Chiropractor In Minneapolis, Dr. Charles Strauman, Offers Low Back Pain Therapy

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					Lake Orion Chiropractor, Dr.Frank Iulianelli, Educates Locals About
Spinal Health And Laser Therapy

Lake Orion MI, 09-MARCH-2012 - Innate Specific Chiropractic and Lake
Orion chiropractor, Dr. Frank Iulianelli, are pleased to announce that
locals have the benefits of chiropractic experience and knowledge
provided by the doctor. Educational materials about laser therapy and
about spine health are provided to patients and to members of the
community seeking information. Most chiropractic professionals view
improving overall community wellness as a responsibility, and Dr.
Iulianelli is no exception.

Although laser therapy is relatively new in the health care field, it has
been around long enough for its value to be understood. The practice of
applying certain light ray ranges to improve healing rates without the
need for surgery or other invasive methods is perfect for the type of
philosophy explored in chiropractic offices.

Dr. Iulianelli, spoke to listeners during a recent interview, stating,
"For those with carpal tunnel, neuropathy, foot pain, knee pain, shoulder
pain or arthritis, laser therapy may be right for you. Laser therapy, or
photobiomodulation, is the use of specific wavelengths of red and
infrared laser-light to create unparalleled therapeutic effects. These
effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased
circulation, increased range of motion and decreased swelling."

The basis of chiropractic medicine is the understanding that spinal
health creates health throughout the body. Achieving that high level of
spinal health is the focus of chiropractics.

Learn more about about laser therapy and how to use it in achieving
spinal health by visiting the website of Dr. Frank Iulianelli, Lake Orion
chiropractor, at today. Members of the
press and others who have additional questions about the material in this
press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Iulianelli at the location

Contact Person Name: Dr. Frank Iulianelli, D. C.

Company Name: Innate Specific Chiropractic

Address: 2523 South Lapeer Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360

Contact Telephone Number: (248) 393-1211

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