Brand Rollout Plan

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					Brand Rollout Plan

   The Goals

   The Issues

  The Process

  The Timeline
           Brand Rollout Plan
          Remind the campus about the process
      Re-state the mission of the Division of M&C
     Re-state the mission and role of the Task Force
    Enhance understanding of why we are doing this
      Re-emphasize the benefits of IM & Branding
        Communicate what has been done so far
Talk about the outcomes/timeline, what people can expect
  Listen to and incorporate feedback from constituents
     Create buy-in and excitement for Brand Launch
         Brand Rollout Plan

               Strategic Issues
           The Brand Story and Promise
     Based on Latham research and interviews
     Forms the basis for our key brand promise
Helps define our positioning and marketing messages
Provides the cues for development of visual identity
   Syncs with institutional goals and aspirations
Becomes a part of all marketing plans and materials
       Brand Rollout Plan

             Strategic Issues
                 Visual Identity
            Logo System & Heirarchy
                  Color Palette
                  Writing Style
All the standards contained in the Brand Manual
 Brand Rollout Plan

       Strategic Issues
    Aligning with the President
Strategic Philosophy and Directions
    Overall Institutional Vision
      Programmatic Priorities
       Funding Commitments
          Brand Rollout Plan

                Strategic Issues
            Cooperation and Collaboration
    Creating a Marketing Plan for South Carolina
    Aligning our recruitment efforts with the brand
   Aligning our development efforts with the brand
    Aligning institutional relations with the brand
Using the brand to communicate our academic strengths
 Providing the toolkit to marketing areas campus-wide
            Brand Rollout Plan

                  Strategic Issues
               Critical to a Successful Launch
Pre-rollout involvement of leaders and key decision makers
  Pre-rollout involvement of key audiences/stakeholders
           Support and authority of the President
       Planning the rollout, internally and externally
       Identifying benchmarks and success measures
Planning for review, evaluation, response and enhancement
         Brand Rollout Plan

                The Process
  Small-Scale Presentations and Progress Reports
       President Senior Staff Trustees
   Deans Academic Schools Faculty Chairs
     Faculty Senate SGA Charleston 40
 Undergraduate Admissions Graduate Admissions
New Student Programs Student Affairs Athletics
             Brand Rollout Plan

                      The Process
             Publicity for Campus-Wide Forums
                      Story in The Portico
                  George St. Observer Story
            Word of Mouth (brand ambassadors)
Campus-Wide Forums to discuss the research, the marketing
  strategies, the deliverables, the timeline and the benefits
       Brand Rollout Plan

               The Process
                 Brand Launch
              Major Campus Event
     Keynote speech by President Benson
Unveiling of the new College of Charleston logo
      Merchandise giveaways and prizes
     Copies of Brand Manual distributed
Simultaneous revision of College web presence
  Guerilla marketing to create a media buzz
      Brand Rollout Plan

  Small-scale presentations/progress reports
  Task Force members report to their areas

Marketing Strategy presentation to Task Force
        Stories in The Portico/GSO
           Campus-wide forums
Stein Communications presents logo concepts
       Brand Rollout Plan

Task Force meeting — Brand Manual text draft
    Logo presentation to President Benson
 Editing and refinement of Brand Manual text
Begin placing visual elements in Brand Manual
Begin website reorganization and design project
            Brand Rollout Plan

     Task Force meeting — plan brand launch event
Continuous editing and updating of Brand Manual sections
       Stationery system developed and presented
      More visual elements added to brand manual
                Website project continues
            Brand Rollout Plan

        Task Force meetings — plan launch event
Task Force meetings — review drafts/finalize Brand Manual
                Website project continues
                Brand Manuals delivered
                 Website implemented
                    Brand Launch!!!