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Women love handbags. Every time they go out, they prefer to bring one of their handbags with them. Every time they go shopping, they make sure that they purchase at least one hand bag. Handbag is very essential in womans wardrobe. It is one of their accessories that complete their image. There are several types and designs of handbags in the market. Among these are designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, D&G Dolce and Gabana, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci and Versace. These brands cost as much as $50,000 for a certain style and design. Investing in these types of hand bags is okay as long as you know how to check the genuine handbags and purchase only the original handbags. When buying designer handbags, it is best to purchase on licensed retail stores that are certified to sell these designer handbags. In cases wherein you want to avail of discounts and low prices of these handbags, ensure that you know the definite characteristics of the designer handbag that you want to avail. To start with, you should check on the particular design and style that you want. Make sure to verify from the catalogue of the designer if such design do exists. There are some fake handbags which are proliferating that looks like the real ones. It is handcrafted in such a way that with a first glance, you will really believe that it is an authentic bag. Another thing to consider is the distinguishing mark of the designer label. Example of this is that for Chanel handbags, the logo is a double C which is placed back-to-back with each other. You should be cautious with the tags, care cards as well as the warranties that go with the handbags.

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Designer Handbags For The Trendy Woman

You know the latest trends from the hottest designers. You make sure to follow what all of the
Hollywood elite are wearing and carrying on their shoulders. You are the epitome of a trendy
woman and very in-the-now. So what are you wearing this season? With a plethora of new bags
hitting the scene, it can be difficult to find the designer handbags that are right for you. Take a look
at this helpful overview to get some great ideas and inspiration.

Trendy Designer Handbag Colors

2009 is more about color than previous seasons. Of course, black is at the top of the list and this
will likely never change. In 2009, as is the case each and every year, black is a staple in both
wardrobe and handbag collections. Few women can say that they own a purse that isnt black,
whether its your everyday handbag or one for a special occasion. This year, blacks and browns
are both quite popular and, in fact, can almost be interchangeable.

Whether we are talking tan or sand, sable or chocolate, brown is a perfect color because you can
easily wear this neutral in every season. In warmer months, tan or beige goes quite well with just
about any outfit. Lighter browns tend to be worn with finer fabrics and fancier occasions. Of
course, your darker browns can warm up a winter white outfit, or coordinate perfectly with a
number of reds and other fall and winter ensembles and coats.

Eggplants and other deep purples are also tremendously popular this season. In fact, purple of all
sorts made a comeback last year, and continues to remain a trendy color for the 2009 season.
Because it is such a strong, vibrant shade, it is perfect for a handbag color. You can accentuate a
black and white combination or highlight a warm, deep brown outfit with a number of purple-toned
handbags. You have endless choices this season, even though purple is a strong singular color.

Trendy Designer Handbag Styles

As far as casual bags are concerned this season, tote bags and hobo handbags are still quite
trendy. The Manhattan tote, by designer Jim Thompson, is one of the most popular bags in this
category. This roomy bag will make most of us breathe a sigh of relief, as we tend to carry around
everything but the kitchen sink on a daily basis. A lady must be prepared! Whether its for business
or pleasure, a smart woman knows that she needs various critical items on her person at all times.

The Manhattan Tote has been seen on many celebrities shoulders; including the fashion forward
Jessica Alba. The bag is a limited edition that comes in brown, black and green, and offers an
enormous amount of carrying space inside.
Of course, you are not limited to this particular tote; many tote bags are trendy this season. Louis
Vuitton has an absolutely gorgeous line for fall, and Gucci does too. The shoulder bags and hobos
that Gucci put out last year are still quite popular this season as well. While whites and brights
were the name of the game for Gucci this summer, this season offers some beautiful subdued
leathers, complete with his signature tassels, hardware and of course the famous Gucci label.

Trendy Eco Designer Handbags

Another trend this season is the use of environmentally conscious materials and production
processes. Suddenly, it has become trs chic to actively care about our environment through our
purchases, and this applies to our handbags as well. Many designers are creating custom-made
beautiful bags from recycled materials, and you would never know the difference!

Stella McCartney, for example, has a gorgeous clutch this season that is completely vegan.
Although her bags are pricey, theyre now made from materials you can feel good about! Donna
Karan, too, makes an incredible black zippered bag this fall that is not only funky, but is made from
organic lambskin. Be sure to check out her Gotham collection. How great it is that celebrities and
designers alike are realizing the need to convert in this area by going green? It not only helps
spread the word, but we get some gorgeous handbags out of it too.

Trendy Designer Evening Bags

For evening bags, the basics are still the best way to go this season. You cannot go wrong with
basic blacks, sequins and shimmer. Whether you prefer a small pearly sequined bag or a tiny
black box to go with your evening gown of choice, the classics are still the trendiest, and we dont
see this going by the wayside anytime soon.

The fall season of 2009 is carrying many of the looks from the summer forward, but its
incorporating deeper colors and rich fall tones. By keeping these easy tips and guidelines in mind,
youre sure to stay trendy and happy all season long.

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