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.                     University of Indianapolis-education for service.                           Volume 48, No. 1 .
                                                                                                                  0                       Februilry 16,198
U                                                              -                                 __

        By Tamiko Madden & Kirsten Kruse                      were safe to return to the building and
.       Coverage Editor 81 Staff Writer                       the students returned first to the lobby
           "Attention, this is not a drill1There is           and then to their rooms.
            a fire in the dorm. Repeat: There is a fire            Ken Hottell, U of I Business Man-
    5   in the dorm." With these words, Heidi                 ager, said the dorm was fully insured
  W b augh gave the all-call in Warren                        and damage was limited to the 4th floor
  Hall. Tuesday evening to safely evacuate                    lounge area. He said most ofthe damage
  the dorm in one minute and 20 seconds.                       could be corrected by cleaning and was
'     The fire. started byaburningplastic
  trash can sitting on the stove burner in
  the fourth floorlounge, was first noticed
                                                              mainly smoke damage.
                                                                   While the buildingwas evacuated in
                                                              one minute and 20 seconds, Greg Smith,
                                                              dorm director. said it took that long

  by Steve Carter. Jim Self and Rick Ort-
3 man helped put the &e out as Joe Van                        because many students thought it was
  Camp pulled the fie a l m alerting                          just a f i e drill. In a fie, every second
                                                               counts, and the goal is to evacuate more
                                                                   Ironically, says Smith, he was going
                                                              through the fire exiting process with
                                                              residential assistants when the -fire                                                           -     Photo by Dave Lannan
                                                              broke out. Smith said he has been trying       Fire! Warren Hall was evacuated Feb. 9 because of Q small fire in the fourth
                                                              to plan a Rre drill that would involve the     floor lounge. Fire safety procedures were followed preventing injuries and
                                                              fire department's participation.This           minimizing damage.
                                                               alann illustrated the importance of
                                                               keeping fire lanes open. An investigation
                                                               is continuing.
                                                                                                             Tuition increase
                                                                                                              By Esther Rinker.                              was eight percent for t@tion and four
                                                                                                             Distribution Manager                            percent for room and board.

                         Campus Briefs
                 Bill Green t o be guest speaker
                                                                                                                 As the cost of living increases ye& by
                                                                                                             year, so mustthe cost of many things.
                                                                                                              One of these costs that directly affects
                                                                                                              college students is the increase in higher
                                                                                                                                                                'Every effort is made to use every
                                                                                                                                                             dollar wisely and to keep costs to a
                                                                                                                                                             minimum. Increased operating costs
                                                                                                                                                             and the necessity to improve faculty and
                                                                National College Poetry Contest
                        a t Lenten breakfast                     International Publications is spon-         education.                                      staffsalaries require a modest increase,"
                 Bl Green, head basketball coach              soring a national poetry contest. This             The cost of living was reported to          says Ken Hottell. business manager.
              at the University of Indianapolis, will         contest is open to all college and uni-        increase approximately4.percent during         There is a k e d amount of 60 percent of
              be the guest speaker at Rosedale Hills          versity students desiring to have their        the last year. This has had an effect on        the budget set aside for faculty/staff
              United Methodist Church during the              poetry anthologized. CASH PRIZES               the universily .in maintaining current          salaries. The charges that are set will
              Men's Lenten Breakfast on March 5.              willgotothe topfivepcems:fmtplace              programs and providing needed services         pay only about two-thirds of the cost of
                 Coach Green is in his Rrst year at           will be awarded $100, second place             for the coming academic year.                   operation.
              Indianapolis after a very successful            $50, third place $25. and fourth and
              19-year stint as a high school coach.           fifth places will both receive $20.                Although the university operates as            The university usually comes in 1 Ith
              Green compiled a 354-126 career                    Deadline for entries is March 31.            cost effectively as possibIe and con-          or 12th in charges to students when
              mark and won an Indiana record six                     Convocation Schedule                    stantly %seeks  additional sources of in-       compared to some 20 other private col-
              state championships. Green won his              Feb. 17 Christian Awareness Week               come to supplement the amount                  leges and universities in the state. It is
              first title in 1969 at Indianapolis             Feb. 19 Christian Awareness Week               chirged tostudents. thereisstillthene-         too early to tell at this time how U of I
              Washington, and won five titles a t             Feb. 24 International Emphasis                 cessity for an increase in what the stu-       compares to other schools for 1988-89.
              Marion in 1975, 1976, 1985, 1986,                        Week China                            dents must pay. The Finance committee          Franklin College is comparable to U of Is
              and 1987. During his last three years           Feb. 26 International Emphasis                 of the Board o f m s t e e s recently met to   tuition increase percentage and they are
              at IMarion. Green's Giants posted an                    Week Miss Changyuan Wang               review financial reports for the current       slightly higher in room and board per-
              85-4 record.                                            playing the Zither                     year and to set charges for the 1988-89        centage.
                 The breakfast begins at 730 a.m.                  Contest to rename literary
              Rosedale Hills United Methodist                      magazine deadline Feb. 23                 academic year.                                     "Our go& is to provide quality aca-
              Church islocatedat4450S.Keystone                       Students can submit entries for             The tuition will have a 7.45:percent       demic program and yet remain well be-
              Ave. and is pastored by the Reverend            names of the revived U of I literary           increase from last year, $6,290 to             low the more expensive Independent
              0.  Philip Isgrigg.                             magazine by submitting suggestions                                             il
                                                                                                             $6,440. Room and board ml be dected            institutions in the state and nation,"
                    Students invited t o view                 to Dr. Ann Marie Drew or Dr. Bruce             by a 3.9 percent increase, $2,550 to           says Hottell.
                       Shakespeare contest                    Gentry. English department. A $25              $2,650. The residential student will               The increase for future years cannot
                 Central Indiana high school stu-             cash prizewillgo to thewinning entry.          have an overall increase of 6.4 percent        be predicted without knowing what the
              dentswillcompeteFeb.22at 7p.m.dn                Students should also tell why they             ($8,990 to $9,570). This increase in           cost of lMng and what higher education
              U of I Recital Hall in Shakespeare              suggest the title. Anyone wishing to           percentages is a little less than in past      in general is going to do, according to
              Recitiation Competition.                        serve on the staff should also contact         years. k o m the 1986-87schoolyear to          administrators.
                                                              Drew or Gentnr.                                                                                                                 .,   ,
                                                                                                             fhe .~1987-88. school year the.increase

                                                                                            ,           ..   .. ., .
                                                                                                               .   .   I   .
                                                                                                                               ,+'   ..

    vaqe 2            News                                        University of Indianapolis--education for sewice.                                                       February 16,1987

