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           2                  ContaCts
                              and editorial
           3                  news
                              Community work
                                                                      13        young people
                                                                                How we are involving

         7 4
                              improving serviCes                                younger residents
                              Longer hours and a
                              new feedback policy
                                                                      14        news from

                                                                                resiDents’ groups                                     elcome to the Autumn
           6                  maintenanCe
                              New online service;
                              repairs survey result
                                                                                Your local groups
                                                                                are changing                                          editorial of Paradigm
                                                                                                                                      People. Our Annual

                   7          Derek Currie
                              Caring for our grounds
                                                                      15        notiCeBoarD
                                                                                Opportunities to
                                                                                get involved
                                                                                                                         Report to Residents is enclosed
                                                                                                                         with the magazine. This has been

10                 8          resiDent power
                              What a difference                       16        your spaCe
                                                                                Our regulars and a
                                                                                                                         put together with the help of a
                                                                                                                         group of residents. We hope you
                                                                                                                         enjoy reading it.
                              YOU made!                                         resident’s true story
                                                                                                                            If you have gas, a gas safety

                   10         asB
                              How we tackle
                              anti-social behaviour
                                                                      18        premier serviCe CluB
                                                                                Win vouchers for your
                                                                                home and garden
                                                                                                                         leaflet is enclosed, giving top tips on
                                                                                                                         how to keep your home safe.
                                                                                                                            You can read about some key

     12 12                                                            20
                              out anD aBout                                     ContaCts                                 changes to the repairs service on
                              Residents had lots of                             Translation; website;                    page 6, reflecting the views of the
                              fun this summer                                   ways to pay your rent                    800 residents who sent back the

       Contact us:
                                                                                                                         questionnaire in the previous issue.
                                                                                                                            Page 10 has information about
                                                                                                                         how we deal with anti-social
       pHone       0300 303 1010
                    24-hour number – 7pm-8am emergency service only
                                                                                                                         behaviour, plus contact numbers for
                                                                                                                         Paradigm and other agencies.
                                                                               to report a repair                           Residents’ groups (previously
               paradigm Housing group,                                         01895 678003                              called area panels) are changing
            By 1 glory park avenue, wooburn green,                             housing management
                                                                               and rent enquiries                        their approach. Following your
          post Buckinghamshire Hp10 0Df
                    office hours monday to Friday 9.00am-5.30pm                01895 678020                              feedback, some will be piloting
                                                                               paradigm manages these                    drop-in surgeries where you can
                                                                               properties which are owned by
         email                                 private landlords.
                                                                                                                         come and talk about individual
                                                                                                                         problems. Dates for these will be
                                                                                                                         announced shortly.
      visit us 1 white Hill, Chesham, Buckinghamshire Hp5 1aB                       monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm
               43-45 High st, ruislip, middlesex Ha4 7BD                                                                    And, of course, you can win £350
                                                                                                                         in IKEA vouchers in the Premier
       to contact paradigm’s board, email:                                    Service prize draws (page 18-19).
       or call Chrissie Barnes on 01628 811830, or sherry gifford on 01628 811831
                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO adRiaN BROCkWELL

     The features, articles and content of the magazine are   mentioned are reputable, Paradigm Housing Group            Anthea Watkins
     believed to be correct at the time of going to press.    cannot guarantee that they will fulfil their obligations
     Some details could be subject to change and no           under all circumstances.                                   Community Involvement Manager
     responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies. The       Produced and designed by Quercus Eight, Fruit & Wool
     views expressed by contributors to Paradigm People do    Exchange, 56 Brushfield Street, London E1 6EX.             Tel: 01628 811860
     not necessarily reflect the views of Paradigm Housing    Tel: 020 7655 0370, email:
     Group. While every effort is made to ensure the                                                                     anthea.watkins@paradigm
     accuracy and fairness of views expressed, Paradigm       the paper that Paradigm People is printed on
     cannot be held responsible. While we take the utmost     comes from sustainable forests and is certified by
     care to ensure that companies or suppliers of services   the forest stewardship Council.

     2 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                                                        Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010

Paradigm acts
to secure maintenance service

         aradigm’s maintenance                                                             maintenance service being passed to
         contractor, Connaught, went                                                       a contractor we did not choose.
         into administration on                                                               When Connaught went into
         8 September 2010.                                                                 administration, a large number of
   Because we had concerns that this                                                       people across Paradigm and in
might happen, we had plans in place                                                        our local Connaught team worked
and acted quickly to make sure we                                                           together to ensure that services
could still deliver maintenance                                                             continued. key issues included
services to our tenants’ homes.                                                             securing materials, vans, fuel,
   We decided that the best way                                                            telephones, iT systems, and most
to achieve this was to transfer all                                                        critically the labour needed for our
of the staff within our local Connaught                                                    services. Since then, we have been
operation into a new company we                                                            talking to sub-contractors used by
have called Paradigm Maintenance                                                           Connaught. Plus, we are working to
Services Limited.                                                                          develop a whole range of systems to
   Not only has this ensured that all of                                                   look after parts of the service previously
the local staff kept their jobs, it meant                                                  done within Connaught.
continuity of service and avoided our                                                         This is a big step and we know there
                                                                                           will be many challenges.
                                                                                              However, delivering maintenance
                                                                                           services in this way will give us the time
            With this                                                                      to look closely at longer-term options

            magigmzine:ived this
                                                                                           with residents to see how we can do
                  a ople arr                                  ‘This is a big step          things better for the future.
                                                                                              in the meantime, we are grateful
   When your Pa    Pe                                         and we know
                               our Annual Report                                           for your patience during this period of
 time, you will have found                                    there will be
                              with it. This gives                                          change, when it is likely there will be
    to Residents enclosed                            .        many challenges’
                          of Paradigm’s business                                           delays for some jobs.
details of every aspect
                              expla ining a change
You will also have a letter
 of name for    some Paradigm compan
     if your home has gas, yo
                                 u wil
                                            ies. Plus,
                                      l have also          Work on
           rec  eived a gas safety leafle
             if any of these are mi ssing,
                                                           the Wild side
               please call Liz Turner on                 Volunteers from Paradigm and          We’ll use this area for structured,
                   01628 811842.                         Connaught (now Paradigm               high-quality learning. Coach trips are
                                                         Maintenance Services, see above)      difficult and costly, but now we can
                                                         cleared a woodland walk for the       simply come here.”
                                                         children of Little Spring School in      Early Years teacher Fionnagh
                                                         Chesham in July.                      Yates added: “This is a wonderful
                                                             Technicians built steps down      resource. Now we can use it to teach
                                                         the steep slope to a natural walk     children about how to look after
                                                         through mature trees, then willing    wildlife, but it’s also great for literacy.
                                                         hands from both companies             We can sit out here, looking around
                                                          strimmed, raked and cleared          and creating stories.”
                                                          brambles, branches and weeds.           Next the children will make boxes
                                                          The enormous pile of brush will      for birds, insects and hedgehogs.
                                                          be mulched later and the mulch          Chairman of the Paradigm
                                                          spread on the path.                  Community involvement Forum,
                                                              Headteacher of Little Spring     Vicky Fordham-Lewis said: “There
                                                          School, Mary Paton, said:            was a fantastic response. Everyone
                                                          “They’ve done a marvellous job.      really enjoyed themselves.”
                                                                                               Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 3
    improving our service

the                                                          service With
            team of housing inspectors from the audit
            Commission visited Paradigm in June to
            assess how well we deliver services. They
            looked at how tenants can access services,
customer care, whether services provide value for
money and how we cater for different tenants' needs.
   The inspectors told us that the way we involve
tenants is particularly good, but we have to work harder
on a number of areas. These are:

b   our service standards
b   the way we manage anti-social behaviour
b   arrangements for repairs appointments
b   our approach to value for money
b   how we report our performance
b   ensuring that our services support vulnerable tenants

