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This book is primarily intended to help you learn self-hypnosis for financial

success. You can use the information in this book to create your own

recordings. When used in conjunction with Steve’s audio recordings for the

Wealth-Trigger, this book will act as a guide to teach you how to create

these recordings.

Rather than being a Zen-like trance in which you are in some sort of

metaphysical state, hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of mind in which you

are more suggestible. From time to time, you may experience a metaphysical

state; however, the goal of hypnosis is to get yourself into a very light

trance, also known as “Alpha.”

When in Alpha or deeper, you will have brain waves that are altered

(Blakeslee, 2005) and you are more suggestible than when you are in Beta.

You are therefore more able to receive messages that influence positive

change. Anything deeper than Alpha (Delta or Theta) is helpful, but not

Stages of Consciousness

Hypnotherapy involves four stages of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta,

and Delta. Normal waking consciousness is called Beta. In Beta, your brain

is fully functional and in an alert state. It is paying attention to, and

processing stimuli from the outside world.

In Alpha, you are slowed down slightly and are therefore more focused and

able to dedicate your train of thought to one thing. Equate Alpha to the state

you are in when watching TV, or when you have been driving for a lengthy

period. When driving, your attention is focused on the elements of driving.

Outside stimuli play a lesser role.

At first, you may be aware of things around you such as cars and

pedestrians. After prolonged driving, your attention shifts to what is

happening directly in front of you. This is Alpha.

Alpha is a “not-really-here, not-really-out-of-it” phase. In Alpha, outside

stimuli no longer distract the person you are hypnotizing, who is then able to

receive habit-altering messages from the hypnotherapist.
It is important to note that similar to driving in a trance, a person under

hypnosis still can react as things happen.

A common misconception is that someone under hypnosis cannot react, and

that therefore you will not be able to maintain control. In Alpha, you are

always in the driver’s seat, and you are fully capable of reacting and making


Some people go deeper than Alpha into Theta or Delta, and you may

transition between Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta during the session. Some

people will never attain Theta or Delta, regardless of how deep they want to


However, almost everyone will fall into Alpha on the first session.

Techniques for guiding yourself into Theta or Delta are more complex, and

are beyond the scope of the Wealth-Trigger course. Those techniques are

taught in my advanced hypnosis certification class.

You should know, however, that there are tests for ascertaining how deeply

a person has fallen. Some methods of hypnotherapy are more effective in
Theta and Delta. Because you may toggle among stages of consciousness in

any given hypnotherapy session, you may have the experience of only

remembering some of the things in your recorded session. People often

believe that they remember everything, but actually remember very little.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy, and this is one of

the many attributes separating it from stage hypnosis. Hypnotherapy works

by combining hypnosis with precise, outcome-oriented therapy and targeting

the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is quite different from traditional therapy.         Instead of

spending years with a therapist, people who undergo hypnotherapy will have

an efficient, fast, reliable means of altering negative behavior. Hypnotherapy

produces the most immediate results for changing beliefs and/or behaviors.

It is important to note that hypnotherapy is not for everyone. You may want

to spend years in traditional therapy; getting to know yourself and examining

the roots of your behavior. Hypnosis is just one of the thousands of ways a
person can achieve her goals; however, if you want immediate results,

hypnotherapy is the most effective tool.

The beauty of hypnosis is that a person’s body does not know the difference

between imagining something and having it happen. As far as the body is

concerned, the physiological responses are the same, regardless of whether

you are imagining something or actually experiencing it.

You have the advantage of intellectually knowing that a situation is

happening only in the imagination, and physically responding as though it

has happened. You will get the benefit of tackling your financial fears,

gaining wealth, or becoming motivated without ever having left the comforts

of your own home.

You can be relaxed in a chair, yet as far as your body knows, you have

conquered your fears in regard to financial success, improved confidence,

learned how to speak to business prospects, and so on.

This means that when, in your waking life, you want to master public

speaking, save money, or stop procrastinating, you will feel as though you
have already positively altered these habits. Therefore, you will have the

confidence and ability to move forward.
Hypnotherapy Overview

Your self-hypnosis session will begin with an induction, which is the first

part of the recording in which you will be putting yourself into a light trance.

After the induction, you will record a deepening that drops you into an even

deeper trance, as the name suggests. You will then use a script, which is the

therapy portion of the session. The script includes a suggestion for change.

Upon finishing the script, you will segue into amnesia, which suggests that

your conscious mind will forget the session. Finally, you will use trance

termination to bring yourself out of hypnosis. In this ebook, as in the audio

modules, each of these steps will be covered in detail.

However, you may have different needs in regard to building wealth. So, the

therapy session might be changed depending on these specific needs. When

recording your hypnotherapy session, learn to speak monotonously and

slowly. Throughout the session, you should lengthen your words. Your tone

should be monotonous (avoiding any fluctuation in tone) and at a slow

steady rate without variation in volume. (See Chapter 3, Inductions, for more


You should also use positive words. For example, when I work with people
on eliminating procrastination, rather than calling it “procrastination,” I call

it “motivation,” because this is the positive way of looking at the situation.

Learn to state things positively. Instead of saying that you are “afraid to take

risks,” say that you have “freedom to take risks.” Experiment with positive


Some professionals believe that you should not use the word “no” or “not,”

because they believe that the subconscious mind drops these words. In other

words, instead of hearing, “You will not procrastinate,” they believe you

will hear, “You will procrastinate.”

I often use the words “no” and “not” with positive results. However, to be on

the safe side, you may choose to avoid using negative words. Instead, say, “I

will be done putting projects off to the last possible minute,” or “I will have

unlimited motivation to complete projects.”

Recording Your Sessions

Because it takes approximately 21 days to form new habits, you should be

prepared to record your hypnotherapy sessions so that you can listen to your

sessions each night, thus reinforcing change.
I sell hypnosis recordings from my website, and sometimes people buy four

or more recordings at once: sales mastery, unlimited wealth, unlimited

confidence, and unlimited motivation! These people may intend to listen to

all four recordings at once. You do not want to do this. Tackle one challenge

at a time, and give yourself three weeks to change a single habit. Allow

yourself to ease into the change. If you try to force change, or if you listen to

the recording 21 times in one day, you will get frustrated.

Remember: Set reasonable goals. Avoid forcing change; doing so could be


Controlling the Environment

You should establish a quiet space that allows you to control the

environment. Cut yourself off from the outside world and focus your

attention on self-hypnosis. You must have relax and be in an oasis, separate

from the outside world.

In controlling the environment, first make sure you have gone to the

restroom. Dropping yourself into Alpha and sustaining hypnosis is difficult

if you are squirming with discomfort. So think ahead if you need to use the

Likewise, make sure you put your cell phone on silent mode. Make sure that

you are in an environment where you will be undisturbed. There should be

an absence of barking dogs or sounds of traffic. If these sounds are in the

environment, you can play soothing music in the background and even add

relaxing music to your recording. I enjoy binaural tones.

Make sure that the temperature in your environment is just right for you.

Give yourself the option of being reclined. A comfortable, reclining chair is

perfect for this.

I prefer to be reclined in a nearly horizontal position with an eye covering,

like the ones that are sold for sleeping or airplane trips, over your eyes to

block out any light. I listen to my voice through headphones.

You are not going to see anything because your eyes are going to be

covered. You are not going to hear anything except your voice and perhaps

the sound of gentle music playing in the background. You may want to be

covered with one or two blankets, depending on the temperature.
I want to completely control the environment, and for this reason, I practice

self-hypnosis at home during a quiet time of the day when I know there will

be no distractions. I also find it wonderful to listen to hypnosis recordings at

night as I fall asleep. Your mind will still accept positive suggestions for

change even if you drift off to sleep while listening to your recording.

Again, you want to insure that you will not be interrupted during the session.

I learned this lesson the hard way in 1986. I had a patient, a doctor, who

wanted to be hypnotized. She was on call during our first session, and she

kept getting up during the hypnosis session to respond to her pager. She was

not respecting the session. I immediately formed a strict policy against this

disruptive activity. If you are on call or too busy to dedicate yourself to a

self-hypnosis session, make time. Do not allow yourself to be disturbed.

Some people like to multitask, but hypnosis is not the place for multitasking.

Think of it like surgery — it would not be acceptable if someone knocked on

the door during surgery, or if the doctor stopped operating so that you could

take a cell phone call.

The bottom line is this: Control your environment.
Helpful Tip

Go to a hypnotherapist for a general session on motivation, and pay attention

to how they do things. You can get some great ideas from hypnotherapists.