 U 'of I . muscle-men                                                                                                   to                       compete
 By Joe Lyon                                           to the Mr: Indiana Competition and                     looking for a big back. That simple item
 Staff Writer                                          possibly .to the national competition to               could cost a win for the bodybuilder.
     Some people don't consider body-                  be held in California. Noms said that                      Both guys said they've tried a variety
 building a s a sport. In fact, many think -           there are usually a couple hundred en-                 of supplements to help them gain mass
 it's disgusting to change one's body in               trants in each division.                               but say their progress came from hard
 that way. But two U of I students take                   Schneider i no stranger to these
                                                                         s                                    work and dedication. A restrictive 'diet
 bodybuilding very seriously. Senior                   competitions,"In 1987I won lstplace in                 also came into play. "We've taken in
 Dave Norrls and Junior Matt Schneider                 the Gold's Gym Mr. Cincinnati light-                   about 4 or 5 mg of sodium a day." said
 will compete in the Mr. Indianapolis                  weight division. It was my first competi-              Schneider, "the normal intake of people
 BodybuildingCompetitionon March 7th                   tion."Noms, from Marion, is competing                  is around 390 mg even though they only
 here in Indianapolis at Howe High                     for the first t h e and is a little apprehen-          need about 50 mg.' Noms gave an ex-
 School.                                             ' sive, "I really don't know what to expect              ample of Campbells soup. One can con-                 the sets alternate for five or six sets.
     Schneider, from Avon. stated that the             since thisis myfzst time. I'vegot noidea               tains 900 mg of sodium.                                  Both feel healthier physically and
 competitionwith aline-upofallcompeti-                 how I'll do." Schneider is quick to add, "I                Both bcdybuiiders say they've been                mentally, W e don't get sick or have *
 tors, a musical routine where the con-                think Dave will do real well. He's got the             eating a lot of baby f w d and tuna. For a            colds anymore." Norris said. Schneider,
 testants perform solo in front of five                perfect body for this." Schneider is also              snack they've been putting a thin piece               says their study time isn't affected be-
 judges, and a final pose-down where all               a little apprehensive, "It was strange                 of meat on top of a rice c*e. When asked              cause they work out during their free <
 the contestants will try to'out-pose each             winningmyfirstcompetition. I could win                 how the babyfood tastes, Schneidersaid                time hours.
     This will be amateur competition,
                                                       this one but only the judges know what
                                                       they're looking for."
                                                                                                              it wasn't very good but it's v e v healthy.              Both are looking for a girl with ballet
                                                                                                                                                                    experience to help them with their musi-      .

                                                                                                                                                                    c l
                                                                                                              and low in sodium. Schneider also said
 which means that money prizes will not                   For example, Schneider said that a                  that their calorie intake wasn't very                 cal routines. If anyone is interested they
 be awarded. However, the flst place                   person could be built very well but may                important because they bum off the                    can get in touch with Matt or Dave at r
/winner in each division and the overall
 winnerwilireceive atrophyandadvance
                                                       havea smallish lookingbackand ajudge                   calories they consume.                                Trimble Hall, 784-0686.                    *
                                                       could penalize the person because he's                    Their workouts are on Sunday

 Students given option for classes                                                                                                               x.

 By Sabrina Ehlert
 Photo Editor
      A students get closer to completing
                                                             The student is responsible for con-
                                                        tacting the Host institution to find out
                                                                                                              for the student's registration in the de-
                                                                                                              sired course. Application does not auto-
                                                                                                              matically assure admission to the
 their degree, they may find that a re-                 what classes are being offered. The stu-              course.
 quired course is eitner filled or not of-              dent should contact his/hor advisor to                     Indiana University-Purdue Univer-
 fered during a given semester. Consor-                 determine which class to take. If the                 sity a t Indianapolis is the most popufar                                                           #
                                                                                                                                                                     By Paul Chen
 tium for Urban Education offers a solu-                student has satisfied al the course pre-
                                                                               l                              institution where students cross-regis-
                                                                                                                                                                     Vice F'@dent/Trcasurer
 tion for full-time students facing this                requisites or is acceptable to the Host               ter, according to Metheny, because it
                                                                                                                                                                     Central Council
 problem.                                               institution, he/she should obtain a CUE               offers the greatest number of courses                    Central Council met at its usual           F-

      CUE gives students the opportunity                cross-registration application form from              although Butler University and Marian                 tlme of 10 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 8, in
 to receive credit on their U of I tran-                Diane Metheny in Academic Services.                   College are occasionally chosen a s Host                                                            1
                                                                                                                                                                    the basement of Schwitzer.
 scripts for a course taken at.another                  Once the form has been signed by the                  institutions. Other CUE institutions
                                                                                                                                                                       The main topics of discussion in-
 CUE institution without any additional'                academic dean and the student's advi-                 include Franklin College,,MartinCenter
                                                                                                                                                                    cluded .planning for. the Mardi Gras
 cost. The course can only be taken dur-                sor, it should be submitted to Metheny                College. Indianapolis Museum of Art,                                                                'r
                                                                                                                                                                    and Cyclerama.
 ing either the fall or winter semester and             for processing. Metheny will then con-                and Indiana Vocational Technical Col-                    The Mardi Gras is a first for U of I
 is limited to avaiIableSpace at the insti-                                                                   lege.

                                                        tact the cross-registration officer at the                                                                  which Central Council hopes will be-

