Freshman Orientation Freshman Orientation An Introduction to the Santiago High School Library by dfhdhdhdhjr


									Freshman Orientation
   An Introduction to the
   Santiago High School
   Library Media Center
Library Staff
Teacher Librarian:
 Mrs. Dela-Xiong
  Library Hours
    Monday – Friday
 7:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

   3:00 – 5:00 P.M.
           Library Rules
1.   Speak quietly.
2.   During class time, you must have
     a written pass to use the Library.
3.   Please do not eat, drink, or chew
    What Can I Do in the
    Library Media Center?
 Check out/renew books
 Read magazines/newspapers
 Use computers/print school-related work
 Make copies
 Buy school supplies
 Obtain replacement I.D. cards
 Study!
           How to Check Out Books

   First, you may check out up to 5 books
   Next, go to the front desk with your student I.D. card –
    however, if you do not have your I.D. card, you may
    still check out books!
   Finally, pay attention to the due date!

     The library charges 10 cents per day for late books.
    (Grace period – No fine if book is 5 or fewer days late)
How to Check Out Books (cont’d)

If you do not want a book, please DO NOT
  put it back on the shelf. Leave it on a table
           or put it in the book drop.
How long can you check out a fiction or non-
               fiction book?

How long can you check out a reference book?

   Can you renew your book(s)? – YES!

•New magazines may not be checked out.

•Older issues of any magazine may be
checked out for one week.
1.   If you want to use a
     computer, you must
     present your student
     I.D. card to the
     person at the
     Circulation Desk.
2.   Then, you will get a
     card with a number
     on it. The number
     indicates the
     computer that you
     need to use.
   Computers/Printing (cont’d)
You must have an Internet sticker if you are
          going to use the Internet.

Please do not play games on the computers,
                use chat rooms,
     or visit an inappropriate web site.
           If you choose to do so,
       you may be sent to the Office.
   Computers/Printing (cont’d)
             Black/White Printer
First 3 pages of school-related work are FREE
      Additional pages are 10 cents each

              Color Printer
          Each page costs 25 cents
A copier is available in the Library. Each
 copy is 10 cents. Please ask for assistance
 at the front desk.
 Books, Books, and More Books
Fiction Books
 Not real, not true (make-believe)
 Arranged alphabetically by
  author’s last name

Non-fiction Books
 Real, true (factual)
 Arranged numerically by subject
  (Dewey Decimal System)
Reference Books
   Includes encyclopedias and
   ‘R’ and Reference sticker on
    book spine
   Arranged numerically by subject

   Written about a person’s life
   ’92’ on spine label
   Arranged alphabetically by the last
    name of the person(s) featured
    in the book
   Books of maps

   Books of definitions
    of words
            We’re on the Web!
Visit us at
- Click on Student Links, Library Media Center

   Browse the Library Catalog (on campus only)
   Use our online subscription services, such as
    – Gale Student Resource Center
    – Encyclopedia Britannica
    – Country Reports
The Santiago High School Library
  Welcomes the Class of 2014!
    I look forward to seeing each and
       every one of you utilizing the
   wonderful resources that are available
       in the Library Media Center.

          Don’t be afraid to ask!

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