Suggested Practice

As you go through this book, I suggest that you take at least one week to

complete the suggested practice in each chapter. Use the time to thoroughly

understand each chapter and you can e-mail me at support@wealth- with any questions.
An induction is the tool that you will use to induce hypnosis. It marks the

beginning of hypnosis (and the beginning of the recording you will make for

yourself). Inductions come in all shapes and sizes. This chapter will focus on

inductions that are highly effective.

Relaxation Inductions

The basic induction is called a “relaxation induction.” With a relaxation

induction, you want to bore yourself into the Alpha state. Imagine talking to

someone and trying to bore her. Some people are able to do this naturally.

Some people will start talking, and their listeners immediately get a glazed-

over look in their eyes. That type of speaker would be an excellent

hypnotherapist. If you are one of those people, congratulations! Now you

can help yourself with your natural ability to bore.

Have you ever been in a classroom with a teacher who talked incessantly

with a monotone voice because she has taught the same subject for years and

has no passion left in her entire being? That may have actually done you

some good. Although you could not consciously pay attention, you may

have processed some of the information hypnotically. I guarantee you that
the teacher was lulling you into a trance.

Watching TV will lull you into a trance. Driving a car will lull you into a

trance. A slow-talking, monotonous teacher speaking for 45 minutes will

definitely lull you into a trance. During a relaxation induction, speak in a

monotone voice. Stretch out your words. Speak slowly and methodically and

enunciate clearly.

When working with the subconscious mind, you must be very careful that

you say exactly what you mean. The subconscious mind will take things

literally. Any time you make a hypnosis recording, speak very clearly. Make

sure that you can understand every word.

You need to speak slowly and clearly so that there is no misunderstanding,

because if you pronounce a word incorrectly, the subconscious mind may

process it as another word.

Practice saying the phrase, “Jack and Jill went up the hill.” Stretch out the

words, especially the word “and.” Practice this until it is as relaxing (i.e.,

boring) as possible. This is the only time in your life when being boring is a
good thing. If you are not sure of the tone of voice that you should use, visit         Any of the CDs or MP3s

there will serve as an excellent example.

It is important to refer to the five senses during the induction. Most people

relate strongly to one of the senses: Sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste. I

like to involve as many of the other senses as possible. By involving all the

senses, you can access all the senses you relate the most strongly with.

Make sure that the induction has something for you to see, to feel, to hear, to

taste, and to smell. If you already know that you relate strongly to one

particular sense, reference that sense more often than the others in your

induction. But use all of the senses to make a well-rounded induction every


Let me illustrate this point by taking you through an induction. Because the

purpose of the induction is to slow yourself down, you should also play soft,

calming music in the background.       (Feel free to use verbatim any of the

hypnosis session material I provide in this ebook.)
All right now. I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose,

inhaling very slowly, filling your lungs and stretching them out. That’s right.

Hold it. Open your mouth slightly and exhale very slowly, and as you do,

just feel your body relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Good. Now to help you to

relax, I want you to visualize yourself on a beautiful beach. It is your beach.

You are relaxed and safe. You are walking along the beach. Feel the warm,

soft sand on your feet. Feel the warmth of the sun relaxing every part of your

body. Inhale the scent of the sea air. Feel the relaxing breeze blowing gently

across your body as you walk slowly down to the water, where the waves are

making a relaxing sound.

Let’s break this down. First of all, breathing in and out slowly is going to

relax you. You will take three or four deep breaths in and out. Just relax

yourself and slow down.

Let’s now take a look at the rest of the induction. I want you to visualize

yourself on a beautiful beach. Here, I am referring to your sense of sight.

You are walking along the beach. This is the kinesthetic (movement) aspect.

I have engaged the feelings of motion and have offered something to those

people who relate strongly to motion.
Feel the warm, soft sand on your feet. Now I have engaged tactile listeners.

Notice that I did not just say, “You are feeling the sand.” I described the

sand. I made it real. The sand feels warm. It feels soft. (You may even say

the sand is white, which again involves the visual sense.) I grew up in South

Florida, so I can relate strongly to this experience. I have been on the beach

many times, and that sand is warm, if not hot. That brings back a clear

memory for me. You have probably walked barefoot on a beach in the

daytime. Be sure to use something that is familiar to you. Feel the warmth

of the sun relaxing every part of your body. Again, I am referring to the

sense of feeling, also called touch or the tactile sense. I’ve also linked the

feeling to something relaxing.

Inhale the scent of the sea air. Here, I have prompted the olfactory sense,

appealing to the sense of smell. Most people know exactly the smell I mean

when I say “sea air.” Feel the relaxing breeze blowing gently across your

body. Here I am using the tactile sense (the sense of touch).

As you walk slowly down to the water. You are moving in your mind.

Again, I am engaging the kinesthetic (motion) sense.
It is important to engage all of the senses because you may relate strongly to

several senses. You may be very visual. For example, in your mind’s eye,

you may see the beach clearly. They may fill the ocean with sailboats, put

buildings on the land in the distance, and add a few clouds in the beautiful

blue sky.

Or you may not see anything. You will listen to that exact same induction,

and you will have a nonvisual sense of being on the beach. You will have

the feeling that you are on the beach because you can feel it on the soles of

your feet. Or you just somehow sense that you are there. Maybe the smell,

the scent of the sea air draws you in.

Unless you want to get into an extensive (and unnecessary) pretest to

determine which sense you favor, cover every sense. Even if you know that

you relate strongly to motion, add the other sensory elements; doing so will

engage you more fully. You want to make sure that you hear a description of

all the things people typically experience at the beach.

By the way, if you are afraid of water or of beaches for any reason, you

should use a different induction. There are so many alternative inductions to

Inductions should incorporate the types of experiences that you enjoy. For

instance, if you are a scuba diver, your inductions might be about a dive.

Think about the possibilities. You are going down, down, deeper and deeper.

Maybe you like to go driving in the desert. You could imagine the drive in

the Mojave Desert at night with the top down on a convertible. Be open and


You may not want to use the same induction for all of your recordings. You

might want to mix it up. Once, when I was doing a diving induction with a

patient, I said, “And now you take a deep breath in through your nose and

out through your mouth.” Divers wear regulators in their mouths to get air

from the tank. They do not breathe through their noses while diving! They

breathe through the mouth.

After the session, the client said, “You know, that was great and relaxing,

except for when you told me to breathe in through my nose and out through

my mouth.” I was not thinking of what the client was experiencing. Instead,

I was looking at the patient in the chair and thinking that she should breathe
through her nose. In her mind, she was scuba diving. The mind makes it real

for the body. She was there, and I was incongruent.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. I have been doing hypnosis for a long

time, and I still make mistakes. If you catch a mistake that you made in your

recording, just re-record it correctly.

Know that the rules are flexible. Think about it like dancing at a club. There

is freedom of expression. Are the rules set in stone? No. You can be flexible.

Do no harm, fix mistakes, but be flexible. Try things with the best of

intentions and flex your muscles, and I guarantee that you will grow.

If something does not work, try something else. You may think, “I just could

not get into that. I was not relaxed.” What should you do?

First, assure yourself that even in Alpha, you are up to 200 times more


Second, make a change. You may think, “Okay, the beach induction is not

working on me. All I can think about is getting a sun burn.” If something
about your induction is preventing you from relaxing, then you can easily

make a change.

Here are the inductions that I used in the audio portion of this program (in

audio Module 2)

Beach Induction

Okay now, close your eyes. Let your entire body loosen. Now take three

deep breaths on my call. Okay…breathe in…expand your lungs, filling them

with air. That’s positive. Hold it here for a second…and slowly press it out.

Get all of the air out of your lungs. Positive, you are feeling more relaxed

now. Alright now, breathe in again. Air coming through your nose, feel your

chest rise. That’s it, really fill up your lungs. Now hold. Open your mouth

just a little bit, relax your jaw…and…let out all the air. Slowly release. Feel

your chest deflate back down. You are even more relaxed now. Okay, one

more time, breathe in slowly. Allow yourself time to fill your lungs. That’s

positive…now hold your breath…and release through your mouth. You are

now very relaxed. Your body is at ease and so is your mind. Now, lets take a
journey. This journey will involve your five senses and will further relax

you. You find yourself on your own private island. You are on the beach.