 tution where the student wishes..       to        --   Host institution to make arrangements                                                                       come a tradition.
                                                                                                                                                                       Plans for Cyclerama, which is an
 U of I searching for 'Good Neighbor'                                                                                                                               annual event held in May, were also
 By Dave Lannan                                            The co&ttee       grants the Peters                                                                      completed.
 Feafure Editor                                         Award based on the above criteria and                                                                          Watch forthe CentraICouncil Cap-
     Nominations for the Peters Award. an               not scholarship, need, religious belief or                                                                  sule to become a consistent article in    *
  award established in honor of Hobart                  popularity: The committee includes Dr.                                                                      the 'Student/Reflector."
  and Ella Peters for their "neighborly"                Herbert Cassel, chairperson, faculty                                                                                                                  *
  contributions $0 the c o k u n i t y . are            members and the university chaplain.
  being sought fromstudents. faculty and                   Nominations may be made by stu-                    Stress classes offered students
  staff,                                                dents, staff, professional staff or faculty                                                                 daily lives.                               h
     The award is given each year to a                  at UofI. Nominations, whicharedue by                  By Kirsten Kruse
                                                                                                                                                                      Graves-Des Lauriers says that most,
  person who best shows characteristics                 Feb. 19, must be signed by the nomina-                Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                    people do not know how to handle stress,
  of neighborliness through a consistent                tor. Nominees must be astudent, faculty                 Dr. Paula Graves-Des Lauriers is of-                feelingsoftightness, tension, and mental 4
  life-style or humanitarian act. Criteria              member, staff or professional staff per-              fering help with stress management                    confusion that are debilitating and leave
. for neighborliness include: kindness                  son from the University of Indianapolis.              classes that will be open to all students.            them non-productive. However, these '
  and generosity, commitment to sewice                  The nominator must include justiilca-                   The classes will be taught on four                  classes are not onlyforpeople with prob- 4
 'without thought of recognition or award,              tion for the worthiness of their nominee.             consecutive Thursdays from F e b r u q                lems. They are for everybodywho wants
  forethought and consideration Of the                  Honored in the past for their neigh&.                  18th till March 10th in Ruth Lilly Center            to learn how to access their inner peace, *
  needs and interests of others. respect                liness were: Jennifer L. Eaton, 1987;                 in the multi purpose room.                              Graves-Des Lauriers has previous
  for the integrity and worth of other Per-             Thomas G. Davis, 1986; Dr. Noel Baker                   Objectives for the course are to teach
                                                                                                                                                                /   experience with stress management         '
  sons, znd the wiUingness to aid-others at             and Dr. Gerald Zimmerman, 1985; and                   students how to calm their minds and
                                                                                                              bodieswith the help ofbreath awareness
                                                                                                                                                                    classes. She has taught at the Sycamore       .
  the expense of one's own convenience.                 Michelle Lawson, 1984.                                                                                      School, the Hermitage Retreat House,
                                                                                                              techniques and other methods. Graves-                 Montessory Schools, Central State Host
                                                                                                              Des Lauriers hopes that stydentswill be
   a                      Tnesda          Wednesday           hmda                                            able to apply these techniques to the.ir

 9 n.m.-5:30p.m. 9 a . m d p . m .                         m
                                                           . m
                                       ll,a.m.-530 p.m. 9 n % .          11 a.m.4 p.m.
                        R30-9:30 p.m.,    R30-930 p.m.      R30-9:30 p.m.                                                   CRUISE SHIPS                                   PART TIME-HOME
                                                                                                               Now Hiring. MIF Summer & Career                            MAnZNG PROGRAM!
 Also =me Sundays, 7 3 p.m.
                    :0              - 9:30 pm.,to be posted each semester.                                     Opportunities (Wiil frain). Excellenf pay plus        Excellent income! Details: Send self-
 Drop In or call ahead, 788-3554. to schedde a conference. The Lab i s located in Krannert                     world travel. Hawaii, Bahamas, Caribbean,              addressed, stamped envelope to
 Library, 2nd floor, west end.                                                                                 etc. Call now:206-736-0775 Ext. 201F.                           WEST, Box 5877
 *These hounrmnhtnwsllrthtIy cachscrnester. usually nornola than 1/2 houratthe end orbogbnlneofths dAY.

                                                                                             . . " ....   .
           February 16,1987                             University of Indianapolis-edu~tion for service.                                                        News                     page 3

#              ichard 1' reigns
-5  By Dave Lannan                                       rated in the set design rather than being
    Feature Editor                                       hidden from the audience. The lighting is

.      "King Richard 11," one of
    Shakespeare's lesser performed plays,
    opened,Friclay in Ransburg Auditorium.
                                                         designed to show changing moods and
                                                           The setting appe'ars to be simple. but
.-e all Shaxespeare's plays. I can think                 according to Ream, a lot of effort went in
    of none that is more contemporay or                  to building the set. Because the set was
 ' relevant than Richard 11," said Dr. Rich-             hished early, performers had the op-
v ard Williams, 'Director. 7t speaks to                  portunity to perform an additional two
    today's society more forcefully than                 weekson theset; gettingthefeelofwhere
    most modem plays."                                   they should be positioned during the
- I    The play has a cast and crew of more              performance. "Because of the different
    than 50 people from the school and                   levels of the set, the need to know where
  r community. Dr. M&y Beth Stocky, Ger-                'to move and to stand is critical," said
    man professor, seryes as the assistant              R     ~     ~     .                            *
    director and has helped in preparing the '
                                                           For Richard 11, one of the primary
+ cast and crew for the production.                      focuses in the budget was the e l a b k t e
       The final week of practice was used               costumes, which students attending
    for fine-tuning rather than panic-
    +                                                    convocation Friday, received a sneak
    stricken, hurried up. last minute prepa-            -preview of as well as a few "teasers"from
  ' ration," said Professor Jim Ream, tech-              the production.
%   nical director/scenic deslgner. "It is a               JackWallenJr.,TimJackson,Michael
    good feeling when the dtversifed ele-                Schoppenhorst, Lucy Wenning, and
    ments of a production begin to come                  Carlin Iiauffman are featured among the
    together...it helps make amore pleasant              large cast and crew comprising the play.
    final production week."                                "King Richard 11" will be performed in                                                                         Photo by Dave Lannan
 4 From a technical standpoint, Richard                  Ransburg Auditorium at 8 p.m. Friday              King Richard and his wife comfort each other as they prepare to part com-
I I1 is different from the past productions                                              n
                                                         and Saturday and a t 3 pm. O Sunday.              pany. King Richard was being sent t o prison.
    at U of I. "We are doing some different              Tickets are available a t @e box office
    things," said Ream, "Using new lighting              which d l be open fiom noon until 4               ZX LIBKISS: cofumn by Dr. PfiilfipH,young,Li6my Director
    techniques and sound effects        ..."
                                        The              p.m.
    lighting, for example has been incorpo-
                                                                                                                          "The End of -anEra"
                                                                                                             Afewweeks ago, Ivisitedaremarkable            on thejob. settingthe type forapage and
                                                                                                           man a t the Methodist Home ui Franklin.         then observing the corrections OF his
                                                                                                           Harvey Petty% friend of the university.
                                                                                                                           a                               bosses. As he talked, I imagined the hot
                                                                                                           had telephoned me with the enticement           shop with dirty ink and heavy, lead type
                                                                                                           of "aprojectyou might be interested in."       where men worked by hand settlng the
                                                        year. 7 hope to double that number this            There, in what appeared to be a former         frames to create the prinhr's art. Mr.
                                                        year." says Adrianson.                             closet. Mr. Petty had set up shop, boxes        Petty noted that this work n o longer
                                                          Any alumni who is seen wearing a U of            ofmemorabiliastacked on tables, adesk           exfsted due to the introduction of com-
                                                        I shirt or jacket willbe given a comple-           and chair under an antique floor-lamp.
                                                        mentary dinner. After the dinner all                                                             -puterize typesetting. He felt a klnship
                                                                                                           shelves crammed with books and fold-           with early printers back to Gutenberg,
                                                        students. facultyand alumni are invited            ers. and walls papered with cdigraphy
                                                        to help cheer on the Lady Greyhounds as                                                           thefirstprintertousehand-movedtype.
                                                                                                           posters.                                       Mr. Petty had seen the end of an era.
                                                        they take on the University of Southern
                                                                                                             Mr. Petty talked'and I listened. He             After awhile, he brought out a wocden
                                                        Indiana. Then at 7:30 pm. the men will             spoke with nostalgic pride a b u t his
                                                        take the floor for their last home basket-                                                        model of a hand-operated printing press
                                                                                                           career in the printing business. Not a         to show me. He demonstrated how the
                                                        ball game.                                         "book-learning" scholar, Mr. Petty was a
                                                           During half time will be a drawing for                                                         early printers had run the blank sheets
                                                                                                           craftsman who had spent his life setting       underthepressandpdedthehandleto
                                                        the Alumni Basketball "Shoot-off."The              type and doing calligraphy for various         create a image. Finally, he leaned for-
                                                        winners will receive dinner for two at
                                                                                                           newspapers and presses. But not con-           ward and flopped a large folder onto the
                                                        Noble Romans. To end the half time                 tent merely to be a technician. he had
     c                                                  entertainment the U of I Varsity Club will.                                                       table. This i the project I told you
         Positions Available                            announce the 1987 Football Coach of
                                                                                                           leaded how to appreciate and to create         abut," he said.
                                                                                                           an artistic look and feel ofa printed page,         ed
                                                                                                                                                             w with arthritic flngers an pages
         GIRL SCOUT CAMP I MORGAN-                      the Year.                                          whether it was a newspaper, b o k o r          barelylegible toage-dimmed eyes, itwas
ii       TOWN, IN serves girls ages 8-17.                  Come dressed in crimson and grey to
,         Openings for college students and
          persons age 18 and over in a resident
                                                        support our team and help "pack the
                                                        house" on alumni night.
                                                                                                           advertisement flier. He learned his craft      his autobiography.
                                                                                                                                                            U of I psychologist Dr. Paula