We were already aware of the need to improve these
areas as a result of listening to our customers and
the inspection of all our services by Housing Quality
Network in November last year.
   Now we are working with tenants who have attended
focus groups and representatives from residents’ groups
to agree the priorities for improvements.                              hours!
   a letter from the audit Commission was sent to every
                                                                 Customer services opening
                                                                 hours are now 8am to 7pm
tenant in august giving more information about the

                                                                                                            iSTOCk PHOTO.COM/LaaRTiST
results. The full report can be viewed on our website, see
'What the inspectors said' on the Home page.                  monday to Friday, so you should
                                                               find it easier to call us at a time
if you want to know more, or to help us improve               convenient to you. an emergency
services, contact wendy smith, excellence                       service continues out of these
ambassador on 01628 811825 or contact her on
                                                                 hours. the number is always:
                                                                       303 1010

    kimberley                                                gwen                              tina
4 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                             Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                        improving our service

more than a smile                          How we performeD may-July 2010
 speCialist teams
 We have made some exciting changes         key                                   target     may     June     July      result
 to Customer Services. Most important,
 advisors will now be available to          1 % of calls answered
 speak to you from 8.00am to 7.00pm            in 30 seconds                      90%       74%      79%      83%       b
 Monday to Friday. So you can call at       2 Stage 1 Complaints dealt
 a time that's convenient for you. (Your       in target time (10 days)           90%       92%      75%      100%      b
 call will be switched through to an        3 % of Emergency (within 24
 emergency service after these hours.)         hours) repairs completed
    The team has also been split into          in target time                     95%       99%      99%      100%      b
 two well trained specialist teams          4 % of Urgent (within 5 days)
 to serve you better. One deals with           repairs completed
 repairs and maintenance, the other            in target time                     90%       94%      98%      98%       b
 looks after housing queries.               5 % of Routine (within 20 days)
     The housing specialists will aim to       repairs completed
 deal with up to 80% of your queries           in target time                     90%       98%      94%      96%       b
 on first contact.                          6 average time in days taken to
    The repairs specialists will be able       complete repair (all categories)   15        15       16       16        b
 to make appointments for most work         7 % of repairs completed
 that is carried out by our maintenance        ‘first time’                       90%       86%      87%      88%       b
 operatives (rather than ask someone        8 % gas safety certificates (CP12)
 to call you back). They will also deal        in date (TSa target 99.5%)         100%      99.5%    99.7     99.2      b
 with complex requests more quickly         9 Customer satisfaction with
 with the help of a technical team.            repairs                            90%       95%      91%      90%       b
    We have made these changes              10 average relet time (days)          28        27       25       19        b
 in response to recent surveys and
 customer focus groups that said we        we’re listening                              and will be dealt with by a team leader
 haven’t always given you the best         Now it’s easier to let us know what you      or manager from the start, formally
 service when you have contacted us,       think. Our new Customer Feedback             and in writing. Our complaints process
 particularly when dealing with repairs    policy, developed in consultation with       has been reduced to three stages with
 and maintenance.                          residents, is clearer for customers and      shorter timescales.
    a group of senior managers and         helps us to respond more effectively.        Concern if you are dissatisfied with
 tenant board member, Lyn ives,               We have divided feedback into:            our service but do not wish to make
 formed a review team working with         formal Complaint You can make a              a formal complaint, you can log a
 a consultant. Tenants were then           formal complaint about our services          concern. a dedicated member of staff
 consulted on their recommendations.       at any time through any method of            will keep you updated until resolution.
                                           contact. Your complaint will be logged       Compliment if you have been
                                                                                        satisfied with our service or we have
                                                                                        exceeded your expectations, please
                                                                                        let us know. We will feed this back to
                                                                                        individuals and teams to encourage
                                                                                        good practice in future.
                                                                                        suggestion if your suggestion is
                                                                                        adopted, you could be in for a reward!
                                                                                        See page 15 for more details.

                                                                                        if you have any questions about the
                                                                                        new policy, please contact alexa

              denise                                    hassan
                                                                                        lamond on 01628 811857. for
                                                                                        leaflets on the policy, call Customer
                                                                                        services on 0300 303 1010.

Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                          Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 5
     care for your homes

     Maintenance                                                                      DID YOU kNOw?
                                                                                      Between april and June 2010 more
                                                                                      than 10,500 maintenance jobs were
                                                                                      completed in homes managed by

                                                                                      these included:
                                                                                      ● 113 boilers installed
                                                                                      ● 5893 routine repairs
                                                                                      ● 2409 gas services
                                                                                      ● 121 new kitchens and bathrooms
                                                                                      ● 15 roofs replaced
                                                                                      ● 44 sets of windows and doors

                                                                                      this shows our commitment to
                                                                                      continuously improving your homes.

                                                                                      rePairs survey
                                                                                      a big thank you to everyone who
                                                                                      returned the repairs survey.
                                                                                      To date we have received more than
                                                                                      800 replies. The results are as follows:

                           look for
                                                                                      would you prefer a more convenient
                                                                                      appointment time for a repair even
                                                                                      if it might take two or three days

                           redecs online                                              longer to get the work done?

                                                                                      yes       566     (70%)
                                 f you live      Before any work starts we will       no        248     (30%)
                                 in a flat,   contact residents to agree colour
a lick of paint
                                                                                      would you support the suggestion
                                 you can      choices and access arrangements.        of only two repairs categories:
                                 find out        We will contact leaseholders in      emergency and other?
                             when we          good time with information about the    yes       632     (78%)
    expect to redecorate the communal         estimated cost of the work and the      no        182     (22%)
   areas by checking a new look-up            financial contribution they need to
                                                                                      would you make use of a third
   facility on the Paradigm website,          make in accordance with the terms
                                                                                      appointment slot between 11am and                  of their lease.
                                                                                                                                 PHOTO: adRiaN BROCkWELL/STOCkPHOTO.COM/ FLYFLOOR

       Go to Customer Zone and click on          We plan to add more information
                                                                                      yes       684     (84%)
   Repairs and Maintenance, Planned           to the facility in the coming months
                                                                                      no        130     (16%)
   Maintenance and then Redecoration          including when we plan to renew floor
   Programme. Enter the town and then         coverings and windows and doors in      Do you want even more flexibility
   select the block you live in.              the communal areas.                     e.g. more than three slots?
       The dates given are a guideline                                                yes       484     (60%)
   only – dates can change, for example        Want to knoW more?                     no        330     (40%)
   if the decoration deteriorates faster or    if you want more information,          We will aim to start using the new job
   remains in good condition for longer        or your block doesn’t appear,          priorities in November and bring in the
   than we anticipated.                        contact neil gatland, asset and        extra appointment slot early in 2011.
       if you don’t have access to the         investment analyst on 01628                We hope the results will be that
   internet, our Customer Services             811759 or by email to neil.gatland     almost all appointments are convenient
   team will be happy to look up the                 to you and that the average time to
   information for you.                                                               complete a repair job is reduced.
   6 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                         Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                                                                             managing grounds
                                                                                           wIlD                       Great
                                                                                           AREAS                      Green
                                                                                      Bees, butterflies and
                                                                                                                other  iDea
                                                                                  insects need wild me      adow plants
                                                                                                          d and places to lay
                                                                             including nettles for foo
                                                                                                          ming common for
                                                                              their eggs, so it is beco
                                                                                                         associations such as
                                                                            planners to ask housing
                                                                                                       ld areas. the problem
                                                                            paradigm to create wi
                                                                                                             wild flowers to
                                                                               is that it takes years for

