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					Find the Best Medical Jobs

The health care industry is one of the largest employers in any country. Even in United States, it
makes up to 16% of the total economy, and is expected to reach its maximum of 19.5% of total
economy by 2019, according to Health and Human Services Department. With such scope and
growth in medical jobs, there are very many options available to anyone who wants to get a job
in health care. This article shall cover the best medical jobs, as well as the best ways to get one.

Best Medical Careers

Nursing is the single largest occupation in the medical industry. With more than 2 million nurses
employed in the United States alone, there is great demand for trained and registered nurses the
world over. To become a nurse, you can get a diploma or an associate degree in an accredited
nursing college.

Another medical occupation in demand is that of medical assistants. Medical assistants are
professionals who work under the indirect supervision of nurses and doctors, and help with
clinical and administrative tasks. They are trained in applying procedural tests such as blood test,
ECG, blood pressure test etc. In most countries, medical assistants too are registered much like
nurses and doctors. In the US, medical assistants are registered by appearing for and passing an
exam by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Becoming a doctor of medicine is of course the gold standard of the medical profession. Doctor
of Medicine, or Bachelor of Medicine, two of its technical names known throughout most of the
world, is acquired after about 5-7 years of graduate and post-graduate study. In the United States,
there are about 17,000 seats for students in a medical school. With about 47,000 students
appearing for these seats after high school, there is a lot of competition getting into a medical

Finding a Medical Job

One of the largest employers of health care staff are organizations such as the National Health
Care of Britain. With such government funded health care organizations, there are some very
standard requirements as well as remunerations that can be expected from working for them.

In the United States, there is no such comparable government body, but there are other
organizations that need to fill medical jobs by their thousands every year. These include the
Veterans Health Administration, US Army through its US Army Medical Service and the
corresponding organizations in the Navy and the Air Force.

If you wish to work in the private, networking and word of mouth are ever-successful ways to
land a job. In this age of online social networking, you can use even Twitter and Facebook to
know about requirements in the hospitals you might be interested in working for. Other online
services such as form the backbone of online job search market. Keeping your CV
always ready and updated, and being is a state where it can be modified depending on the
requirements, should help you a lot in getting a medical job of your choice.

By Josh Dorris

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