                                                           Price$ for the dinner are:Adults                Spring Break 1988 South Padre or
;         camp setting June 12-Aug. 14,1988.
          Positions available are: Assistant Di-
                                                        $2.75: Children ages 6 12 $1.25. No                Daytona Deluxe Condos or Hotel                   Graves-Des Lauriers houis for
                                                        reservations necessary. Participants                      ACCOMMODATION                                   Winfer Semester:

          rector,Nurse, Business Manager, Wa-           may pay a t the door.                              P at l w $149.00 per Person for 7 Nights.
                                                                                                           ng o
                                                                                                                                                             Monday Walk-Ins: 11 a.m. io12
         ,terfront,W.S.I.,HorsebackDirector &                                                                         Call 1-800.222-4139
                                                                                                                                                                  noon, 1 to 230 p.m.
         Staff withC.H.A.certification,Cooks,
         Food Supervisor and general coun-
                                                                                                           I         Transportation Available       1         Tuesday: 10 am. tolZnoon,
                                -                                                                                                                                      1 to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                           I                                        I
         Contact Hoosier Capital Gr Scout
         Council, 615N. Alabama St, Room       l                                                           I Hundreds      Typists!
                                                                                                                            weekly at home!
                                                                                                                             Wrlte:                 I
                                                                                                                                                             Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 12 npon
                                                                                                                                                             Thursday: 10 a.m. to 12 noon
                                                                                                                                                               Sevice forU of I students.
         #235,Indianapolis, I 46204 or call
           317 634-8393for an application.
                         ..                    l   I1
                                                                  Reasonable Rates                         I
                                                                                                                       P.O. Box 17
                                                                                                                     Clark, NJ 07066
                                                                                                                                                               Call 788-3437or 788-3264
                                                                                                                                                              Lower Level, Cravens Hall

 Page 4                 Sports     .                University of Indianapolis-education for service.                                                    February 16,1987

                                                                                              Kevin Hargate maneuvers around an intramural opponent playing on a team                      e
                                            Teams composed ofplayers from War-
                                            ren and T r h b l e tip off a t the 7 p.m.        made-up of baseball players. The baseball players proved~they could play                          ~

                                                                           ~-                 baseketball. too, as they won another.

                                            Intramural. interest growing I
                                            intramural same Wednesdav night.

                                            By Gordon Bush                                    helps make well-rounded individuals by             Spectators are welcome and admis-
                                            Staff Writer                                      adding fun and exercise.”                       sion is free. Humes notes that the fast.
                                               Over 225 students make-up the 28                  Teams are grouped by dorms or h o u i        moving games are fun to watch and the
                                            teams playingintramuralbasketball‘this            ing units for the competition. Commut-          intracampus competition is fun to be 6
                                            season.                                           ers, too, play as’one unit. Humes notes         part of.
                                               Men have 24 teams: women, four.                that competition and interest is increas-          While basketball is the only winter
                                            Men’s teams are divided into two levels           ing. Teams earn points and will compete         intramural sport, fall sports have in-
                                            indicating the experience of the iqdivid-         inafinaltournament, March 14 through            cIudedflagfootball,softball, cross coun
                                            ual players. “A” league includes those            19.                                             by and table tennis. Springintramural:
                                            who played high school organized bas-                 The games are played in Ruth Lilly          will include volleyball, racquetball, flag
                                            ketball, usually varsity level. The “€3”           complexand inNicoson Hall. The teams           football, softball and track.
        . . - .   ...                       leagues members haven‘t played organ-             .play Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday                Humes, in his first year of intramural
                                            ized basketballorplayedonajuniorhigh               at 6, 7 and 8 p.m.                             responsibility, notes the small budget,
                                  .         or non-varsity organized team, accord-                The games are officiated by students        but good fun of the Competition. HE
                                            ing to Larry Humes, director ofintramu-            who hope tobecomereferees. Thegames            plans topmyide travelingtrophies for the
 John Lewis. freshman. attempts a           ral sports and assistant U of I basketball         give them a good opportunity to practice       winners. His plans may even include
 :wo-pointer for his t e a m           in   rn-rh
                                                                                               and are played according to general            intercollegiate competition of the intra-
 Vednesday’s intramural game.                  Humes says intramural competition               NCAArules, running full court, with two,       mural champs, one day, if interest con
 PHOTOS BY SABRINA EHLERT                   is “very important to our university: it           twenty-minute halves.                          tinues to build in the program.