                                                                                 become established       . until then, the
                                                   f you spot derek                                           weeds with
                                                   Currie in your                 stronger plants such as
                                                                                    take hold. please    be patient and
                                                   communal garden,                                                 cut
                                                                                       don’t ask gardeners to
                                                   feel free to stop him for                               wn!
                                                                                                them do
                                               a chat. derek stepped into the
                                               newly created position of Grounds
                                               Maintenance Manager in april, and                 Grounds Maintenance
                                               he plans to visit every communal area             Manager Derek Currie
                                               Paradigm owns in his first year.
                                                   His aim is to improve the service
                                               throughout Paradigm’s area of
                                               operation, but he has started with a
                                               major project in the Chiltern region.
                                               Paradigm owns more large estates and
                                               sheltered homes here, so he has to

                                                                                              grounds for
                                               look after more big areas of communal
                                               grass, and there are more mature trees
                                               needing attention.

                                                   Grounds maintenance for this
                                               area used to be provided by Chiltern
                                               district Council through a contractor,
                                               but Paradigm has moved the contract
                                               to New Green, which has achieved
                                               good results in other Paradigm areas.         or herbs in pots, trays or hanging          it is and ask them to deal with it. if it
                                               derek says: “There is no more money           baskets but please don’t dig any new        is on our land, he needs to establish
                                               than there was before, but New Green          flower beds in communal gardens             if this is something we are contracted
                                               is a smaller, more flexible company and without speaking to us first.“                    to do. if so, he will get it done and
                                               we are in more direct control, so we are         The biggest problem for the              investigate why it was missed.
                                               confident we can achieve better value         gardeners is having to clear up litter          He says: “Please be patient with us
                                               for money.”                                   and dog mess before mowing. This            and over the next year, you’ll see a real
                                                   He says: “Residents can help. You         takes up time that could be spent on        improvement. Thank you so much for
                                               can add colour with your own flowers          improvements. derek says: “Please           the wonderful reception i’ve received.
                                                                                             don’t let your pets foul communal           i’m looking forward to meeting many
                                                                                             areas, or clean up after them if they do.   more of you.”
                                                  We’re getting to

                                                                                             dog mess spreads disease and smells
                                                  knoW our trees                             awful. it’s unfair to ask gardeners to
                                                                                             clear it up or risk being sprayed as the     hoW can you helP
                                                   a three-year programme has                mower goes over it! “                        0 addhangingwith flowers in pots, trays
                                                   started following a survey of                if you have a question or suggestion        and        baskets.
                                                   all trees on our communal land            about our grounds, you can speak             & Don’t drop litter.
                                                   in the Chiltern area: dead,               to your tenancy and neighbourhood            0 weed by hand. weedkiller, we may
                                                   dying or dangerous trees will
                                                   be dealt with first, followed by
                                                                                             officer or sheltered housing officer,
                                                                                             call our customer services team on
                                                                                                                                          & please don’t use some down.
                                                                                                                                            have already put
                                                   reduction and trimming work.              0300 303 0100, or ask derek if you see       0 arrangeyour dog’s mess. pick.
                                                                                                                                                    a community litter
                                                      for more information, call             him in your area.                            0 pick updo not allow children to pull
                                                   Customer services.                           if the problem is not on our land,
                                                                                             derek will find out whose responsibility
                                                                                                                                          & please
                                                                                                                                               up shrubs we have just planted.
                                               Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                             Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 7
       you said, we did

                    Resident                                                                information Pack

                  ver the past year,              b you wanted a statement once a year,     for tenants
                  residents have influenced          not monthly or quarterly                                we’re very proud
                  Paradigm services and           b statements needed to show                                that our new
                  procedures in many                 more clearly what was a                                 information
                  different ways. We’d               credit and what was a debit                             pack has been
                  like to say a big thank         b we should add a                                           awarded a
    you to everyone who has given up                 translation strap line                                   crystal mark by
    their time to meet us, or to fill in          b there should be fewer                                     the Campaign
    questionnaires to let us know how                guidance notes because too                               for plain
    we could make life better for you.               much text puts people off                                english, to show
       Here are just some of the                  all these ideas have been                                    that it is written
    improvements you have made:                   adopted and the new-style                                    in clear, easy-
                                                  statements are now in use.                                   to-understand
    Anti-social behaviour                         You can request a copy of                                     language.
    You wanted support for victims                your statement at any time
    and witnesses of low-level anti-              from Customer Services or view your       following a pilot with new
    social behaviour (aSB) and not                account on line via our website.          tenants in 2009, we made a
    just serious cases as we originally                                                     number of changes. for example,
    proposed. Support is now available            Car park monitoring                       as a result of your comments:
    to anyone experiencing aSB at                 after consultation with all residents     b all tenants will be sent a new-
    any level, the support is tailored to         affected by our car park monitoring       style handbook, not just new
    the situation and the individual.             scheme, it became clear that everyone     tenants
       You want 24-hour support. So we            wanted a scheme with no direct            b we have added the name and
    are reviewing arrangements for dealing        cost for residents or Paradigm. Both      phone number of your housing
    with aSB emergencies out of hours.            clamping and penalty fine options         officer and regional manager
       We have added aSB into the Estate          were considered. Penalty fine             b we added a new booklet
    Management Standard because you               schemes gave a cost-free solution         called ‘Help us fix it first time’.
    said this affects the quality of the estate   to everyone other than those who          this contains diagrams of items
                                                  were parking where they shouldn’t.        we often have repair requests
    Rent statements                                  We formed a Resident Consultation      for. when you call, the pictures
    You told us through a postal survey           Group to help us develop a scheme         and labels will help you answer
    and feedback at the Residents’ Group          and find a contractor. Four preferred     the questions asked by the
    meetings that:                                candidates were interviewed by            customer services advisor.
                                                  Paradigm staff and two representatives
                                                  from the Resident Consultation            the new pack was sent to all
                                                  Group, and Creative Parking Solutions     existing tenants in august 2010.
                                                  have been awarded the contract.           if you have not received yours,
                                                     The penalty fine scheme will be        contact Customer services.
                                                    phased in from the 1 October.
   Good neighbour cards                              We will be contacting residents       Neighbourhood Officer can meet with
 a member of the Herts panel came up                    who will benefit from this         residents to discuss their scheme.
with the idea of a friendly postcard you                  new scheme to confirm a
could leave at a neighbour’s door to let                   date when a representative      waste management
 them know that something they do is                       from Creative Parking           Customers involved in reviewing
disturbing you. this can solve a problem                   Solutions and a Tenancy and     our new build schemes said that all
  early without risk of a confrontation.
                                                                                             Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                            you said, we did

 refuse stores should be screened
 and they should be large enough
 to cope with fortnightly collections.
 We included these suggestions in
                                          to sign in when they arrive. Now we
                                          only ask contractors, home help,
                                          carers and cleaners to do so.
                                                                                           what’s the next step?
                                                                                          Customers had told us that it was
                                                                                            frustrating not knowing what
                                                                                            would happen next if we were
                                                                                         unable to complete a repair on the
                                                                                         first visit. a next step card is now
                                                                                         left with tenants to tell them what
                                                                                          will happen and an approximate
                                                                                                        time scale.

