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The History of the Ford Mustang
   The first Mustang was introduced in 1964 by Ford Motor Co.
    and was available with several different engines and body
   Ford wanted to make an automobile with the practicality of
    everyday use, but with the excitement of a muscle car.
   These new automobiles would be forever coined as “Pony Cars”
   1967 saw the first major change in the Mustang as it received
    more muscle car design cues and the performance enhanced
    Shelby GT350 was available
   Throughout the next several years one of a kind Mustangs would
    be introduced, this includes the Bullitt Mustang, the Boss 302,
    and the Mach 1
   In 1974 the Mustang II was introduced
   Due to the fuel crisis these Mustangs had smaller and weaker
    engines and for the next several years we saw, “the Mustangs
    which would eventually be forgotten
   1979 brought about the great revival of the Ford Mustang with
    the introduction of the Fox Chassis which would remain in
    Mustangs with slight year to year variations until 2005
   The GT version of these Mustangs consisted of the ever popular
    Ford 5.0 motor
   In 1993 the first in house Cobra Mustang was introduced
   In 1994 the SN95 body style was born and the Mustang regained
    status as one of the best looking cars on the road
   In 1996 the Modular Cammer engines were introduced
   In 2004 the 2005 Mustang was introduced with a new chassis
    and three valve motors
The Different Flavors of the Mustang

                            2004 Ford Mustang

         LX (V6)                    GT (V8)              Cobra (32V V8)

 Coupe        Convertible   Coupe        Convertible   Coupe     Convertible
        Mustang Production

  Mustang Production Numbers by Generations

The Original Ford Mustang (1964-1973)   2,977,731
The Mustang II (1974-1978)              1,107,718
The Fox Body Mustang (1979-1993)        2,389,103
The SN95 Mustang (1994-2004)            1,897,876
Production Pie Chart

                The Original Ford
                Mustang (1964-1973)
                The Mustang II (1974-
                The Fox Body Mustang
                The SN95 Mustang
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