To the Rhine by elwatad


									US forces closed the "bulge" on January 15, 1945, when they linked
up near Houffalize and by early February the lines had returned to
their pre-December 16 position. Pressing forward on all fronts,
Eisenhower's forces met with success as the Germans had
exhausted their reserves during the Battle of the Bulge. Entering
Germany, the final barrier to the Allied advance was the Rhine
River. To enhance this natural defensive line, the Germans promptly
began destroying the bridges spanning the river. The Allies scored a
major victory on March 7/8 when elements of the 9th Armored
Division were able to capture intact the bridge at Remagen. The
Rhine was crossed elsewhere on March 24, when the British 6th
Airborne and the US 17th Airborne were dropped in as part of
Operation Varsity.

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