You notice that the island is small, seeing that the beach curves in either

direction, surrounding a jungle. Look out at the water. Notice the colors of

the water. Picture the clear water. Notice the reef just beyond the sand

causes the water to have seven shades of blue and green. You see turquoise,

light green, brilliant blue, sea foam green, and several other colors. You look

up at the sky and notice how bright blue it is. There are several large clouds

in the sky. They are big and white. You notice them move slowly in the sky

and change shapes. Watch the clouds as they transform in front of you. The

water then distracts you. You notice about 100 yards in front of you there is

a barrier in the water. This barrier is protecting your island and causing the

waves to break on it. Listen to the waves hit and break on the rocks. The

sound is soothing and you enjoy it. You take a few steps forward and walk

into the water. It is completely calm here. The water is warm. Feel it against

your legs. The water is soothing to your skin; this relaxes you and puts your

mind at ease. You decide to get out of the water. You walk slowly across the

beach and into the grove of palm trees. As you walk, a coconut falls from a

palm tree just in front of you. The coconut is split and partially open. At first

you smell the coconut. It smells sweet and calms you. You then tilt the

coconut and taste the coconut milk. It tastes clean and sweet. You leave the
coconut behind and continue walking through the palm trees. As you walk,

you admire the tall palms swaying in the breeze. You then look in front of

you and notice there is a small clearing of trees. In between two trees is a

hammock. You decide to lay in this hammock and rest. You climb in and get

very comfortable. The hammock sways very gently. As you lay here, you

focus on relaxing your entire body. You start with your head. Relax the

muscles in your face and in your jaw. That’s positive. Moving down to your

neck and shoulders, you relax every muscle. Feel all tension release. Your

arms, hands, and fingers lay loosely by your side as you sway on the

hammock. Focus on relaxing your core, your lower back, sides, and abs.

Now moving further down your body, to your hips and buttocks, you relax

these muscles even more. This feels positive. Relax your thighs. Relax your

knees. Relax your calves and shins. Your legs are now completely lifeless.

Move down to your ankles, feet, and toes. Release all tension from your feet.

Your entire body is now very relaxed. Enjoy this relaxation. Now focus on

relaxing your mind. Your brain is free from random thoughts. You focus on

relaxing further and enjoying swaying in the hammock. You enjoy this

feeling of total relaxation of your body and mind.
Driving Induction

As you sit in your comfortable chair, go ahead and close your eyes. Now in

order   to   relax,   take    three   deep    breaths.   In    through    your

nose…deeply…and…slowly…that’s positive. Hold here…and let it all out

through your mouth. Very positive. Another breath in…very slowly…filling

your lungs to capacity…and…relax you jaw and release your breath. You

are feeling more relaxed and more at peace. One more breath…in through

your nose… hold… and let it go. Very positive. The deep breaths are a great

technique to use when you want to relax or calm down. Your entire body

and mind are now feeling positive and you are now going to take a trip in a

car to put yourself at ease. You are driving in a convertible. This convertible

can be any color you want it to be. Perhaps it is your favorite color. The

convertible has soft leather seats that are very comfortable to sit in. You

touch the leather. It is the softest material you have ever touched. You sink

into the cushy seats. You can be driving by yourself or perhaps you have a

companion, the choice is yours. You are driving north in California. The

Pacific Ocean is to your left and mountains are to your right. The road you

are driving on is very curvy around the hills. There are many sharp turns,

enabling you to see only what is close in front of you. You enjoy these turns.
They relax you. Below and to you left you see the water from the ocean

slapping against the rocks on the coast. The water is dark blue and choppy,

but you are fine with this. You are enjoying your ride; it is very relaxing.

You hear the sound of your engine. It purrs slightly and has a very soothing

sound. You can hear the different sounds it makes when you press harder on

the accelerator or touch the brake. You are on a sort of autopilot when you

drive. It comes very easy to you and you find driving very relaxing. You

look to the ocean again and you can smell the salt in the air. This smell is

also soothing. It smells fresh and clean. The air is untouched by smog and

pollution. It feels positive as you take a deep breath in, filling your lungs

with the salty air. You continue to drive on the long winding road. The

surface of the road is very smooth. The lanes are wide. It is just you out on

this road. You enjoy taking time to yourself, driving along. You are at peace

and enjoying yourself. Take time to notice the scenery. The rolling hills to

your right are beautiful. There is a lot of variation in the hills. Some are

steep and some form plateaus. There are many turns off the road that lead to

parks. You take a look at the trees. They are tall and magnificent. You turn

your eyes back to the road. You have driven many miles and you have many

more miles to drive. You take a look up at the sky. You see big puffy clouds

moving from your right to your left. They are moving pretty quickly. There

seem to be three big clouds with a few small ones. They change shape as
they move. You try to see if you can make out any shapes in the clouds. You

decide to pull over in one of the parking and viewing areas. You recline your

seat and close your eyes. As you do this you focus on relaxing every part of

your body. You let your head drop on the headrest. Your facial muscles are

completely relaxed. You let your muscles in your neck and shoulders loosen.

As you do this, you allow your arms and hands to lie easily next to your

body. You make sure your back is straight and you relax each vertebra on

the back of your seat. You allow your abs and sides to loosen and relax. You

move on to your hips, buttocks, and thighs. These are major muscles. It feels

positive to relax them after so many miles of sitting on them. You let your

knees part just a little. And you relax your calves and all the muscles below

your knees. You move your feet and ankles from side to side. That feels

positive after driving for so long. The feel very loose and relax now. You

continue to lie in your car and relax your body. You are in a peaceful state of

mind. You are enjoying yourself in the car. The soft leather feels nice

against your skin. You continue to relax.

Woods Induction

You are at ease sitting in a comfortable place. You are free from distractions.
Sit back and relax by taking three deep breaths. Inhale…through the

nose…very positive…and…exhale…out through the mouth. Feel all tension

begin to disappear. Another deep breath in…expanding your lungs…filling

them with air…hold…and release…letting all the air out of your lungs. Feel

yourself relax. Last deep breath right here… inhale…deep breath in…

positive…hold for a second…and exhale…deflating your lungs. Excellent.

You should feel more relaxed. Now just sit back and let all tension in your

mind and body disappear. Imagine it is wintertime and you are in the woods.

Picture   yourself   either   close   to   shelter   or   in   the   middle   of

nowhere…whichever you prefer. Take a look around you. You are in a

wooded area and it has snowed several feet. There is snow all around you on

the ground and up on the tree branches. You have snow shoes on so that you

can easily walk on the snow. As you walk, you hear the sound of the snow

shoes crunching the snow beneath your feet. It is a consistent sound, with

your steps. As you hear the sound of the snow settling beneath your

snowshoes, you become more at ease. You enjoy spending time by yourself

with nature. The sight of a big snowfall amazes you. Almost everything you

see is white. The ground and the sky are white. The only other color you see

is the brown of tree trunks. You take a deep breath in. The air is filled with

the slight scent of fire, from fireplaces in the homes nearby. You picture

people cozying up to a warm fire and drinking hot chocolate. You are quite
warm in your wool coat and hat. You bend over and scoop up a palm full of

snow. It feels powdery between your gloves and you shake it off and watch

the snow fall back to join the other snowflakes. As you look up, you notice

some snow flakes falling from the trees. It is a very light snowfall. You feel

safe on this walk through the woods. You enjoy being outside when the

weather is like this. It is very calming and peaceful. As you enjoy your time

in the woods, you hear the sound of branches settling from the weight of the

snow. This too is a calming sound. You continue to walk in and out of the

many trees. There are thin, short trees and there are tall, thick trees. As you

walk, you notice something out of the corner of your eye. You turn your

head, and you see a white rabbit darting through the snow. It jumps up and

down with long strides. You are enjoying your time in the snowy woods.

You find it very relaxing. As you walk you focus on relaxing your body.

You start with your head by relaxing your facial muscles. You open your

mouth just a little bit to relax your jaw. You move your head from side to

side to make sure all the muscles in your neck are free of tension. You pull

your shoulders back and down, they feel positive and relaxed. You

straighten your back a little and every muscle in your back becomes loose

and light. Your stomach and your sides are relaxed and your body is feeling

very positive right now. You loosen the muscles in you buttocks and thighs.

These muscles are relaxed and easily allow you to walk through the snow.
You stretch out your knees and calves with every step that you take; they

feel positive. Your feet feel nice in the comfortable snowshoes you are

wearing. It feels as though you are walking on clouds. Your feet and toes are

completely relaxed. Your body is now very relaxed. And now you continue

to relax…

Helpful Tip

As you write inductions and deepenings (next chapter), you need to use your

creativity. Try keeping a pocket recorder or note pad and pen handy. Perhaps

a great idea for an induction/deepening will come to you in the grocery

store, in the shower, or when you just get up in the morning. You never

know when a brilliant idea might come.

