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Top Handbag Designers

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When Only Couture Will Do Designer Handbag Gifts For Her

It isn't hard to point out a total fashionista when you see one - she'll be easily recognizable in her
Louboutin pumps, Joe's Jeans, and closet full of fashions from the late great designer Alexander
McQueen. With all of these designer duds as regular fashion staples, it only makes sense that the
"handbag matches the shoes" or that, in her opinion, couture is the only way to go when selecting
accessories to go with her smashing outfits. As evidenced some of the top number of searches on
eBay and frequent appearances on customer wish lists on Amazon, designer handbags are highly
sought after commodities, which makes them one of the best gifts for women that you can find.

Now chances are that as a guy, you probably wouldn't be able to distinguish from one designer
handbag to another. You may actually have no idea what the word couture means except that
you've heard women use it more than once. Haute couture is translated from French as "high
dress-making" and refers literally to exclusive custom made clothing. Since then the definition has
been thrown around somewhat loosely and people literally take it to refer to fashion designers that
create trend-setting clothing. You know, like New York Fashion Week. Well, you may have heard
your girlfriend gushing to her friends about that too. Or maybe not if you typically tune out when
she and her girls get to gabbing about celebrities and fashion.

Either way, here is a list of names in the trendy fashion handbag department that would make for
great gifts for any occasion - even if it's technically not couture:

* Hermes
* Gucci
* Chanel
* Prada
* Givenchy
* Chrstian Dior
* Jean Paul Gaultier
* Birken
* Kate Spade
* Coach
* Dooney & Bourke

If you have a little bit of sticker shock after seeing some of the prices that designer fashion lines
charge for a simple black clutch to carry her lipgloss in, then you can always revisit the same gift
idea at some more wallet-comfortable price points. You can check out websites like
ModaQueen.com that feature authentic designer handbags at super discounted prices or you can
try other retailers like eBags.com that stock the handbags that she will love and frequently run
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Top Handbag Designers

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Description: Women love handbags. Every time they go out, they prefer to bring one of their handbags with them. Every time they go shopping, they make sure that they purchase at least one hand bag. Handbag is very essential in womans wardrobe. It is one of their accessories that complete their image. There are several types and designs of handbags in the market. Among these are designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, D&G Dolce and Gabana, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci and Versace. These brands cost as much as $50,000 for a certain style and design. Investing in these types of hand bags is okay as long as you know how to check the genuine handbags and purchase only the original handbags. When buying designer handbags, it is best to purchase on licensed retail stores that are certified to sell these designer handbags. In cases wherein you want to avail of discounts and low prices of these handbags, ensure that you know the definite characteristics of the designer handbag that you want to avail. To start with, you should check on the particular design and style that you want. Make sure to verify from the catalogue of the designer if such design do exists. There are some fake handbags which are proliferating that looks like the real ones. It is handcrafted in such a way that with a first glance, you will really believe that it is an authentic bag. Another thing to consider is the distinguishing mark of the designer label. Example of this is that for Chanel handbags, the logo is a double C which is placed back-to-back with each other. You should be cautious with the tags, care cards as well as the warranties that go with the handbags.