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									Crofton MD Chiropractor, Dr. Shaun McClenny, Provides Natural Solutions
For Back Pain

Crofton, MD, 12-MARCH-2012 - Capitol Rehab of Crofton and Dr. Shaun
McClenny, D. C., Crofton chiropractor are pleased to announce a selection
of solutions that are all-natural. The measures are focused on relieving
back pain, regardless of the cause of the pain. Chiropractic philosophy
offers residents office based solutions, but they are also active in
promoting the home care that improves the rate of healing.

Speaking candidly in a recent interview, Dr. McClenny stated, "As a
chiropractor, I specialize in musculoskeletal and nervous system
disorders as it relates to sports, work and automobile injuries. I
strongly believe in educating my patients on home care and exercise
rehabilitation, to increase the speed of recovery and decrease the
likelihood of it re-occurring."

A number of very effective approaches are used to align the spine and
eliminate the pain of interference with the nervous system. The approach
that is perhaps most familiar to most people is the manual adjustment.

The Activator Method evaluates the spine and uses a small instrument on
the spinal column. The Activator delivers a measured thrust to a precise
location. The Thompson Table reduces the level of energy required for
optimum spinal adjustment. Kinesiology is another method of adjusting the
health and wellness level of patients.

Learn more about how chiropractic measures can reduce the pain associated
with back injuries or misalignments by visiting the web pages found at today. Members of the press and
others who are interested in the concepts presented in this press release
are encouraged to contact Dr. McClenny at the location identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Shaun McClenny, D. C.

Company Name: Capitol Rehab of Crofton

Address: 1625 Crofton Center, Crofton, MD 21114

Contact Telephone Number: (410) 451-3561

Contact Fax Number: (410) 451-2265



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