Support greyhounds                                                                                                                                                                         .C,

in final home games
    This Thursday and Saturday will be
                                            Baseball gets an.early start
                                            By Esther Rinker
                                            Distribution Manager
                                                                                              important for 6ur young men to be in the
                                                                                              library or studying at that time for their

the flnal home basketball games of the         Baseball in FebNaIy? Be there ready            classes. Another reason is that we feel it          :,,-

                                                                                              gets the day off to a good start.” says                                                      r
1987-88season for frst year coach Bill      to practice a t 6 a.m.? These comments        j

Green and his greyhound squad.              are what the baseball team has been               Remain. .                                  .-                                                 4
    Thursday night, U of I will host Ken-   hearing during>their preseason coqdi-                  “Actually, starting preseason condi-
tucky Wesleyan in a great Lakes Valley      tioning.                                           tioning in February is late to start,“says
Conference Battle.                             T h e main priority for the preseason           Tremain.                                                                                      i
    Saturday night ‘wiU be “Pack the        conditioning is to get everyone as flexible
House”Night as the ‘houndsplay host to      as possible and to get everyone’s arms                Having only four seniors on the 23                                                       c,
the University of Southern Indiana.         andlegs in the bestpossibleshape.”says             man roster makes this year’s greyhound
Students are encouraged to wear their       Coach Bob Tremain.                                 team ayoung one. Last year that young
favorite boxer shorts. All that do will        The team practices every morning                team got offto a shakystart, yet finished
receive a free pair of sunglasses.          during the week from 6 to 7:30 in Ni-              rather well. They just missed making it
    The women‘s team plays three more       coson Hall where they have an entire               in the GLVC play-offs.
home games, Feb. 18, at 515 p.m.            infield set up. The pitchers also get their           The strengths that Tremain foresees
against Kentucky Wesleyan, Feb. 20, at      share ofpractice fmm theirindoorpitch-             for this year’s greyhounds are team
5:15 p.m. against UniversityofSouthern      ing mounds.--,                                     speed and ability. He also added that the
Indlana: and March 5, against Southern         The early morning practice serves two           defense should be good because of the
Illinois at5Edwardsville.                   purposes. The men’s and women’s                    experience that wlll be present.
    The “Student/Reflector” encourages      basketball teams occupy both floors in
all students, faculty andstaffto support    the afternoon until about 6 p.m. At this              Watch for baseball preview s h y in         Senior Artie Buescher, captain of the         -A,
both the lady and men ‘hounds in their      time intramurals begin and go until 9              the March 15 issue of the Student/Re-          baseball team, prepares for the up-
 final home appearances of the season.      p.m. W e feel like it is much more                 fiector.                                       coming season.                                        I

                                                                 ,       .

C           '
                February IG, 1987                .University of Indianapoiis-education for service.                                                Sports                 Page 5




        By Dean Huppert
                                     Cl                                      i
                                                 snow before getting a late tip-off against    reer high 23 points. Freshman Ron           Roberts.
        Sports Editor                            non-conference foe Kentucky State.            Rutland had 19 and junior Kevin               On Feb. 4. the greyhounds beat their
    The men's basketball team has been
   struggling all season to pull their overall
                                                     Indianapolis entered the contest at
                                                 10-11, hoping to reach the SO0 plateau
                                                                                                Owens added 17.
                                                                                                   OnFeb. 6,ThelPFWMastodonscame
                                                                                                                                          .too short theory by defeating Northern
                                                                                                                                           Kentucky on the road 80-77. The win
   record up to the .500 mark and they're        with a team they had beaten 87-72 ear-        to Nicoson Hall for a GLVC contest.         improved Indianapolis' overail record to
 , again within one game.
   once                                          lier in the year.                                After leading 48-41 at half time. the    9-11.
     Last Saturday, Gary Paul hit a turn-            Indianapolis lead at the half, 45-43.     greyhounds outplayed lPFW in the sec-
-'around jumper with two seconds re-                                                           ond halfto go on andwin 114-86.                  In the Northern Kentucky game, with
                                                 but fatigue plagued the greyhounds in
   maining in overtime to lead the visiting                                                        Coach Green called the game "the         the greyhounds trailing by one, 78-77,
                                                 the second halfgiving State the advan-
                                                                                               most consistent game the greyhounds          with only seconds remaining. Gary Paul
   Greyhounds tovictoryover Bellannine in        tage and a 98-88 victoty in the grudge
2 Great Lakes Valley Conference action.                                                        had played allyear."                         came through with a clutch basket to
                                                 match.                                                                                     give lndianapolis a one point advantage.
     During the course of the second half,           Assistant Coach Larry H u e s talked          Indianapolis was led in scoring by
                                                                                               Paul with 29 and Owens with 22 points.       A technical foul was assessed to the
 +there were eight ties and 18 changes of        about the poor second half on WICKS
- ' lead.
   the                                                                                         There were many heroes in this one,          Northern Kentucky bench, Paul con-
                                                 Post Game Show.
                                                     'I don't think our guys were either                                                  ' nected on both free throws, and the rest
     Bellannine had a chance to win when                                                       however, as everyone played anddidwell
  iMike Holmes drove in for what appeared        mentally or physically into the second        on both ends of the floor.                   is history.
   to beaneasylayupwith hvosecondsleft.          half. They outplayed-us on both the              The crowd was enthused in the final           Paul had a game high 33 points.
   The shot was blocked by Indianapolis          offensive and defensive ends of the bas-      moments with a few thunder dunks             followed by Owens, at 18points, to lead
&Nathan Fowle to send the game into              ketball coud."                                coming from U of I. The fEst came from       the greyhounds.
   overtime.                                         Sophomore Jamie Whetstone led a           freshman Steve Nobbe, and the fmal. a            Head Coach Bill Green jokhgly
.* This pastThursday, UofIbattled the            balanced Indianapolis attack with a ca-       perfect "IO." by sophomore Mark              commented following the game that for
                                                                                                                                            Gary's sake heivished theyplayedNorth-

5    'Ladies win six straight;                                                                 Silavs named                                 emKentuckyineverygame. Paullcd the
                                                                                                                                           greyhounds earlier in the season past
                                                                                               All-Academic                                 Northern with a record breaking 52
                                                                                                                                            pointsinthe 122-103routeoftheNorse-
"inrunning for NCAA
-1                                                                                                Senior forward Kate Silavs has been
                                                                                               named to the NCAA Division I1 District