Suggested Practice

Write your own induction. Do not spend a lot of time laboring over this —

just let your creativity flow and write it out. It can be one page or 10 pages,

though it should be no more than 10 minutes long when read aloud. It can be

a walk along the beach, or in the woods, or in any other place that is relaxing

and peaceful.
Incorporate all the senses. Remember when reading it to pronounce

everything perfectly so that there is no misunderstanding.

Record the induction on a computer (mp3 file or CD). Then listen to it and

see if it relaxes you. See if it gets you into that altered state of mind. See if it

drops you into Alpha, where you are just a little bit slower, just a little bit

more relaxed than you normally are when fully awake. And if it puts you

completely to sleep and you wake up a couple of hours later, that is fine.

This ebook will guide you through recording an entire hypnosis session.

Between each section of the recorded hypnotherapy session, insert 30 to 60

seconds of silence. This aids in relaxation. If you have gentle, soothing

music playing in the background, continue to play it during the silent

periods. Like everything else you do in this book, you will use this induction

over and over, so make it outstanding!

Caution: Do not ever listen to your induction or anything hypnotic in a

moving vehicle.
A deepening varies only slightly from an induction. In fact, the terms

deepening and induction are often used interchangeably. Strictly speaking,

however, a deepening comes after an induction and before a script. The

purpose of the deepening, as the name implies, is to drop yourself into a

deeper state of consciousness.

After the induction, you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and peaceful. Now

that you are in a focused state you want to relax yourself even more. To do

so, you will either take yourself down something such as a set of stairs, an

elevator, or an escalator or you will watch something go downward (in your

mind, of course).

I like to have several inductions with accompanying deepenings. My clients

come into my office for several sessions and like to hear different inductions

and deepenings. People tend to enjoy the variety and you may as well.

Overkill is not necessary. When I first started using hypnosis in 1983, I had

people go down miles of stairs. If you are reasonably relaxed, a stairway (of

ten steps) is plenty. There is no need to give them a workout. Confine your
deepening to 10 units (e.g., steps) of one event.

During a deepening, make sure that you say in the recording that nothing

will harm you. You do not want to imagine tripping down a set of stairs. Say

things like, “With each step you take, you are going deeper and deeper into a

very, very, deep state of relaxation. You feel comfortable and safe.”

And, as in the above example, always tie in the fact that you are going

“deeper.” Make sure that you communicate that with each step (or floor, if

you are going down an escalator) that you are going down, you are going

deeper into his subconscious. Do not just say to go down the stairs, tell

yourself that those stairs are allowing you to go deeper as you count the

steps. “Ten, take the first step down. Nine, another step deeper.”

By the time you are at the bottom of the stairs, you will be relaxed and

slowed down.

If you are on an escalator, before the counting begins, tell yourself that it is a

long escalator and that by the time you get to the number one, you will be at

the bottom. Otherwise, they may imagine yourself at the bottom of the
escalator when you are at the count of five.

Make sure that you spell out everything. You may want to say, “Ten,

moving down a little bit. Nine, moving deeper a little more, down the

escalator. With each floor you go down, you are so much more relaxed. You

are ten times more relaxed every foot you move down, down, down.”

As with an induction, feel free to incorporate activities that you like into the

deepening. If you are adventurous and if you relax by repelling (an activity

that causes many people to feel sheer terror!), use a deepening that involves

repelling down a mountain. However, make sure that you feel safe. Tell

yourself that the ropes are secure and that everything is going to be fine.

No matter what scenario you use, be sure to say that everything is going to

be fine.

Because hypnotherapy is positive, I like to use positive phrasing wherever

possible. Avoid saying, “In this particular trip down the side of the hill, you

will not run into a tree.”
Although you are saying you will not run into a tree, this phrase may be

planted in your mind and you may envision it nonetheless. Say something

such as, “In this particular trip down the side of a hill, everything will be

fine. It will be your smoothest trip down the side of a hill ever.”

Do not let your imagination run wild.

Be sure to coordinate a downward motion with downward counting, as you

are going downward into hypnosis.

Remember to use words such as “deeper,” “down,” and “relaxing.” These

words imply deepness and slowing down.

Also, frequently use and stretch out the word “and.” For example, “You are

relaxing more deeply, annnnnnnd unwinding completely.” Clients of mine

report finding this quite relaxing. It also helps to tie your instructions

together in a relaxing way.

By using all of these tricks of the trade, your session will be successful.
Many of my clients say that in addition to the challenge for which they came

to see me, they also cannot relax. These same clients often leave feeling

more relaxed than they thought possible, and much of this is due to the

deepening. Like having a massage, a hypnotherapy session is a perfect

opportunity for you to relax. In fact, many people compare hypnotherapy to

massage in the sense that it offers relaxation. Unlike massage therapists, you

add positive suggestions for change, but the type of relaxation is very


Though you might drop immediately into Theta or Delta during the

induction, do not omit the deepening in the first session. In subsequent

visits, feel free to skip the deepening if you fall into Theta or Delta

immediately, but do not omit the deepening during the first visit.

Aside from physical indicators such as slowed breathing or slowed pulse,

you also can roughly ascertain what state of consciousness you were in by

thinking about the last thing you remember about the session. If the last

memory of the session occurred about two minutes into the induction, then

you can safely skip the deepening. If you are unsure, use the deepening. It

can only help.
Here are the deepenings that I used in the audio portion of this program (in

audio Module 3):

Kite Lowering Deepening (accompanies beach induction)

Now, in your hammock, you look out to the beautiful water and sky. You

notice a kite being flown far out into the sky. As I count down from 10, the

kite lowers and you relax deeper and deeper with every number I count.

Okay… Ten…the kite moves slowly down just a little and you feel yourself

relax. Nine…you are going deeper into a state of relaxation. You see the kite

lower and you are feeling very positive. Eight…deeper still…Seven…You

are feeling more and more relaxed as you watch the kite lower. Six…you

relax further into hypnosis…Five…the kite is now lower and you are very

relaxed…Four…You relax deeper…Three…Deeper still. You watch the kite

go down…down. Two…you are very relaxed and at the count of the next

number you will be completely relaxed…One. You are very relaxed. Very

comfortable. We will now focus on your subconscious mind to make

positive changes and go forward with your life.
Sunset Deepening (accompanies driving induction)

As you sit in your convertible. The Sun is just over the horizon now. You

look at all the bright colors in the sky. There are shades of red, orange, and

yellow that you have never seen before. The idea of the Sun setting relaxes

you. And now as I count down from ten, you are going to become more

relaxed as you watch the Sun go down into the horizon. Ten…the Sun is

setting…Nine…you are relaxing and feeling positive…Eight…down, down

goes the Sun…Seven…deeper and deeper you go into a relaxed

state…Six…feeling       very    positive…Five…the        Sun     has     almost

set…Four…you are going deeper and deeper…Three…the Sun has almost

disappeared…down it goes…Two…and on the count of the next number

you will be in a very relaxed state and Sun will be set behind the horizon.

One. You are completely relaxed. You are feeling very calm and at ease.

The Sun is gone from the sky. All that is left are the brilliant shades of color

in the sky. You continue to relax…
Snow Falling Deepening (accompanies woods induction)

You stand and stare up at the tree. It is a tall tree with a very dense snow

covered canopy. You look about ten feet up in the air and you notice a

snowflake falling. I am going to count down from ten and as I do, the

snowflake is going to gently float to the ground. And as this snowflake falls

closer to the ground, you are going to become more and more deeply

relaxed. As you stand there, watch the snowflake travel down, you relax

deeper and deeper. Ten… the snowflake is slowly moving down… down the

tree… Nine… you feel yourself relax… Eight… down… down the

snowflake goes…down the tree… Seven…you are going deeper and deeper

into a state of relaxation… Six… deeper still… Five… the snowflake

moves… down… down toward the ground as you watch… Four…you go

deeper and deeper into relaxation…Three…deeper and deeper…Two…and

on the count of the next number, you are going to be more relaxed than you

have ever been before… One… you are now very relaxed. You are now

more relaxed than you have ever been before. You continue to relax.
Suggested Practice

Write a 10-unit deepening. Incorporate these three components:

1). Counting down from 10 to one.

2). Downward motion (of you or an object you are observing).

3). An intensifying of your hypnotic state (you going deeper). Record the


When you are done with this, you should have a recording with an induction,

30 to 60 seconds of silence, a deepening (three to five minutes in length),

and another 30 to 60 seconds of silence. (Obviously, you do not need to

record this final silence. I mention it so that you will remember to include it

when you add the next part, the script).
Perhaps the most important part of any hypnotherapy session, and therefore

the most important chapter of this book, is the script.

