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PayPal Limitation


									How To Avoid
PayPal Account
A Special Report on PayPal Account
Opening & Usage


Ken Nwankwo

                           My name is Ken Nwankwo and I teach people
                           lots of things about the internet and ways to
                           make a living through it.

                           I’m     the   owner   of,
                 ,   ,,          and   other     silent

To be frank with you, I have no other job except the internet and I don’t
regret it. You can read more about me on Google by clicking HERE.

In this FREE report, I’m going to show you some SECRETS why PayPal
limits your account.

So, relax and read till the end.

Thank you for your time.

I’m committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
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                      How To Open, Verify & Fund
                        A Functional/Accessible

                              PayPal Account
              Anywhere In The World Even If Your
                 Country Is Banned By PayPal
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        Very Important Tutorial On How To Avoid PayPal Limitation

It has become necessary for me to tell you the truth you never know or heard
of about PayPal account limitation.

I have to be very frank with you, opening and verifying a PayPal account is not
a problem at all. The problem is all about using the account and keeping it
without limitation.

So, in this tutorial, I will tell you some of the things I know that will help protect
your PayPal account from limitation.

Here are the steps:

1. Before opening and verifying a PayPal account, make sure you have
cleared all cookies on your browser. The same thing is applicable when
making payment online with your PayPal account.

To do this on Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools, then Clear Recent History, select
Cookies and click on Clear Now.

If you are using Internet Explorer, then click on Options, then Internet Options,
then General, then click on Delete under Browsing History and click Delete All.

More so, if you have two PayPal accounts, after visiting one, make sure you
have cleared the cookies before going to the second account.

Why should you do all these?

PayPal tracks your movements through cookies. If you have visited their site
before with a Nigerian IP for example, their powerful software will record it.
When you change your IP and goes back to their site, there will be conflict
which will trigger their security bugs to limit your account.

2. Never Use Proxy Again: When I read on forums and online how people are
advising other folks to use proxy sites like, I will just shake my

Like I said before, opening and verifying a PayPal is not a problem but send
funds into it and try to use the account, then you will discover the truth.

Proxies do not work again unless it fresh. However, it’ll not be long when
PayPal will detect their IP and ban such IP from accessing their site.

PayPal loves dedicated IP. If you want to open a PayPal account in Seoul,
South Korea for example, PayPal would like your IP address to be from Seoul
and it should not be a shared or dynamic network. They want an IP address
that is dedicated to only you and nobody else.

That is the reason we now use Dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN). With
such VPN, if I pay for an IP in Seoul, South Korea, that IP address only belong
me and nobody else anywhere in the world.

So, it means that PayPal account is not for everybody. It’s for the serious
minded people who can be paying like $10 – $45 monthly for a dedicated IP
address depending on the provider.

In Nigeria, dedicated VPN works with MTN Internet. I found out that Visafone
and other CDMA networks block it. However, try and check yourself.

3. Don’t Login and Logout of your PayPal account often. Even though you
have all the tools to nail PayPal, it’s not advisable to visit your account often.
It’s not Liberty Reserve.

Based on my personal experience, I will advise you to be checking your
account like 8 – 12hrs intervals.

If you are expecting funds, don’t login to your account. Check your email. If
you are paid, you will see the email alert. Most times, it's better to login as
from 00.00hrs.

4. Don’t use your PayPal for MLM or Gambling or Pornography. Also, if you
are using Nigerian address, don't use PayPal account to pay big time hosting
providers like Hostgator, Godaddy, etc. They will ask you to provide your ID

and there will be conflicts in your address here in Nigeria and address in your
PayPal account.

It's always better to use VCC first. When they have identified you and you
have passed their fraud measures, then start paying with your PayPal

The same is applicable with Forex Broker's account funding. Never use your
PayPal account for it.

5. Use One IP Address. Like I wrote earlier, if you are using a dedicated VPN
account, make sure you are using that IP only for one account. If you want to
open another PayPal account, make sure you buy another VPN account for
the new account even if the PayPal accounts are domiciled in the same

For example, if I’m using a dedicated VPN account for my PayPal in Seoul,
South Korea and I still needed another account in the same country, it’s better
to buy another VPN for the fresh PayPal account.
It all boils down to 1 dedicated VPN account for 1 PayPal account.

6. Change Your IP before making payment online. If you want to make
payment online with your PayPal account, first clear your cookies. Then, start
your VPN. When you are connected, check the IP address through:

If everything is okay, then visit the site you want to buy things from and make
the payment. It’ll be successful and you will never have any issue with PayPal
no matter what.

You can learn “How To Open, Verify and Fund a Functional/Accessible
PayPal Account Here in Nigeria”. Click HERE For More Details


                 How To Open, Verify & Fund
                    A Functional/Accessible

                         PayPal Account
            Anywhere In The World Even If Your
               Country Is Banned By PayPal
                             Click On >>>



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