                                                                                               Five AU-Academic Team. District Five
                                                                                               consists of five players selected from
                                                                                               schools in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota
-   By Dean Huppext                              broke the record of 12setby LindaBilske       and Wisconsin. Silavs, an English major       the Greyhounds!
    Sports Editor                                and freshman Cindy Simko, and the 16          witha3.85 G.P.A., is nowon thenatlonal
        The U of I lady greyhounds have          attempted tied the record held by Laura       ballot for Academic All-America honors
    found a winning combination that has         Foreman and Debbie Law. Rathbun also          sponsored by GT!3 and the College                Support the U of 1
    given them six straight victories and has    leads U of i with 8.2 rebounds per game.      Sports Information Directors ofAmerica
  .increased their chances for post-season           After hocking off formerly confer-        (CoSida]. Silavs leads the Lady Grey-       Swimming and Diving Team
    play.                                        ence unbeaten St Joseph's on Jan. 30,         hounds with a 17.9 scoring average and           Buy a T-shirt $5.50
                                                 U of I surprised powerhouse Northern          adds8.1reboundspergame.Silavs,     a57
        Saturday night, the ladies defeated
                                                                                               percent field goal shooter on the year.     See Swimming Coach at pool
,Bellannine 83-68.                               Kentucky by defeating them in overtime
        Senior Kate Silvas led the grey-         the following Thursday.                       entered 1987-88 with only a career 7.1
.-,hound attackwith 32pointswbilejunior              Thegreyhounds upset the lady norse        scoring average.
   Heidi Lawrence added 14.                      85-82 a t Northern Kentucky. Prior to

        Last Monday, the 'hounds defeated
   Xavler 77-68.
                                                 the loss, NKY had reeled off31 regular
                                                 season victories in a row.
                                                                                                                REDKEN MALY'S
        The win over the Musketeers, an
WICAADivision i member oftheMidwest-
                                                     Finding themselves down by 13 at
                                                 half time. the ladies rallied in the final
                                                                                                           FREE HAIRCUT.PERM*COLOR
   ern Collegiate Conference, improvedU of       minutes to send the game into overtime.             Men and Women needed for a Redken and Paul Mitchell
' 'r.s record to 15-5, along with its 8-3        Freshman Nary Maradla was fouled
  ,conference mask.                              with only :02 showing on the clock. and           Professional Hair Seminar to demonstrate the latest hairstyles.
        Silvas, Stephanie Blake and Stacy        the ladies trailing 72-70. Maravilla hit
                                                 both free throws. which were her fust
                                                                                                They will be in Indianapolis as part of a major hair and fashion show
' Rathbun carried U of 1with 25, 17. and
 '14 respectively. I played sluggishly, but      two points from the charity stripe in                      February 21-22 at the Radisson Plaza Hotel.
        Feb. 6 U of
  +still outclassed a very young lady dons
                                                 college action.
                                                     Indianapolis carried the momentum
                                                                                                           For information call Tawni at Malv's- 875-0657
   squad from IPFW. 91-70.                       into the OTperiod leading by as many as
  E     Rathbun had a career high 23 points      nine points. to secure the win.                                                                                                   ~

,and set a pair of free throw records. She           Lawrence led the way with 25 points                                                                                        ' I
   converted 13-16 free throws and set           and Silavs had 24. Maravtlla had a ca-
   records for free throws made and free         reer high of 12 points.                                                                                                          I
   throws attempted in asingle game. she
        /                                 \       Free Swim Times at Ruth Lilly                                                                                                    I

:f                    MASS
          for Catholic Students
                                            1                 Center Pool
                                                          (Show U.Of I I.D.)                                                                                          FF!1;
                                                          Mon. -Fri.:6:30 to 8 a.m.
                and Staff                                         11 a.m. to 1 pm.
            Every Wednesday                                       6 to 8 p.m.
               1215 p.m.                                  Saturday: 9 to 11 a.m.
        Schwitzer Center Chapel                                   1 to 4 p.m.
                                                          Sunday: 3 to 5 p.m. -                                Good only at the Hanna Avenue Dairy Queen.
                                                                 5 to 7 p.m.                  'Expires May 31,1988
                                                                                                                    University of indianapolis
 page 6         Opinion                             University of Indianapolis-education for selvice.                                          Febnrary 16, 1987
                                                                                                                    Letter to the Editor
       Letters to the Editor                                                              1 would like to bring attention to
                                                                                       some monetary issues involving the
                                                                                                                                   uniform. This year the team I go&&? .
                                                                                                                                    shopping for their own shirts, to go along

W appreicate letters to the editor on any issue of concern to U of I
  e                                                                                    University of Indianapolis’ baseball ayd    with the shdrts that they have to buy.       I*
students. Please addressyourletters to the “Student/Reflector,” care                   tennis teams. I, myself, am not a mem-          I realize that seven shirts can get
of Buxton Hall. While letters must be signed, we will honor requests for
                                                                                       ber of either team, but I have clqse
                                                                                       friends *at parficipate in each sport.
                                                                                                                                   expensive, so I sympathize with the         -
                                                                                                                                    university.                                V
                                                                                       These. guys have been practicing for            I also think it‘s great the team mem-
Letter to the Editor                        support to win the close games and going   weeks already and 1 must agree with         bers donated money so they could prac- i
   The basketball team at the University    to the games is Part ofcok%e.NOW that      their complaints about the athletic pro-    tice .indoors before their first match in
oflndianapollshad a very disappointing      we have the PWkYam going, let‘s support    gram.                                       March. w h o would expect the school to
season last year. So, a coaching change     Our team.                                       First, let‘s start with the baseball   pay for the facilities not offered on cam-
was made this year. W got BilI Green to
                        e                                                    Signed,   team. How many of you know that the         pus? I don‘t knowwhat the solution is to
                                                                                       baseball players have to buy their jer-
come here and the program seems to be .
improving, yet the record doesn’t reflect
                                                         ,      Loyal, but loney fan
                                                                                       seys and hats, not to menbon shoes? As
                                                                                                                                   their “fight”budget. but maybe it could
                                                                                                                                   be saved in other avenues.
the potential success the team could
have. The guys have lost several games
by a point or two this season.
                                            Letter to the Editor
                                            De& Editor,
                                               A thank you is in ordei to the book
                                                                                       I understand the shoe situation, the
                                                                                       school does offer shoes to the players,
                                                                                       but they are so old and out of shape that
                                                                                                                                       I’m a big football fan, but when I
                                                                                                                                   found out that the U of I football team
                                                                                                                                   stayed over night a t a motel prior to the
’ Regardless, the programisontherise,       store lady who stood a t the cafeteria     athletes can’t run in them. Maybe since ’ St. Joseph‘sfootballgameatRensselaer,
and there have been some exciting           doors towarnusabdutgettingourbooks         our athletic director is a former baseball  (less than two hours away) I doubted the I
games at Nicoson Hall. The only thing       stolen. This is an inexcusable act that    player himself, he has a lot of fond        priorities of the athIetic budget. When
missing from the games are the stu-         should not happen at the college level.    memories and he hated to see the shoes      you add up the costs for meal and room
dents. I ‘ beyond me why the students .
         ts                                    It is nice to know that someone cares   he wore thrown out or replaced.             expenses for an entire football team,
a t the University of Indiariapolis, when   about the students here.                       The players, to be eligible, have to’ coaching staff, trainers and managers, I      ~