A script is the meat of the hypnotherapy experience. It is where the therapy

occurs. If you do not have a script, you are not doing hypnotherapy. You

may be under hypnosis, but you are not helping yourself to change. A script

is the portion of the hypnotherapy session during which you suggest positive

financial change to yourself. It delivers the main message to the

subconscious mind. The induction and deepening all prepare you for the


Research clearly indicates that a script can be helpful in dealing with many

issues. Some examples include improving efficiency for increased financial

success (Holt, Warren, & Wallace, 2006), memory improvement (Rouse,

2007) and academic success (Bloom, 2007).

As part of a self-hypnotherapy session, you can also write a script to

enhance your creativity — to suggest to your subconscious mind that you

are going to write more creative scripts!
The script is where you form new financial habits. Instead of being fearful,

you will associate a pleasant feeling with talking to business prospects,

making new sales leads, attracting wealth, saving money or paying bills.

I have a prospective client who is afraid of his business failing. The

association he has now is scary for him. During the script, he will be given a

new association for taking risks, and he will no longer be afraid. The script

will plant positive suggestions that his mind will remember when he makes

business decisions.

If you are new to hypnotherapy, you might want to start with a script written

by someone else. You can borrow one of my scripts or use one from the

countless books available on this topic (see the recommended resources

toward the end of this chapter, and also at the end of the book).

When using a script that someone else has written, make sure that you have

read through it before you record it.

You should be familiar with the script for several reasons. First, you will

want to avoid tripping through words and concepts while recording the
script. Second, you need to carefully evaluate the script prior to reading it to

customize it to your wants and needs. You will need to find and eliminate

those components of the script that are not going to apply to you. You need

to have a full understanding of the script so that you can tailor it to allow

you to achieve the best possible financial results.

Be prepared. You are dealing with the most precious part of yourself: your

mind. Treat it delicately.

Realize that you can alter a script. Scripts are meant to be flexible. Make the

script something that flows freely from your mouth and applies to your

particular financial desires.

Many good scripts may be found in one of the books I recommend, The

Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by D. Corydon

Hammond. Note that the scripts in this book were written by hypnotherapists

with advanced educational, psychological, and medical degrees. Some of the

scripts are fairly technical. Take the general idea of the scripts and rewrite

them. You should tailor things with your own unique flavor. I cannot

emphasize this enough.
If you do not have a script to modify, you will have to write your own script.

Let’s assume that you want to increase your wealth and you do not have a

script for wealth.

What should you do? Do not give up. Take heart in the fact that everything

you need is already within you. You just need a little guidance. Let’s take

this step-by-step.

First of all, ask yourself what the goal is. Here, the goal is for you to gain

wealth.       Before writing the script, you need to ask yourself what a

reasonable financial target is. Avoid programming yourself to expect to earn

a million dollars instantly.

Figure out how much money you will be happy with, and set a reasonable

target within a reasonable timeframe.

Before you write the script, be honest with yourself. Find out what may be

contributing to the challenge. Ask yourself, “How do I handle my finances?”

and, “What are my precise financial goals?” Then work this information into

the script.
For example, perhaps you say, “I feel really good when I go shopping and

buy something new. I don’t look at the price tag because that only makes me

feel bad. I cannot figure out why on Earth I am not able to save money. It’s

just not fair.”

The script is the place to alter the negative self-talk and behavior that is

causing the challenge. Your script will change this behavior by changing the

way you see your financial possibilities.

If you feel that you are unable to build wealth, have little or no motivation,

or are scared to take risks in your business, the script is the place to insert

suggestions to help make positive changes in these areas. The script is where

your financial healing takes place.

If you are afraid of failure, then in the script have yourself imagine that you

meet challenges and hurdles and overcome them. You meet your goals even

though some challenges arise.

Incorporate the whole experience into the script. You are safe the entire

time. Be creative. Use wording such as, “I believe in myself. I have a
support team that will help me break down barriers and build new

opportunities. I view financial challenges as exciting opportunities.”

If you are working on motivation, find out why you are not motivated. Are

you unmotivated because you do not think you will accomplish the desired

results? If so, the script should help you to see yourself as having already

accomplished the results. See yourself as having overcome the blocks that

were causing you to procrastinate.

If you are afraid of giving presentations for work, see yourself in front of

your company’s executives. Say, “Everything is fine, people want to hear

what I have to say. I am confident and articulate. And each time I hear my

voice, I can allow myself to be more and more comfortable.”

I am inviting you to use your creativity in writing the scripts, to reach inside

and pull something out of yourself, something that will be helpful. I am not

going to tell you that these methods are “written in stone”, because that

would limit your creativity. Just let it flow. Keep your plan, your idea, and

your goals in mind.
Your motivation is to change your thinking and attract wealth into your life.

Keep everything positive and uplifting. Avoid dwelling on the negative.

Focus on the positive.

Keep your eye on the goal and remember that you will end up where your

focus is.

Likewise, keep your focus on the positive financial changes from within.

You should imagine that the changes have already happened. You should

think, “I am already a success. Rather than just planning or imagining it, I

am a financial success.” Or, “I am comfortable speaking in front of others.”

Or, “I am taking steps to increase my wealth, and everything is fine.”

As discussed earlier, your body does not know the difference between

imagining something and having it actually happen. This means that you

have the advantage of knowing rationally that the situation is not occurring,

but physically and emotionally, you feel that you have experienced the


Therefore, when it comes time for you to challenge yourself, you will feel as
though you have already had a positive and successful experience in regard

to your goals.

I recommend the following books for more information and samples of


• Havens, Ronald A., and Catherine R. Walters. 1989. Hypnotherapy

Scripts: A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing. Oxford:

Taylor & Francis Group.

• Hammond, D. Corydon. Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and

Metaphors. 1990. New York: W. W. Norton and Company. (A Norton

Professional Book from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.)

• Jones, S.G., Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume I, 2007

• Jones, S.G., Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume II, 2007Use the following

worksheet as you listen to audio module 4.
Wealth Trigger Script Worksheet
Here are the scripts that I used in the audio portion of this program (in audio

Module 5)

Abundance Script

And now you see yourself as a small plant, that’s right. Imagine yourself as

a small plant. A plant, which has the appropriate amount of nutrients and

water and fertilizer to grow, grow, grow into a larger plant now. And as you

see yourself grow, notice your leaves are very bright green and they face

upward toward the Sun, absorbing the suns energy taking that energy in,

using that energy to grow and become much larger now. And the soil feeds

the roots of this small tree now. As you continue to grow and reach higher

and higher, you are expanding your possibilities. You absorb the sunlight.

You absorb the warm beautiful sunlight and now you become stronger and

stronger, bigger and bigger, spiritually developing, that’s right. Reaching

forward higher and higher, becoming more and more abundant and you are

now imagining yourself as a tree. And you see that you are able to give back

to the environment. You are able to provide shade, shade for the creatures

around you, protection. You are so relaxed as you continue to grow, to
expand higher and higher, becoming a very beautiful tree, that’s right. So

very, very beautiful and this is a very special tree because it produces

beautiful flowers. Much like the lotus flower, beautiful flowers for all to

enjoy. You are abundance. You attract wealth to you. You attract happiness

to you. You allow these energies to flow through you and you give back

wealth in the form of your talent and the form of your abilities, that’s right.

