Into Italy by elwatad


									With Sicily secured, Allied forces prepared to attack what Churchill referred to as the
"underbelly of Europe." On September 3, 1943, Montgomery's Eighth Army came
ashore in Calabria. As a result of these landings, the new Italian government, led by
Pietro Badoglio surrendered to the Allies on September 8. Though the Italians had
been defeated, the German forces in Italy dug in to defend the country. The day after
Italy's capitulation, the main Allied landings occurred at Salerno. Fighting their way
ashore against heavy opposition, American and British forces quickly took the city
Between September 12-14, the Germans launched a series of counterattacks with the
goal of destroying the beachhead before it could link up with the Eighth Army. These
were repulsed and the German commander, General Heinrich von Vietinghoff
.withdrew his forces to a defensive line to the north

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