admission is free, would pass up this          I hope that the people who have been    buy their jerseys ($50)and hats ($15). think you could come up with sufficient *.
opportunity. The team needs students        steallng them will be caught.              This is absolutely absurd. I don’t know     funds to buyuniformsforotherathletes,
                                                                         Anonymous     of any other college or high school that        So the next timeyou see a baseball or 6
                                                                                       makes athletes buy their unifirms.          tennis player, please. tirother. spare a ,
                                                                                       Athletes should be supplied with uni-       dime so that these poor guys can pay for
                                                                                       forms. After all, they do represent the     the university’s uniform.                    hi
                                                                                       university. If1 werein their place, I think     P.S. If you see a football player, ask
                                                                                       I’d refuse to pay the money. What is the                                                6.
                                                                                                                                   them for a quarter.
                                                                                       worst that could happen?                                                       Signed,
                                                                                           The university could kick them all off               Clothed, but not an athlete.

                                                                                       of the team. That would be more of an
                                                                                       embarrassment to the athletic depart-
                                                                                       ment than anything else. The local                         The 1987-88
                                                                                       media would really love that story.                     Student/Refiector
                                                                                            Speaking of buying uniforms, if you           Editor-in-Chiefi Greg Seiter
                                                                                       like the men’s tennis team‘s uniforms,         Business ?TanagerSherryCornett
                                                                                       please let themknow. They have decided         Coverage Editor:TamikoMadden
                                                                                       not to wear the Indiana Central shirts            Feature Editor:David Lannan
                                                                                       that were given out as part of last year’s
                                                                                       .-                                                Sports Editor: Dean Huppert
                                                                                                                                         Photo Editor: Sabrina Ehlert
                                                                                       Letter to the Editor                           Distribution Mgr.: Esther Rinker
                                                                                       Dear Editor,                                    Staff Writer: Gordon Bush,Paul
                                                                                             In response to Tamiko Madden’s          Chen. Dana Drake, Kirsten Kruse,
                                                                                       article concerning car thefts in the Feb.       Joe Lyon. Michelle Richardson
                                                                                       2 issue, we are shocked a t Dr.                     Librarian: Tammy Gadson
                                                                                       Youngblood’spassive attitude in deating              Adviser: T e d Johnson
                                                                                       with this situation. Dr. Youngblood                      Mailing Address:

                                                                                       states that, ”we do have a problem, but,            Dept. of Communications
                                                                                       I have no documentation to prove that.“                 Buxton Hall, U of I
                   Attend Army ROTC Leadershipi ‘t       this                          We want to know how many thefts must                  1400 East Hanna 4ve.
                Camp with other college students. B ?  6  summer.                      occur before there is “sufficient docu-              Indianapolis, IN 46227
            1   You’ll get six weeks of challenges
                that can build up your leadership
                                                      \ t,                             mentation.”
                                                                                             Granted, it is an impressive record.
                                                                                                                                     Telephone: 788-3269or 788-3445
                                                                                                                                     The Student/Refiector is a student
                                                                                       that only seven cars have been stolen         publication and the opinions con-
                skills as well as your body. You‘ll                                    since 1975,butthe factremainsfhattwo          tained init are those of the student
                also get almost $700.                                                  of these thefts have occurred during the      staff. The newspaper is printed
                   But hurry. This summer may be                                       nrst semester of this year. We hope that      Jiweekly by HNE Printing. Fran-
                your last chance t o win a two-year                                    our concern for this issue will open the      klin. Typesetting is done at Fu-
                scholarship and graduate from                                          eyes of Dr. Youngblood-sothat appropri-       tureset, Inc. on Maeintosh‘M Plus
                college with.a degree and an officer’s                                 ate measures wiUbe taken to discourage        zomputers, and a LaserWriter’M
                commission.                                                            further incidents.                            Plus.
                   Stop by the Military Science De-                                        z        n ToddBoots MikeEiler   -
                partment, Room 335, Cavanaugh
                Hall, IUPUI or call 274-0070 or                                                                    Attention Students!
                                                                                                       Student Day is ,every Thursday
                                                                  ,   ,I,                                 at O’Neils Barber Shop.
            \RMY RESERVE OFFICERS TRAlNlNG CORPS                                                       Take $1.00 off regulary price.
                                                                                                   Perm Special $19.88 and up thm March.
                                                                                                   We carry a full line of NEXUS products.
                                                                                          -ese                               Villas
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                                                                                                                                             __                    ,.
I          February 16,1987
                      - .
                                                      University of IndianapoIis--educatIon for service.
                                                                                                                                                                Features                          Page 7