You are now part of the cycle of giving and taking. Wealth and happiness

flow through you. You are able to easily attract money because money flows

through you. You give a portion of that money back to the universe and

continue the cycle and continue to grow and continue to reach higher and

higher. You are so very abundant now as you imagine yourself as a very tall,

very powerful tree with extensive roots. You are very strong, that’s right and

you will grow in this manner. Growing higher and higher, reaching higher

and higher, continuing to grow, continuing to grow, continuing to grow

spiritually, to grow financially, to grow emotionally, to grow creatively, and

to grow in happiness. You will continue to grow in all of these ways. You

are abundance.
Finding Your Passion Script

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I

would like you now to imagine yourself sitting in a room in your mind and

in front of you, you see several television screens. And these screens are

showing you doing something different, that’s right. They are showing you

doing different jobs or being in different professions or simply doing

different things. There are five screens showing you doing five different

things. Now we want to discover which one of these is showing you doing

what you are most passionate about. So as I continue speaking now, one of

the screens goes blank. This is the screen, which shows you doing something

which you are least interested in doing out of the five things. So now one of

the screens goes blank because you were uninterested in doing that thing at

least compared to the other four things. So now all you see are four screens,

the other screen just goes away and you see yourself doing something

different in each of the screens. And as you see yourself in those screens,

really pay attention to what you are doing on each screen. You are doing

something in each of them and as I continue talking now, another one of the

screens goes blank because that screen was showing you doing something,

which is less than exciting for you compared to what the other screens are

now showing. So now the fourth screen has gone blank and now disappears
completely and you only see yourself in three screens and in each of those

screens you are doing something whether it is a job, profession, or just

something. Now, as I mentioned you want to decide which one of those

things you are most passionate about and I am here to help you by

eliminating screens. That is my role. Your role is to make the ultimate

decision, which of these things are you most passionate about? So in a

moment one of the three screens will become very large and actually push

the other two screens out of your sight. That screen will be the thing about

which you are most passionate. I am going to count down from three to one

and when I reach the number one, one of the screens will become large and

the two others will be pushed out of your sight. 3…2…1. And now you see

in front of you your passion. And you will remember this. You will

remember your passion. I want you to imagine yourself six months from

now having pursued this passion, having taken the steps necessary to

develop this profession. Whether it is a job, a profession, or something you

want to do, six months from now. Now I would like you to look back to the

present from six months in the future. Notice all the simple and easy steps

which were necessary to get you from where you are now to six months in

the future when you are enjoying that passion, when you have developed

that passion. See all the steps easily, laid out in front of you. And now as

you come back to the present, you realize that you will take those steps to
fulfill your passion. You will do this easily. And you will enjoy doing it

because that thing that you saw, whatever it may be, is your passion and you

will pursue your passion. It will almost seem effortless because you enjoy it.

So relax now and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Unlimited Wealth Script

You are unaffected by negativity and retain the ability to enjoy all of the

warmth and joy that life has to offer. You are totally detached from

negativity. You are open and receptive to love. You let go of complaining.

You accept other people as they are. You are patient, calm, and

harmoniously centered at all times. You let go of all fear-based emotions

such as blame, jealously, guilt, and possessiveness. These negative emotions

are now a part of your past and you open yourself, open yourself to receive

all the positive things life has to offer. You accept all positive things into

your life. You know that you are worthy of receiving all positive things in

your life. You allow yourself to receive positive things. You allow positive

things to enter your life. You are worthy of receiving them. You allow

money to come to you. You allow money to come to you. You allow money
to come to you. You now have a flow in your life and money is actually

attracted to you and you allow it to come to you. You allow money to flow

toward you. You allow it to come to you. You know it is for you. And you

know that you will use it for the greatest positive. You allow it to come to

you. You now realize that you have the ability to create in your life

unlimited wealth, unlimited wealth. Your wealth will be without limits. You

allow money to flow to you and it does. It flows to you easily and

effortlessly because you are now open and receptive to all positive things.

You keep your mind calm like water. You remain centered at all times.

Physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally focused, and spiritually

aware and money flows to you. You now realize that you will have

unlimited wealth. You will have all the wealth you desire and you let this

happen easily and effortlessly. You are comfortable with wealth.
Bonus Script 1: Unlimited Financial Motivation

You begin to focus on your goal, that’s right. The one financial goal you

want to achieve, to be abundant in wealth. And I now give you permission to

release all feelings of guilt and anxiety and fear of failure and fear of

success. I now give you permission to release all of these feelings, just feel

them leave your body, mind, and spirit and relax. And as you relax more and

more deeply, you see yourself having accomplished your goal. See yourself

there with the net result having accomplished your goal, having completely

your goal. You are so relaxed realizing how powerful you are and your

subconscious mind will now allow you to move forward and allow you to

complete your goal. And as you now imagine yourself in the future, you

realize how good you will feel once you have taken action toward

completing your goal, once you have taken that first powerful step. And you

are very confident. You understand that you have the power within you, the

focus and control within you to accomplish this goal. And as you now relax

and slow down in your mind, you focus on the steps, you focus on the steps

required to achieve this goal and you see them all laid before you in a time-

line leading you to your goal. And you now float above this time line toward

your goal, to the time when you have achieved that goal and you look back
now and you look back at all the steps and you realize that they are all very

logical and you realize that you will allow those steps to happen. So relax as

you now look back from your goal at those steps. See them dating all the

way back to the present time and you realize how easy it is and how logical

it is to achieve your financial goal. And as you now float over this timeline,

back to the present, you look to the future and you see all of the steps

required to achieve your goal. And you realize that you have the inner

resources to achieve your goal easily and powerfully and you realize that

you will schedule each of these steps in a very logical manner and you are

highly motivated to achieve your goal easily and confidently. You have all

the resources you need to achieve your goal and you give yourself

permission, permission to achieve your goal.
Bonus Script 2: Achieve Your Financial Goals

And as you continue relaxing more and more, I want you to think about the

financial goals you have set for yourself. It can be anything. Imagine a

perfect scenario for accomplishing this goal. You wake up every day ready

to work and move forward toward your objective. It’s easy to get out of bed

and start your day because you know how great you will feel. You will feel

great all day long knowing that at the end of the day you will be another step

closer to achieving your financial goals. As you work, everything just falls

into place, everything works out perfectly. You are consistently moving

forward, you are able to overcome all financial challenges. Anything seems

possible. Everything is within your grasp. Everything is within reach for

you. You reach for something and you hold on with a firm grasp and you

constantly reach higher and higher. You have resolved all past issues. You

have overcome a major obstacle in your life. You feel confident and strong,

you know you are putting all of your skills and talents toward good use. You

have made major changes in your life by making your financial goals. You

overcome one challenge after another, which only gives you more energy.

You now lead a more fulfilling and more abundant life. You have replaced
old habits with new ones, new positive ones. You are able to achieve your

financial goals. You are able to achieve your financial goals. You are at the

top and the view is magnificent. Every obstacle you overcame, you look

upon as a triumph and you would do it all over again in a heartbeat. You feel

such accomplishment. Goals and dreams that you have been focusing all

your energy toward are finally realized. You are successful and proud.

Family, friends, and co-workers see you as successful and have great respect

for you. Notice how happy you are. You see yourself for who you really are,

intelligent, caring, strong-willed, and successful. You deserve to feel

confident and respected. Now bring this success into the present. Realize

that you can accomplish anything. You are confident and strong. You fill

your life with positive choices in regard to wealth. You fill your life with

positive people and positive thoughts. Now imagine your life 6 months from

now. Take a look at what you have become and how hard you have worked

since you made your financial goals. You have had many great successes.

You feel more fulfilled than you ever have before. You have realized that

once you accomplish one financial goal, it is easy to accomplish everything

else you set your mind to. It was easy, you say to yourself. It was so easy it

makes you even more motivated to accomplish many more financial goals to

reach your goals and dreams. You feel fulfilled and satisfied by your

successes. You are on top and you wish to always be on top, because this is
where you are the happiest. Everyone around you wishes they were as

motivated as you. People aspire to be you and to be as motivated as you are.

Now look at yourself 2 years from now. You are still motivated and

succeeding at everything you put your mind to. Every goal is coming easy to

you because you feel so satisfied with every step that you feel the energy to

keep accomplishing one goal after another. Your life is filled with good

habits and feel very fulfilled. Others envy your energy and want to succeed

just as you have done. You look forward to all the challenges that come your

way because you know you will face them head on and accomplish each and

every one. Life looks promising. You are now excited about your future and

know that you are the reason for your successes in life. You did it and you

feel very proud of yourself.
Bonus Script 3: Self-Esteem

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, I

would like you now to realize just how powerful you are. You are a very

powerful, amazing, wonderful person. I would like you now to imagine

yourself in a reflection in a mirror. You are standing in front of a mirror,

looking at your reflection. Take a good look. Notice how amazing you are.

Notice how wealthy and successful you are. You are very smart. Day by day

you will begin to notice these things more and more. Look how smart and

intelligent you look. You’re a very smart, very intelligent, very motivated

person. Look at yourself now in that mirror and notice these things, these

things are very obvious to you and everyone around you, everyone in your

life, everyone you know, everyone you will know. They will all notice these

things, your attractiveness, how smart you are and how intelligent you are.

You are a wonderful, positive, beautiful person. I would like you now to

imagine three things about you, which make you unique and wonderful,

three things that are related to your wealth. Perhaps it’s how kind you are,

how big-hearted you are. Perhaps it’s your perseverance, your creativity.
Just three things about you that make you wonderful and unique. It’s easy

for you to think of these things now and each time you listen to this

recording, perhaps you can think of three new things that make you

wonderful and unique. I want you to know that these things are known to

everyone. How wonderful you are is well-known. The next time you talk to

someone, understand that they are seeing those wonderful qualities in you.