 our New Build design Guide.
    Following a number of complaints
 about refuse arrangements at Park        engagement Fund                          but we did not know what key
 Place, amersham, we changed            The Residents’ Forum said that             performance indicators customers
 from black sacks to wheelie bins to    residents should decide how                wanted to see.
                                        Paradigm’s Community Engagement              a special Residents’ Forum meeting
                                        Fund should be spent. all four             was called in March 2010 where
                                        residents groups (then called area         options were reviewed and members
                                            panels) were involved in discussing    selected 10. These are now reported
                                               the way forward and agreed          in full every month on Paradigm’s
      Grounds maintenance                        to nominate representatives       website, and the top 10 are published
     following concerns from customers            to sit on the Community          in Paradigm People. See page 5.
   about the performance of our grounds               Engagement Fund
maintenance provider, a decision was taken
 to end our contract and place the grounds
                                                         Panel. The panel
                                                          has now allocated
                                                                                   Young Persons
maintenance contract with another provider,               £60,000 in grants to     involvement strategy
  new green in april 2010. see interview                  community projects.      Our customer profiling information
    with our new grounds maintenance                                               has told us that a growing number of
       manager, Derek Currie page 7.
                                               Repairs and                         our customers are under 35. To make
                                                                                   sure we offer ways to get involved that
                                              maintenance                          are attractive to younger residents,
                                          The Residents’ Maintenance Group         we decided to develop a strategy
 improve cleanliness and hygiene          has been involved in reviewing our       and tailor our approach to them. We
 (cleaners are now able to clean          priority times for repairs. Customer     spoke to young people and children
 the floor area every week).              feedback has also led us to review       of residents via face to face interviews,
                                          the appointment time slots offered to    focus groups, postal surveys and
 Getting to know                          customers. See survey results, page 6.   a residential weekend. When the
                                                                                   strategy objectives went to a joint
 your new home                            Performance                              Residents’ Forum/Board meeting
 Tenants told us it would be helpful to                                            in May 2010, it was co-presented by
 know where the stop cock and meters      management                               Paradigm’s 18-year-old Tom Pirouet,
 were and how the heating worked.         We knew we needed to tell our            whose parents are Paradigm tenants,
 We now provide this information in       customers more about how we              and Community involvement Manager
 writing for all new tenants. We also     perform compared to our targets,         anthea Watkins. See page 13.
 confirm when the next gas safety
 check will be completed and details of
 any other work due to be completed        Complaints Review
 after tenants have moved in.              following customer feedback around concerns with our
                                           complaints process, a full review was instigated in 2009. the
 sheltered Housing                         review started with a working group of residents who had used
 The Sheltered Tenants’ Forum said         the complaints process. see the resulting changes on page 4.
 we should not ask tenants’ visitors
  Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                    Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 9
             tackling asB
                We are working hard to improve our anti-social behaviour
                service – we want to hear from you if you need our help

                                  hen residents are asked what    website information. Please contact ASB Service
                                  is the most important service   Co-ordinator, Amanda Tattershall for more
                                  Paradigm provides, dealing      information on 01628 811846.
                                  with anti-social behaviour
                                  (ASB) comes a close second      Facts and figures
               behind repairs and maintenance. While only         Between 1 April 2009 and 31 March 2010, 936
               12% of our residents have reported ASB, it can     incidents of ASB were reported to Paradigm in
               have a significant impact on people’s lives.       more than 720 different locations.
                  Over the last 12-18 months we have been           The most commonly reported problem is noise,
               talking to residents about how we can improve      representing 26%-30% of all reported incidents,
               our service. You can find our ASB strategy         followed by harassment at 6-7% (60 cases). The
               and more information on our website or by          third most commonly reported was nuisance
               calling Customer Services who can send you         from pets, mainly dogs fouling or barking.
               information in the post.                              We evicted one tenant on the grounds of ASB
                 You can help us by completing a satisfaction     last year. We served 15 Notices of Possession,
               questionnaire if you used the service. Or you      but only two have had to be taken to court.
               could join a group of customers working               Twelve residents experiencing domestic abuse
                                          with us to review       sought help from Paradigm. During the next six
                                          our standards, our      months, front line staff will receive additional
                                          leaflets, customer      training on supporting customers experiencing
                                          guidance notes and      domestic abuse, harassment, or hate crime.

                                         case study: What did you hear?
                                         Mrs A complained about her neighbour, Mrs C, arguing with visitors
                                         and said the police were on the scene. Paradigm contacted the police
                                         and made a home visit to both neighbours. Mrs C apologised.
                                         A few months later, the police asked Paradigm for assistance on behalf
                                         of Mrs C. Her ex-partner was in prison but his family and friends were
                                                                                                                     PHOTOS: CaRE iMaGES.COM

                                         harassing her and threatening her life and that of her child. Mrs A
                                         had witnessed just one example of this. The ex-partner had previous
                                         convictions for drug-related offences and violence. Paradigm worked
                                         closely with Mrs C, the police, the domestic abuse unit and another
                                         housing association to re-house her in another area.

10 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                 Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                                       ASB service
What can Paradigm do?
Tenancy agreemenTs Our tenancy                         case study: drug dealing
agreements spell out the standard of behaviour         Several residents contacted Paradigm about suspected drug
required and the consequences of breaking              dealing in their block involving a tenant, Mr B, and his friend.
these conditions.                                      Paradigm’s ASB Advisor contacted the police and was advised
                                                       that the Mr B was known for drug-related offences.
negoTiaTion Many people don’t realise that                 Given the seriousness of the situation, Paradigm gave the
their behaviour is causing a nuisance and will         police a door entry fob to enable regular patrols of the block.
stop if asked. It is best if neighbours speak to       Mr B was served with a Notice of Seeking Possession, giving
each other or use the Good Neighbour Card, but         him 28 days to stop behaviour that breached the terms of
the Tenancy and Neighbourhood Officer can              his tenancy. If he failed to do so, Paradigm could start legal
help if you prefer.                                    proceedings to evict him.
                                                           The police interviewed
mediaTion This is where the parties are helped         Mr B’s friend and banned        case study: abc in action
to agree a way forward through a neutral third         him from visiting the block. Several residents complained about
party usually an experienced mediator from a                                           a group of youths hanging about on
local voluntary group. The service is usually free    be a good                        their estate, shouting and swearing
or Paradigm will meet the cost.
                                                      neighbour                        and acting in an intimidating way.
                                                                                       One was identified as a son of a
signposTing To supporT agencies We                    b Smile and say hello!           Paradigm tenant.
have links with a large number of local and           b Let your neighbours               A joint home visit was made to
national organisations who can help people to            know if you plan to have      the tenant by representatives of
change their behaviour, or to cope better with           a party (or invite them)      the Community Safety Team and
the behaviour of others.                              b Remember noise travels         Paradigm. Tenants were told that
                                                         in shared hallways            their child’s unacceptable behaviour
accepTable behaviour conTracT ABCs                    b Don’t let doors slam           would jeopardise their tenancy.
are contracts between the person causing the          b Don’t do DIY after 9pm            The boy and his parents signed
ASB and the landlord, police and sometimes the        b Use headphones if you          an Acceptable Behaviour Contract
local council, which lay down things that person         like your music loud          (ABC) and the parents agreed to
should or should not do. They are usually used        b Don’t let your pet foul        work with a local agency to help
for younger people. We used 14 ABCs last year            the hallway or garden         them manage his behaviour.
with great success.                                   b Don’t regularly use the           The police took similar action with
                                                         parking space outside         the parents of the other youths. The
noTice of seeking possession This is the                 your neighbour’s house        residents were kept informed of the
start of legal proceedings. The tenant is given       b Try and be tolerant of         action being taken, the situation was
a set period of time in which to change their            different lifestyles          monitored closely and it gradually
behaviour, or their tenancy will be at risk.          b If your neighbour annoys       improved over six months.
                                                         you, talk to them
injuncTions An injunction is issued by a
court, and it orders someone not to behave in a        hoW can i rePort asb?
certain way. A power of arrest can be attached         b Talk to your Tenancy and              b Noise nuisance should be
in more serious cases. Injunctions can be used         Neighbourhood Officer.                  reported to your local council’s
where behaviour needs to be addressed very             b Use the online reporting form         environmental health team.
quickly ahead of any further legal proceedings.        on            b Women’s Aid Domestic Abuse
                                                       b Call Paradigm’s ASB Advisors:         Helpline 0808 2000 247.
anTi-social behaviour order (asbo)                     ASB Service Co-ordinator:               b Broken Rainbow National
ASBOs are similar to an injunction and must be         Amanda Tattershall                      Helpline for lesbian, gay,
granted by a court. They usually applied for by        01628 811846                            bisexual and transgender
the council, police or a multi-agency forum and        Buckinghamshire, Berkshire              people experiencing domestic
are used in extreme cases of ASB.                      and Oxfordshire:                        abuse 0300 999 5428.
                                                       Garin Christie 01494 830842             b Racial harassment and hate
evicTion Evicting someone from their home              London area:                            crime should be reported to
should be a last resort and we can only evict          Sarge Bharry 01895 678022               your local police.
someone with the authority of a court. The             For temporary housing:                  Dial 999 if you or anyone
courts will also not agree to someone being            Operations Manager                      else is at risk of physical
evicted unless they are satisfied all other options    Steve O’Connor 01895 678040             harm.
have been exhausted.

Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                       Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 11
  out and about

                                     greenhouse, will eventually be
                                     restored and returned to the site.
an artist                               artists visited schools and
                                     helped the children to make
Residents of Salisbury Village in    beacon-shaped sculptures.
Hatfield took part in an ambitious      They also invited residents
art project in June, organised       to help recreate a map of south
by digswell                                                east England
arts Trust, the                                            on the grass
de Havilland                                               at Horsa
Housing                                                    Gardens,

Partnership                                                showing
and the                                                    the position
University of
                                                           of all the
                                                           navigational      GArden PArTY
   These new                                               beacons             Residents’ of Paradigm’s eco-community,
communities                                                during de           Greenwood Close in Hayes, created a
were built on                                              Havilland’s         community herb garden at their spring
the site of                                                heyday.             ‘gardening party’ in May.
the former                                                 Project leader         The Community Engagement Fund has paid
de Havilland                                               anji archer         for dale Hoyland, from the United Sustainable
airfield and                                               said: “We lost      Energy agency (USEa), to work with the new
factory. So artists from the Trust   count of the number of people             community to help them live greener lives. This
decided to use as a theme the        who did some painting - it was                        was one of many ideas the residents
1934 beacon that once guided         more than 30.”                                               have suggested. Children

planes to the airfield with a beam      arial photos of the ‘map’ and                                worked together to plant
of white light.                      the beacon sculptures were                                        10 varieties of herbs in
   The beacon, which resembles
a giant pineapple-shaped
                                     shown at an exhibition at
                                     the University atrium.
                                                                              club                       trays. Residents then
                                                                       young somalis enjo  y saturday shared out the trays
                                                                                                           and will care for the
                                                                           morning somali peace
                                                                                         ions run by       herbs until they are
                                                                         youth club sess
                                                                                            ts’ group      strong enough to
                                                                        Hillingdon residen
                                                                                          Jeilani, and     grow outdoors.
                                                                        member madina
                                                                         part-funded by paradigm’s
                                                                                 fund grant

                                                   fun in watford Borough Council and
                                                                                                                                   PHOTOS BRiaN JORdaN, adRiaN BROCkWELL

                                                   New neighbours joined members of Watford
                                                   Paradigm staff at a garden party to celebrate the new homes Paradigm
                                                   has built in Queen Mary’s avenue and Royal Court, Watford.
                                                     Mayor of Watford, dorothy Thornhill and the new Chairman of the
                                                   council, alan Burtenshaw planted a shrub in the flower bed beside an
                                                   open area of communal grass, and spent time chatting to residents.
                                                     This new community provides 62 new homes for people in Watford
                                                   on a site previously occupied by light industrial units.

12 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                           Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                                                                young people

                                                                                                                          Paradigm resident Tom
                                                                                                                           Pirouet is to spend a year
                                                                                                                           in Poland working with the

                              listening to
                                                                                                                           European Voluntary Service
                                                                                                                           before he starts college.
                                                                                                                              at just 18, he will be living

                              younger voices                                                                               near Warsaw, learning Polish,
                                                                                                                           organising after-school

                                                                                                                           activities and helping to start
                                       he average age of Paradigm’s         website or request a copy from customer        a youth centre.
                                       customers is falling, and a large    services by calling 0300 303 1010.                Tom was one of several
                                       number of our residents are now                                                     residents Paradigm
                                       younger than 34.                     how can you help?                              sponsored to attend a
                                We know from customer satisfaction          if you are under 30 years of age and want      training course for youth
                             surveys that younger customers tend to         to get involved, or if you have any ideas that workers in Poland last year,
                             be less satisfied with our services. So it’s   would help us communicate with younger         organised by Youth in action.
                             important that we get to know our younger      residents, please ring Tina Olowookere            He says: “it gave me a
                             residents better and find out how to give      on 01628 811861 or email her on                better understanding of
                             them the services they want.                   European cultures and the
                                We have been working with some                                                             course made me feel better
                             younger residents to develop a Younger                                                        about myself. “
                             Person’s involvement Strategy, and we will
                             continue to look for ways to reach younger
                             people. For example, we are investigating                                       COME ON
                             social media or other options such as a more
                             interactive website and texting responses to                                    BROxBOuRNE!
                             survey questions.                                                            the nacro Xs football project in
                                One direct outcome following this                                         Broxbourne has been as exciting as
                             involvement was that the target audience                                     the world Cup for young players in
                             for the strategy was changed from 13-25                                      the area.
                             years to 18-30 years. it was agreed that                                       nacro is a crime reduction charity
                             diversionary activities for young people                                     which uses sport to involve young
                             should form part of Paradigm’s anti-social      people and reduce anti-social behaviour, and paradigm has funded a
                             behaviour strategy                              kickabout court and the nacro project in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

                                as well as using focus groups, which            the young people involved have shown great enthusiasm and
                             rarely attract younger people, we’ll use        some real talent. in wormley, nacro Xs player tom wade was voted
                             web surveys, drop-in sessions and home          player of the season in the adult (16-plus) Hoddeston wednesday
                             interviews. Where we give incentives for        night leisure league.
                             helping us, we’ll look at options that are         the Canada fields under 14s won the Herts pro action 5v5
                             more attractive to younger residents.           tournament and will play in the national finals in Derby.
                                You can get a copy of the Younger            Congratulations to everyone!
                             Persons involvement Strategy on our
                             Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                        Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 13
                                                                                       Hillingdon Residents’ Group
                                                                                       (previously the London Area Panel).
                                                                                       This group is open to residents of
                                                                                       the London Borough of Hillingdon.
                                                                                       Meetings are held in Ruislip, usually
                                                                                       on Monday 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Next
                                                                                       meetings: 18 Oct, 6 Dec. To attend, call
                                                                                       Sarita Basra on 01895 678038.

