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LED Lighting


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									LED Lighting

        Saves Energy
        Lasts Longer
        Much Safer

Advanced optical designs for perfect lighting decoration
Saves Energy

Consumes 90% less
electricity than traditional   Savings in Electricity Costs

                               Increased indoor air-
Generates minimum heat         conditioning efficiency

Higher Luminance per           Savings from less bulbs
bulb                           needed and lower wiring

A 5W LED comparable to a 50W MR-16 Halogen bulb.
Last Longer

                                 Less frequent changing of

LED lighting last 10~15
times longer than                Savings in bulb cost
traditional lighting.

                                 Lower maintenance cost

          Halogen's 3~4k hours vs. 30~50k hours
Much Safer

Pure visible wave provide
                                   No UV and IR radiation
the safest lighting.

                                   Reduction in fatigue and
No flicker                         impact on eyes

100% Lead-free, Mercury-
                                   Eco friendly

                 Human friendly technologies
Saving Value Analysis

   Comparison Conditions:
       100 lamps use over 30K hours (equal to 2000 days
        or 5.48 years for 15 hours a day).
       Singapore Electricity charge is $0.2388/kw
       5W LED bulb lifetime average are 50k hours
       50W Halogen bulb lifetime are maximum 4k hours
       Bulb service cost is S$1 per bulb replacement.
       The luminance and heat dissipation assume the
       The waste disposal cost is not included here.
5W LED bulb

   100 pcs LED bulbs can last more than 30K
    hours continuously without servicing.
       Each bulb use maximum 5W electricity.
       Total power is 100X30,000X5= 15,000,000w
       Power cost is 15,000kw X $0.2388= S$3,582
       Bulbs cost is S$20 X 100 pcs= S$2,000
       Total cost is S$5,582 only
       Per lamp/year is $5,582/100/5.48= $10.2
       It is less than SGD$1 per month.
50W Halogen bulb cost
   It need to use 8 bulbs for each of the 100
    lamps the 30K hrs period. (Max. 4k lifetime per
       So total bulbs used are 100pcs X 8= 800 pcs
       Total power is100X30,000X50w=150,000kw
       Power cost is 150,000X $0.2388= S$35,820
       Bulb cost is only $2 x 800= $1,600
       bulbs change S$1 x 100 X 7 replacements =
       Total Halogen cost is S$44,420
       S$44,420 vs. LED's S$5,582 is almost 8 times
MR-16 Spot light LED

   Specification :
       Up to 50,000 hours lifetime.
       5W 12V AC or DC power.
       3000K warm white with 160 Lm.
       6000K cool white with 190 Lm.
       Fire retardant housing.
   Applications :
       Elevator, Hotel, School, Shops
E27 12W PAR30 LED

   Specification :
       Up to 50K hours lifetime.
       12W 100~240V AC power.
       3000K warm white with 260 Lm.
       6000K cool white with 320 Lm.
       Fire retardant housing.
   Applications :
       Hotel, School, Office, Shops
E27 18W PAR38 LED

   Specification :
       Up to 50K hours lifetime.
       18W 100~240V AC power.
       3000K warm white with 340 Lm.
       6000K cool white with 380 Lm.
       Fire retardant housing.
   Applications :
       Hotel, School, Office, Shops
E27 1W LED

   Specification :
       Minimum 30K hours lifetime.
       1.4W 100~220V AC power.
       2900K warm white with 70 Lm.
       6000K cool white with 70 Lm.
       CE, UL safety approval .
   Applications :
       Indoor decoration lighting,
        Hotel, School, Shops, Home...
E27 5W/13W Lamp

   Specification :
       More than 30K hours lifetime.
       90~260V AC power.
       5W 2800K warm white 175 Lm.
       5W 5000K cool white 225 Lm.
       13W 3000K warm white 500 Lm
       13W 5000K cool white 600 Lm
       CE/EMC safety approval
16W/32W T-8 LED

   Specification:
       16W only 30 chips
       32W only 60 chips
       Lifetime min 50K hours
       Driver: 100~250V AC input power
       Operating 18~21V in 800mA(16W) 1600mA
       5000K white color with total 1100/2200
       16W dimension: 27mm X 580 mm (L)‫‏‬
       32W dimension: 27mm X 1198 mm (L) .
120W LED Street Light
   Specification:
       High bright 75°LED module
       Daylight white color
       Luminous Flux: min 35Lm/w
       Weather proof IP 65:
    Alloy housing and Acid-Proof coating
       Cover: UV-Resistant Resin
       over 50k hours lifetime & 2
        years Maintenance
       Anti-Impact
       Fire-resistant: 850℃/5g
       -15℃-50℃ Working
LED streetlight
 Housing             Die-cast Aluminum Alloy
 Type                G105002
 Light Dimension     L640* W200* H100mm
 Package Dimension   L780* W295* H235mm
 Housing Paint       Acid proof Silver
 Net Weight          5.2KG
 Gross Weight        6.2KG
 Power Requirement   DC24V
 Voltage             110V/220V AC
 Frequency           50Hz/60Hz
 Power Consumption   130W Max. For Lighting Module
                     (included driver board)‫‏‬
    Worldwide patent
    4 in 1 features: Auto Emergency
     Light, Auto Night Light, Battery
     Charger, Portable Torch
    4~12 hours lighting depends on
     the battery capacity.
    White and Amber super bright
    85~260V AC charging 4 AA
     rechargeable battery
    Automatically light up when power
    Automatically turn on when dark.
    Built-in AC charger with over-
     charge protection
    ABS heat and fire proof housing

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