Clearly and easily because your wonderful qualities shine through in your

conversation, in what you do, and in who you are. Take a deep breath in

now, and breathe in that sense of confidence that comes with being a

wonderful person. And as you exhale slowly, let go of any negative

thoughts. And continue breathing easily, effortlessly, and comfortably. Day

by day your self-esteem is improving. You allow yourself to increase your

financial abundance. You realize that you are a very powerful, wonderful,

amazing, beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, smart person. And you have so

many other qualities in addition to these qualities. In fact, the wonderful

qualities you have are limitless. You have an infinite number of wonderful

qualities. Day by day you will realize them and this will help you feel good

about yourself and building wealth. Full of a powerful sense of love for

yourself and your ability. And you use this energy in the most productive

way. You are kind to others and you are kind to yourself. You respect

yourself. You deserve honor and respect. So you only put yourself in
situations, which honor you and you avoid negative situations. And this

enhances your wonderful self-esteem even further because every day you

look for something you can do for yourself, something wonderful that you

can do for yourself and you do it. Something that shows you how wonderful

you are. You do this for yourself because you honor and respect yourself and

you treat yourself right. You eat properly, you exercise properly, you have

fun and you enjoy life. You do all of these things because you respect

yourself. You allow yourself to engage in all of these positive, wonderful

activities because you respect yourself and you know you will meet your

financial goals. You have a wonderful, powerful sense of self-esteem. You

are a wonderful, amazing person.

Helpful Tip:

You may have a tendency to speed up as you progress through reading the

various parts of a hypnotherapy session when creating your recordings. Take

the 30-60 second pauses between hypnotherapy sections to make sure you

are relaxed and reading slowly. Remember, when you are in a state of

hypnosis, you are in a slowed down state. You are not in a hurry. You will

enjoy slowly spoken words when you are in hypnosis.
Suggested Practice

Write a script for financial success. It should be between five and ten

minutes long when read aloud slowly. Record your script. Remember to

leave 30-60 seconds of silence between each part of the session you are

recording, and all sessions you record in the future.
Amnesia is the section of the hypnotherapy session in which you will

attempt to cause yourself to consciously forget what you have heard during

the session.

You want to forget as much of the hypnotherapy session as possible, because

the conscious mind is part of what is causing the challenge. The memories

will not be lost. The information is stored in your subconscious mind. The

conscious mind will be analytical and skeptical, attempting to debunk what

was said on the recording.

The conscious mind is often busy creating streams of negative chatter such

as, “I am going to pay attention to as much as I possibly can, and then I am

going to analyze it, because I know you are telling me I am confident, and I

know I am not. I am scared. I am afraid to start my own business. I am

nervous about my bills. I am scared to take risks, and I know that you cannot

tell me otherwise.”

So far in your hypnosis session, you have dropped yourself at least as deep

as Alpha. In Alpha, you are up to 200 times more suggestible than in normal
waking consciousness (Beta). You want to have your subconscious mind

listen to what is being said on the recording, but you know that you also

want your conscious mind to forget as much of the session as possible so

that your skeptical, analytical, and defensive conscious mind does not undo

your work. You therefore use amnesia. Rest assured that the information will

not be lost by the subconscious mind, and it will subtly work its way into the

conscious mind allowing you to achieve financial success.

During amnesia, you will tell yourself that you will forget everything you

have just told yourself and that you will not remember anything. You will

erase it from your conscious mind, even though you will act on it. However,

you will should be subtle about this. Avoid using phrases such as, “You are

going to forget everything.”

When you use amnesia, you will forget a considerable amount of what you

say. Even if you do not use amnesia, you will probably forget a considerable

amount of what is said during the session because you will go in and out of


You may go very deeply, and not really pay attention to what you say.
Avoid trying to stay awake during the entire hypnotherapy session. But if

you do stay somewhat aware during the session, amnesia can be a very easy

way to deal with this. Amnesia throws the analytical person’s mind a curve

ball and makes it difficult for the conscious mind to remember the hypnosis


The following analogy will help you to understand amnesia. Let’s say that

the subconscious mind is a filing cabinet in an office. Only the secretary can

access the cabinet. The boss is the conscious mind. When we use amnesia,

the secretary becomes confused and unable to do the job of bringing files to

the boss, but no files are actually lost.
Here is a sample amnesia that I used in the audio portion of this program (in

audio Module 6)

Sample Amnesia 1

As you continue to relax, every breath you take is soothing you, and I want

you now to become aware of your breathing. And I wonder how much

attention you have paid to all the different thoughts going through your

mind. And then you can become aware of how difficult it is to remember

what I was saying exactly 10 minutes ago. And you can try to remember

what I was saying five minutes ago, or what you were thinking 14 minutes

ago. But it seems like too much work to try to remember all of that? In fact,

it seems that it takes more effort than it is worth, so I want you now to relax,

relax, relax, and understand that it is unnecessary to remember what I say

when it is too much work to do. You can choose to forget to remember what
I said during this hypnotherapy session or remember to forget what I said

during this hypnotherapy session. The choice is yours.

Okay, what have you done? You have taken all the information you have

suggested to yourself in the session and you have difficult for your

conscious mind to access it.

This process makes it difficult for the conscious mind to hang on. We are

making it difficult for your analytical mind to say, “I know you said I can

start my own business and pursue my passion, but I do not believe it. I do

not think I really can. I think you are just saying that.”

Again, by having you consciously forget as much as possible, you are not

erasing the information from your mind. As with all events, sounds, and

images that they experience, this information will be recorded indelibly on

your subconscious mind, and you are simply disrupting your access to the

information. You will not erase your “hard drive” by performing amnesia.

Even if you tried to permanently erase the information, it would still be

If you find that you go deeply into a hypnotic state, you might experiment

with skipping amnesia. Like the deepening stage, this is not a necessary

component for all people. You may go so deeply that you can eliminate this

step. If you drifted away as soon as the recording started, feel free to

eliminate amnesia in subsequent recordings.

If there is any question, however, use amnesia. This section of the session is

about one minute long, but it has lasting effects.

Here are more amnesia samples that I used in the audio portion of this

program (in audio Module 6).

Sample Amnesia 2

As you continue to relax, breathe regularly, in and out, in through your nose,

out through your mouth, like playing a musical wind instrument, relaxing,

relaxing. In your mind's eye, auditory memories of suggestions float by in

panoramic style. Can you remember the order in which the suggestions were

given? Can you classify the suggestions by their level of importance? Can

you remember the exact number of suggestions given? Does it seem like too
much effort to try to remember? Relax, relax. Allow serenity to waft you

along and sink into soft, white, fluffy clouds, floating lazily in the warmth of

the sunlight. You forget to try to remember when it’s too difficult to do so.

Sample Amnesia 3

As you are standing there looking into the water, you begin to think of all

the different things I have said, but there are too many for you to try and

remember. So, I want you to take them and put them in your picnic basket.

After you have placed them in your basket, put the basket in the water and

just let it float away. You forget to remember everything I have said. Your

thoughts are safe in your basket. Your mind is now clear. Again, notice the

peaceful feeling that you have.
Helpful Tip

Immediately after listening to your trance termination, which you will learn

in the next chapter, have something nearby that will distract you. This will

cause you to think about something other than the hypnotherapy session. If

you can distract yourself in this way for just a few minutes, your short-term

memory of the session will deteriorate over that time and you will have more

difficulty remembering the session later. Perhaps you have woken up in the

morning with the memory of a dream. You know that if you don’t write it

down immediately, it may be lost forever. It doesn’t go away, it just

becomes difficult for your conscious mind to retrieve it from your

subconscious mind. This distraction method works the same way. If you do

not recount the events of the session immediately after it is over, you may

lose conscious access to the session forever.
Suggested Practice

Write a subtle amnesia. It should be approximately one minute long.

Amnesia does not need to be longer than one minute in order to be effective.

It is short and to the point.

Write and record the amnesia, leaving a 30-60-second period of silence at

the end of it.
Trance Termination
Now that the induction, deepening, script and amnesia have been completed,

it is time to bring you out of hypnosis.

Trance termination describes the process of bringing you back to Beta or

allowing you to drift off into a peaceful sleep, or to continue sleeping.

Sometimes you will fall asleep while listening to your hypnosis recordings

and that is fine. Your subconscious mind will still absorb all of the

information. During the type of trance termination that you will use to wake

yourself up, you should allow yourself to slowly transition from Alpha,

Delta, or Theta to Beta (normal waking consciousness).

