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Fresh Cut Medium Term Notes Procedures


FC MTN Procedures

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									FC MTN Procedures Short Version

Short version of the entire standard procedure and the forms attached

Pre formulated as far as possible.

Must receive correct compliance documents.

Please see attached the formats of the Letter of Interest, the Client

Information Sheet (connected with the Letter of Interest) and the

Corporate Resolution. We need no more to start, but the forms should

Be completed very precisely.

See please the chronological order of the steps:

The compliance procedure:

A Letter of Interest including Client Information Sheet (CIS)

plus copy of the passport of the Investor or of the signatory to an investing company.

Please notice the wording of the LOI in detail. The Investor or the Signatory to an investing company
do confirm,

He/she is also the sole Signatory to the bank account, where the funds to be invested are deposited
at this time! This identity of the person signing the LOI & CIS with the sole signatory to the bank
account is strictly required by the anti-money-laundering -, by

the anti-terrorism-financing laws as well as by the Basel-Acts.

The information required to be given at the CIS is essential for the performance of the compliance!
Take note please in particular,

 That a brief description about the commercial activities of the Investor or of his company is
requested as well as a verifiable History of Funds. This requirement follow the laws above

The Corporate Resolution is another basic element of the compliance. It provides doubtless
evidence, which is especially authorized to represent a company intending to invest in the MTN
business. Also, this follows the laws above mentioned.

The last part of the compliance is the initial Proof of Funds (POF) giving at least an indication about
the sufficient funds freely available to the Investor/Buyer a
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