Hunger Seder 2012 Supplemental Reading by jcpainfo


                                                  children in    3.9 million americanS

                                   16.2 million
                                                  the United     were kept oUt oF poverty
                                                  StateS         by Food StampS in 2010
                                                  with           46.3 million americanS
                                                  hUnger         pArticipAted in Snap in
                                                                 november 2011

of americans                                      of older
  now live                                        americanS
               Food inSecUrity                    lived below
 below the     exists in every                    the poverty
poverty line   coUnty in AmericA                  line in 2010

one in six american households struggle against hunger

               Hunger supplemental
                Seder HaggadaH reading
                                                      what must we do to create the long-term, long-lasting changes required to
on e day, a groUp oF FriendS gathered                 eliminate hunger once and for all? what actions can we take now that will
for a picnic at a river near their village. As they   fulfill our promise to feed our communities today and every day?
shared food and conversation, one of them
noticed a baby in the river, struggling and crying    in previous Hunger seders like this one, Jews, christians, muslims, Hindus,
                                                      elected leaders, advocates for social justice, champions for feeding the
as she floated downstream. Quickly, they rushed       hungry, students, and families came together to learn about the prevalence
to save her from drowning. But no sooner had          of hunger in the U.s. and to urge congress to take action on behalf of those
they done so, two more babies came floating           who struggle with food insecurity.
down the river. And even more after that!
                                                      we came together to advocate for the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act,
                                                      which president obama signed into law on december 13, 2010. the Healthy,
the friends quickly decided they needed to            Hunger-free Kids Act reaches millions of schoolchildren across the country,
coordinate more of the villagers to assist in         ensuring they have access to healthy, sustaining meals during the school
their rescue activities to ensure that none of        day and at afterschool and summer programs.
the babies perished. they organized volunteers        we took the first step toward ensuring that no child will go hungry and the
to take turns watching over the water and             food provided to all of our children will be nourishing and sustaining. today,
rescuing the babies as they floated down the          we celebrate this victory and the significant step forward we’ve taken to
river. volunteers recruited their friends to help,    overcome hunger in the United states.
and before long the entire village was helping to     we also join to “go upstream” together to take the next steps to address
rescue the babies from the river.                     the crisis of hunger facing millions across America. we commit to
                                                      being advocates for the long-term, sustainable changes that will make a
in the middle of the ongoing rescue operations,       difference in eliminating hunger.
one villager jumped out of the river and began
running upstream. “where are you going?”
shouted one of the other rescuers. “we need           please visit to write to
you here to help us save these babies!” As she        your members of congress in support of programs
ran she replied, “i’m going upstream to stop          that help prevent hunger and sign the petition for
whoever is throwing them in!”                         a Jewish response to the farm Bill. Your voice
                                                      matters – get involved!

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