As you know, being awakened abruptly is not enjoyable. It works, but it is

not that much fun. Waking up is a more pleasant experience when you have

completed a dream and sleep cycle and you awaken easily.

The process of ending a hypnosis session is similar.

Trance termination is like waking up gently and coming back to the world.

During the hypnotherapy session, you are in a place of total peace and
relaxation, and you may not want to leave it. So, you should be gentle but

firm when bringing yourself out of this relaxing state. Your voice should

transition from a smooth, monotonous tone to a louder and more lively tone.

Here is a sample trance termination (for waking up) that I used in the audio

portion of this program (in audio Module 6)

Trance Termination Sample (for waking up)

Now, in just a few moments, you are going to come back up at the count of

three. When I bring you back up, you are going to feel comfortable. You are

going to feel relaxed. You are going to feel as though you have had a

peaceful nap and even after you are out of hypnosis, understand that your

subconscious mind will act on every word on this recording, and each time

you listen to this recording, these suggestions will become stronger and

stronger in your mind. Each and every time you listen to this recording,

these suggestions will become more and more a part of you, and you will

become more and more the person of your choosing — a relaxed, calm,
confident, peaceful person who is able to (fill in your goals here) easily and

effortlessly. All right now.

One: beginning to come up, feeling very positive, filled with energy, rested,

feeling as though you have had a peaceful nap. (Pause)

Two: coming up even more, beginning to move now, beginning to stir and

you are totally at ease.

And, at the count of the next number, you will be completely awake (this

prepares you one last time for beta, full waking consciousness).

Three: eyes wide open, relaxed, refreshed and feeling wonderful.

Note that there should be a considerable build in the volume of your voice

between one and three. Gradually begin to speak more loudly. By the time

you get to the count of three, you should be speaking slightly more loudly

than your normal conversational volume.

Notice that in addition to bringing yourself back up, trance termination also
recaps the session, reinforces the script, and programs you for future success

in your financial endeavors.

Notice that you tell yourself ahead of time that you will count from one to

three, at which point you will be awake. You preempt the count not only to

give yourself time to prepare, but also to reinforce that your mind will

absorb the script that I read to yourself earlier, that the process is going to

work. Additionally, it will become stronger and stronger for you each time.

Rather than saying, “You are going to come up at the count of three. One,

two, three.”

You should be very soothing, gentle, and affirmation-filled.

When you finally bring yourself up, it should be made more powerful by a

transition in your voice, which is why you eventually speak slightly more

loudly than a normal conversational volume. Also, the pace of your words

becomes faster as you transition into the volume and pace that will wake you

up from your hypnotic trance.
After the trance termination, you want to allow yourself to relax for a

reasonable amount of time. After you come back up, you probably will not

jump up and walk right out the door. Most people want to relax and get up

slowly. In fact, many times after I bring people back up, they remain in the

position they were in while under hypnosis. Let yourself relax for a minute.

After you are awake, give yourself ample time to adjust to being fully alert

and awake. Adjustment may be assisted through having a conversation with

someone (even if it is on the phone), increased volume of any background

music and turning up any lighting, opening any curtains, etc. Move your

adjustment to full awakening consciousness smoothly and gradually.

As I mention in audio Module 6 of this program you can alternatively record

a trance termination that will allow you to drift off to sleep after listening to

it. This is particularly helpful if you want to play your recordings at night

and you do not want to wake up when the recording is over.

Here is a sample trance termination (for sleep) that I used in the audio

portion of this program (in audio Module 6)
Trance Termination Sample (for sleep)

Now, in just a few moments, you are going to come drift into a restful sleep.

Understand that your subconscious mind will act on every word on this

recording, and each time you listen to this recording, these suggestions will

become stronger and stronger in your mind. Each and every time you listen

to this recording, these suggestions will become more and more a part of

you, and you will become more and more the person of your choosing — a

relaxed, calm, confident, peaceful person (add your specific information)

who is able to (fill in your goals here) easily and effortlessly. All right now.

And now just allow yourself to drift into a peaceful sleep. When you awaken

in the morning, you will be well rested and full of natural energy. You will

be ready for a wonderful day.

You should continue treatment with the recording by listening to it for 21

consecutive nights as you go to sleep.

Helpful tip

To make future sessions easy, you can say, right before the trance
termination, “From now on, every time you hear me count from one to three,

you will become fully awake at the count of three.”

Suggested Practice

Practice transitioning from the low volume and monotonous tone you will

use during a hypnosis session to a higher volume by reading the trance

termination given previously. This transition portion of the trance

termination should start with, “One: beginning to come up,” and end with,

“Three: eyes wide open.”

Record a trance termination. Review the full sample given in this chapter.

Remember, a trance termination is not just saying, “One, two, three.” There

is a part during which you prepare yourself to come back up. During that

preparatory portion of the trance termination, you are also reinforcing the

messages in the script. Remember that there should be 30-60 seconds of

silence between amnesia and trance termination.
Tying It All Together
Here are the steps of a hypnotherapy session:

1. Controlling your environment.

2. Getting into a safe, comfortable position.

3. Recording the induction. Be sure to leave, just like on your practice

recording you made while working through this book, 30-60 seconds of

silence between each part of the hypnotherapy session. The hypnotherapy

session begins with the induction and ends with the trance termination.

4. Recording the deepening (Remember, it is possibly optional after the

initial session).

5. Recording the script.

6. Recording the amnesia (possibly optional in subsequent sessions).

7. Recording the trance termination.
Your next step - Certification

I imagine that you are going through this program to increase your own

financial abundance. I applaud you for having an interest in the power of the

mind and wanting to change.

I want you to realize that there is also a way for you to help others with your

knowledge. You may want to go through my hypnotherapy certification

program. This will allow you to expand your knowledge of hypnotherapy

and begin changing other people’s lives as well. You already have a good

understanding of the material. Now you can make it official by going

through the class and becoming certified online.

If you are interested in this, register online at:

You will be in contact with me (Steve) as your personal trainer throughout

the course.

The protocols taught in my class are the result of my 20-plus years of

experience. I would like to save you some potential challenges and have you

start making money as a successful hypnotherapist. I have a 98.12% success
rate with smokers (tracked out to six months), a 90.34% success rate with

weight loss (tracked out to one year), and a 91.45% success rate with pain

management (tracked out to six months). I generally do not conduct studies

on former clients beyond six months since I do not want to remind them of

their former habit ongoing.

Helpful Tip

If you plan to become a hypnotherapist, keep in mind that the best

advertising is word of mouth. When people trust you, they are more likely to

tell a friend about your services. Always be honest and do your job to the

best of your ability. If you do these two simple things, your business will

skyrocket and you will not need to do much, if any, advertising.

Best of luck to you!


Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Alpha: The lightest stage of hypnosis. Alpha is just below Beta (normal

awakening consciousness).

Amnesia: Brief yet powerful suggestions given to cause yourself to

consciously forget the hypnosis experience.

Beta: Normal waking consciousness.

Deepening: Suggestions given after an induction meant to deepen the state

of hypnosis.

Delta: The deepest state of hypnosis. It is not necessary for you to achieve

this state in order to have the full benefit of hypnotherapy.

Induction: The first part of a hypnosis session, which is intended to ease

yourself into a trance.
Phobia: A fear.

Script: In this course, the script is the main part of a hypnosis session,

during which the primary therapeutic message is delivered.

Theta: The state of hypnosis just above Delta. It is not necessary for you to

achieve this state in order to have the full benefit of hypnotherapy

Trance Termination: Ending the hypnosis session either by returning

yourself to full waking consciousness (Beta), or by suggesting that you go to

sleep (Delta or Theta).

I have over two decades of experience in hypnosis. I have a Bachelor of

Science degree from the University of Florida, a M.Ed. from Armstrong

Atlantic State University, and a doctorate degree at Georgia Southern

University. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a member of both the

American Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotists,

president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and director of the Steve

G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy. I am also on the board of directors of the

American Lung Association in Los Angeles. I currently live in Savannah,

Georgia, but I see clients and teach classes worldwide.

It is my hope that this book will help you achieve the level of financial

success that you want. To this end, I am providing you with the tools to

change your habits and perceptions, and to help you overcome your financial

fears. I know that you can reach your optimum level of financial success

through hypnotherapy.

For more information about me and about hypnotherapy, I invite you to visit
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and prosperity the world has to offer.

Bierman, S. (1995). Medical hypnosis. Advances: The Journal of Mind-Body

Health, 11(1), 65.

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