                                                                                       Milton Keynes and Luton Residents’
                                                                                       Group (previously Milton Keynes Area
                                                                                       Panel) Residents of Milton Keynes and
                                                                                       Luton are invited to quarterly meetings

                                                                                       at the Eaglestone Meeting Hall on
                                                                                       Mondays between 7pm and 9pm. Next
                                                                                       meeting: 25 Nov. To attend, call Kirsty
                                                                                       Pepper on 01707 283057.

 grouPs                                                                             Residents’ Maintenance Group
                                                                                    (previously the Maintenance user
                                                                                    Group) meets in Ruislip, Hillingdon

                                                                                            6.30pm to 8.30pm, usually
                   ost of our area panels     7:30pm to 9:30pm,          “do you want on a Monday. Next meeting:
                   are changing their         usually Wednesdays or      to meet other 27 Oct. To attend, call Stuart
                   names to residents’        Thursdays.                 residents and Bishop on 01628 811755.
                   groups. The new            Next meetings: 14          be consulted
                   name, which members        Oct, 10 Nov, 9 Dec. To     about our                Your local group needs
feel describes them better, is the            attend, call Geoff Gigg                          you! If you want to meet other
most visible of plenty of changes as          on 01494 830747.
                                                                         services?”            residents and to be consulted
the groups have settled down and                                                       about Paradigm services, contact
developed over the past few months.           Herts Panel is open to residents of      Morgan Presland on 01628 811858 or
    Each group has now reviewed and           Hertfordshire and holds meetings every   morgan.presland@paradigmhousing.
agreed their purpose and the area they        three months, normally in Hatfield on We will repay your expenses
felt was suitable for them to cover. The      a Wednesday 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Next       such as childcare and travel, or we can
Chiltern and Hillingdon groups now            meeting 10 Nov. To attend, call Kirsty   provide transport if you don’t have
offer the option of joining their mailing     Pepper on 01707 283057.                  access to a car or public transport.
list. So, if you are interested in the work
of the group but can’t attend meetings,        our neW advice leaflets
they will send you the agenda, minutes         Call our Customer services team          16 support plans and supporting
and any related paperwork, and you             on 0300 303 1010 to ask for:                people
can contact a member of the group              1 Customer involvement                   17 rent arrears recovery - summary
with your comments.                            2 the promise                            18 rent arrears recovery - county
    The Chiltern Residents’ Group              3 starter tenancies                         court hearings
(formerly Bucks Area Panel) intends            4 leaseholders                           19 rent arrears recovery - eviction
to try local drop-in ‘surgeries’ and           5 Complaints                             20 rent arrears recovery - former
the other groups are thinking about            6 Concerns, compliments and                 paradigm tenant
                                                                                                                                  STOCkPHOTO.COM/aSiSEEiT, CaREiMaGES.COM

adopting the idea. You can drop in to             suggestions                           21 rent arrears recovery - shared
a surgery to discuss your individual           7 improvements to your home                 owners
queries or concerns face to face with          8 repairs responsibility                 22 anti-social behaviour
staff or residents.                            9 aids and adaptations                   23 abandoned vehicles
                                               10 managing condensation                 24 end of tenancy
The groups are:                                11 property condition                    25 end of tenancy - bonus
Chiltern Residents’ Group (previously          12 Compensation                             payments
the Bucks Area Panel) is open to               13 requests to view data                 26 end of tenancy - nursing home
anyone living in the Chiltern District         14 mobility scooters                     27 end of tenancy - bereavement
Council area. Monthly meetings                 15 asbestos                              28 gas safety check
are held in Chesham or Amersham

14 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                           Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
      a helPing hand to
                    NOTiCE BOaRd
                                                                         Can we help?
                                                                          Do you need funding to make your dream come
            indePendence                                                  true for your neighbourhood or community?

      f you are claiming                                                  Why not apply by post or email to the
        employment and                                                    Community Engagement Fund?
        support allowance
    (ESA) or any other                                                    There is a total of £60,000 in the fund to be
    health-related benefit,                                               allocated to community groups up to March
    did you know that                                                     2011 and a panel of residents makes the
    you may be eligible to                                                decision – applications are reviewed every
    earn up to £93 a week                                                 two months.
    without losing your                                                   As long as the project benefits at least one
    benefits? Or that if you                                              Paradigm resident, you can apply, whether you
    work over 16 hours                                                    are an individual, informal group, registered
   a week you may be                                                      charity or other third party. Paradigm staff can
   entitled to an extra £40                                               apply on your behalf.
   a week for the first year?
   You may also be entitled                                               For more information contact Tina

                                   get back into work
   to a £200 job grant.                                                   Olowookere on 01628 811861 or email
      If you would like more                                    
  expert advice, the Shaw                                                 and request a copy of the guidelines and the
  Trust can help. This national charity has been                          application form.
  disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare
                                                                                uid p us 11
                                                                design gidents toe 20write our 2011
                                                    for work,
  find jobs and live more independently for 25
      Advisors offer one-to-one support, which can                                 hel
                                                      include       king for res
                                                                We are loo
  help with, preparing a CV, interview techniques                                              standards for all new homes
                                                    ,           design Guide. This sets the                                   and
  confidence building, or ‘better off in work’ calcu                                           the feedback was excellent
                                                     lations.   built by Paradigm. Last year
                                                                                               change   s to the 2010 guide.
  To find out how the Shaw Trust can help                       we made several significant                      tion at a time
                                          you, call                 You will be able to review the guide a sec
  0808 180 2003 or text jobhamps to 8001                                                         post  or email.
  advisor will call you back. Or see
                                          0 and an              and make your comments by                         l Rachel Tayler,
                                                                   if you would  like to be involved, please cal                                                                , on 016 28 811726, email
                                                                development Support Officer
                                                                 her on Rachel  .Tayler@

          suggests havnsn
                      e bee
                                                       , or write to Rachel
                                                                 giving your name,
          almost 70 suggestion                                   address, telephone
          received since our customer sug                        number and email
          scheme starte  d and we have had some
                                         could                    address. See back
          excellent ideas about how we                            page for our address.
          improve our ser  vices.
            if you have a suggestion, call                        following a review
                                          go to ‘tell
           services on 0300 303 1010 or                           of our regular
                                          e page of
           us what you think’ on the hom                          scheme briefings,
                               meetings now start
                                             by the
             if your suggestion is approved                       at 1pm instead of
           residents’ for um, you could receive
                                                                  2pm. if you would
           £100 reward.                                            like to attend,
                                                                   please call rachel.

Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                           Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 15
               gardens of
    by terry sPring, head gardener

                                                                 Send us your letters, poems or photos and
                                                                 we’ll send you £10 in high street vouchers

                                                                 come and join us!
                                                                 as Chairman of the Residents’ Forum, i am more than a
                                                                 little concerned about making Residents’ Groups relevant.
                                                                 These groups were set up for residents to have their say.
                                                                 Without your support, those of us that are working to make
                                                                 things better are concerned about being accused of not
                                                                 representing your views.
                                                                     if you find it hard to attend meetings and have some
                                                                 views, or a problem that you would like sorted out, then you
                                                                 can let your housing officer know and they can pass it on.
                                                                     if you have a couple of hours to spare in an evening, why
                                                                 not come along? You may be surprised to find just how
                                                                 much you can offer and how much influence you can have.
                                                                 Chris leslie, welwyn garden City (see page 14 groups)

                                                                         Pets corner:
                                                                 the sambava tomato frog by Phil mead, chesham

   It’s time to start raking!                                                                     These frogs are very
                                                                                                  colourful and grow to a
      As the leaves start to fall, keep on top of raking                                          fair size, the females being
      or sweeping them up because they can soon                                                   larger than the males. They
      accumulate and get on top of you. Tidy up beds                                              are reasonably easy to
      and borders, cut down any faded perennials and                                              keep in a suitable vivarium,
      clear out any left-over annuals. Give the soil a good                                       around 45cm (18in) square
      fork over and apply a top dressing of well rotted                                           is all right for a pair. The
      farmyard manure available from all good garden                                              temperature should be
                                       centres. This will add                                     26c-28c (79f-82f) in the day
                                       organic matter to                                          with a drop at night, but
                                                                  likes: beetles and mice
                                       the soil and enrich it,                                    not below 20c (68f).
                                                                  dislikes: cold;
                                       which your plants will                                        They must have fairly
                                                                  being handled
                                       love. Buy daff and                                         high humidity and a shallow
                                        tulip bulbs when they                                     bowl of clean water.
                                                                  poisonous skin!
                                        become available                                             Food consists mainly of

                                        around now. As a                he three species of       insects, and they will take
                                        rule of thumb, I                Tomato frogs, genus       crickets, locusts, or larvae
                                        always plant to three           dyscophus, are            as well as woodlice, beetles
                                         times the depth of       endemic to the island of        etc. – even the occasional
                                         the bulb, plant in       Madagascar in the Indian        mouse. They will also eat
                                         groups of five to        Ocean off the coast of          smaller frogs, including
                                         add effect. Bare-        East Africa. The Sambava        their species.
                                         rooted and root          Tomato Frog gets its name          These frogs need to be
                                                                                                                                 PHOTO PHiL MEad

                            ie goes to    balled deciduous        from the place in the far       handled with care. They
Paradigm resident Vie Vass
the polling station in May. Vie is 100    trees and shrubs        north east of the island        have poisonous skin so
– she was 18 when all women in the        can be planted now      where the first specimen        always was your hands if
UK were given the vote.                   through to March.       was found.                      you touch them.

 16 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle                                                          Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
                                                                                                         Write to: Liz Turner, Paradigm People, 1 Glory Park
                                                                                                         Avenue, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire HP10 0DF,
                                                                                                         or email:

                                                                                                                                                              in my previous
                                                                                                                                                              life completed
                                                                                 resident’s                                                                   a bungee jump
                                                                                          true                                                                and dual skydive
                                                                                         story                                                                in New Zealand
                                                                                                                                                              where my twin
                                                                                                                                                              sister now lives.
                                                                                                                                                                In the summer
                                                                                                                                                              of 2006, I met
                                                                                                                                                             my Disability
                                                                                                                                                             Advisor, and by

                                                                                                                on the ocean wave                            November 2006, I
                                                                                                                                                             was back at work,
                                                                                                                                                             yippee! I used to be
                                                                                                                                                                   a beauty therapist
                                                                                                                                                      but now    I work 10 hours

                    a new Life
                                                                                                                                                      a week for the Voluntary
                                                                                                                                                      Services Department in
                                                                                                                                                       High Wycombe hospital as
                                                                                                                                                       an admin assistant.
                                                                                                                                                           The government
                                                                                                                                                        scheme Access to Work
                          by helen sheppard                                     made excellent                                                          (020 8426 3110, www.

                                                                                progress both
                                                                                                                       fli             ght
                                                                                                         ready to take
                              became disabled on 1 September                                                                                  , funds the
                                                                                physically and                                                           majority of my travel costs.
                              2003 as a result of a car accident.
                                                                                mentally. Also,                                                          I would not be able to
                               The spinal injury has left me
                                                                                I met other
                               dependent on an electric wheelchair                                                                 work without this help.
                                                                                residents in
                          for mobility. I also incurred several                                                          re              In October 2009, I moved into a
                                                                                similar situations, some of them mo
                          other injuries, resulting in the                                                                         two-bedroom ground floor flat in
                                                                                paralysed than me, so this made me                                                              as
                          amputation of my right leg below
                                                                                                                            ght.   Chesham. I remember the date well
                                                       my right hand,            realise I wasn’t as disabled as I’d thou                                     my new life, almost
                          knee, and limited use of                                                                                 this was the start of
                                                                    eter.             I joined in some of the activities                                                         ally,
                           I had to have a colostomy and cath                                                             ot        back to complete independence. Initi
                                                           pletely               including the art classes which I forg                                        r but after six weeks I
                                I spent five months com                                                                  was        I had a 24-hour care
                                                                     ntually,    how much I enjoyed at school and                                                                r only
                           paralysed from the neck down. Eve                                                            terity.     moved to having a carer for one hou
                                                          nt in my legs           excellent therapy for my hand dex                                               quite strange living
                           I regained some moveme                                                                                   every morning. It was
                                                                    myself!            I went on an activities weekend in                                                         and,
                            and left arm, so at last I could feed                                                          ery      on my own, but I have adjusted well
                                                          red to The              Southampton including sailing, arch                                            my cat Bruno!
                            After a year I was transfer                                                                              I have a new lodger,
                                                                                  and even abseiling, with the help of
                            Royal National Orthopaedic Hospita
                                                                      l in
                                                                                                                          d               As for the future? Well, I hope to do
                                                            physiotherapy.        a hoist of course! This was organise                                                            e
                            Stanmore for more intense                                                                     e          more hours at work and/or gain mor
                                                                         with     through a voluntary group called th                                          plan to learn to drive.
                            I met many other young people here                                                                rs.    responsibility and I
                                                       lt of car, motorbike,       OMV or the Order of Maltese Voluntee                                                         have
                            spinal injuries as a resu                                                                                 I still see my old schoolfriends and
                                                                                   They take disabled people on holiday                                           at work and where I
                             or horse riding incidents. I found out                                                                   made new ones both
                                                                                   to give their carers a break in the uK                                                         doing
                             about the Spinal Injuries Association                                                             to     live; I’ve even had a boyfriend. I like
                                                                      which        and abroad. I was even lucky enough                                        eating out, going to
                             (0800 980 0501,                                                             land,      normal things like
                                                        support for spinal         go with them to Austria and Switzer                                                            bled
                             gives a lot of hope and                                                                          ght      the cinema, or a local pub (with disa
                                                                                    places I had never been. And I’d thou

                             injured people and they produce a                                                             able to     access and toilet of     course!)
                                                                                    after the accident I would never be
                              bi-monthly magazine called Forward.                                                         even             All in all, I am very happy now
                                                                                    fly again! Talking of which, I have
                                  My care manager put my name on                                                          am            and although I have to make some
                                                                          ks,       completed a trip in a glider at Lash                                                        can still
                              the housing waiting list for South Buc                                                                    adjustments, I’ve realised that you
                                                            ed to a nursing         Gliding Club, an amazing experience                                          elchair and that the
                              and in March 2005, I mov                                                                                  have a life after whe
                                                                       and          which I would love to do again. My
                              home. With excellent care, support                                                              ing       world is your oyster, almost!
                                                         in well and                 daredevil side was coming back, hav
                               physiotherapy, I settled

