; Heatguard BF2-2 22mm 2in1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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Heatguard BF2-2 22mm 2in1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve


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									                                                        Heatguard BF2-2




                                                                     All dimensions in mm unless stated

   A high quality, high flow thermostatic mixing valve designed specifically for bath fill applications.

 • Excellent temperature stability, using a quick reaction thermostat, reducing the risk of uncontrolled
   hot water temperature and giving a positive shut down if the hot or cold supply fails.
 • High quality and technically advanced internal components provide excellent scale resistance
   and improved lifespan.
 • High flow rates at very low inlet pressure make the Heatguard BF2-2 ideal for gravity fed systems.
 • Minimal moving parts and simple construction reduce maintenance service intervals.
 • Comes complete with check valves and strainers, or optional 4in1 isolators, incorporating
   a ball valve and test point.

  Description:                                                             Specifications:
  The Heatguard BF2-2 is a high flow TMV2 approved                         Factory temperature setting: 41ºC
  thermostatic mixing valve for use in domestic applications               Outlet temperature setting range: 35-50ºC
  such as housing associations, private dwellings, flats, hotels,          Temperatures, Hot supply: 90ºC max
  student accommodation etc. The valve mixes hot water with                Temperatures, Cold supply: 5-25ºC
  cold water to regulate the outlet temperature to ensure
  the supply of constant temperature mixed water throughout                Minimum hot to mix
  the system. The Heatguard BF2-2 has a very high flow, suitable           differential temperature: 10ºC
  for use where larger flow rates are required: e.g. a
  small commercial hot water system.                                       Temperature stability (nominal): ± 3ºC
                                                                           Working pressure, static: 10 bar
  They are ideally suited for Whole Bathroom distribution,
                                                                           Working pressure, dynamic: 0.2- 6 bar max
  to control distribution temperatures for an entire bathroom,
                                                                           Maximum pressure loss ratio: 10:1
  thus protecting the end users from the risk of scalding.
                                                                           Flow rate, minimum: 4 lpm
  For Bath fill, they can be used to protect vulnerable people
                                                                           Flow @ 3 bar: 75 lpm
  from scalding in a full body immersion
  installation such as a bath.
                                                                            BSEN 1287

                                                                            WRAS Approved
                                                                            BuildCert TMV2 Approved

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Worcestershire, WR11 1GS TEL: 0845 076 6144 FAX: 01386 760077 EMAIL: sales@advancedwater.co.uk

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