        Reading Newspapers, ''- that's the way it is.          -

'       By Walter Cronkite

                                                           A good newspaper provides four                   tell you "why." "Why" is often missing.           that interestsyouon the television news.
      Special column courtesy of                      basic ingredients to help you wrap your               And that may be the key ingredient.               Dlg into the story-in your newspaper.
      International Paper Co.                         mind around the news: information.                         .I form my o m opinion before I turn         Follow it, and continue to followit closely
      '    Ifyou'relikemostAmericans,youtry           background, analysis and interpreta-                  to the editorial page for the pundits'            in print. See if you don't Rnd yourself
      to keep up with the news by watching it          tion.                                                views. I don't want them to tell me how           with far more understanding of the
      on television.That's how65percentofus             . Rule # One of American journalism                 to think until I've wrestled the issue            event.
.     get 100percentofournews.fromthe24-              is: -News columns are reserved only for               through to my own conclusion. Once I                  And see ifyou don't have a far more
      odd-minute 'IV news broadcast each              news." What is news? I t is information               have, I'mopen tootherreasoning. Resist            sensible opinion as to the "whys" and
* evening.                                            only. You can tell a good newspaper                   the temptation to let them do the think-          "wherefores"of that event, even down to
           The Droblem is that unless some-
                                                      story. Itjust reports the news. It doesn't            ing for you.                                      how it will affect you- and maybe even
      thing reaily special happens, we in 'IV          trytoslantit. Anditgivesyou bothsides                    Whenyoureadsomethingthatmoti-                 what should be done about it.
      news have to put severe time limitations        of the story.                   -                     vates you. do something about it. Learn               L e a n toslftitforyourself, tohehit.
      on every story, even the most compli-                Look out for a lot of adjectives and             more about it. Join a cause. Write a              tovalue it, to question it, to ask forit all.
, cated and important ones.
.                                                     adverbs. They don't belong in an objec-               letter. You can constantiyvote on issues          You'll be in better controlofyour life and
L-         So what we bring you is primarily a        tive news story. They tend to color and               by writing letters, particularly to your          your fortunes.
      front-page headhe service. To get all           slant it so you may come to a wrong                   Congressman or state or local represe-                And that's the wav it is.
t you need to know, you have to flush out             conclusion.                                           tative.
      those headlines with a complete account              Another tip: Check for "Corrections"                  To understand the news better, you   Euchre Tournament Winner
      of the news from awell-edited and thor-         items. Agood newspaperwillstraighten                  can also read news magazines.     Books      Ken and Karen Leonard took fmt
I     ough newspaper.                                 out false ofwrong information as soon as              help fill in the holes, too. During the . Place in the C e n t d Council sponsored
           Is it realry necessary to get the whole    it discovers its error. A less conscien-              Vietnam war, for example, many people     euchre tournament. Second place went
* story? Dorothy Greene Friendly put it               tious one will let it slide or bury it.               felt that the daily news coverage wasn't  to John Hess and Jim Bohman. third
      this way: "What the American people
      don't know can kill them." Amen.
                                                           Reporters mite news stories in a
                                                      specialway called the "invertedpyramid"
                                                                                                            entirelv satisfactow. The truth is.... o
                                                                                                            could have gotten many important new
                                                                                                                                                 yu   Place. to Chris Cutshaw and Dave Bro-

           News people have a responsibility.         style. That means they start with the                 facts on the war from the books coming
      Andsodoyou. Oursistoreportthenews               end, the climax of the story, with the                out at the time.
'                                                     most important facts first. then build in                  Now that I've told you about the
      fairly, accurately, completely. Yours is to
      keep yourself informed every day.               more details in order of importance.                  basics of getting under the skln of a
           Il never forget the quotation hand-
            '                                              A well-reported story will tell you              newspaper, let newspapers get under
i ing in Edward R. Murrow's CBS office.It             "who," "what," "where," "when" and                    your skin.
      was fromThoreau: "Ittakes two to speak          1 v." ThebestnewspaperswiUgOonto
                                                      '                                                          Tonight, pick an important story
      the truth - one to speak and one to
~     hear."
           Here's how I tackle a paper. For
      starters,. I take a three-minute overview
~     of the news. No need to go to the TV
      listings. With .my overview you'll get
', there quickly enough. First I scan the                                                                                                    . HELLO MlDWY.
      front-page headlines. look at the pic-                                                                                                CANWETUS

 ' 1
      tures and read the captions. I do the
 t same thing page by page front to back.
      Onlythen do Igo backfor thewhole feast.
                                                                                                                           A                 OUTOFWE?
           The way the front page is 'made up"
    ,-tells you plenty. For one thing, headline
      type size wlll tell you how the paper's
      editor ranks the stories on relative im-
 t portance.
           You'll Rnd the main or lead story in
 -i the farthest upper right-hand column.
      Why? Tradition. Newspapers used to
 ' appear on newsstands folded and dis-
      played with their top right-hand quarter
      showing. They made up thefront page
    ~.with the lead story there to entice read-
    ~ ers.
           Y u l find the second most impor-
 + tant story at the top far left, unless it's
      related to the lead story. Do you have to
      read all the stories in the newspapet?                                                                                   Low fares are anything but a passing fad on the
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      wiU most affect your life.                                                                                               of our 28 other destinations.
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                                                            Muskegon,Peorl?, South Bend.Springfleld, hTraverseCiN. Waterloo.

                                                                                       .   .   . .. .   .
          .                                                                                                                                                                     -

'paqe 8                                                 University o Indianapolis-education for service,
                                                                    f                                                                                  February 16,1987

                                                                                                                                                                          - ,

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          Your StepAbead financial package
                                                                       -                                                  Here's one more way you can reap the
                                                                                                                          rewards of SfepAhead. Your very own
          includes unlimited MoneyMoveP                                                                                   Indiana National Classic VISA card.'"
          24-hour teller transactions, so you                          SfepAhead
                                                                                                                          Wi!h no annual fee. You'll enjoy the confi-
          can get up to $200 cash daily from                           simplifies                                         dence that comeuwith carrying your very
          MoneyMover tellers across Indiana                            vourlife.
                                                                       ,                                                  own credit card. And the extra spending
          or from Plus System"automatic tellers                        When youTe busy building your future,              convenience wherever you go.
          coast-to-coast.And, you can make                             you need a bank that simplifies your life:
          deaosits and transfer monev between                          That's why Indiana National's exclusive
                                                                                                                          SfepAhead. And stay ahead.
          acbounts anyrime day or nijht, at'any                        BankByPhone service is an important                For just $5 a month.
          Indiana National MoneyMovcr teller,                          partof your SfepAheadpackage of serv-              Building your financial future takes time.
          with no transaction charges.                                 ices. With the touch of a button, BankBy-          Your StepAhead package of financial              ,
                                                     F@ 1 9 '88        Phone makes bill-payinga breeze.                   services can help you get there a little bit
                                                   University                                                             faster.The full SfepAheadpackage, and
                                                                       With BankByPhone, you can pay bills,               the bonus Classic VISA"*** card are
                                                       of              get account balances, transfer funds               yours for just $5 a month.
          'A,<:!?,    l,~."!oF..lah)crl.imc.,                          between accounts, even phone yourself
           '.\".,",,,* 1 ~C.,I.r,,iSi,nm:n,;,",   ,Indiasinpolis       a loan. Make as many transactions as               Visit your nearby Indiana Niional Finan-..
           ''',,,SI.,,i'rica"l.,,.ni,,   3196 h     krchivzs           you want;at no charge. Whether you're              cia1Services Center and open your
                                                                       at home, or at work, BankByPbone will              StepAhead acco-unt today.

          Indiana NationalB
          ~ ~ . ~ h . ~ ~ n i r
          ...        ..
                                                                       save you time and money. And it's
                                                                       another way SfepAheadworks for you.
                                                                                                                          For more information, call 266-STEP,
                                                                                                                          Noon to 8 PM, Mon.-Fri.

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