Grade 6 by dfhdhdhdhjr


									   Grade 6
Stand-Alone Items
14 Use the sentence in the box below to answer the question.

    When I started taking sewing lessons I felt ignorant, but by
    the end of one month I had learned many skills.

   What does ignorant mean as it is used in the sentence?

  Ο A. Without guilt or blame
  Ο B. Without caution or care
  Ο C. Without patience or calmness
  Ο D. Without knowledge or education

   Comprehension 04: Understand and apply content vocabulary
               critical to the meaning of the text
                      (Reading GLE 1.3.2)
15 What information would you find on a timeline about the Lewis and
   Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean?

  Ο A. The date Lewis and Clark completed their journey
  Ο B. The places where Lewis and Clark were born
  Ο C. An entry from Lewis and Clark’s journal
  Ο D. A list of Lewis and Clark’s supplies

 Informational Analysis 05: Demonstrate understanding of text features
      (titles, headings, captions, maps, charts, tables, graphs and
              other information divisions) (Reading GLE 2.2.2)

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