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Wedding dress designers and the celebrities that were them.txt


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Wedding dress designers and the celebrities that were them

When most women of today are looking for wedding gowns, they start by thinking of Vera Wang
gowns. However, there are many other designers out there whose dresses have graced the
bodies of some of the most famous women of our time. Oddly enough, two of Vera Wangs top
competitors had the same issues she did when they were ready to get married, and leads into how
they got into the wedding gown business to begin with. Lets take some time to profile some of her

Amsale Aberra was born in Ethiopia and left after graduating college to study commercial art in the
United States. When war broke out and she realized she couldnt go home, she went on to get an
undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts. Always fans of fashion, while she was
trying to survive on her own she would design her own fashions at home.

She found her way into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and, in 1985, while
shopping for her own wedding dress, found that she couldnt find anything she liked and decided to
design her own dress. That led to her eventually deciding to become a full time designer, starting
out by launching her own wedding gown business. Known as "forever modern", she tries to design
wedding dresses with a timeless feel, one that, she believes, would look as modern 20 years later
as it does at the time. She is known for making youthful styles with many traditional touches.

Her best known wedding dress ironically was for a fake wedding, as Alyson Hannigan wore it in
the movie American Wedding. Trista Rehn, known better as The Bachelorette, also wore one of
her wedding dresses.

Monique Lhuillier had the same wedding dress issues when she went looking for something to
wear in 1994. She not only designed her own wedding dress, but the dresses for her bridal party,
and the dresses created such a stir that she and her husband decided to launch her first bridal
collection in 1996, and opening their first boutique in Beverly Hills the same year.

Monque was born in the Phillipines to a wealthy family, and eventually found herself in Los
Angeles, attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After her own wedding,
there was great buzz generated through high society wedding because of her wedding designs for
both brides and bridesmaids.

However, it wasnt until 2004, when Britney Spears wore one of her designs for her marriage to
Kevin Federline, that she became a big name for celebrities around the world. Kevin Costners wife
Christine wore one of her dresses for their wedding, which was also in 2004. Other stars who have
worn her wedding gowns include Ali Landry and Emilie de Ravin.

Badgley Mischka may be the oddest in the group because not only is this not a female, but its
actually two men, Mark Badgley and James Mischka, who are also partners in real life. They met
while attending the Parsons School of Design, and in 1988 decided to start their own company.

Possibly because theyre men, their style is actually known for being sexier than the norm, which
generated a lot of buzz. They got into the wedding business in 1993, and launched their first line of
wedding gowns in 1997 through Saks Fifth Avenue.

Badgley Mischkas most famous wedding dress was the one worn by Jada Pinkett Smith for her
wedding, but other stars have worn their dresses as well, including Tori Spelling, Kristin Davis, and
Carmen Electra.

When it comes to top wedding dress designers in the world, the designers named here can stand
next to anyone when it comes to lavish wedding fashions.

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