                          Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010                                                                            Paradigm PeoPle autumn 2010 17
• • • • •
     join in and win                                                                                                with
• Premier service club
      Why be a member? The Premier Service Club

      rewards tenants who pay their rents and look after            summer 2010                 i Was a
      their homes, and it offers you some great benefits.
                                                                    Prize Winners               Winner
                                                                    Manicure and pedicure         Sandra
      comPetitions and Prize draWs                                  Peggy Wilkins of             Colledge
      You can enter our competitions and prize draws in
      Paradigm People using a reply card only supplied to
      Premier Service Club members.                                 Day at the races
          Members can also apply for our twice-yearly Room          Lynda Thatcher of
      Make-over competition worth £500.                             Uxbridge
          if you are a member, your details will automatically      Annual pass for Legoland
      be entered into our monthly Premier incentive Points          Suzanne and her two
      Scheme (PiPS). Every month, 12 winners receive up to          daughters, Calista and

      £1000 in diY vouchers or paid labour to decorate their        Millie of Burnham
      home or improve their garden.
                                                                    £500 Room make-over
                                                                                                       “Thank you”
          You can earn £150 vouchers at the end of your tenancy
      if you leave your home in a good condition.                   daphne Hadley of
                                                                                                 above: Sandra Colledge of
                                                                    amersham                     Holmer Green was one of the
                                                                    Kids prize of the Scooter    two lucky winners of the Samsung
       hoW do you become a member?                                                               Freeview, DVD player and recorder
                                                                    dante Orr of Waltham
       • Pay your rent, or if you have arrears, keep paying your    Cross
                                                                                                 in the spring edition of Paradigm
                                                                                                 People. Sandra says “Thank you. I
         voluntary agreement for at least 12 weeks in a row.
       • Have no anti-social behaviour issues (no anti-social       PiPs Winners
                                                                                                 never usually win anything!”

         behaviour notice).                                         Shiela Stevens of            beloW: Debra Lowe of West
       • Allow entry for your annual gas service.                   amersham was one of the      Drayton was the lucky winner of
       • Have no other outstanding housing debt (e.g. garage        lucky winners to win 1000
                                                                                                 our Room Make-over and chose
                                                                                                 to have her hallway re-decorat-

         charges); or are consistently paying it off.               PiPS points in May. She      ed. Debra told us she was very
                                                                    chose to transform them      excited to hear that she’d won.
       All new tenants who meet the conditions above will                                        When the job was complete,
                                                                    into Homebase vouchers.
       receive a welcome pack six weeks into their starter                                       she said “My hallway does look
                                                                    She said: “Thank you so
       tenancy. If you have not received one, contact Tina.                                      lovely. A million times better than
                                                                    very much. i have almost     it was before”.
                                                                    taken up residence in

                                                                    Homebase ever since!”
      grants for members
      The Community Chest Fund offers up to £500 to buy
      equipment or to cover the costs of a mini project that will     hall
      benefit you and your community. The Opportunity Fund
      can provide up to £500 to enable you or your partner to
      get back into work, training or employment.

      for an application form for either fund, please call
      tina, details below.


                    tina olowookere

                    01628 811861
          •                                   •

    18 autumn 2010 Paradigm PeoPle
                                                                          •                                     •
                                                                                         Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010
hoW to enter
                             • autumn• •
premier service Club

                                  Prize draWs
members will have an
entry card inside this
to enter, please fill                                                                 £350 ikea
this in and post it in an
envelope addressed to:       win                                                      giftCarD
Tina Olowookere, 1 Glory                                                         The lucky winner will be

Park avenue, Wooburn                                                             about to pile their trolle
Green, Bucks HP10 0dF                                                                  high at ikEa.
Or enter online at www.
giving the code shown on
your entry card.

if you have not received a
card but believe you are a
member, please contact
Tina. Your entry can be
taken by telephone.

    closing date
                                             win          kids’ only
    29 October 2010                                       comPetition
                                                          a shopping spree of a
                                                          lifetime for kids.
 garDen                                                   you could Win
 How does your                                            a £300 toys r us
 garden grow? For all                                     giftcard                                         win
 you green-fingered
 people, here’s                                           Simply answer this question:
 your chance to win
 garden vouchers
                             murDer mystery
                                                          Q      Which school now has a woodland walk?
                                                                 (the answer is in the magazine)
                                                          the competition is open to all kids (not just those in the
 to a local garden
                             weekenD!                     premier service Club)
 centre of your
                             Get into the Hallowe’en      to enter the kids’-only competition, cut out this form and
 choice up to the                                         return to in a stamped addressed envelope addressed to
                             spirit with this fantastic   tina olowookere, paradigm Housing, 1 glory park avenue,
 value of £250.
                             prize, which includes two    wooburn green, Bucks Hp10 0Df.
                                                          or enter online at
                             nights accommodation
                             at a hotel, with dinner on   closing date 29 october 2010
                             both evenings, plus entry                                                                 e
                             to the murder mystery        Which school now has a woodland walk?
                             events such as ‘Rocky
                             Horror Murder Show’ and      Answer:
                             ‘Swing-a-long a sound        Name:
                             of murder’. Locations in
                             Cambridgeshire, kent and     Address:

 •                           •
Customer serviCes 0300 303 1010

                                                          Contact no:
 Contact us:
 pHone    0300 303 1010
          24-hour number – 7pm to 8am emergency service only

        paradigm Housing group,
     By 1 glory park avenue, wooburn green,
        Buckinghamshire Hp10 0Df                                     TEMPORARY                       What do you
           office hours monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm
                                                                     HOUSING                         • Do you enjoy reading Paradigm
                                                                     paradigm manages these            People? Please send us your
                                                                     properties which are owned by
                                                                                                       comments and suggestions.
  email                              private landlords.
                                                                     to report a repair              • Would you like to receive a
                                                                                                       digital file (pdf) instead of the
                                                                     01895 678003                      paper copy?
 visit us 1 white Hill, Chesham, Bucks Hp5 1aB                       housing management
                                                                     and rent enquiries
                                                                                                     • Would you like your letter to
          43-45 High st, ruislip, middx Ha4 7BD                                                        appear in the magazine?
          office hours monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm             01895 678020
                                                                                                     Call liz turner on
                                                                                                     01628 811842, email:
 Website services                                                 liz.turner@paradigm
                                                             see all our news and information        Or write to: Liz Turner, Paradigm
                                                             on our new-look website!                Housing Group, 1 Glory Park
                                                                                                     Avenue, Wooburn Green,
                                                             Did you know you could:                 Buckinghamshire HP10 0DF
                                                                    • report a repair
                                                                    • get involved with
                                                                                                      seven Ways to
                                                                                                      Pay your rent

                                                                                                            if you have a bank
                                                                    • pay your rent online                  account, the most
                                                                    • view your account online              convenient way to pay
                                                                                                      is by Direct Debit. Call us on
                                                                    • Join an estate inspection       0300 303 1010 for details
  Buying a new home

                                                                                                             you can also pay by
  if you are interested in our affordable homes for sale through shared ownership,
                                                                                                             standing order. Call us
  see our paradigm living website for photos and details of all properties:                                  as above

                                                                                                      3                                                                                   you can pay
                                                                                                             at your local
                                                                                                             post office

                                                                                                            at any shop that
                                                                                                            displays the
                                                                                                            payzone symbol

                                                           large print     braille   cd or tape
                                                                                                      5     By phone, please call
                                                                                                            0300 303 1010

                                                                                                            on our website at

                                                                                                           post a cheque to:
                                                                                                           paradigm Housing,
if you would like any of the articles in this magazine reproduced in another                               1 glory park ave,
language or format, please contact us on 0300 303 1010                                                wooburn green,
                                                                                                      Buckinghamshire Hp10 0Df

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