         0.00
             Failure   80%           282,500.00   226,000.00   226,000.00
Gnatt Chart

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